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March is here and so it is time to begin to prepare for Confederate Memorial Day here in Fla, GA, AL, LA.

In the southeast we do a motorcade from Sebastian to Miami and honour 171 vets in 7 counties.

 Now for yall in GA that is what you have in one cemetery but the motorcade focuses the public to look at the Confederate

Veteran as a veteran. As a veteran I am proud of theses men and am offended that people do not see them as hard

fighting veterans. I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker.


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I would like to thank all of the guys that rode in the parade in Lake City last weekend, even though our numbers

 were down from the past years we still had a good showing for the CAV.

And yes we handed out battle flags even though we were told we shouldn't.

Look forward to seeing everyone in Tenn.

Men of the Cavalry,

It is my sad duty to report this albeit late as I just saw this email in my spam folder... Please lower all flags to half staff

 if you have not already done so. Keep his family and his Brothers in your thoughts and prayers during this time. See below email for details.

General Stone,

I am sad to announce the passing of another member of 1st Battalion Company G. Samuel McGan III #2945.

Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Kevin Stone

SCV Mechanized Cavalry Commanding

Editorís note:

Leon is a Brigade Commander and a Mech Cav trooper.


Dear Compatriots & Friends,

It is my sad duty to inform you the Evelyn Arthur has crossed over the river. Evelyn has been the backbone of Southern

Heritage for too many years to count. We will likely never see the likes of her again. Please say a prayer for Leon and the whole family.

I have no details at this time with regard to the Funeral arrangements. As information becomes available, I will pass it along.

T.M. Fyock,15th Florida Brigade Commander

To all,

Leon Arthur's wife Evelyn passed away Sunday evening at Tampa General Hospital.

Funeral arrangements will be announced later today for the Friday morning service in Arcadia.

Leon has requested a strong Confederate presence which includes period attire for both men and wives.

Uniformed guest will be welcomed by the family and camp colours are encouraged so make every attempt to attend.

I will share final details when provided by the family. Evelyn was a faithful servant for the cause and her unending

efforts to preserve and protect our ancestors was always at the forefront.


Mike Herring

General Jubal A. Early, Camp 556

Evelyn Lee Arthur

December 16, 1941 - February 3, 2019

Evelyn Lee Arthur Age-77 passed away at Tampa General Hospital on Sunday February 3, 2019 after a long illness.

Evelyn was born on December 16, 1941 in Durham, North Carolina. She was a resident of Arcadia for the last 20 years

coming from Collier County. She attended Temple Baptist Church and was an active member of the John Wesley Whidden

 United Daughters of the Confederacy in Lake Placid, FL, The Order of the Confederate Rose, The Black Rose Society and

a supporter of The Sons of the Confederate Veterans and The League of the South. She enjoyed honoring her ancestors and

 researching confederate soldiers gravesites and ancestry here in Desoto County. She also enjoyed cooking and spending time

 with her loving family. Evelyn was also a descendent of Major Charles Quinn Petty a subordinate officer of Robert E. Lee.

She is survived by her husband, Leon Arthur of Arcadia, FL


Reported by Randy Byrd  & Jim Edwards

Lake city parade February 17th

Another year the Florida Mech-Cav leaders, Major Johnny Strickland and CPT David King, orchestrated the presence of our Confederate

 heritage by participating in the Lake City, Florida Parade. The call to arms was also heard by the Mech-Cav brothers from the state of Georgia,

as they too showed up in numbers. As last year, numerous Confederate Battle Flags were passed out to the kids lining the parade route.

 The Mech-Cav's determination to preserve the honorable distinction of our Confederate heritage was once again demonstrated by

 the dedicated individuals that joined this activity.

Third Battalion Company D Florida and third Battalion Company B of Georgia at the Lake city parade

Florida & Georgia Boys & one Texas boy at lake city parade last Saturday MCFFMC

Sgt Stones and third Battalion Company D lake city parade

Confederate cemetery


Jim Edwards and Kevin Cross          -                     Sgt Stones and Kelly Crocker 


Sgt Chris May of 3rd Batt Co B and Sgt Stones -                LT Joe Davis of 3rd Battalion Company D

Confederate Monument at confederate cemetery Lake city FL

Our Motorcycles at the confederate cemetery

First national and Florida State flag

I0th Georgia at the Lake city parade

Florida's Leaders at the 2019 Mechanized Cavalry Officers' Call

Reported by  Jim Edwards

 Florida's Mech-Cav leaders, Major Johnny Strickland, Captain David King, and Lieutenant Joe Davis, (to include support attendance

 from Camp Adjutant Mark Ippolito and northeast Jacksonville Jimmy Edwards), attended the February 2019 Mechanized Cavalry

Officers' Call in Columbia, TN. MAJ Strickland's & CPT King's yearly report to the Mech-Cav leadership board reflected highly on

Florida's achievements within the organization. Both leaders gave extremely informative briefings that spoke highly of Florida's

rank and file accomplishments. Florida members can be proud having representation from their elected leaders.

(Picture of the unfinished building is the structure of the new Confederate Museum being built at SCV HQs.)