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Well as I sit and editing this news letter I am just back to the house after being present at the General Nathan Bedford Forrest

and his wife’s arrival at Elm Springs. No pictures were allowed in the Museum and the 6 o’clock news announced they were to be reburied

Saturday and it was open to the general public. They also discussed the removal of his bust from the capital and renaming of Forrest

Hall at a college. Brothers and Sisters we are living in poor times where Southron Heritage is not honoured nor accepted,

it is now easier to be part of Gay Pride than a Southron Patriot.

Forrest Interment:

Friday Sept, 17, 2021, at 8 AM, a white hearse arrived at Elm Springs with the bodies of Gen. Forrest and his wife to

 be reinterred following the battle over the Forrest Statue in Memphis which was above his grave. The graves with be

 within the Elm Springs gate and within sight of the Museum.

At this time I want to apologize for my pictures the early morning moisture was on my lens in some of them especially

when they took the General inside, as no pictures were allowed inside.

Here is the hearse arriving and the family car in the foreground / The crowd as the honoured guest were removed from the hearse

The Honour Guard taking him inside to lay in state with his wife, his coffin draped with a second national and hers a Christian Flag.

The crowd as we wait to pass the casket, following a prayer / The lines forms and begins to move

I went to join the crowd and as I got in line ahead of me is the Jacksonville, Florida’s Kirby Smith Camp, Calvin Hart,

 Chris Bunton, Joe Hill, Frank Marjenhoff, Adam Shaw, Chris Elands, Ronnie Nichols, Frank Kelli. Jake Newman, James Ezales,

and others, later I also saw Byron Peavey from Deland Rangers camp. I expected to be the only one from Florida,

 I am so glad the confederation was so well represented to welcome the General Home.


By way of a reminder - REPORTERS

Each report must contain a maximum of 15 pics, you can add 2 or 3 more pics  in the : Good, Bad, Ugly, section.

The reports have to be sent by email, discarding other ways, Facebook Messenger etc.

As far as possible, we ask our reporters to send us the reports as soon as possible and not to wait

until the last day, so as not to saturate us with work.

Each month we receive about 200 pics, which all have to be processed in Photoshop, to give

them a similar size, all this takes a workload.

We would like to thank all the Cracker reporters for their collaboration, without them this

 newsletter would be impossible to do.

Confederately yours

#266 John J Polo

SCV Kirby Smith Camp # 1209 Jacksonville FL - Overseas member

 SCV Europe Camp #1612 - Germany - Associate member

SCVMC Private 3rd Battalion - Company "D" - Florida

Honorary member SCVMC 1st Battalion - Company "B", Louisiana

Rest in peace brothers, we know you are in a better place and one day we shall meet again.

Pvt. Lynn Myers #3504, 1st Bn CO A -  Pvt. Gordon Stephens #3104, 1st Bn CO A


Reported by  Captain Brian "Vex" McClure


In appreciation & support of our law enforcement officers, the Washington Rifles Camp 2211 & the LA SCVMC 1B/4 along

with the Ladies from the Order of the Confederate Rose cooked for all area local law enforcement in Franklinton, LA.

They served hamburgers, chili dogs & chips. The Sons of Confederate Veterans showed them

that they are appreciated and we stand behind them 100%!


The Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry made a raid on Jefferson, TX. The SCV Mechanized Cavalry from

three states converged on the town of Jefferson, TX. Louisiana, Arkansas & Texas Troopers met at Auntie Skinner's Riverboat Club

for lunch after making Heritage Rides from their respective states. There were close to 90 participants including spouses and

members of the Order of the Confederate Rose. Jefferson & Auntie Skinner's Riverboat Club are some of the most pro-Southern

places you can find. We want to thank Texas for inviting Louisiana over. It was a great time with our fellow compatriots of

the Trans-Mississippi. All three state captains were present and talked about turning this into an annual event.


Sgt. James W. Nicholson Camp member & LA SCVMC Tiger Trooper Corporal James White (right) was presented the

National SCV Meritorious Service Medal by Lt. Donnie Brown at the monthly Nicholson 1478 Camp Meeting. Congratulations!


The Louisiana Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry held a small memorial service for our Veterans after

the “Raid on Jefferson” Event in Jefferson, TX. The service was centered around the grave of Cullen Baker, a well-known

war-time Confederate guerilla and post-war Reconstruction resistance fighter. Participants were members of the SCV

Louisiana Division, LA SCVMC, OCR & Heritage Supporters. It was a nice quiet memorial service with prayers, words spoken

and moment of silence with salute to all the Confederate Veterans buried in Oakwood Cemetery. Deo Vindice!


SCV National Awards & Medals were presented to members of the Claiborne Invincibles Camp 797 & Louisiana SCV Mechanized Cavalry

Tiger Troopers of the SCV Louisiana Division for their contributions, commitment and forwarding "The Charge" of the Sons

of Confederate Veterans at the camp's monthly meeting. Recipients were (left to right) Roger Pittman, Scott Young, Ronnie Sales,

Ken McBride, Barry Watson, Hugh Miller, Mark Smith & LA SCVMC Past-Captain Bobby White. Congratulations to all!


Lt. Elijah H. Ward Camp 1971 member & LA SCVMC Corporal of Scouts Ron Butler aka "Buckskin Billy" was awarded the National

SCV Meritorious Service Medal for duties "above & beyond." He was presented the award by 1st Lt. LA Div Cmdr Brian "Vex" McClure at the

monthly Sgt. James W. Nicholson 1478 Camp Meeting. Congratulations!


Trooper Jason Hall was sworn into the Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry at the graveside of his ancestor,

Francis Harper, 27th Louisiana Infantry Regiment in Ringgold, LA. We welcome Jason into the SCVMC & Lee's Fightin' Tigers.

Congratulations! Deo Vindice!


The Louisiana SCV Mechanized Cavalry held a swearing in ceremony & memorial service in Ringgold, Louisiana.

It was attended by ATM Commander JC Hanna & SCV PCiC Paul Gramling. The event concluded with a company salute to our

Confederate Veterans buried in the cemetery. Before the service, participants met for Sunday lunch.

It is events like this that is at the core of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.


Reported by Joseph Pizzini (Captain Rocco)

Easternshore Annual party

Bad Ronnie , Sgt Taz , Capt Rocco and Strayfox

Lt Polecat and the Easternshore boys raised $1,860 for the 2F historical

preservation organization group of Maryland

Sgt Taz , Capt Rocco and Strayfox at the dock races

Bad Ronnie, his daughter and grandchildren at 2 Dogs with the boys