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My brother and sisters, this Corona Virus thing has really been a kick in the teeth.

I pray you’re all well, as the song says “A Country boy can survive,” SO may you all remain well.

Thank you for your reports and taking time to read about this wonderful organization.

Please read the notice from Commander in Chief, Brother Paul Gramling, about the upcoming re-burial of Forrest

and his wife also the opening of the SCV Confederate Museum.

I hope you also find the info on the Stone Mountain event, and it helps you.

As a Christian Southron Man, I want to say that as believers in Christ, with or without the Virus your soul is protected,

 and I will continue to pray for those affected. This is not meant be a sermon, just genuine concern for ya’ll.

God Bless ya and hopefully we’ll see you all next month.

I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker.


As we all know this problem with the virus has caused major problems all over the world.

If you have not heard by now the ceremony for General Forrest has been postponed and will be rescheduled.

As a camp we are postponing our April meeting.

Hope everyone is doing well and does what is needed to stay healthy.

March 3, 2020


During Officers Call this year it was highly suggested that all of the Companies in the Mechanized Cavalry

 become individually incorporated. We had already started the process before Officers Call.

As of Monday March 3rd. we are officially Incorporated, have a tax exempt number, and have

our 5013C tax exempt number.

Going forward I will not be able to accept any checks made out to me for membership

if you have anyone that wants to join the checks need to be made out to:


We did this to protect the men of the organization and will conduct business as usual.

My camp has been incorporated for years and if you’re local camp is not you might want to look into it.

 There is a cost of around $600 to get started and there is a yearly fee, the fees were paid from our funds.

The battle against COVID-19 , humanity lacks leadership, when the "Black Death" struck in the 14th century,

people had no idea what causes it and what could be done about it. Until the modern era, humans usually blamed

diseases on angry gods, malicious demons or bad air, and did not even suspect the existence of bacteria and viruses.

People believed in angels and fairies, but they could not imagine that a single drop of water might contain an entire

Armada of deadly predators. Therefore when the "Black Death " or smallpox came to visit, the best thing the authorities

could think of doing was organizing mass prayers to various gods and saints. It didn’t help.  Indeed,

when people gathered together for mass prayers, it often caused mass infections.

At this very moment in writing, (March 24)  the situation today in Europe is :

Italy (63 927), Spain (33 089), Germany (29 212), France (19 856), Switzerland (8 015),

United Kingdom (6 650), Netherlands (4 749),...........................

On government instructions, we are confined at home , (until today 10 days) , people are only allowed to leave their homes to go

 to the supermarket, the pharmacy or to work if absolutely necessary,

Please stay home for us, all against coronavirus, we may lose the public relations battle,

 but we will win the war. God will provide for us when we trust in him.

Gretings from Spain,  brothers.


Reported by Randy Byrd - Stones

Pictures from the Lake city parade

Third Battalion Company D Florida and 3B Georgia in attendance.

Sgt Stones pvt Lee Penny and Sgt Chris May at Lake city parade


Reported by Matt Scott #3664 - Florida Headquarters

Matt Scott #3664 and Shane "Donut" Kinkead #3665 visit the Grave site of

Madison Starke Perry the 4th Governor of Florida 1857 – 1861.

After his term ended in 1861 he served as Colonel of the

7th Florida Infantry Regiment.

His son Madison Starke Perry Jr also served as a Sgt Major in the

2nd Florida Cavalry and is buried along side his parents.

There are 17 Confederates buried here.

This is also the new site of "Old Joe". The monument dedicated to the Confederate dead that

 was erected in the city of Gainesville, Florida in 1914 by the local UDC chapter.

The SCV's 7th Florida Brigade helped to raise funds in 2017 to save "Old Joe", and were responsible

 for pulling a 2 week / 24 hour guard duty to protect the monument after its relocation.


Reported by Jim Edwards


Northeast Florida Lieutenant Joe Davis called for his usual monthly ride, even though he just had knee replacement surgery

 (hardcore leader), with three group riders responding: CPL Jason Montes (Florida's Division Adjutant),

PVT Larry Simmons (longtime Mech-Cav member) and PVT Jimmy Edwards. The four amigos met early Sunday morning,

 March 15th, with daybreak temps in the low 60s. Our group ride commenced by traveling throughout the back roads of

 the Northeast Jacksonville area, as the scenic routes always seem to be the best for motorcycling.

Our first stop was this awesome place known as Waldo Flee Market. As we walked throughout the market,

 it appears our SCV Mech-Cav vest (a.k.a. "SCV Recruiting Billboards"), sparked a number of inquires about the

 SCV and our motorcycle group. The temperature started to rise before we departed, so peeling layers of clothing was in order.

As we continued the back-road travel, our next stop was for lunch at the undisputed, oldest food restaurant in Florida,

ANGEL'S DINNER, located in Palatka. Hamburgers were ordered by all, as they are fresh,

100% pure beef, and freshly patted burgers -- dear Lord, they were good!!

Our meandering back-road trip next took us to the new St. Augustine Harley-Davidson dealership where live music,

 cold beer (PVT Jimmy fell in love with the beer garden tent), food, motorcycle vendors, and good-looking biker women

 were present. Of course, this was the final day of Daytona Bike Week, so we experienced the tail-end of that excitement.

 From this location we tapered off in different directions and headed home.



Reported by Wayne Scarborough

Georgia 3 B

March 15th, Georgia had our state quarterly meeting on the grounds of President Jeff Davis capture site.

There was a good turnout again this year. Pit Master, Sarge (aka Ken Arvin) who is also the 9th Brigade Commander

 put on an excellent feed bag, lots of BBQ, Ribs and all the fixins with the help of his Boss Bonnie, LT Ballard and his Boss Kat

LT. Kenny Harrell swearing in new member John Barkley at the quarterly

Historical Marker on the grounds of Jeff Davis Park. President Davis arrives in

Washington GA on his journey to continue fighting the yankees.

Historical marker on the Grounds of Jeff Davis Park. This marker explains how two yankees from Michigan died of friendly fire.

 There are differences of opinion on the friendly fire theory. One is they didn't know each other was there.

The other is there was a large bounty on President Davis and the Wisconsin troops

didn't want to have to split it with the yankees from Michigan.

March 15, 3 B Men is front of the Monument of President Davis.

 This is the spot where he was captured on the morning of May 9th 1865.


Reported by David R Guest

Members of 3B Troop 4 SCVMC rode down from Georgia to the Natural Bridge Battle site outside of Tallahassee, Fl.

Confederate forces turned back Union troops in this battle saving St. Marks and keeping Tallahassee from being taken.

Florida is the only state capital east of the Mississippi river not captured by Union troops.

Chris May pointing to Ancestor on Florida Memorial Wall

L to R: Jimmy Williams, Tommy Strom, Chris May, David Guest, Robert Ballard,

 OCR member Kathy Ballard and their granddaughter Pacen in front of Monument.


I just received the SCV notice from GA.SCV Division Commander Tim Pilgrim.

The National Confederate Memorial Service at Stone Mountain has

 NOT been cancelled. IT IS STILL PLANNED for Saturday April 18.