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Well the end of the year is here and we suffered greatly. We have had Hurricanes kid our butts, Southron haters tear down our monuments, but we stay the task.

We are losing ground every day but we keep fighting back. My son Jason many years ago in a private meeting with several Division officers he warned we need to become more pro-active,

 use more social media and fight. Today, I believe so many years ago, he was right and that is way we are losing.

The young people (before DVD’s) of 1990 and on, have no clue about their history or heritage, and truthfully don’t care.

“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.” Happy New Year and see you again next year, and that’s scary.

I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions of pictures and articles to the Cracker.

Keep the flag flying and support the SCV and the Mechanized Cavalry.

Enjoy another issue of the “Florida Cracker,” see ya’ll next month

Editor’s Note: Many of you submit your photos to John directly, I keep an archive of the Cracker so please copy me with your pics and articles, as what goes in the Digital Copy is not saved and we lose many good articles that way, I also ask that you try to identify the event and names as best you can. Many times I see pictures of say, Ga. boys and I have no clue who they are or why unless they stand in front of a sign which ID’s the event. This newsletter is read by Cav members and SCV IHQ, and also non SCV members, so the more info the better, everyone likes to see their photo and name in print.

My wife Diane, my Elf Connie and I wish you a Merry Christmas.


To all of the guys that made it to our last meeting Thanks, it was good to meet some of the new members, also would like to thank Col. Tim Hawkins (Trigger) for making the run down from Georgia.

 Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving and Christmas. Please keep John Polo in your prayers he will be undergoing some medical test at the end of the month;

 he and Wes are the reason the Cracker is still running

Our annual officers call is scheduled for February 24th. 2018. If there is anything you would like me to bring to the table let me know so I can get it on the adgenda.

 If you wish to go the host hotel is the Richland Inn in Columbia, Tenn. We usually leave on Friday and return on Sunday.

 We won’t be renting a van this year, get with guys in your area and try to car pool.

Greetings once again brothers. We are still in the struggle for our heritage preservation so keep up the fight and keep God on your side because that's the only way we're going to win.

 I hope each one of you have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Start with Ephesians 6:10-18


Veterans Day Message from Commander Young

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Florida Heritage Community –

Veteran’s Day Saturday 11 November 2017 is a day of celebration across our country and the Confederation.

Many of you will be participating in parades and various community events in Honor of America’s Veterans. We have a suggestion and request to each SCV Camp, UDC or OCR Chapter. Whatever venue you are participating in please display the US Colors, the Stars and Stripes, as well as our Confederate Colors.

In Melbourne our parade was shutdown (not funded) to relive and silence the “offense”, but our fellow citizens and in particular an American Legion Post picked up the ball and ran with it. Melbourne will have a Veteran’s Day Parade and local Camp 1387 was invited to attend. We will be there with our usual float and Color Guard – which always includes the Stars and Stripes. We expect our usual cheers and applause!

Remember our polls across Florida indicated a large majority of the public does not want our symbols or monuments removed; on Veteran’s Day show them our appreciation.

Happy Vet’s Day to all Americans and God Bless our Veteran’s!

Don C. Young, Commander

Florida Division

Sons of Confederate Veterans

On Nov 6, 2017 in the Florida Today newspaper and article appeared, in part reading:

….. After the city [Melbourne] opted to get out of the parade business it looked like there was not going to be a Veterans Day parade in Melbourne this year.

There was the issue of funding and whether or not the city should be in the parade funding business at all. The fact that a Brevard County Confederate historical organization was a part of past parades didn't help the tenor of discussions over the role the city should have in parades.

Rose Yeary wouldn't hear of it. She believed the area's veterans deserved the recognition, and if city officials thought it was best to avoid controversy, she and others would find a way to make it happen.

She talked with Wayne O. Smith, finance officer of the Melbourne-based American Legion, J.W. Mathers Jr., Post 163 — where they are both active members — and they went to work on gathering support for a parade this year.

Contributors raised $2,200 — the cost of putting on this year's parade — and the event will go on as planned from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, Nov. 11, on West New Haven Avenue to Oak Street, ending at the Liberty Bell museum. …….

Photos of the SCV Camp, marching in the Melbourne Veterans Day Parade provided by the Florida Today newspaper.

Florida’s Company D’s annual meeting Veterans Day Nov 11, 2017. Photo compliments of Greg Kalof.

Special thanks to Northeast Florida Photo Journalist Jim Edwards.


On November 11th, Veterans Day, Florida State Captain David King called for a group ride with Florida Mech-Cav members, asking everyone to come together for a brotherhood gathering at

 the famous Gator Joe's Bar & Grill in Ocklawaha, Florida.

This town where legendary gangster 'Ma' Barker & her sons were shot dead after a three-hour gunfight with the FBI in 1935.

At approximately high noon the bikes started to roll in from different Florida towns. Upon arriving, the Mech-Cav brothers greeted CPT King and each other sharing their

tales of past rides and their journey to Gator Joe's. Inside the restaurant, the group continued it’s laughter and greetings as new arrivals entered.

 As the afternoon wore on, and before departing for home, everyone gathered outside and attended an impromptu meeting held by CPT King.

SPECIAL NOTE: This gathering brought newly appointed SCV Mech-Cav Colonel Tim "Trigger" Hawkins all the way from the State of Georgia.

 Also, in our presents came The Man, The Myth, The Legend, and the past Mech-Cav Colonel Greg Kalof.

My friends, this was a gathering that brought bonding, fellowship and a genuine camaraderie among friends. Good times, great food and plenty of beer was had by all. UNTIL NEXT TIME!!!!

Attached is the 1st group of pictures for the next Cracker. 2nd group of pics will be in another email. CPT King called for a group ride on Veterans Day, November 11th.

We all met up in Ocklawaha, FL, at Gator Joe's Bar and Grill. Great Day and Ride.

After sending you all the pics, I'll also send you words for the article, which will coincide in the order I sent you the pics. For instance:

The below first two pics (left to right) are bikes arriving; the next three pertain to guys greeting CPT King upon arriving; the last three pics show everyone entering and gathering inside Gator Joe's.

These are the last three pictures. The first two show CPT King holding a impromptu meeting before everyone left.

The last pic is a group pic with most of the guys that attended -- some left earlier


Jimmy Edwards / COL Tim "Trigger" Hawkins / Jason Montes / LT Joe Davis / Greg Kalof / Nate Thompson / Lloyd Gilbreath / Eddie Hurst


Hark Ippoloto/ Larry Carpenter / SGT Randy Byrd / Clay Johnson / Guy Robinson / CPT David King / Scott Rose / Bobby Brown / Unknown

This came in at the last minute from Leon Arthur in Arcadia, Fl, on Nov 23, 2017, Thanks Leon


by Kathy Mayhew

Members of the SCVMC 2nd Battalion Company A-8th Platoon as well as members of the VA Society Order of Confederate Rose attended

 the Tombstone Dedication Ceremony for victims of the Confederate States of America Munitions Factory Explosion on Brown's Island

by the Capt. Sally L. Tompkins Order of Confederate Rose Chapter 2 at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA on Saturday, October 28, 2017.

Pictured Left to Right: Corporal Tony Mayhew, VA State Vice President, Kathy Mayhew, VA State President, Teresa Wells and Pvt. Doug Hall.

Members of the Virginia SCVMC 2nd Battalion Company A-8th Platoon took a beautiful motorcycle ride to

 Confederate Breastworks that sits atop Shenandoah Mountain, along US RT 250 near Headwaters, VA. Corporal Tony Mayhew and Wayne Saunders

Reggie Bennett

Members of the Campbell Guards Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 2117 and Major General Thomas L. Rosser Order of Confederate Rose Chapter #13

did some community service work by picking up trash along Red House Road in Rustburg, VA on Saturday, 11/4/2017.
Pictured Front Row (L-R): Marie Jackson, Lisa Weeks, Kathy Mayhew and Rhonda Worley
Pictured Back Row (L-R): Carl Jackson, Richard Miles, Tony Mayhew and Kevin Parker

Members of the Major General Thomas L. Rosser Order of Confederate Rose Chapter #13 raised money to purchase canned and non-perishable food items to be donated to

the Laurel Grove Community Food Bank in Laurel Grove, Va. The items was delivered to the food bank on Friday, November 10th.

Pictured from Left to Right: Linda Bennett, Vice-President, Kathy Mayhew, President, Christina Gibson, Member and Rhonda Worley, Member.

The Major General Thomas L. Rosser Order of Confederate Rose Chapter #13, donated canned and non-perishable food items to DAWN (Donation a Week Neighbor) Food Pantry in Altavista,

 VA on Wednesday, November 15th.

Pictured Front Row from Left to Right: Francis Hutcherson, Rhonda Worley, Kathy Mayhew and Lisa Weeks
Back Row from Left to Right: Gerald Dalton , Tony Mayhew, Wes Stevens and Linda Bennett