Command Staff

Col. Kevin Stone (NC)

Lt Col. Greg Kalof (FL)

3rd Batt. Maj. Johnny Strickland (FL)

Co. D Captain Dave King (FL)


State Staff

NW Florida : Lt.Kelly Crocker

NE Florida : Lt. Joe Davis

SE  Florida : Lt. Mike ”Guppie” Reynolds

SW and Central Florida : Lt. Bob Whitacre

West Central Florida : Lt. Jerry Little

Europe :


At 2 PM today, September 21, 2016 I spoke with Capt. King by phone and he advised he is working hard. He said he is still hard at work for the SCV but is working also to pay bills, like we all do. SO he will be back with us next month, good Lord willing. He wishes all of you the back.

Wess Frank for the Capt.

Commander David King


Editor: Wess Frank

Here it is now October and the year is but two months from done, Christmas, New Years and then Taxes again. My Mother told me the older I got time will go by so fast and it does. First we had Major Luke retire, then I did, now John Polo and Bud our beloved Yahoo webmaster. Folks we are growing old as an organization both the SCV and SCVMC we need new young blood. God Bless ya brothers.

Florida Division Brother in Need:


Trooper Mark Miller of the Tampa Camp is in need of financial help. Mark called me today and said he is now desperate; he has been unable to work and is not collecting disability. He said he is going for an MRI, Aug. 31, to rule out a brain tumor. He has asked if his brothers could help him financially, by calling him at 813-677-2808, if you are unable to help, please Pray for him.


Mark called me and said he received one donation from Arizona and ask if I would add his snail mail address to this notice, so:

#461 Mark G. Miller

6914 Valrie Ln.

Riverview, Fl 33569-4611

Prayer Request

This prayer is a request to pass the article on to friends/family...(at least one other person) so as to NOT break the chain. It will travel many, many miles around the country, maybe the world, depending on who sends it to "wherever"...


Dear Beloved God in Heaven,

Please give us a president that loves this country and everything it stands for.

Please give us a president who respects you as the one true God.

Please give us a president who will, with your help, restore this nation to its former glory, the way you created her.

Please give us a president that will not destroy or attempt to destroy our Churches.

Please help us to respect what you have given to us and not take anything for granted ever again.

Please God, weaken the evil and strengthen the good, both within and without. May our eyes be opened.

In God We Trust. We pray that God's will, will be done! May God Bless America and May America be a Blessing to God!!!!

In Jesus name, Amen

 Meet Nancy

John can you add this to OCT. We are not supposed to sponsor candidates, so add this to the article.

Ed Note We are not supporting this young lady in accordance with the SCV policies, but as she is UDC I'd like to share her story with you.

then you can capture the whole web site so if someone wants to donate they can and we are not supporting her.

"Two things I know for sure, death is certain, life you can only guess at"
" may your ancestors welcome you at the pearly gates"

Wess Frank

Why I'm Running for Senate:

To restore respect for our Constitution, to support our Veterans and those still serving, to defend our rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights, to reinstate honor for our Heroes and Patriots the men and women who brought pride in being an American, and to bring Common Sense back to our government. I champion Prosperity through lower taxes and smaller government, am a defender of our civil Liberties and a protector of our Florida History and Heritage. I am a faithful supporter of the 2nd Amendment I strongly believe in the Right to Bear Arms, Pro-Life and Pro-Veteran. I also place special emphasis on education, both formal and informal. I believe Floridians can come together and work for shared goals and values. We have inherited a glorious legacy from our Founding Fathers and it is our duty to respect and champion that inheritance.

My Heritage:
I am honored to continue my family's tradition of service to our great state. My grandfather, The Honorable J. Henson Markham served our state in a number of positions appointed by the Governor.

- Member of the Florida Board of Regents

- Member of the Florida Water Conservation Board

- Member of the Florida Plant Board

He was a strong supporter of the University of Florida and an early advocate of establishing a strong football team. Received his post-graduate and law degree from Florida and was a mentor to former Florida Chief Justice Raymond Ehrlich.


Florida’s Newest Member By Jim Edwards NE Florida
All the pics pertain to the one event, the Mech-Cav swearing-in our previous Florida Division Commander, Jim Davis. (Jim is fighting stage-4 pancreatic cancer.) Editor’s note: please pray for Brother Davis, we all know prayer works.

the Mech-Cav swearing-in our previous Florida Division Commander, Jim Davis. (Jim is fighting stage-4 pancreatic cancer.)

Past Division Commander Jim Davis being sworn in by Capt. King

On September 12th, 2016 a group of Florida Mech-Cav members celebrated the swearing-in ceremony of the former SCV Florida Division Commander, Jim Davis. Our Florida Mech-Cav Commander, Capt. David King, had the privilege of performing this official duty. Jim Davis is now part of our biker organization. Attending were: Capt David King, Major Johnny Strickland, Lt. Joe Davis, Camp 1316 Commander Jim Kimbrough, Mike Smith, Frank Marjenhoff, and Jimmy Edwards. It was a great day for the Mech-Cav having someone as honorable and dedicated as Jim Davis is toward the Confederate Cause. Welcome aboard Jim.

Left –right Past Division Commander Jim Davis and Capt Dave King

Going from left to right we have:

Mike Smith (2nd Lt. Commander of the St. Augustine Camp)

Frankie Marjenhoff (member of the Jacksonville Camp ),

Lt. Joey Davis ( Mech-Cav Florida northeast area Commander & member of the Jacksonville Camp)

Jim Davis (past Florida Division Commander and member of the St. Augustine Camp)

Capt. David King (Captain Florida Mech-Cav Boss)

Jim Kimbrough (Commander of the St. Augustine Camp)

Jimmy Edwards (member of the St. Augustine Camp)

Johnny Strickland (Major, 3rd Battalion)

September 17, 2016

By the way, three of us Mech-Cav guys from the northeast area rode to Trenton, FL, this past Saturday and helped work on the Florida Division HQ’s building. I'll send you pics and words ASAP. (What a day that was, we had one Mech-Cav lawyer, retired high school principal and an Army Lt. Col doing what we could to help out -- They need skilled vocational/craftsman type people. But we helped a lot.)

Jimmy Edwards

Report on Flags across Florida Hurricane Damage 9/5/2016
Tampa Flag Site:

To all,

Report from Tampa is positive with no damage to the facility. Army of Northern Virginia 30' X 30' flag was waving Sunday following 6 days of difficult weather. We give thanks for the protection.

Mike Herring

Gen. Jubal A. Early Camp 556

White Springs Flag Site North Florida

Good Day to you Gentleman,

An update on the White Springs Flag site. The flag pole, monuments and memorials survive with no damage however, a number of the trees we have been trying to get removed have fallen and although we had no damage to the physical site the Power supply pole and our service pole where ripped up and splintered by the falling trees. The good news is that there was no power feeding anything at the time and we can easily wait the possible couple of days for the mess to be cleaned up and our supply pole returned to area as requested.

The proper authorities were notified and my business cards left with the security commander at the site in case it's needed.

I have not heard of any issues at our other sites so I'm really pleased the outcome especially considering we all got a taste of Hermine.

In closing I hope you all did well and were not significantly affected by the weather or damage.

Jerry Emerson

Commander Camp 1463 ' Battle of Olustee'

Damage at White Springs I-10 and I-75


ARIZONA 911 ceremony Tempe Arizona, Tempe Town Lake Healing

 Brian Hobby Sons of Confederate Veterans camp 1708, Friends of Mechanized Cavalry

Tammy from American Legion riders post 138 she's hot

American legion rider Jeff researching his ancestry soon to be SCV and friends of Mechanized Cavalry.

It was my honor to be at this ceremony representing the Sons of Confederate Veterans and Friends of the Mechanized Cavalry. I greeted just about every police officer/firefighter/Military personal with a hand shake and told them thank you for your service.

Brian Hobby Sons of Confederate Veterans camp 1708, Friends of Mechanized Cavalry

At the Arizona division meeting few months ago. Guys from camp 1708 Phoenix AZ. Hooah!