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Well the year is almost over and many of us got to see the reburial of Gen Forrest and his wife may they FINALLY REST IN PEACE.

 This was the second reburial I have attended, the first was in 1997 as the Savannah camp made arrangements to send

 the body of Private Benjamin Franklin DeVane back to Polk County, Florida. The burial caused traffic outside the

cemetery on I-4 to come to a stop as everyone got out of their cars to watch. A news helicopter was launched to see the

accident that closed the road. Way back then the SCVMC may have had 300 members as Greg Kalof is #300, but now

we can line the driveway to pay respects to the General, don’t know the number but it is over 4100.

With that said it is my pleasure to edit your reports and see you riding with the billboard on your back. So with that said

 have a wonderful Thanksgiving and know I am thankful for all my brothers. May God Bless you over the holidays, don’t eat to much for the holidays.

I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker.

Rest in peace brothers, we know you are in a better place and one day we shall meet again.

#1823 Sgt Major Shaun Billy Sinclair aka Bull . Arkansas

#468 Retired Captain Francis Marion Polk (Frank) . Texas

#836 Randy Deal . North Carolina

 Craig Stone , Texas Division 1st Lt.Comander and  SCVMC CO. C 2nd Platoon 1st Squad 


Reported by Capt. David King

Saturday October 2nd. the men of the cavalry from all over the state met in Pasco County to help install 6 headstones.

I want to personally thank everyone for their help, without these men and women this could not be done. We have to date set

 35 markers from Desoto County to Hernando County with more on the way. I also had the privilege of swearing in Sean McFall

to the Mech. Cav. Sean is also our 15th Brigade Commander Southwest Florida.

Donna Mcpherson, Jeff Cotton, Bob Whitacre, Lance Leberte, Capt.David King

Larry Thomas, Rick Gray, Bobby VanZant, Mitch Reed, Sean McFall

Jimmy Edwards, Capt. King

Capt. King swearing new member Sean Mcfall

Capt. King presenting, The Holding the Line Award to Jeff Cotten.

When it comes to setting headstones and maintenance at the Tampa Flag site

Jeff is always there, without his commitment our job would be a little harder.


Reported by Corey Harrelson

Oz Prescott newest member of Troop 3 Battleground Guard being sworn

 in at Wirz Memorial in Andersonville, Ga.

Troop 3 Mid State Defenders members working the Troop Merchandise booth at Andersonville reenactment.


Reported by Steve (Peg Leg) Beeler

October 9, 2021, We swore in the newest member of the Orphan Brigade today at the

John Hunt Morgan Monument in Lexington, KY, Billy Hamilton #4172 of Falmouth, KY Camp.

OCT 16, 2021:

Ky orphan and kids rose from the dead to walk down the street of Mayfield ky Saturday night

So question is this a ghoul guard?

Sunday Oct 17, The Orphan’s are busy at the park today our log cabin was delivered and we

 had to put the roof and porch back on but we got’er done

New SCV member Richard Greer, sworn in at new cabin


Reported by Joseph Pizzini (Captain Rocco)

Lt PQ’s Biker Bash —Thanks Lt PQ and One drop for opening up your

home and putting on this great event every year!

Governor Lucky of the Copperheads got hit “riding 60 MPH” by a deer on our POW ride traveling to

Point Lookout— we know why he is called Lucky — just a broken foot — bike totaled

Capt Rocco holding the deer that hit Governor Lucky- 7 point

Roach ,Tim Hagy “6pack”and Capt Rocco  4166 sworn in — congratulations brother

2F attending our monthly William Norris SCV meeting

Opie from the Copperheads won the annual Drag race at Lt PQ’s Biker Bash — Lt PQ 2nd , Sgt Taz 3rd

Capt Rocco and Scott from Virginia

Capt Rocco, Corkscrew, Country and Lt Crowbar from Virginia