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March is upon us and with that comes spring and better riding weather. March is also Saint Patricks Day and many parades, so ride with your flags and colours in

 what ever parade you can or march as a unit. We have a big billboard on our backs to show our pride in being Southron, so show it off it’s a great recuriting tool.

The Center of our patch is SCV First and Mechinized Cavalry second. The requirement is to be an SCV member in good standing, so recurit, recurit, recurit.
I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker, and brother John Polo, without YOU the Cracker would not be what it is.

Just as a point of Info I send this to John to put on the web around the 25th so if you can get all your articles to us by the 20th it will make to current newsletter. Thanks again for all your hard work

I know Parkland, Fl is not Mechanized Cavalry but Pray for the Families of the 17 souls lost, and thank God we have teachers who will die for their students.

Thanks to all of the guys that showed up for the Battle of Olustee in Lake City on the17th.

As years in the past the Florida and Georgia guys have met for this event and it has always been a success.

Under orders from Florida Division we boycotted the parade for 2 years, we did this under protest as the Mech. Cav. but as I always preach we are SCV Members first.

As we were signing in for the parade I was informed that we could not fly flags on our bikes or hand out the 900 flags that we purchased for this event.

 After getting pissed and speaking to the folks in charge we were ready to pack it up and go home. We got together as a group and decided that if we leave they win and we lose.

 So with that being said we did the parade and mysteriously 840 Battle Flags were seen all up and down the parade route

February 12th, 2018

With heavy heart I am sorry to report the passing of our 1G brother Larry ‘Snake’ Lewis #422.

Larry fought a long and hard battle and even though he had become home ridden he always was asking about his brothers in the Mechanized Cavalry

 and dreaming of the day he could ride again with his brothers. He is now forever riding and he will be missed.

Steven Gunner Rutherford

Captain SCVMC1G Mississippi


Lake City Parade reported by Jim Edwards (Pictures Randy Byrd & David King)

Feb. 17th./Men of 3RD. Batt. CO.B and D/

What a Confederate Day in Lake City, Florida. It's been two years since the Florida Mech-Cav was able to participate, due to the governing body of Lake City removing

the Confederate Flag from its city seal and our SCV Division Commander's response directive: No parade for us and no spending SCV money within city limits.

 With the directive withdrawn on the parade portion, but not the spending, the Mech-Cav returned and brought the Confederate Flag back to Lake City,

 not only on motorcycles but hundreds of 12X18 CBFs (purchased by Major Johnny Strickland) were distributed along the parade route to children and adults

 as they rushed our Confederate vehicle seeking one. And, the irony of it all is the City Fathers removed the flag from their seal out of ignorance but

hundreds of Lake City residents will be walking proudly throughout this festive day with the same flag they removed.

A special Thank You goes out to all non Florida Mech-Cav members that helped Florida with this memorable day.

 2/17/18 3rd Battalion Company D Florida and 3rd Battalion Company B Georgia

Greg Kalof’s Road King is in the shop with an electrical problem so he bought an alternate “scooter” to ride to Lake City for the Oulstee parade,

 a Vespa-an honest to God scooter!
He joined us at the hotel in Alachua yesterday evening after haven ridden all day from Miami. He came highway 27 the majority of the trip.

Greg rode with us up 75 & 41 this morning to Lake City as well as ridding the parade.
Last time I saw him he was “hauling ass” up the road.
He said he got up to 75 mph once!!

Bob Whitacre


Reported by 2nd Lt. Brian McClure, PR & Communications Officer

The Louisiana SCVMC inducted new members and promoted others at the Lee/Jackson Banquet hosted by the Lt. J.Y. Sanders Camp No. 2092 in Thibodaux, LA.

Front Row, L to R: Auther Middaugh (promoted to 4th Platoon Leader), Albert Perrilloux (new member), Captain Bobby White, Gerald Kelley (new member),

 and John Acker (promoted to 4th Asst. Platoon Leader). Back Row, L to R: LA SCVMC members Earl Walker, Chad Gauthier and Shane J. Alvarez.

LASCVMC 4th Platoon cutline: The Louisiana SCVMC 4th Platoon members Auther Middaugh, Richard McGoff and Shane Alvarez gave the Sons of Confederate Veteran's Sander camp #2092

 a hand in recruiting in Slidell, LA. at the Mardi Gras parade. We want to thank the people of Pure Saloon for sharing their hospitality to the SCV and the SCV Mechanized Cavalry.

LASCVMC Monroe Mardi Gras cutline: The Louisiana Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry group shot at the West Monroe/Monroe Mardi Gras Parade,

 Saturday, February 3, 2018. The LA SCVMC participated along side their fellow SCV compatriots and reenactors who mustered a color guard & fired muskets.

 Everyone there braved the rain and the downpour near the end.
LA SCVMC members present: (L to R, kneeling-sitting) Lane Capps, Robert Shumake, Syl Martinez, & Clay Bass.

 (L to R, standing) Kris Hood, Kevin Adkins, JC Hanna, Walt Soes, Terry Reeme, Paul Gramling, James Dispenza, Mark Smith, Bobby White, Thomas Taylor, & Brian McClure.

Captain Bobby White swore in James Cryer, Camp Commander of the Samuel D Russell camp #1617 in Natchitoches,

 as a new member of the Louisiana SCV Mechanized Cavalry 02/13/18.

 Acker Dixie National Rodeo photo:

Cpl. John Acker represented the LA SCVMC at the Dixie National Rodeo Parade in Jackson, MS. 02/10/18.

He can be seen here with Michael Putnam and Barry Ellis of the MS SCVMC. The parade participants braved the rain and represented the colors.

 Pro-Southern groups in the parade were the Delta Flagger, Dixie Flaggers, USM Flaggers, Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Patriots.

John Leboeuf was sworn in as a member of the LA SCVMC by Captain Bobby White after the Bayou Thunder Rally in Shreveport 02/17/18.

Members also present were Lt. Brian McClure, Cpl. Kris Hood, Cpl. Clay Bass and Luke Stetson.

 The Kentucky SCVMC made an appearance and were represented by Sam Kyle.