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Here is November already, time to give thanks for what we have and to enjoy family.

I also pray we are able to defend our veteran’s monuments. As a vet myself I see them taking down the wall in maybe 25 years. As you Viet Nam vets know, we were not welcome when we came home and Hanoi Jane was running her mouth. I was the in there in 71 so for you TET offensive men THANKS. God Bless all my brothers and sisters in our military. One vet who went on to serve was MSgt. Greg Kalof of the US Air Force who served another 10 years for the SCV Mechanized Cavalry. We are up to almost 3000 members so as Trooper #300 Greg has seen some stuff. Thank you Greg, for your service in the military and for us. God Bless you brother.
Last month we did a report on Texas and Florida hurricane damage, this month we add Louisiana, Puerto Rico and Mississippi to the damage and our prayer list.
I hope ya’ll enjoy what John and I have done this month; I’ll let you get on to the “Florida Cracker.”
I pray ya’ll a safe journey as fall is upon us and traditional harvest season. Ride safe as you attend the harvest fests and send me a report with PICS as you travel with that SCV bulletin board on your back.

PLEASE KEEP US INFORMED OF YOUR CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS. John is trying to keep everyone’s address, up to date, so you can get the “Florida Cracker.” If you change ISP servers and don’t tell us, we cannot provide you with the current copy.

Thanks. God Bless ya’ll, love ya my brothers and sisters.
Keep the flag flying and support the SCV and the Mechanized Cavalry.
Enjoy another issue of the “Florida Cracker,” see ya’ll next month

Editor’s Note: Many of you submit your photos to John directly, I keep an archive of the Cracker so please copy me with your pics and articles, as what goes in the Digital Copy is not saved and we lose many good articles that way, I also ask that you try to identify the event and names as best you can. Many times I see pictures of say, Ga. boys and I have no clue who they are or why unless they stand in front of a sign which ID’s the event. This newsletter is read by Cav members and SCV IHQ, and also non SCV members, so the more info the better, everyone likes to see their photo and name in print.


Gentlemen, Short and sweet this month, we have had a few promotions in the last couple of month's.
The following men have been promoted to Sargent, Randy Bird North Florida, Bobby Brown South Florida, Clay Johnson West Central Florida and Llyod Gilbreath North Central Florida.
I would also like to thank Greg Kalof for his years of service to the Mech. Cav. when I first came aboard Greg was the acting Capt. of Florida he has always been there if a problem arose and I could depend on him for advice. THANKS GREG


OCT 5, 2017

Our Friend, Brother, and Compatriot Michael “Killer” Kilpatrick of Macon Georgia passed away in his sleep on the night of Sept 27th. Please keep the Kilpatrick family in your thoughts and prayers. Killer had nine beautiful children and a wonderful wife. He was a dedicated Father, husband, SCV and SCV-MC member, he lived the Charge everyday. His motto was, “Never stand and take a charge...charge them too".

Killer was our Mechanized Cavalry State Safety Officer, an ordained chaplain, and Chaplain for the Lt. James T. Woodward Camp 1399 in Warner Robins Georgia.

Rest Easy Dear Brother, you are rejoicing with your creator and Riding with Forrest.

Tennessee Brother: Bob Vance will be laid to rest on Saturday, October 7, 2017 at 1:00 PM eastern. Interment will occur at the River View Cemetery, 420 Rosser Avenue, Waynesboro, VA 22980. The cemetery appears to be between Staunton and Richmond just off Interstate 64.


Capt. Lenny "Nimrod" Stover #810
HQ, Company A, 1st Battalion
SCV Mechanized Cavalry, ongoing

Editor’s note: Many times in my hast to get the word out I hear things and publish them before the powers to be have spoken, that is the case here.

I have apologized to Gen. Stone in a personal email, so here I’ll do it for ya’ll. Here is the OFFICAL announcement.


Men of the Cavalry,

I would like to thank Colonel Greg Kaloff for ten years of service as the second in command of the SCV Mechanized Cavalry! He has decided to retire as Colonel due to personal reasons but will still be active on the SCV and Mechanized Cavalry in Florida. After careful deliberation I have promoted former Captain Tim Hawkins of Georgia as the new second in command and look forward to much success with his many talents and willingness to assist. He is a solid SCV & SCVMC man and will do a great job. I made the announcement at 2Dogs and with the heritage issues over the last few weeks I have been remiss in getting this email out to y'all. Please reach out to Colonel Hawkins and offer your support as he transitions into his new role and also reach out to Colonel Kaloff and thank him for his many years of dedicated service to the Cavalry in the many roles he has served.

Ride As You Would With Forrest!
Kevin Stone
SCV Mechanized Cavalry, Commanding

Greg’s response:

When Kevin told me of his choice to replace me I thought that he had done it again: made another great choice. Kevin never ceases to surprise me with good judgment calls. That's why I have always supported him and will continue to support him. He is the best man to lead the Mechanized Cavalry before, now, and into the future.

Gregory Kalof, Col. Ret.

SCV Mechanized Cavalry

For the first time since 1968 I am without a motorcycle. In 2008 I had to trike out my dresser or quit riding so I triked it out.

My health has steadily gone down hill since then till it to where I couldn't breathe on the bike even with my full face helment and oxygen bottle hooked up.

I had to face the truth and a few months ago I sold my two wheeler to my oldest grandson and today my oldest daughter and her husband paid me for the trike.

 I don't have the bike but I got 60 years of memories. Ride on brothers and enjoy it enough for me to.

John Smith (Two Shot)

#1205 1st Battalion, Company D.

Scottsboro, Alabama


Special thanks to Jim Edwards our photo journalist for this event. I also would like to thank Clement Lindsay and the north Florida SCV men and our Division Commander Don Young for all the help and coordination to make Miz Jordan wish come true, especially with the Hurricane blowing around.

Monday Sept. 18, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen on the Florida Southern Heritage Community –

The Subject Graveside Service for UDC Real Daughter Iris Lee Gay Jordan native of Providence Florida and member of UDC Chapter 18 in Atlanta Georgia for over 50 years will be held as previously scheduled tomorrow Monday 18 September. Mrs. Jordan’s Memorial Service was held today in Atlanta.

Mrs. Jordan’s Father served in the 4th Florida Infantry Co. F, she was born when he was 82 years old in 1922.

Don Young, Division Commander

Florida, Sons of Confederate Veterans

On the early morning of 18 September 2017 Northeast Florida (NEF) Mech-Cav bikers met at the Ormond Beach Funeral Home in order to escort the hearse carrying UDC Real Daughter, Mrs. Iris Lee Gay Jordan, to the cemetery in Providence, Florida. Bikers present were: LT Joe Davis, Frank Marjenhoff (both from SCV Jacksonville Camp), Mike Smith, Tommy Whitcomb, and Jimmy Edwards (all from the SCV St. Augustine Camp), and Lloyd Baldwin (from the SCV Gainesville Camp.) Our mission was a 3-hour, non-stop, security escort detail with the hearse. Upon arriving at the cemetery our NEF LT Joe Davis helped as Pallbearer with Mrs. Jordan's casket. Throughout the gravesite ceremony the Mech-Cav bikers were prepared for any "adjustments" from outsiders. WHAT A GREAT DAY!!!!!


by Wayne Scarborough

Members from 3 B during our 3rd quarterly meeting at the VFW post in Washington Ga.

The ladies of the OCR put on a great meal of fried chicken and all the fixings.

Mechanized Cavalry members from several states attended Michael (Killer) Kilpatricks memorial service in Macon Ga on Sunday October 1st.

 Two of his Sons are holding his vest in front of his Sportster.

Members from the Lt James T Woodward Camp 1399 in Warner Robins rode to Eastman on Sept 9th to swear in Randall Massingill who is a member of the Logan E Bleckley camp. 1st row L-R
Capt. Wayne Scarborough, Lt. Phil Cheatwood, Sgt Howard Stone. Bottom row L-R, Pvt Corey Harrelson, also from the Eastern camp, Pvt Darron Morgan, Pvt Randall Massingill, holding our service mark, Pvt Brian Sellers and our newly appointed Col, Tim (Trigger) Hawkins. Pvt Massingill was the first to be sworn in by our new Colonel.

The 42nd annual Memorial Service for Capt. Henry Wirz, Commandant of Andersonville Prison Camp, will be held on Sunday, November 12, at 3:00 p.m. in the town of Andersonville, GA. The annual Service is sponsored by the Alexander H. Stephens Camp, SCV, Americus, GA. Guest speaker will be immediate past CIC of the SCV, Charles Kelly Barrow. The public is invited to attend. In case of inclement weather, the Service will be held in the Andersonville Village Hall. Music provided by The Southern Sounds will begin at the bandstand near the Wirz monument at 2:15 p.m.
Capt. Henry Wirz was declared a Confederate Hero/Martyr at the 1977 SCV National Convention in Dallas.
Capt. Wirz was found guilty of murdering 13 Yankee prisoners by a military tribunal in Washington, D.C. and hung on Nov. 10, 1865. Many historians have called this the most unfair trial in American history and a national disgrace. No body of a Yankee prisoner was ever found, NOR was any name ever given for a single one of the 13 prisoners.
The Yankees did what they called "an autopsy" after the hanging, and cut off Capt. Wirz' head, arms, and legs. It took Capt. Wirz' attorney four years to collect a few of his bones to have a burial at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Washington, D.C. The bones of part of one arm are still being publicly exhibited in a Medical Museum in Maryland.
For more information, please contact Memorial Service Committee Chairman James Gaston at 229-924-7460 or

Thank you.
James Gaston


by Paul Mattoon

3 members in the Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas, area being sworn in:
Chad Weldon, William Loftus, and Carter Gaddis
All sworn in by Sgt Paul Mattoon #1052 (standing in for Lt Buddy Burch).