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Gentlemen it is now August and summer is coming to a end, just like all good things do. The last few days Trump has been hammered with the Russian meeting.

 The President is much like our cause, always fighting the media. I don’t smoke but they continue to eliminate my rights such as my Flag,

My Heritage, Smoking, carring a gun, and now Papa John repeats something for effect and he is fired from his own company.

 What happen to freedom of speech, the thing we fought for in all these wars?

In this issue there are some new guidelines for Cracker submission, a registration form for the 2 Dogs event in NC and lots of reports from around the Confederation.

I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker. Keep the flag flying and support the SCV and the Mechanized Cavalry.

Enjoy another issue of the “Florida Cracker,” see ya’ll next month.

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It's coming up on that time of year again renewal season for the SCV. Last year the process was shortened at the national level.

Please help out your local camp ADJ. and get your dues paid in a timely manner, make sure your information is up to date, we can't keep you informed

 at a camp level if we don't have the correct information.

On another note the Flag at White Springs is back up and flying in the warm Southern breeze.

A special thanks to the guys from Jacksonville Northern Florida and especially the guys from Valdosta Ga. and Division Commander Kelly Crocker


Submitted by Photo-Journalist Wesley Frank

Treasure Coast awards First Prize to local SCV Camp

Many times anything below Lake Okeechobee is referred to as Florida’s yankee occupied territory. The Treasure Coast. Sebastian, Florida,

 is just southeast of Mouseville (Orlando), and they held their 4th of July Parade. The Florida Cow Cavalry Camp 1680, Sebastian, Fl

registered again after participating for some 15 years. Commander Ed Dancy supported it for 5 years before he crossed the river, Seth Fields,

and Jason Frank followed suit. Johnny Devane Jr. took command and continued the camps parade tradition, with about the same result. July 4, 2018,

 the Florida Cow Cavalry Camp took first place in the, Sebastian Lions Club Parade.

The late Johnny Devane Sr. was an active member of the camp and is the descendant of the Devane family who fought

for the 5th Florida Infantry. Jr. and Sr. worked for many hours preparing the camp float over the years.

Robert Fields, Seth’s dad, has a business in Vero Beach and loans his 35 foot goose neck for the camp float.

The camp places flags and dressed ladies of the OCR and members who cannot walk the whole parade route on the float,

and then the honour guard marches with the colours in front of the Float.

The parade route, about 1.5 miles along the Indian River, where the crowd cheers and some stand and salute the Colours as they pass.

 The camp played on the over 600,000 Americans who died in the War Between the States, while honouring our current active Enduring Freedom Military.

 Camp members represent Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan, War Veterans.

Congratulations to Commander Devane Jr. and his camp, with support from the Pvt. George W Thomas Camp 1595, Fort Pierce, FL,

Kim Cullers of the CSS Florida Camp from Orlando, 12th Brigade Commander Jim Odell,

 and the ladies of Florida’s Laura Radcliff Chapter 19 of the OCR


Submitted by  Jimmy Edwards

A day of unity by SCVMC brothers from Georgia and Florida coming together to restore, rehab and

preserve the Confederate Battle Flag Site for all travelers to see from the I-75 Highway when leaving the state of Georgia,

 entering Florida; and leaving Florida and leaving Florida for the north to yankee land.

The project started when the new Florida SCV Division Commander, Kelly Crocker, (he's also a Florida Mech-Cav Lieutenant)

called for help to work on the Confederate Battle Flag Site.

The call, "if you build it, they will come" was heard and the Mech-Cav members came.

Calvin Hart of the Cavalry and Commander of the Kirby Smith Camp brought the Battle Wagon and the

very active REAPER CREW, to help on the SCV project.

Work was conducted throughout the day and the reestablishment of raising  the humongous CBF was completed.

There is still much site construction work to be completed but that objective is slated for another day.

Thanks are given to all that showed up and did what had to be done.

The SCVMC bikers are truly an asset to the Sons of the Confederate Veterans organization.

(Special thanks to the two Georgia Mech-Cav brothers that went up in the lift to do the wiring

for the flag and to paint the flag pole - LT Robert Ballard and Chris May.)

The world famous War-Wagon

While the aerial crew rewires and repairs the upper pole the yard crew is

 cutting trees and mowing the property

Florida’s Largest at Confederate Memorial Park, I-75 & I-4, Tampa.

Submitted by Charlie Hickman

On the way back from Steinhatchee vacation 7/17.
Patriotism aflowin' in the breeze at Confederate Memorial Park