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Lt Col. Greg Kalof (FL)

3rd Batt. Maj. Johnny Strickland (FL)

Co. D Captain Dave King (FL)


State Staff

NW Florida : Lt.Kelly Crocker

NE Florida : Lt. Joe Davis

SE  Florida : Lt. Mike ”Guppie” Reynolds

SW and Central Florida : Lt. Bob Whitacre

West Central Florida : Lt. Jerry Little

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Editor: Wess Frank

The month of February has come and a new year started, so kiss your special other for me and Happy Valentine’s Day.

I belong to many Southron Heritage Lists and steal from any that I feel may benefit you. Included are posts from Bud’s SCVMC Yahoo group and the Va Flaggers group. Do not be offended by these, I have identified them if you wish to pass over them. I once had a member here in Florida say “I learn more from reading the “Florida Cracker” than I get from my own camp.” I was trained by Mike Crane now of Georgia, and that is why you find so much of my work is truly Southron (that is the olde English spelling) and not politically correct.

When Hamby started the Mechanized Cavalry, almost 20 years ago now, as you see by our patch the SCV is first and the Cavalry surrounds the SCV. Gen Stone and every officer in the Cavalry follow this thinking. Every National SCV Reunion I have been to, Kevin Stone has been there to support his camp and the Cavalry, now he is fighting for North Carolina as their Division Commander.

Keep the flag flying and support the SCV and the Mechanized Cavalry.

Enjoy another issue of the “Florida Cracker,” see ya’ll next month.

Editor’s Note: Many of you submit your photos to John directly, I keep an archive of the Cracker so please copy me with your pics and articles, as what goes in the Digital Copy is not saved and we lose many good articles that way, I also ask that you try to identify the event and names as best you can. Many times I see pictures of say, Ga. boys and I have no clue who they are or why unless they stand in front of a sign which ID’s the event. This newsletter is read by Cav members and SCV IHQ, and also non SCV members, so the more info the better, everyone likes to see their photo and name in print.

Thanks. God Bless ya’ll, love ya my brothers and sisters.

My friends let’s ride as if with Forrest and support the SCV as we are attacked.


Hope everyone had a Happy New Year!

David King

Notice of the Passing of Past Florida Division Commander Jim Davis

January 25, 2017

On behalf of the Florida Division, I am deeply saddened to inform you of the recent passing of Compatriot Jim Davis. I know Jim fought a brave battle against cancer. To say Jim was a larger than life character would be an understatement. He will always be remembered as a great Florida Division Commander – verified by his many S.C.V. awards. His leadership style and skill were only surpassed by his incredible positive influence and zest for Confederate Heritage. As the days and weeks pass, and as we return to life's routine, we will continue to feel comforted by the wonderful memories of joyful times that were celebrated due to Jim’s leadership. I particularly remember his dedication to our organization. He worked tirelessly and was a good friend to all. God bless his wife Judy in this time of sorrow. Grief can be so hard, but our special memories help us cope. Let us take comfort in the many in our community who will mourn deeply his passing as his was a life of service, love, compassion and excellence. May he rest in peace.

Commander Calvin Hart
Kirby-Smith Camp #1209
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Jacksonville, Fla.

Passing of Past Florida Division Commander Jim Davis
From Wesley Frank

Past Commander Jim Davis and SCV Mechanized Cavalry Capt. Dave King

January 25, 2017 the sad news flew around the state by phone and email, our beloved friend and Brother had passed. Past Florida Division Commander Jim Davis crossed the river and is resting on the other side.  Jim worked tirelessly for the Division in many capacities from Camp Commander to Division Adjutant to Division Commander relieving Doug Dawson. Jim traveled the state to fulfill his Commander’s Duties, traveling along with the South Florida Motorcade honouring 171 veterans buried in 7 counties, from Indian River down to Miami. Jim was at the Tampa Flag dedication, where ever he was needed, by the SCV or his loving wife Judy. Jim worked to make the SCV a house hold name by building our appearance at the Rifle Rails and History event in Tavares, Fl in September.

Jim was an Army Ranger as I am told with many services medals to include Distinguished Service, Silver, Star, Bronze Star and of course the National Defense medal. Jim retired from the Army National Guard and returned to his old job as a civilian, to retire again.  Jim was as dedicated to the United States as he was to his forefathers and the Sons of Confederate Veterans. He was also as I’m told past Master of Ashlar Lodge #98 , Masonic Lodge, St. Augustine, Fl. Even while holding the job of Commander the Division Adjutant took sick and Jim jumped in to fill the void with loss to the Division or hurting our sick brother. The Following are messages received to acknowledge the loss.

Jim just recently joined the Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry, again a great loss to the Cavalry and to the SCV and Florida in particular.

To all,

To honour the memory of Past Commander James Davis the 3rd National Flag in Tampa will fly at half mast for the next 5 days.

Jim will be greatly missed by all who knew him, Especially this soldier.


Mike Herring

General Jubal A. Early Camp 556

Tampa Florida

Dear Members and Friends,

Many of our Southern Family has already received an email about the service for Jim Davis. But better we receive it twice (or more times) than not at all.

Annette Lindsey sent out an email. She had received an email from Judy Davis saying that the funeral for Jim Davis, the Past Division Commander of the FL Div. SCV will be Friday, Feb. 3rd at 2:00 pm at the Evergreen Cemetery in St. Augustine.

This allows us time to plan and make arrangements to attend.

This is the only information so far. No word yet about flowers or memorial donations.

Cards to Judy and their family will certainly be appreciated.

This is a sad time for all of us, as Jim was loved and admired. We have lost a true Southern Gentleman, and he will be greatly missed.

We will pass along more information as we receive it.

In UDC Love and Friendship,

Sandy Mott

It is with true sadness that I'm letting all of you know that Past Florida Division Commander Jim Davis passed away this morning around 11:00.
I spoke to his wife Judy and she said that Jim went peacefully,Jim was a personal friend and was a member of the Cavalry. His guidance will be sorely missed by the division and the cavalry.

Commander David King
Jubal A Early Camp #556
Capt 3rd Batt Co D Mechanized Cavalry

Letters to the editor:
This was posted online at the Yahoo Mechanized Cavalry website that Bud runs, so I stole it>>> REMEMBER EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE INTERNET IS TRUE!!!
Merry Christmas!

As usual as soon as I saw the Cracker published I swooped on it and read it front to back. It really makes my day! That Orphan Brigade Christmas tree is awesome! Congrats to Hoke on your Major Award! So good to see you guys and what you're up to.

This issue touched on what them yankee transplant and immigrant carpetbagging cultural assassin sumbitches are up to. I just wanted to point out that they are getting away with it because they hold the political offices. We need to get our people into office, and queue up their replacements so American interests are perpetually represented and we wont have people tearing down our monuments and digging up our folks. If we cant muster enough bloodline, we need to make preserving our heritage a public platform and vote for the candidates who support us. For sure the yankees do now, I have spoken to SUVCW and they know Old Glory, their monuments and dead are next. They get it, that this aint an anti-Confederate crusade, this is the beginning of an anti-American crusade. They are trying to flood the voter base with foreigners who know little and care less about our history and culture. Proof in the pudding with Bobby Jindal. Born here in Dixie to immigrant parents, Republican ticket even stood up for American values here and there. But when it came to our flags monuments dead and history, he said ban it tear them down dig them up and dont teach truth. This is to be the norm boys, cant bank on party representation no more. We need to get representatives who represent us. Elections are in 2018 we need to start getting it together.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all my Brothers and your families and friends the Happiest and Successful New Year! See you at Maggie Valley!

Steve Brock
1st Sgt 1B Co. I

Men of the Cavalry,

As 2016 comes to a close and 2017 opens up I am forwarding the reason behind a Southern tradition. I wish you and yours a safe, healthy, and productive New Year and hope to see a healthy renewal in Southern Pride with all the changes that are sure to come with our new President and his disdain for political correctness.

There are Confederate activities all across the country every month of the year and the SCV Mechanized Cavalry has become an integral part of many either by putting the events on, supporting them with manpower or resources, or by supporting them through our attendance. I look forward to seeing y'all there on the front lines beginning immediately!

Enjoy time with your family and stay safe while on the roads.

See you on the front lines...

Kevin Stone
SCV Mechanized Cavalry, Commanding

Legend has it this tradition was started by Southerners following total war on American civilians, women, children and elderly, both black and white, during the attempt of total extermination of the South by an invading army leaving total destruction and scorched earth in their path.

The Savannah Campaign led by Major General William T. Sherman (HISS!) in late 1864 is also known as the “March to the Sea”. This campaign started on 15 Nov 1864 when Sherman’s federal troops marched from the captured city of Atlanta, Georgia to the port of Savannah on 22 Dec 1864.

As the troops left and the smoke cleared, surviving Southerners came out of hiding to find their homes burned, looted and destroyed; their valuables and family treasures stolen; their crops and food supplies destroyed or stolen; their livestock either killed or stolen with the invaders intent to destroy all they didn’t eat or couldn’t take with them to leave Southerners to starve to death.

As Southerners reviewed the destruction after the invading army left they discovered one of the only things not destroyed was black eyed peas. The federal soldiers seen no value in black eyed peas since they didn’t eat them and only used them to feed livestock. Since they had eaten, killed or taking any livestock they had no reason in their minds to bother with the black eyed peas.

As Southerners experienced this devastation as the New Year of 1865 approached the luck of having these black eyed peas to eat was seen as a blessing from the Almighty which kept many from starvation. Since 1866 it became an annual tradition for Southerners to have black eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good luck.

EDITORS NOTE: Back December 7th Gen Stone mentioned that is was the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor and as a VET, I am ashamed I did not publish this great article. I want to apologize to all the Veterans in my readership for such a great mistake. Bless ya Brothers.



Trooper Mike Herring gave us an update on the Tampa Flag Site so I figured I’d share as many of you helped. The park has been spray painted with Black Lives Matter, but as Southron Gentlemen we fought for all rights and we know ALL LIVES MATTER. The Butcher Sherman, as he marched thru the South, allowed his men to rape all women (Black or White) and following the war over fifty cases were brought against these yankee swine.

I failed to mention Footman Camp member Charlie Hickman who donated 2 of the 3 flag poles and delivered Christmas morning after a two and one half hour drive from Ft Myers.

Second; Dennis Kish was listed as being from Maryland. Make that New Jersey and Dennis has helped us more than once during the past 5 years.

The following camps and supporters answered the call to duty with their donations to replace 3 flag poles and flags at Confederate Memorial Park in Tampa. Sincere thanks to each person from the General Jubal A. Early Camp Camp 556 and especially from me. 2000.00 plus was donated by these folks.

Ralph Hensley...Jackson Camp Clearwater

Virginia Flaggers

Harry Hurst....Florida

Mike Berlin.....North Carolina

Mary Lankford..Florida

Bill Swain......Camp 556

George Ellis..Camp 556

Lloyd Gilbreath....Camp 556

Houston Tucker...Florida

Dan Coyle............Florida

Tom Fyock......Footman Camp Ft. Myers

Leon Arthur.....Cow Cavalry Arcadia

Bruce Hendry....Footman Camp

Kurt Anderson...Camp 556

Boggess Camp 2150......Florida

Bob Henderson...Camp 556

Tom Jessee.......General R. E Lee...Florida

Jon Shudlick.....Florida

Gen. Stonewall Jackson Camp 1381...Clearwater

Roger Leahy.....Florida

Jeff Plummer.....SCV Camp.... Delaware

Connie Ansley.....Alabama

John Fowke.........Camp 556

William Footman Camp 1950...Ft. Myers

Dennis Kish........Maryland

Jerry Little.......Camp 556

Forward the Colours

Mike Herring

Past Cmdr. Early Camp 556

Flag Across Florida Comm. Rep

January 14, 2017 Mike updated us with this, enjoy.

To all,

We installed 3 poles this morning under blue skies and warm temperatures. Many thanks to Early Camp members, George Ellis, Jack Bolen, Butch Fox, Bob Henderson, Jerry Little, Commander David King, Adjutant Kevin Hobson, Bill Swain and OCR officers Cathy King and Marcia Hobson.

I have collected over 2000.00 from a number of you folks plus pole donations from Charlie Hickman. Flags will be attached Monday morning and the normal rotation returns monthly. 5 new replacement flags arrived this past Tuesday and they include the 2nd National, Polk Battle, Army Trans-Mississippi, Cherokee Braves and R. E. Lee Headquarters compliments from the Virginia Flaggers.

It is our hope and prayer this does not repeat itself but we live in the worst times politically since the late 60's. The contempt of those who would deride and damage our heritage is an ongoing battle. We must never yield and maintain our resolve to protect and promote all things Confederate.

No one can say Dave King does not do his job, he is measuring the area in center front.

Dave again left side getting dirty
The Three poles have been replaced and ready for the Confederate flags. Special Thanks to Cathy King OCR for the pics and all of you for the money to rebuild.



Capt. Kevin Brown
Mechanized Cavalry - 1st Battalion, Company I - Outwest


Editors note: This story came to me from the Alabama Yahoo group, posted by fair @hutto Camp. Here is a story about a young lady who is learning true history, something we all must learn to teach, not the PC school lesson. Enjoy and thanks to fair for his post from Sweet Home History.

See where Confederate veterans lived at Confederate Memorial Park

By Carla Jean Whitley

Ryan Blocker explains fussy cutting to Ali Callahan during a tour of the Alabama Department of Archives and History's Confederate flag collection. They paused at a quilt, and Blocker told Ali some of what she knew simply by looking: "The woman who sewed this, actually, I can tell just by looking at it that she was really wealthy. You see the edges, this decorative piece? This was made in places like India. By the time the 1860s rolled around, ti would be made in England. So that had to be imported here to Alabama. Plus do you see the stripe in this?" Ali said she did. "This is the same fabric. She did what's called fussy cutting in quilting, so she could use the stripe in different places in it," Blocker said. "She had a lot of money so it meant she could waste fabric." (Photos by Rachel Callahan, Picture Birmingham.

Few Civil War battles occurred on Alabama soil. Yes, there was the Battle of Mobile Bay, the Battle of Spanish Fort and a handful of others. But most of the fighting, and certainly battles considered significant, took place elsewhere.

That doesn't mean Alabama didn't contribute to the war effort. The vast majority of free, white men between the ages of 17 and 45 served in the war, according to exhibits at the Confederate Memorial Park.

Ali Callahan saw Civil War artifacts and learned about Confederate soldiers during trips to the home and the Museum of Alabama. It was a double-duty day in Ali's study of state history. Her mom, Rachel, has planned field trips throughout the state to introduce her daughter to Alabama's past.

One of Rachel's goals is to help Ali see Alabama from a number of perspectives, and that's especially important regarding controversial moments in the state's story.

"History gets too dehumanized when it becomes us vs. them, South vs. North, et cetera, we stop thinking of people as people and start thinking of groups as good or bad, right or wrong," Rachel said.

She was initially unsure how to approach this era of state history. But our first visit to the Museum of Alabama convinced her--and a number of friends--that repeat visits were a must. This time, we arrived with seven kids and four adults, eager to soak up the knowledge our guides would offer.

Alabama 1D in the archives building flag room right after Lee/ Jackson celebration at the 1st. capitol of the Confederacy......Montgomerry, Al.....1/21/2017

front to rear:
Rodney Pitts
Stan Hosmer
Pat Mcmurry
Ralph Gray
Kieth Hines
Ray Wilson (Wildman)
Micheal Adkins (Chop Chop)
Barry Wynn


By reporter Steve “Peg Leg” Beeler

Day 1, high 40’s took a ride then stopped by the park and Bess. This is the Kentucky Orphan Brigade.

The first one is me, my hand made shifter felt off got hold just in time. We rode on the first and bess the flag for the New Year’s Ky. Orphan

Florida lead the way to buying property and posting the Confederate Flag, now it is spreading to all of Dixie. My compliments to Trooper John Adams, Past Florida Division Commander for this great idea.