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Well my brothers, here we are in July as we prepare for another Fourth of July, lots of parades, lots of opportunities to ride

 and show our colors. I want to say a fond fairwell to Mac and Susan Mc Peters our Virginia, West Virginia reporters,

 the July report is the end of their reporting career. Mac took Susan to the event and she documented it for our readers,

for that we wish them all the best after the retirement from the Cracker newsletter. May you both ride safe as if you would

 with Forrest, on your iron horse. God Bless ya Mac and Susan.

Also this issue our reporter from Western Kentucky is passing his torch to a new reporter, Stev”Peg Leg” Beeler is retiring

fomr the Cracker also, Peg Leg has for many years kept us up to date on the Orphans doings with reports and photos of

the BIG events. Thank you brother “Peg Leg” for everything.

I like to thank all the reporters submitting their Fourth of July reports for the August newsletter. I'm hoping all of you

 are well as I keep reading on the SCV Habadashery list about the motorcycle accidents, and illnesses, God Lord protect us.

Another evil that has been following us the lack of food, gas, guns, ammo, attacks on our flag, our heritage and most of all

our lack of presidential leadership. That's the closest I'll come to talking about politics since we are not allowed to, but you know what I mean.

We're halfway through year end as we approach 2023, I keep praying things will get better, but I got my bike fixed

( NEW REAR TIRE) and parked it in the barn for a few months I worked on a few other things. I went about a week ago, started

up the bike, put on my helmet and body armor, threw my leg over the bike, pulled in the clutch and did not go anywhere. I put the bike

in the shop to have the clutch worked on and priminary fluids replaced in hopes I will ride it by end June. Just another wonderful day in the Pardise.

I a good thing would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker.

Dear Mac McPeters and Susan.

On behalf of the Cracker readers, I would like to express our sincere admiration for your's outstanding efforts .

 We appreciate everything that you have done over the past several years since you have joined us and the hours you

 have spent working for the SCV Mechanized Cavalry and the Cracker. I should like to express my appreciation for the remarkable

 services rendered by Mac and Susan as an active and dynamic reporters of the Cracker .

We will miss your reports from Virginia/West Virginia.

We pride ourselves on your hard work .Thank you once again for all your contributions.


Tuesday June 28, 2022

Our Brother

Donald Perotti passed over to rest under the shade of the trees this morning. Don had been fighting hard to

survive for several weeks after a motorcycle accident earlier this month. He was always there for a Brother and

we will miss him dearly. "RIDE AS YOU WOULD WITH FORREST "

2 Dogs 2022 Registration

Hot off the press! Please add this to the info I sent previously and put in Cracker...

 Double this pic as the header...it's my puppy Waylon...


 I am taking a moment to let my SCVMC brothers know that I am stepping down as the Cracker reporter for 2nd Battalion, A Company.

 Captain Joey and I have spoken and I have his blessings and gratitude for my service to the cause. He also thanked my wife Susan

 for her efforts in this endeavor. She and I shared and loved reporting on what we do to honor our southern ancestors. Our first reports

 for the Cracker were a few pics from the 4t Platoon when I was their Corporal. Now I have earned the rank of Sgt. Maj. for the

 state and we have so many pictures and reports from across 2-A that it is difficult to include them all. We always took great

pride in the fact that we never missed a month and always represented our brothers and sisters in a respectful light. I am proud

of the growth within 2-A and it has been an honor for us to be able to report for Virginia and West Virginia. I have faith that whomever

 steps up to be the next Cracker reporter for 2nd Battalion A Company will continue to represent us in the same way and to continue

to show our love for God, Family, and our ancestors. I would also like to thank brothers John Polo and Wesley Frank for their

efforts with this publication. They do so much for the cause and have always been supportive and positive and I wish them

 great success. Susan and I were honored to work with these two great gentlemen.

Deo Vindice

Sergeant Major Mac & Susan

 Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia is representing at the Blue & Gray Reunion Ride in Philippi, WV

McFly, Taz, 1Lt Crowbar, 1st Sgt Tom, 2-F Capt. Rocco, Whitey

Brothers at D-Day Memorial Ride put together by the 7th Platoon & Sgt Sammy Boone

New members of the 4th Platoon out for a ride after placing flags on the graves of Confederate soldiers at Blandford

Cemetery where many brothers and SCV camps came out to support Dearing Beauregard Camp 1813.

TJ Taylor, Levi (TJ’s son), Steve Terry & Sgt. William Leighton

Steve Terry, TJ Taylor, Levi (TJ’s son)

Confederate Memorial Service at Thornrose Cemetery in Staunton, Va. The Mechanized Cavalry

was represented by the 1st, & 10th Platoons. It was a great day to celebrate our heritage.

1st Platoon meeting day!

Tony Cave, Francis Todd & 2Lt Leon Lowe with the new 1st platoon flag.

LT Chaplin Richard Daniel at the Farmville Memorial Service

1st Platoon Scout Corporal Andrew Surface and brother Neil Russell at Turner Ashby

grave in Winchester, VA after confederate memorial day service.

Group Photo from the Blue & Gray ride.

Lining up for the Blue & Gray Ride Philippi, WV

Ryan (Blaze), McFly, Bubba Sr., Bubba JR, Jerry

Anthony Maiden and Derek Price being sworn in at the Whitehouse of the Confederacy.

 2nd Battalion A Company representing at the 2022 25th Annual in Maryland Point Lookout Ride

Reported by Daniel Nichols - Captain of 1H

Lt. Dwayne Holtzclaw at the Confedrate Cemetery in Higginsville Missouri

over 700 Confederate soilders buried there

1st squad Trooper Jason Coffman and Lt. Dwayne Holtzclaw and 3rd squad

Lt. Rodney Neville Higginsville Confederate Cemetery

Trooper pap Scott George 1st Sgt James Ragnar Holloway and 2nd squad Sgt. Mark Preacher Orchard

swearing in Aj Mcbroom

2nd squad Co H hosting a fish fry for Campbells Company Camp 2252

Nathan Bedford Forrest boy hood home for his Homecoming and Southern heritage Festival 3rd squad Troopers in

attendance Lt. Rodney Neville Cpl. Clint Walker Jr.3rd squad Sgt . Buddy Biggs and Trooper Mark Carter.

And Lt Neville by General Lee Charger

Honoring the Confederates in Higginsville Cemetery

General Sterling Price and Irish Captain Edward B. Sayers in

Bellefontaine Cemetery in St.Louis Missouri