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Well after all I have been thru with Hospital and all, my days of Dialysis are over, thanks to

my Prayer Warriors of the Mechinized Cavalry, Thanks.

Now June is upon us and that means riding time through out the Confederation.

 We have the annual comning, state SCV Reunions, and just good weather, from Daytona Beach to Washington state

 the summer weather will beckon us to the highway . Gas upthat iron horse and ride as if with Forrest while

 wearing your colours, that moving billboard. God Bless and ride safe, Brothers.

I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker.


Reported by Daniel Burnette

 Hello Wess, Ok got sworn in this AM over at the Jubal Early camp.

 Here are the pictures you requested


Reported by  Captain Brian "Vex" McClure


Brothers Cpl. Arthur Bennett & Lt. Dale Bennett with his wife Michelle Bennett (OCR) took a pilgrimage to Stone Mountain, GA.

The SCV had been denied permits to hold a Confederate Memorial Service but many members of the SCV Mechanized Cavalry

attended regardless. Over 130 SCV Mech Cav members rode through Stone Mountain, stopping for a short peaceful memorial service in the park.

 We appreciate everyone who “stood defiant!”


We appreciate everyone that attended this event who lived up to the Charge by promoting and recruiting for the Cause.

 It was a great occasion to be able to create stronger ties and relationships with the Choctaw Apache Tribe of Ebarb.

 The SCV Recruitment Booth was sponsored by the Sabine Rifles Camp #2057 & supported by the SCV and Mech Cav.

Some members dressed in period clothing, interacting with the spectators, many who were out of state.

 This was a huge opportunity to let people know who we are & what we do. Deo Vindice!


The 50th Anniversary & Memorial of the SCV Richard Taylor Camp #1308 was held at Mansfield State Historic Site.

The Richard Taylor Camp is located in Shreveport. Two members of the camp are past SCV Commander in Chiefs;

Chuck McMichael & Paul Gramling. We applaud the Taylor Camp reaching this momentous milestone.


The Washington Rifles Camp #2211 and the LA SCV Mech Cav 1B/4 cut grass and performed other lawn care

duties at the future site of “Our Veterans Memorial Park” between Franklinton & Bogalusa, LA. The Sons of Confederate

Veterans in the area have been very involved in seeing the park project become a reality.

Our Confederate Ancestors are Veterans too! Deo Vindice!


On the last day of Confederate History Month, SCV members from seven Louisiana Camps & the LA Mech Cav

took up various Southern banners and marched out to greet rush hour traffic on the Ouachita River Bridge in

Monroe/West Monroe. It was a good turnout to end Confederate History Month. Deo Vindice!


Two LA SCVMC troopers, Buckskin Billy & Cody Livingston, who are members of the American Mountain Man Association,

 set up a display at the Folk Life Festival held at the Union Museum of History & Art in Farmerville, LA.

The Louisiana SCV Mechanized Cavalry helps preserve, promote & celebrate all Louisiana History. Deo Vindice!


The Sabine Rifles Camp #2057 along with members of the LA SCV Mech Cav set up a Sons of Confederate Veterans

 Recruitment Booth at the 2021 “Sale on the Trail.” The “Sale on the Trail” is a collection of garage/yard sales,

flea markets, antique shopping, boutique shopping & entertainment along the El Camino Real de los

Tejas National Historic Trail from Natchitoches, LA to Nacogdoches, TX.


The SCV Louisiana Division held its reunion in the city of Natchitoches, LA. Members came from all across

the state to attend. The Reunion had many special guests from outside Louisiana including SCV Commander in

Chief Larry McCluney & SCV 1st Lt. CiC Jason Boshers. We appreciate all the hard work the Col. Samuel D. Russell Camp #1617

 did in hosting the event especially Russell Camp Commander James Cryer & his wife Brittany Cryer. Deo Vindice!


Sabine Rifles Camp Commander & LA SCVMC Lt. Sylvester Martinez was presented the Sons of Confederate Veterans

 War Service Medal at the 2021 Louisiana Division Reunion. Martinez was recognized for his honorable service in Vietnam.

We congratulate him on receiving this prestigious award. Thank you for your service!


The Washington Rifles Camp #2211 and LA Mech Cav 1B-4 troopers cleaned up Highway 16 South in Washington Parish.

The Washington Rifles with support from the LA SCVMC continues to work hard and are dedicated to helping their community.

Whether keeping our roadways clean or maintaining our Confederate ancestors’ cemeteries, these members are always

first with their boots on the ground in their parish. Deo Vindice!


Reported by Shaun Sinclair

Please Welcome the 3 newest members swore into 1st Battalion Company J Arkansas Mechanized Cavalry,

 Andy Miller Time , Tim Sanders , and Michael P Reich. Welcome to our ranks brothers!

Presented Rockers to Andy McWilliams who has earned them and is a valuable asset to us in the Mechanized Cavalry!

Presented the Correct promotion Certificate to Sergeant Breezy Russell, great man and well deserved!

Kenny Schubach was awarded the Hold the line award today for outstanding attendance and living the charge,

he has been extremely active some of his things just this year, January DEC meeting in Little Rock Ar,

 made the new Arkansas Division Flag, March 27 went to cannon training in Fort Smith Ar, April 3rd attended

Confederate Flag Day at the Arkansas Capitol, April Arkansas Division Reunion, and was at the Arkansas state Capitol

 on April 26th 2021 with many others to protect and defend our beloved Arkansas Confederate Flag Day to get it

 shot downin committee, and on our great event today! We'll deserved and honored to call him brother!

We also went to the Confederate Cemetery in Van Buren Arkansas today and paid our respects to the

500 Confederate men who lay there as well as others in the Cemetary!

Here is to the Future and moving forward to defend and honor our ancestors,

we have a blood bond that is stronger then any Division between us!


Capt James Taylor 1J