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Gentlemen, and readers,

This month I lost a Sister-n- Law and a fellow Ranger to Cancer. The loss of these folks reminds me of our losses from the Cavalry.

Way back when we lost brother Wedge from N. GA and as time went on so many others.

I want to remember the loss at 9/11 and to all our missing brothers. I would also like to celebrate our new members,

OCR Sisters and the hard work they are doing in this our greatest days of need.

We received a report from Delaware as they raised 1000.00 for a charity, just like Calvin Hart and his Reapers in Jacksonville Camp do every year.

To all these hard working troops, to all my brothers and sisters, God Bless you. Thanks for your support of the SCV/OCR.

I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker.


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 in front of a sign which IDís the event. This newsletter is read by Cav members and SCV IHQ, and also non SCV members,

so the more info the better, everyone likes to see their photo and name in print


As we all know our monuments are coming down or being moved.

The Florida Division is going to place a monument on Winstead Hill in Franklin Tennessee.

With the approval of the men of the 3rd. Batt. CO. D we will donate to the cause.

This monument will recognize the men from Florida that fought and died at the Battle Of Franklin.

All of your input will be welcomed.

The Mech. Cav will be recognized on the monument

It has been a couple of years since we have rode up to Andersonville for the Fall Festival in

support of the boys from Ga.For all that don't know the guys out of Valdosta have helped us tremendously

with the flag site in White Springs, If you can find time to make the ride the information is listed below.

Friday October 5th. we will meet at the corner of HWY. 98 and HWY. 19 west of Brooksville @9.00am in the Suntrust Bank parking

 lot we will proceed up HWY.19 to the intersection of HWY. 19 and I-10 we should be there around 12 noon.

 There is a Mobile/Mcdonalds station on the SE corner of the intersection.

We are going to stay at the Days Inn in Americus, Ga.

Days Inn

(229) 924-4001

If you call let them know you arr with the Mech. Cav.

The rooms are $84.00 a night but they might give us a break if enough of show up.

2nd Battalion Change in Command


After several years of supporting the 2nd Battalion Major Mark Hall has decided to step down from his position.

 We thank him for his years of outstanding service and support to the Men in the 2nd Battalion and me.

 After much consideration I have made the selection of who will step up as the 2nd Battalion Major.

He comes with recommendations from Mark and will serve the 2nd Battalion well.

I have appointed Captain Frank Baptista to the position of 2nd Battalion Major, Join me in welcoming

 Major Frank Baptista into the position that he will lead with honor as the Major of the 2nd Battalion.

Kevin Stone
Commanding Mechanized Cavalry


Reported by Commander Calvin Hart, SCV Camp #1209 Jacksonville


Reported by Sgt. Major Duste Craig

Photo Credits to Sgt. Major, Lt. Ronnie Dancer and Corporal Breezy Russell


Took a little side trip to visit my Pennsylvania Brothers in Chester County, PA. and grab some lunch at Hooters.
Sgt Major Duste (1-J), HQ Sgt Major Slim, and Sgt. Animal (2-F)


1st Battalion, Company J
Arkansas Mechanized Cavalry


Greetings and Salutations from the Great State of Arkansas and 1st Btn., Co. J.

After a very uneventful August (too damn hot, lol) 1st Btn., Co. J opened up September with a bang!

Several members from the NW Arkansas crew made a cross country pilgrimage to spend a week on the hallowed ground of Gettysburg.

 along the way we met with Lt. Ed Hill from Tennessee 1-A and his lovely wife Martha who then escorted us up the interstate through Eastern TN into Virginia.

 Love getting together with our Brothers from another Company!On our first full day in Gettysburg we visited with Mechanized Cavalry

and SCV members from Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania who came out to tour the Battlefield with us, share camaraderie and some great food and drink.

 Corporal Breezy took his daughter and two granddaughters for a week filled with history and fun.

On the way to Gettysburg the group stopped in rural Bedford County Virginia, to pay respects to the Ancestor of Sgt. Major Duste,

 where we placed an honor flag brought from Arkansas and honored the man in his final resting place in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

While in Gettysburg we extensively toured the Battlefield, reliving those momentous days in the sweltering Summer of 1863,

visited the wonderful museum at the visitors center, shopped, ate and even did a haunted Gettysburg tour.

 At was a most excellent trip that took us 2150 miles through six states.

Meanwhile, back in Arkansas, 1-J members had a state meeting held at the beautiful Mt. Magazine State Park.

Members and recruits from around the Great State of Arkansas and Oklahoma met at the State Game Lodge,

 a gorgeous hotel overlooking the Petit Jean River Valley. At the meeting plans were discussed for our statewide

events for the Fall season including a Southern Cross of Honor Dedication Ceremony to be held next month.

 There were a couple of promotions made at the meeting. Sgt. Shawn Sinclair was promoted to 1st. Sgt. and Trooper

James Holley was promoted to Corporal. 1-J members brought their lovely wives and enjoyed a great afternoon of camaraderie and Brotherhood in the Arkansas mountains.

At the time of writing there will be a SCVMC get together next week during the Bikes, Blues and BBQ Rally in Fayetteville, AR

where we hope to see some of our Brothers from neighboring states in attendance.

 This rally is up there with Sturgis and Daytona in numbers and we are expecting 350,000 riders in the area next week.

 If you've never been to NW Arkansas here is your reason to come visit!

That's all for this month.

Meeting up with our 1-A Brother Ed Hill and his lovely wife Martha.
They rode with us for a spell on the way to Gettysburg.
Trooper "Beanz" Dozier, Sgt. Major Duste, Martha Hill, Lt. Ed Hill 1-A and Corporal Breezy Russell.

We stopped in Thaxton, Virginia in Bedford County to place an Honor Flag on the final resting place of my G-G Grand Uncle,

 William Thomas Craig, who served in the 42nd Virginia Infantry. He is buried on a ridge that overlooks the Blue Ridge Mtns.

L-R Sgt. Major Duste Craig, Corporal Breezy Russel and Trooper "Beanz" Dozier.

1st Battalion, Company J has arrived in Gettysburg.
Beanz, Duste and Breezy

Mech Cav Brothers from Arkansas 1-J, Virginia 2-A, and Maryland 2-F at the Virginia Monument on Seminary Ridge.
Beanz (1-J), Breezy (1-J), Captain Frank Baptista (2-A), Duste (1-J), Captain Rocco (2-F), High Test (2-F) and Iffy Richards (2-A)

Giving a little history lesson on Pickett's Charge at the Confederate "High Water Mark" at the Angle.

1-J paid a visit to the final resting place of one of our most renowned Generals from

 the War for Southern Independence.

At the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery in Lexington, Virginia.

Duste, Breezy and Beanz

Captain Roy Bowers (r), 1st Btn., Co J presents Corporal James Holley (l)

 his promotion certificate at Mount Magazine.

Arkansas 1-J Captain Roy Bowers (r) presents 1st Sergeant Shaun Sinclair (l)

with his promotion certificate at Mount Magazine.

Members and recruits of 1st Btn., Co. J pose with their wives at Mount Magazine State Park.
Lt. Dancer, Corporal Holly, Ed Schubach, Steve McCroskey, Captain Roy, 1st Sgt Shaun Sinclair,

 Corporal James Taylor, Recruit Dennis Osborn and 1-J Adjutant Everett Plummer.

Trooper Steve McCroskey and Corporal James Holley solving the problems of the world at Mount Magazine.

Corporal Popcorn fixin' to take "Bonnie Blue" out for a spin!

Sgt. Major Duste Gettysburg bound!

Corporal Breezy with his daughter Roberta and his granddaughters Hannah D

in the front and Kimberlyn next to "Poppy" as we arrived in Gettysburg.