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June has come and left, leaving us in Hurricane season. After last year in TX, FL and Porta Rico, I pray we make it thru without one. Our Troops lost homes,

 cars and bikes which is hard to replace. For those of you who did lose, you have my deepest sympathy . I lost power for a week and as much as I hate Direct TV

 most of the time, my cable worked when plugged into the generator which ran for a week straight, shut off only to refuel. I did put a small fan blowing directly on the engine

 to cool it, so I had no problems. Then we have Annual to go to and survive, so hopefully our reporters out there will give us some great photos and stories from their different

veiwpoints. July brings the Independence Day Parades and Floats so I expect lots of reports for the parades around the Confederation for next issue. God Bless you all and

ride safe. I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker.

This year at the Florida Division Reunion I am proud to announce Kelly Crocker was elected the new Florida Division Commander.

We now have many men from the Mech. Cav. in a leadership roll within the Division.

We're headed off to the Annual in South Carolina, I'm sure a good time will be held by all.

Wes needed the comments early so articles from the Annual will probably be in next month's Cracker

May 25th, 2018

Former Chaplain in Chief of the SCV Mechanized Cavalry passed away this morning m see message from Danielle and keep her and Cuz in your prayers as today

is her birthday and she is taking the loss extra hard.  With a sad and heavy heart that PawPaw Chuck Shields went to be with the lord this morning at 9:50. please keep his wife and

family in your prayers. This is really hard for me to even write this. Please say a prayer for me also. All flags are to be lowered to half staff from now until one day after his service

details of which are not known at this time.

Kevin Stone

SCV Mechanized Cavalry, Commanding

Last Ride for Michael Wilson

Reported by James “Peezo” Lovelace

John and Wes,

It’s sad that I have to report the last ride for a Brother.

We laid to rest our Brother Pvt Michael Wilson today. Michael was part 1st Battalion Company A of 5th Platoon 7th Squad living in Algood, TN.

He had been battling back issues the past few years and only riding now and then. But he love the Mech Cav as much as Re-enacting. Michael had Stage 4 Liver Cancer

 and passed away Saturday June 2 at 10:30 AM. He was buried in the Algood City Cemetery surrounded by his family, His Brothers and members

of the Highland Brigade. His last request was for a Confederate funeral which the men of the Highland Brigade and the Company held for him.

He will be missed for sure.


Reported by Jim Edwards

South Carolina SCVMC Annual

On Wednesday, June 13th, in the a.m. hours, two Florida Mech-Cav amigos (CPT David King and Jimmy Edwards) met in the town of Starke, Florida.

 From there, it was our long bike journey to Aiken, South Carolina for the SCV Mechanized Cavalry 21st 2018 Annual. We bunked at the Sleep Inn hotel,

along with a number of other MC members. (The majority chose the host hotel.) Wednesday night and Thursday night were party down events; Officers' Call meetings excluded.

 Friday morning came the large group ride to the First South Carolina Baptist Church/Cemetery, founded in 1823, and a tour of a Confederate general's house.

The group ride appeared to have a line of bikes stretching damn near a mile long. It was a sight to behold. I was told there were approximately 90 members

that registered for the annual, but I'm not sure on that figure. Saturday morning was our day for returning to Florida. Along our return route, CPT King chose

this excellent BBQ restaurant called THAT PLACE, located in Jessup, Georgia. Upon crossing the GA/FL border, we ran into one hell of a rain storm.

As you can tell from the last two pics, having rain gear comes in handy.

June 3rd, was Jefferson Davis Birthday but it was also the Florida Division Reunion in Ocala, Florida. This is election year and a new list of officers was installed.

I am proud to report that in Florida the driving forces are also SCV Mechanized Cavalry members. Captain Dave King filed this report for me

 as I was working and could not attend the reunion. Congratulations to all the new officers, may your direction guide us into a new South.

Kelly Crocker Division Commander

Calvin Hart 1st. LT.

David King 2nd. LT.

Wayne Willis 3rd. Brigade Commander

Larry Rowe 10th. Brigade Commander

Leon Arthur 11th. Brigade Commander

Doc Gibson 16th. Brigade Commander

Jason Montes Division Adjutant

Mike Herring Flags Across Florida Chairman

I hope I didn't leave anyone out

Commander David King

I also ask Trigger how many Cav members we have nationally and he replied,


As of today (Jun 6, 2018) we have 3212 members and growing fast.


As a point of information: Calvin Hart is #31, John Polo is #266, I am (Wess Frank) 662 from the year 2000.

White Springs Flag Site, I-75


I have received an overwhelming support in the positive to donate funds to the White Springs Flag Site; some of you have also

 wanted to make personal donations along with our part as the Mech. Cav.

Below is the address and information needed to do so.

Thanks to all of you that replied.

Commander David King

To all, (from Mike Herring)

Due to an oversight on my part, regarding where your payments are to be sent.
Make your donations out to the Florida Division SCV Inc. / White Springs
Mail to the Division Treasurer;
Mark Sizemore
6550 St Augustine Road
Ste. 304

Mike Herring
Chairman Flags across Florida


Florida Division Sons of Confederate Veterans


At our annual reunion in Ocala I gave a report on the condition of the Flags-Across-Florida site on I-75, near White Springs. Audio-visual difficulties prevented

 you from seeing photos of the sites current condition. Attached to this e-mail are pictures showing: a downed tree which took out our electric service pole,

the broken cable which raises and lowers our flag, missing lights (5) used to illuminate the flag and memorial tablets, and missing tile from the site floor.

The first order of business is to replace the internal cable and get our flag back in the air. (plans are in motion now) Next we will work on the lighting.

The power company has been contacted and we are waiting on them. At a minimum we will have a street lamp that will illuminate the memorial area.

A new electric service, wiring, and lights will be installed after that. There is a tree to be removed, tile to be laid, and repainting the names on the memorial tablets.

I hope that we will be able to handle most of this “in house”.

The Captain Francis Hendry Camp 1284 has made a $150 donation to the White Springs restoration project. The Hendry Camp also issued a challenge to

 all 48 Camps in the Division to donate $100 for the project. Others asked at the Reunion how they could donate. When you send your check please designate

 for “White Springs”. Send to: Florida Division SCV 6550 St Augustine Road, Suite 304 Jacksonville, FL 32217.

In the bonds of the South,

Kelly V Crocker Commander, Florida Division Sons of Confederate Veterans


Our group "Keep Lee in Lee" (county, Florida) had our picnic yesterday, celebrating our common Southern Heritage. For those of you who don't know,

we are fighting the removal of Confederate Monuments. Here in Lee county, it is about the removal of the monument to Gen. Robert E. Lee's in downtown FT.

Myers and his portrait (in uniform) hanging in the County Commission Chambers as the local NAACP demands whose president (a murderer and convicted Felon)

 is publicly on record that the monument is coming down one way or another. Good luck with that sport. There are more hidden cameras guarding it than you can count.

We oppose removing and erasing History, period.

Anyway, not only were we blessed to be together with lots of friends and good food, we had enough left over to feed our homeless people (some of who were black, btw).

It was truly a blessing to give to others.

Heritage, not Hate.

Robert Forrest

great time we had over 115 served. great being around people who speak my language-Ft Myers 35+ years ago

Thanks to the Footman Camp for their great involvement and participation