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My friends and my brothers again another brother and friend has crossed the river.

 Bear Butler my big hearted brother from Alabama has left us. This morning May 20th, I received the call to inform me of his passing.

 The news was like a shot to the gut, it has been a while since we spoke but he was a dear friend and brother.

 This makes me realize I am getting older and my friends and family (Extended and close family) are going home,so to you still here,

 I love ya all and wish you God’s speed, protection and mercy’s.

I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker.


It is with a sad heart I write my comments for this month.

I just found out this morning we lost another Brother Bear Butler from Alabama,

 I considered Bear a personal friend and he will be greatly missed.

Please say a prayer for his family.

Also Keep Commander Stone in your prayers as we all know the situation he and his family

 are dealing with now, I'll leave it there for now.

Thu, 2 May 2019


It is with a heavy heart that I pass this message along. While any loss is bad is seems especially tragic when

something happens so unexpectedly and this is no exception. I am requesting all flags to be lowered to half staff from now until

one day after his service which I understand to be Saturday. As I find out details I will forward them along.

 Please keep his family and SCV Camp members in your thoughts and prayers in the coming days.

Kevin Stone

Commander NC Division SCV

SCV Mechanized Cavalry Commanding

Brandon and his mother Kim

Gentlemen of the SCV and the SCV-MC,

Recently we lost a Brother the newest member of the SCV-MC Brandon Davis he was sworn in on April.15 2019

 and Passed on April.20 2019, we need to Fly our Flags at Half Staff for 3 Days to Honor are Lost Brother and his Family,

 Keep them in your Prayers as we all need to do, it is at times like this that we as Brothers and Sisters need to come together and be Strong,

 Please send this out to all your Contacts you have in the SCV and the SCV-MC God be with us DEO VINDICE

Sargent: Hammer

2ed.BATT: Company B


May 20   2019

Please lower all 1-D Alabama flags to half staff till after the service in Honor and Celebration of the life of

Scvmc # 1168 Lt/Cmdr. Bear Butler,,, my brother , my friend, and my right arm , may God be with the family !!!

Captain David Pat McMurry #330


Reported by Jim Edwards

Florida Mechanized Cavalry Supporting SCV Florida Division

 CPT Dave King called upon his Florida Mech-Cav members to volunteer for construction support in rehabbing

 the SCV Florida Division Building, located in the quaint city of Trenton. 8 members arrived, driving and riding in from

 different parts of the state, providing their craftsmanship skills and general labor help.

 It was an all day event, working diligently to prep the building for its upcoming stucco exterior face-lift.

 UDC members prepared and served all workers with an exceptionally delicious lunch.

SGT Clay Johnson even proclaimed he was going to "take home the UDC lady that made that delectable

 tasting slaw." Various pictures taken depict Mech-Cav & SCV members hard at work throughout the day.

In the group picture we have Mech-Cav members: LT Kelly Crocker (FL Div Cmdr), SGT Randy Byrd, SGT Clay Johnson,

SGT Lloyd Gilbreath, CPL Jason Montes (FL Div Adj), PVT Frank Marjenhoff, and PVT Jimmy Edwards.

Taking the picture is FOSCVMC David Fieber. Our printed sign was prepared by UDC member Laurie Knotts.

 As the sign indicates: We are all 100% in support for our Mechanized Cavalry National Leader, General Kevin Stone.

Facing to the right is Commander Clement Lindsay, facing the camera is

 Mech Cav Lt. and Fla Division Commander Kelly Crocker

Great weekend at Trenton house bldg 220 soon to be headquarters Florida Division, what a beautiful

and peaceful town, and a great building coming along nicely. Not as many scv mech cav as i thought should have

 been there but an 8 hour day of painting, construction, and a down home lunch provided by the Ladies of the UDC,

 United Daughters of the Confedercy. This is going to be a great place for our great state and our members to be proud of.

Thanks to Clement Lindsay Daryl Rateree cor the extension of hospitality supporting the Pvt George W Thomas Camp 1595,

 and the Laura Ratcliffe chapter 19 of the Order of Confederate Rose. with quarters to stay in for the weekend. Good work and a great time.

Deo Vindice

From: "J Odell" <>

Great time thank you to John Osteen camp for the hospitality and supporting the homeless of

Pvt George W Thomas camp 1595 and the Laura Ratcliffe Chapter 19 Order of Confederate Rose (Fort Pierce).

 Thank you to the ladies of the UDC for a fantastic Lunch our hats are off to you with heartfelt Thanks.

Beautiful job hq is going to be awesome, gents.

Kelly Crocker Ladies and Gentlemen, Job well done! A whole lot was accomplished today at the Florida Division

Building in Trenton, Florida. We could not have done it without all of you. A special shoutout to Lloyd Gilreath, Randy Byrd,

and Daryl Raterree who toiled to prep our "out of plumb" building to receive stucco and some curb appeal.

In the bonds of the South, Kelly V. Crocker Commander, Florida Division Sons of Confederate Veterans

Florida Mech-Cav Supports Confederate Memorial Service

April 27, 2019, Florida celebrated Confederate Memorial Services throughout the state by numerous SCV Camps.

Florida's Mechanized Cavalry members provided support to a number of those camps. In the small town of Oxford, Florida,

at the Pine Level Cemetery, established in 1865, Mech-Cav members CPT David King (also Florida LT Div Cmdr & SCV Cp Cmdr),

 LT Kelly Crocker (Florida Div Cmdr & SCV Cp Cmdr), LT Billy Gorman, SGT Lloyd Gilbreath, CPL Jason Montes (Florida Div Adj),

PVT Richard Pearce, PVT Jason Boshers (Army of Tennessee Cmdr), and PVT Jimmy Edwards extended their support to the

UDC Marion Dragoons Chapter 2311. These Mech-Cav members are depicted in the group photo, with CPT King standing in front

of the Confederate horse, kneeling is CPL Montes, behind him and the young Confederate Soldier is PVT Boshers,

continuing right is PVT Pearce, LT Gorman, SGT Gilbreath, LT Crocker, and PVT Jimmy Edwards.

It was a good day for the Confederacy in small town of Oxford


Reported by Eric Jolly


We haven't sent in anything to the Cracker in a few months, but MS SCVMC has been on the move, up in the NE

we are working towards our MEGA flag project and we have had a few other opportunities come our way as well.

We were able to put a plaque up at Rienzi MS , in the Veterans Memorial Garden, honoring Samuel L Neely, the only

5 time medal of honor recipient in the Confederate army, this project was part of Col WP Rogers SCV Camp #321

effort in MS. We have also been supplied with a 50ft by 50ft plot at Farmington Heritage Park where we plan to put

 a monument and a flag pole/flag. We have other irons in the fire as well as we try and do our part in keeping the Charge.

Mayor of Farmington presents WP Rogers camp commander and Mech Cav Member Denis Brown with a 99 year lease

 on the 50 x 50 foot plot of ground at Farmington Community Heritage Park, Mech Cav members also in attendance,

 Capt Kevin Nelms, Johnny Potts, and Chris Haley.

Capt Kevin Nelms gives speech at the Samuel L Neely plaque dedication with many honored guess present,

 if you get by Rienzi MS please check it out.