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Gentlemen, Welcome to the end of 2020, THANK GOODNESS,the economy, the virus, lack of toliet paper, has made it a LOOOONG year.

 I am proud to continue reporting that even with the virus our brothers re out there working hard and forwarding Gen Stephen Dill Lee’s Charge.

 As the year closes it is again time to thank all of our reporters from around the Confederation, our web page readers, our subscription readers

and most of all our WEBMASTER, JOHN POLO, which without himwe would not have this magizine.Back some 15-18 years ago we mailed the Cracker

and were limited to 4 pages by postage todaywe receive reports and photos from around the confederation. So again thanks all and THANK YOU JOHN.

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, see you next year. I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation

for their contributions to the Cracker.

Gentlemen Hope this finds everyone well. We had our State meeting this month and it was well attended.

Below you will see our report from the meeting from Jim Edwards.Thanks to everyone who could make it and look forward to

 seeing everyone again sooner than later.

The new issue of the Cracker Newsletter just appeared. Another Cracker issue, we proud of the work of our reporters,

that as always reported properly on their activities . I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas , I would like

to thank all of our reporters  without them this issue could not have been realized :

Jimmy Edwards (Florida), Brian "Vex" McClure (Louisiana) , Gary Burleigh (Texas) , Joseph Pizzini (Maryland),

Joshua Thayer (Georgia), Bigfoot (Arkansas) , Bruce Warren (Mississippi), Steve “Peg leg” Beeler (Kentucky),

  Mark Poag (South Carolina), Duste Craig (Roving Reporter),  Shawn Rainey (Tennessee), and Mac McPeters (Virginia)

Please, when you send a report to Wess (editor), send me a copy as well.

This way I have much more time to organize the work, and I get the pictures in original size.

CRACKER is published monthly, is distributed  the last Friday of each month , to subscribe send an email to :



I was in Facebook jail for 24 Hours, the reason was: inappropriate language or hateful words. All I had been doing was being

 advertising of The Cracker newsletter, and I just used the words "cracker" and "confederate".

I know that many members of SCV Mechanized Cavalry have been on Facebook jail, we have a problem with the New World Order

and the the Communist, Now I know what people feel like when they claim they have found freedom after deleting their Facebook accounts.

But we are confederates, we cannot give up and we must continue to fight.


Not much going on here in Arkansas. I believe everyone is just totally burnt from the bogus

election and now just concentrating on some family gatherings and some great feast for Thanksgiving.

So, I'll take this moment to wish all of our Brothers around the globe safe travels, be vigilant and always know your surroundings!

Bigfoot / 1J Arkansas / 1st Battalion / Company J Mechanized Cavalry

11 09, 2020 11:41 PM

Men of the Old North State and beyond,

I am heartbroken to pass along the news of NB Forrest Camp 803, SCV Chaplain and Charter member Dean Cameron passing

away tonight at 8:30pm. He was member #28 in the SCV Mechanized Cavalry and has been active for over 20 years. No arrangements

have been made but I will advise once details are known. Please keep her and the rest of Dean's family in your thoughts and prayers

 during this most difficult of times. Please keep members of the Forrest Camp in your prayers as well due to the huge loss we have suffered tonight.

I am ordering all flags to be lowered to half staff from now until one day after his service.

Kevin Stone

Commander NB Forrest Camp 803 Sanford NC - SCV Mechanized Cavalry Commanding

Nov 12, 2020 11:00 PM


After visiting with Dean's wife Joyce yesterday and meeting with a close friend of Dean's this evening I would like to advise

that she wants the SCV and SCV Mechanized Cavalry to take our Brother Dean on his final ride ending with his Memorial Service.

 There will be no wake and I will announce details of the service as we get things nailed down but it looks like early 2021. We are in need

of uniformed reenactors, cannons, and all Heritage organizations are inviting including but not limited to SCV, OCR, MOSB, and UDC.

The ride will begin in Tramway at the Circle K Dean likes to meet at for rides and end in Sanford at Euphronia Church and the route

will include a ride by the Theophilus Hunter Holmes site on I95 of which Dean helped to make a reality. I already sent the address for

cards but here it is again: Joyce Cameron 322 Blackstone Road, Sanford, NC 27330. Feel free to drop off food if so inclined and instead of

flowers I suggest that you make a donation to Euphronia Church or to the NB Forrest Camp SCV in his memory.

Email me directly with any questions and please make every effort to support this service.

Kevin Stone

Commander NB Forrest Camp 803 SCV Sanford NC

"It is my sad duty to report that Keith Lovell, SCVMC #1519 has crossed the river to rest in the shade of the

 trees after a long battle with cancer. Please keep his family in your prayers at this time"

Captain Kevin Nelms, 1-G Mississippi.


Keith Wayne Lovell, 64, passed away Sunday, November 15, 2020, at his home in Booneville. He was born in Columbus, MS,

 on October 20, 1956, to Ray and Emmie Lou Palmer Lovell. He enjoyed riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, fly fishing in the Smokies,

traveling, spending time with family and his only granddaughter, Kaitlin. He was a Ham Radio operator and had earned the title,

 “Keeper of the Cars”, at Hannah Classic Cars.

Funeral service will be 2:00 PM on Wednesday, November 18, 2020, at Booneville Funeral Home with Bro. Ricky Peebles and

Bro. Doug Rakestraw officiating. Visitation will be from 12:00 PM until 2:00 PM at the funeral home on Wednesday. Burial will be in

Liberty Methodist Church Cemetery. Booneville Funeral Home will be in charge of arrangements.

He is survived by his wife, Cynthia Ann Smith Lovell; son, Austin Lovell (Shelby) of Booneville; parents, Ray and Emmie Lou Lovell;

 brother, Scott Lovell (Christine) of Booneville; sister, Judy Lovell (Kevin Kragelj) of Guntown, MS; daughter-in-law, Cammy Lovell of Kossuth;

and granddaughter, Kaitlin Lovell of Kossuth. He was preceded in death by his son, Jason Lovell; grandparents, Zelma and Mitchell Palmer

and Virgie and Vernon Lovell. Pallbearers will be Prentiss County Sheriff Deputies.

Memorials may be made to M. D. Anderson Cancer Caring Fund, P.O. Box 4319, Houston,

TX 77210 or to West Clinic Cancer 2001 State Dr., Corinth, MS 38834.


Reported by Jimmy Edwards


 Another Florida SCV-MC statewide annual meeting conducted at the SCV Florida Division Headquarters in Trenton, Florida on

 Saturday, November 7, 2020. However, a number of guys arrived Friday afternoon for a two-night stay at the Beach Front

Motel in Cedar Key where friendship came together for two nights with long established brothers re-acquainting and new

members developing brotherhood bonding (pics 1-4). As usual, early Saturday morning Captain King lead the motorcycle pack

to Trenton for our intense Saturday meeting (pic 5). Bikers not staying at the motel were arriving at the Trenton Headquarters

Building from various parts of the state on bikes and vehicles throughout the early morning hours (pic 6). Three Georgia members

 arrived as well: LTC Tim 'Trigger' Hawkins, LT Robert 'Road-Dog' Ballard, and SGM Chris 'Son' May. A couple of Florida notables

attended, too: Lloyd Baldwin M-C # 169, and former LTC Greg Kalof M-C # 300.

In all, an estimate of about 30 to 40 attendees were present.

The meeting began (10am) with CPT King calling the group to order. Pledges to our American Flags (U.S. & Confederate) were

conducted and the important issues at hand were discussed and certificates/awards of excellence were presented. Three new

 members were sworn in by CPT King: Cmdr Clement Lindsey, Jimbo Talbot, and Keith Turcotte (pic 7). 'Holding the Line' award

was presented to: LT Joe Davis, LT Robert Ballard, SGM Chris May, PVT Mark Ippolito, and PVT Jimmy Edwards. Florida Division

Cmdr Kelly Crocker extended his deep appreciation to CPL Jason Montes, Florida's State Adjutant, by presenting him with the

Distinguish Service Medal and Certificate - an award issued, using strict discretion, to one serving in a position of responsibility

and performing one's duties in an outstanding manner (pic 8).

Herewith are brief annotations on some of the discussed issues: *Keith Turcotte, our new Mech-Cav member, was voted in as

our state Mech-Cav minister (pic 9); *Per LTC Tim Hawkins, the National Mech-Cav membership is now totaling 3,962, and

per MAJ Johnny Strickland, membership in Germany is growing as well; *PVT Mark Ippolito is now our state Mech-Cav adjutant;

*Cmdr Kelly Crocker announced our next SCV state reunion will be held in Ocala; *BLM damage at the White Springs Flag Site

 has been cleaned up and police are investigating the vandalism; *501(c)(3) now established for our state Mech-Cav;

*First National Flag going up at the Tampa Flag Site with the Third National in rotation; *CPT King expressed his enjoyment at

 the last Louisiana Gator Run event and will be announcing dates for next year, this includes the Heart of Dixie Run; *SCV-MC

annual will be held July 16th thru 20th in Townsend, TN. Host hotel is the Tremont Lodge & Resort, 7726 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy.

Reservations made (1-865-448-3200) under SCV-MC rate. No Confederate Flags allowed hanging over hotel balconies; *Our state Mech-Cav

 now has its own bank account with CPT King, Adj Mark Ippolito and Clay Johnson being account responsible; *Due to improperly

written Cracker articles, hereinafter all submissions must be submitted to CPT King for approval before being forwarded to the

 editor and/or webmaster (Wess Frank and John Polo); *Voting was approved for donating $500 to the Kirby-Smith Camp for the

 new Confederate Statue being constructed in Jacksonville. $500 donation also approved for completion of a paved parking lot

at the Trenton Hqs Building - $7,000 required to complete the job. And, $100 donation approved for the new SCV museum at

 Elm Springs, Columbia, TN; *LTC Hawkins indicated National Mech-Cav donated $15,000 for the SCV museum last year; *PVT Matt Scott,

Chief of Staff for Camp #770, thanked CPT King for the previously submitted money donated toward completing the Trenton Hqs

Building roof; *Cmdr Kelly Crocker announced General Nathan Bedford Forrest and wife's reinternment ceremony will take place next

spring at the Elm Springs SCV Hqs in Columbia, TN. Mech-Cav members who wish can volunteer to participate. Vetting procedures for

volunteers are the same as stated in the 2020 March/April Confederate Veteran; *The best for last news was the delicious home cooked food

provided by the local UDC ladies. Pictures 10, 11, 12 were taken after the meeting adjourned.


Reported by Lieutenant Brian "Vex" McClure

 Executive Officer & Communications


The Sabine Rifles Camp sponsored the SCV Procession in the Freestate Festival Parade held in Florien, LA.

 A very warm & friendly crowd and a great turnout of participants!


The Sabine Rifles Camp sponsored a SCV Recruitment Booth at the 2020 Freestate Festival in Florien, LA.

Beside the booth was set up a small historical camp display.

There were many people who attended the festival who visited the booth. The SCV was very well received at the event.


Katelyn Nicole Calhoun was presented the SCV Certificate of Appreciation & Medal from the Army of Trans-Mississippi,

Sons of Confederate Veterans by Past SCV CiC Paul Gramling at the 2020 Battle of Pleasant Hill Fall Muster. Katelyn has been dedicated and

worked hard with the Battle of Pleasant Hill Association for the preservation of our Southern & Louisiana History. We appreciate all her accomplishments

and endeavors to ensure our Heritage is protected and passed to future generations. Deo Vindice!


An Iron Cross Dedication and Memorial Service was held for Sgt. John C. Jones of the 8th Louisiana Cavalry in a family cemetery

near Ruston, Louisiana on November 15, 2020. The event was sponsored by the Mary Ann Forrest OCR #23 & the Mississippi Society

Order of Confederate Rose. Many Heritage organizations participated & attended. The groups in no particular order were the Order

of Confederate Rose, Sons of Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy, SCV Mechanized Cavalry, The Battle

 of Pleasant Hill Association and members of the Reenacting community. It was also great that the SCV’s Mississippi Division & Louisiana

 Division banded together to support Sgt. John C. Jones’ Iron Cross Dedication. Deo Vindice!