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This month we begin to end our summer, all the reunions and annuals are over, so it is time to get down to SCV business.

 We wear the SCV logo on our backs and we need to remember Hamby our founder and Gen, Stone who continues to carry

 the torch lighting the way to Gen. Stephen Dill Lee’s charge.

 I want to thank all who take the time to report for their state, Battalion, Platoon and company, with out your reports

 and photos John and I would print an empty newsletter. Many years back we opened the Cracker to an international newsletter

and believe me it was not a mistake, we are the best read magazine in the Confederation thanks to you.

I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker.


Hopefully all that attended the National Reunion have arrived home safely.

 I have been going since June until now from Florida to Texas and then back to Mobile.

There was a historic artifact from the Scottish Chief a blockade runner that was sunk in the Hillsborough River

 in Tampa during the war. It had been placed at a local park for about 15 years, after our camp meeting we decided

to go and see what kind of shape it was in and found it to not being properly displayed or taken care of.

After 3 months of dealing with the county I can announce that we have retrieved the davit and have had it repaired

 and will be taking the davit to the Florida Pioneer Museum in Dade City on July 20th, with the future plans to donate

 it to our Museum in Elm Springs.

 All of the men that helped relocate the davit were members of the Jubal A. Early Camp and 3rd. Batt. CO D. Mechanized Cavalry.

Commander David King

Jubal A Early Camp #556

Capt 3rd Batt Co D Mechanized Cavalry

July 1

I must sadly report the long time Tennessee Mechanized Cavalry member Joe Garrison has passed away a short

 time ago in Oklahoma City from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident last week.

Please keep his wife Marilyn in your continued prayers as she deals with this and recovery from her injuries...

Rest now under the shade of the trees Brother.

July 15

Last November I received a phone call from a man named Kevin Wissel. He told me that he wanted to join the SCV

and we set in motion to do just that. Kevin had the privilege of being sworn in by CIC Paul Gramling at the

 Lee Jackson Banquet in January. Then in May Kevin received his center patch at the 5th platoon meeting.

Then two weeks ago we presented Kevin with his rockers in the hospital.

I received word tonight that Kevin has lost his battle with Cancer and has crossed the river to Fiddlers Green.

I have never seen a man more proud to become a member of the SCV than Kevin. He walked around on cloud nine

 that entire evening. Then when he got his center patch he was a man on fire and so proud of his patch.

 When Sgt Osteen Wallace presented him with his rockers tears filled his eyes.

He was so proud of his Patch that he never got to wear with his rockers. It was hung beside his bed so he could

see it when he was a wake. And now he rest at Fiddlers Green with his patch waiting on the rest of us to get there.

Kevin go and take your rest Brother, we all will be there sooner or later, you just hold the line until we get there.

I ask that each of you to hold his wife Pamela and his family up in prayers.

Ask God to comfort them in this time of need. They need us greatly right now.

James Lovelace

Death of Confederate Daughter

 Thu, 25 Jul 2019


Join me in mourning the passing of our Real Daughter Susie Myrtice Sims Powell. Please forward to your Command.

In the bonds of the South,

Kelly V. Crocker
Commander, Florida Division

Sons of Confederate Veterans

It is with sadness that we notify you of the Death of Susie Myrtice Sims Powell. She is believed to be the last

Living Confederate Daughter of Florida and a member of the Pensacola United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Services will be held at the Hillcrest Church on East Nine Mile Road, Pensacola, at 10 AM this Friday, July 26.

 Please attend if possible.


Reported by Jimmy Edwards

CPT David King completed the honor of swearing in three new Mech-Cav members during his annual 3rd Battalion,

Company D Mech-Cav meeting, held at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites in Ocala. Pictured from left to right:

CPT David King, Allen Arthur (brother of Leon Arthur and member of SCV Camp 2181), Dr. Ben Treen

(Dermatology Physician and member of SCV Camp 36), Harry Hurst (Retired law enforcement Police Chief and member of SCV Camp 2086).

Picture below depicts three Florida members and one Georgia member.

From left to right: Kris Waston (Georgia), Jimmy Edwards (Florida), LT Joe Davis (Florida), and Terry Simmons (Florida).

Florida & Georgia Mech-Cav Members Bond & Party

LT Joe Davis, Florida's Northeast Regional Leader, and LT Robert Ballard, Georgia's 3rd Battalion Company D

 Troop 4 Leader, coordinate a Saturday's group Mech-Cav bonding in Amelia Island, Florida on July 13th.

The three Florida members were LT Davis, Terry Simmons and Jimmy Edwards. Approximately fourteen Georgia

 members arrived, to include prior Georgia State Captain Wayne Scarborough and SGM Chris May. Everyone enjoyed

a great afternoon at the Sliders Seaside Grill, an oceanside restaurant. Pictures taken depict various members enjoying

themselves at the restaurant and a group picture at the beach. One awesome day of Mech-Cav friendship, to include

introducing the Sons of Confederate Veterans organization and the Mechanized Cavalry to the public.

with the entire group on the beach.

Capt. King presenting Leon Arthur with the Hold The Line Award

At Kirby-Smith Camp #1209, Jacksonville Old City Cemetery Work Day, they began the restoration of a

Police Officer's grave site, who died in the line of duty in 1897. Lieutenant William Gruber was beaten to death

while investigating the murder of an infant that had occurred the previous week. He had returned to the

crime scene when he was attacked by an unknown individual.

His body was found the next morning and his revolver had been stolen.

Commander Calvin Hart

Kirby-Smith Camp #1209

Sons of Confederate Veterans
Jacksonville, Fla.