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Well another month has come and gone, Biketobertfest, is in full swing and the weather SHOULD be getting cool but

 They have said the weather will be warm all over the country and we are going to get the EL NINO here.

I guess that means good riding weather but still hot.

I hope you all are well, I have not heard of bad reports yet from Troopers in FL, GA, NC and SC following this hurricane.

I worked following Andrew in 92 down in Miami and what I saw this past storm was just as bad.

 I remember the body count, the heat with no electric, water trucked in, so for those in that boat, God Bless.

As we come into Thanksgiving I want to give thanks for all our reporters, readers and the Mech Cav family.

I enjoy every one of ya and look forward to meeting each of ya one day also.

 HAPPY THANKSGIVING to the entire Confederation, 36,000 brothers in 7 different countries.

I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker.


I have been receiving calls from around the state about dues. We all know SCV National changed the dues process

a couple of years ago, if any of you know of any Mech. Cav. Members who have not paid

their dues please help me at your local level to make sure they are current.

We all know in order to be a current member your dues need to be up to date.


October 16th

Brothers, It is with incredible sadness that I am required to notify you of the passing of our brother,

Bobby Dale "Bojangles" Maness, #793. I went to visit Bo yesterday at Jackson - Madison County General Hospital.

 He knew his time was coming to a close, he was in good spirits although physically hurting.

Bojangles was a trooper to the end. He will be sorely missed by 1-A, especially by his close brothers in the

 3rd Platoon, and most especially by those of us that have known and rode with him for so many years.

Our brother Bo rides with Lt. Gen. Forrest now and stands with our ancestors awaiting our glorious reunion in eternal glory.

 Please keep Bo's family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

Capt. Nimrod #810


Reported by Jim Edwards


On Friday, 5 Oct 2018 a number of Florida Mech-Cav boys departed for Andersonville, Georgia to participate, along

 with Georgia Mech-Cav, in the annual Andersonville, Georgia parade.

CPT Dave King wanted to provide support to the Georgia boys, as he stated "they have on many occasions come

to our aide by supporting us at the White Springs, Florida Confederate Flagpole Site.

" Our Friday evening was spent at the Days Inn in Americus, Georgia, where we shared good times and fun that evening.

 Early Saturday morning we were guided by Georgia Mech-Cav brother Chris May to a Confederate Cemetery in Americus.

 Now that was a site to see. Upon returning to the hotel, we hooked up with Georgia LT Robert Ballard and his group

 and we all rode to Andersonville and participated in the parade. After the parade we toured the Andersonville POW museum

and encampment, which is run by the National Park Service.

Saturday evening was another night of good times at the hotel. Sunday morning we all departed for Florida.

Swearing in

Capt. David King & New members Richard Pearce and Eddie Hancock


Reported by Sgt. Major Duste Craig
Photos by Duste Craig, Porky Young and Ronnie Dancer

1st Battalion, Company J
Arkansas Mechanized Cavalry

Greetings and Salutations to the Mech Cav Nation from the Great State of Arkansas!

September and October have been super busy around Arkansas with events,

a major rally and Heritage ops and just plain fun and Brotherhood!

First off we would like to congratulate Captain Roy Bowers on his reelection as Captain of our Company.

The men of Co. J look forward to serving with you as we strive to Live the Charge here in Arkansas.

If it is September in Northwest Arkansas that can only mean one thing...

It's once again time for Bikes, Blues and BBQ, one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the USA.

This year the attendance exceeded 350,000

We had members of the SCVMC from Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma visiting for the festivities and fun that

this rally offers! If you have never been I encourage you to try to make it. NW Arkansas has some of the best

riding in the country here in the Ozarks. As part of the event our own Porky Young and his family

hosted a party on Saturday night with great food and fellowship for all who attended.

The first weekend in October our Louisiana neighbors hosted the Gator Run at Lake Bistineau Park and was

 attended by several members of 1-J representing Arkansas.

Although we took home the vaunted Alligator Head Trophy in 2017 for most members attending the event,

 we were bested this year by our 2-B Brothers from Georgia. Great job Men! We will get it back next year!

The same weekend other members of 1-J attended the reenactment of the Battle of Jenkins Ferry, a great

Confederate Victory during the War for Southern Independence in Arkansas.

 As if that weren't enough, the same day the 1-J NW Crew had a swearing in ride for our newest 1-J Brother,

 Bryce McClain. The ceremony took place at the Elkhorn Tavern, at the Monument to the Confederate Fallen.

The following weekend members of 1-J rolled into Bentonville, AR to do an inspection of the monument to

 our Camp 468 namesake, James Henderson Berry. It had been reported by one of our members that the monument

needed to be cleaned so we rode over to assess the situation.

 We are now in the process of liaising with the appropriate city departments to facilitate a

camp workday to get the job done.

Finally, this past Sunday, members of 1-J traveled to Fayetteville to recon the Historic Evergreen Cemetery

in preparation for our annual Veterans Day Grave Flagging operation on November 11.

We have in past years flagged Bentonville Cemetery but have decided to expand the event to include this

 beautiful cemetery which is the final resting place of 83 Confederate heroes.

We are working on geo-caching the cemetery to plot the locations of the graves of our Southern soldiers

and plan to expand this effort to the entire NW Arkansas area of operations. Exciting stuff!

That's it for us here for now!!

Live the Charge!
Mech Cav Leads the Way!


Congratulations to Captain Roy Bowers on his reelection!

Captain Chris Martin of 1st Battalion, Company F, Oklahoma SCVMC stopped by

 the dealership to say howdy during Bikes, Blues and BBQ 2018.

Brother Jesse James from Texas 1-C stopped by to say

 howdy during Bikes, Blues, and BBQ 2018.

Members, Recruits and Family at the 1st Annual 1-J Bikes, Blues and BBQ HOOTENANNY!
Recruit Brad Donahoo, Trooper Porky Young, JoJo Young OCR, Trooper Bubba,

Corporal James Taylor (kneeling), Hailee Young OCR and Sgt. Major Duste

Sgt Major Duste and Corporal Popcorn garage drinking at the 1st Annual 1-J Bikes,

Blues and BBQ Hootenanny 2018.

Lt. Ronnie Dancer with General Stone at the Gator Run 2018.
Not looking too happy about giving up the trophy to our Georgia Brothers.
There's always next year!

Corporal James Holley, Trooper Bubba Phipps 1-F Oklahoma and

1st Sgt Bull Sinclair attending the Battle of Jenkins Ferry 2018.

1st Battalion, Co. J staging at Pea Ridge National Military Park for the

swearing in ceremony for our newest 1-J Trooper, Bryce McClain.

Trooper Bryce McClain taking the Mechanized Cavalry Oath at the Monument

 to the Confederate Fallen at Elkhorn Tavern.

At the Monument to the Confederate Fallen at Elkhorn Tavern.

L-R Trooper Ron "Duke" Ellington, Trooper Jr. "Beans" Dozier, Trooper Calvin "Fuse" Swadley, Lt. Jason "Sparky" Peck,

 Trooper Bryce McClain, Corporal Rick "Breezy" Russell, Sgt. Major Duste Craig,

 Corporal Spencer "Popcorn" Blackburn, Recruit Porky Young (soon to be sworn in) and Recruit James Beard.

The SCV and SCVMC are truly a family organization.
Trooper McClain with his parents, wife, daughter and father in law at his swearing in.
A very proud moment for all of us in 1-J.

Trooper Bryce with his new Stainless Banner!
Corporal Breezy with our beloved Bloodstained Banner.

1-J at the James Henderson Berry Monument on the town square in Bentonville, AR.

Our SCV Camp 468 is named for him. Our Camp has the distinction of being the only one in

Arkansas with the majority of its 32 members belonging to the Mechanized Cavalry.
Trooper "Duke", Corporal "Popcorn", Sgt. Major Duste, Trooper Tim Beck.

1st Btn., Co. J rolling for our Ancestors and our Heritage.

1-J Mech Cav and Family at Evergreen Cemetery in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Trooper "Beans", Hailee "Rooster" Young, Hunter Young, JoJo Young,

 Trooper Porky Young, Trooper Tim Beck.