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John and I want to wish all our readers a very JOYFUL, Merry Christmas and a Bountful Happy New Year.

At this time of year for those up north where it is cold and your bike is in the Garage, I’m so sorry.

For us here in Florida riding weather is here and how wonderful it is. The only Jacket I own is my motorcycle jacket

and only need it to ride on what 3 days a year. Anyway I do want to thank all who read and all who contribute to make

 the newsletter what it is, but all of it would be for nothing if not for our dedicated webmaster John Polo,

I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker.


This month we had the privilege to have state meeting at our building in Trenton.

The meeting was very well attended by the membership from all corners of Florida,

we even had a few of the Georgia Boys attend.

I would like to Thank the Ladies of the UDC who provided lunch for all that attended.


Jim Allen “TINY” Frye’s Final Ride

Saturday December 7th. we will be taking Tiny on his last ride.

We will meet at Tiny's favorite place to eat Waffle House @8:00am for breakfast,

the cost of the breakfast is covered.

Waffle House

1201 Townsgate Ct. ( corner of I-4 and Thonotosassaa Rd )

Plant City

After breakfast we will go to Crystal Springs Worship Center around 10:00am and pick up Tiny's wife,

Mary Beth and ride to the Tampa Flag site for a small remembrance service.

Crystal Springs Worship Center

2155 Paul Buchman Hwy

Crystal Springs,

Please let me know if you’re coming,

 Waffle House is willing to bring more staff that morning for us if needed


Reported by Wess Frank (Cracker's editor)

I want to speak to our Florida Mechanized Cavalry readers. I ask Capt King to speak about FLORIDA

 articles for the “FLORIDA CRACKER” at the annual. I want commend Jim Edwards for his reports

on the events of the NE Florida guys. Before I retired and was able to travel around I wrote articles for Florida,

 but now Jim is all I get.

Many years ago, John made a suggestion that we should open the newsletter to the whole Confederation,

which we did. Now we get reports from all over the world, EXCEPT Florida, whose newsletter it is.

Gentlemen you should be ashamed of yourselves, I know y’all have cell phones with pics from your travels,

 send them to me or John so we have better reports for the Cracker.

I am sorry for airing our dirty laundry on this venue but I am getting desperate.

Thanks, Wess


Reported by Matt Scott

Hello, as a brand new member of the Mech Cav, this is my first ever report to the Cracker!

Veterans Day Parade, Trenton Florida, Florida Headquarters - John Hance O'Steen Camp 770.

Veterans Day Parade, Trenton Florida, Florida Headquarters - John Hance O'Steen Camp 770.

 New Mech Cav member Shane Kinkead (left) and Mech Cav Member Jim Bastien (right) prepare for the Veterans Day Parade.

Veterans Day Parade, Trenton Florida, Florida Headquarters - John Hance O'Steen Camp 770.

 New Mech Cav member Matt Scott (left w/cowboy hat) and new SCV 770 Member Robert Arnold (on trailer) passed

out 425 mini battle flags to parade spectators. As you can see the kids and the town of Trenton LOVED them!

The flags were also well received by the boy scouts, the ROTC, the Trenton High School Marching Band and other parade participants!

Otter Springs State Park: Gilchrist County, Florida on the Suwannee River. November 16th, New Mech Cav member

Matt Scott (left) and 7th Brigade Commander Clement Lindsey (right) set up a booth at a "FORVETTS" event.

 They passed out flags and fliers, and were well received by event goers.

Florida Headquarters - John Hance O'Steen Camp 770 - Trenton Florida. New Mech Cav member Shane Kinkead (left)

and 7th Brigade Commander Clement Lindsey (right) work on the new Florida Headquarters building in Trenton, Florida

Florida Headquarters - John Hance O'Steen Camp 770 - Trenton Florida. 7th Brigade Commander Clement Lindsey (left)

and new Mech Cav member Matt Scott (right) work on cleaning up what will become the Library in

 the new Florida Headquarters building in Trenton Florida.

Florida Headquarters - John Hance O'Steen Camp 770 - Trenton Florida. New Mech Cav member Shane Kinkead

on a ride near Trenton Florida. The next order of business is to get a vest set up to forward the colors!


Reported by Jim Edwards

Florida's State Captain, David King, called for his annual Mechanized Cavalry (MC) meeting to be held in Trenton,

 Florida on Saturday, November 2, 2019, with start time of 10am. This was our first state MC group meeting in Florida

SCV Headquarters Building, located at 220 NE 4th Ave. The dwelling, constructed in 1953, has come a long way

from the day the SCV acquired it. Special thanks go out to Cmdr Clement Lindsey and the efforts put forth by the many

that helped enhance the structure. The renovation isn't quite complete but it's getting there.

Captain King has informed we'll hereinafter be holding our annual's at this location.

From my observation it seemed over 30 state members attended the meeting, this included Georgia MC members

LTC Tim "Trigger" Hawkins, LT Robert Ballard & wife Kathy, SGM Chris May, and past GA State CPT Wayne Scarborough.

The meeting was extremely informative, as Captain King presented his detailed agenda on upcoming events and issues.

A few that come to mind were: our participation in the Lake City Parade was voted a go, so mark your calendars for 15 Feb;

 the Officer's Call dates have yet to be announced; our Stone Mountain Rally dates have changed to 17-19 April; more submissions

to the Florida Cracker are needed; SCV HQs Confederate Museum in Columbia, NC to open this spring & all MC are

challenged to attend; Gator Run in Louisiana Oct 2020 & Captain King is going again.

 LTC Hawkins inform us on a police escorted "27th Annual Toy Ride" for needy children in Lownes County Georgia.

 Rendezvous place: Lake Park Plaza, I-75, exit 5 in Valdosta. KSU 1:30pm. Bring one or two toys for donation.

For additional info call (229) 460-2521 or 561-7125. During the meeting 2 new members were given the MC oath.

On a sad note, Captain King informed 3 of our state members crossed over this past year.

The small, resort town of Cedar Keys was chosen for our groups overnight stays (and partying) for Friday and Saturday

(1&2 Nov), with lodging at the Beach Front Motel, the same motel where Captain King hosted the MC annual in June 2016.



Reported by Jim Edwards

Another year for this awesome birthday event, hosted by Florida's MC member Clay Johnson for his lovely wife Yvonne.

 With open arms, Clay welcomed MC members and non-members to share in a weekend of joy and fun.

 (If you missed this party you missed a great time.) Camping in his unbelievably big backyard was extend for camping

 to those motorcyclist coming in from far distances. In the center of his huge backyard is a pavilion area with concrete

 flooring that accommodates electric lights, picnic tables, and all kinds of Confederate decor, to include Clay's smokers

 and BBQ pit. Speaking of BBQ, all food was offered to all guest for just attending.

 Just adjacent to the pavilion was one large bonfire that provided the comfort of warmth and viewing.

 This was Yvonne's day and all the guest were happy to be part of it. Florida Mech-Cav thanks you Clay for one hell of a birthday party invite

Miami Central reunites two SCVMC members after 50 years

Reported by Wess Frank

John Logue and I were Future Farmers in Miami Central High School, Miami, Fl back in 1969. L-R first row is 3rd from

the right Wesley Frank next to him John Logue. From there came Viet Nam for both of us as Air Force personnel,

 then we started our lives. In 1994, I joined the SCV and the then about 2000 the Mechanized Cavalry #662.

About ten years ago at a fall muster outside Tallahassee, Fl, John and I meet again now as SCV brothers.

John is the Current Camp Commander of the Quincy Young Guards, (the first Florida Company to see action) and a few years

 later John became a Mechanized Cavalry member # 1374 sworn in my Col. Stone at the Alabama event honouring

Jefferson Davis inauguration.

I have been a Mech Cav member for 15 years now and have 25 years in the SCV.

I have been working here on the Cracker for a few years and enjoy the stories and Pics ya’ll submit.

Lorene and John Logue from Quincy, Fl.

Diane and Wesley Frank, Palm Bay, Fl.