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Reported by Sgt. Major Duste Craig

Cracker December
1st Battalion, Company J
Arkansas SCV Mechanized Cavalry

Greetings and Salutations from the Great State of Arkansas.

As usual, November has been a busy month for Company J across the State.

On November 3rd, 2018 members of 1-J from across the State converged at Gobbler Cemetery in Carroll County, AR

for a truly historic Southern Cross of Honor Dedication Ceremony. This was the first time the the Arkansas and

Missouri Divisions of the SCV held a coordinated event to Honor our Confederate Heroes,

and they did so in a big way. At least a dozen SCV Camps from Arkansas and Missouri participated in the dedication

of 14 Southern Crosses on this eventful day, as well as 20 members of 1st Btn., Co. J and at least 20 members

 of another Confederate Heritage group, The Brotherhood of the Southern Cross, who operate in NW Arkansas.

 After staging in Springdale, AR that morning, 15 bikes and half a dozen vehicles headed east to meet the men

and women of the BSC on another 10 bikes to proceed to the cemetery. We were quite the impressive

sight rolling in to the ceremony, rolling thunder in honor of our heroes and our Heritage.

The ceremony was marked with speeches by SCV dignitaries, a poem read by a family member of one of the

honorees from the UDC, descriptions of the men who were being honored that day,

a rifle salute by a period dressed color guard and a final cannon salute.

After the ceremony, our Captain, Roy Bowers and myself had the honor of swearing in the two newest

 members of 1st Btn., Co. J, Porky Young and Tommy Sanders, into our esteemed Brotherhood.

Afterward the Company headed over to Huntsville, AR for lunch and fellowship before everyone

headed back to their homes across the state. Truly an outstanding day in every respect.

The following weekend was full of events celebrating Veterans Day. On Saturday, November 10th members in southern

Arkansas represented 1-J in the annual Veterans Day Parade in Texarkana, AR while members in NW Arkansas

did the same in the annual Run for the Veterans sponsored by Pig Trail H-D.

On Sunday, November 11th members of 1-J NW, in conjunction with the James Henderson Berry SCV Camp 468 in

Bentonville held the 4th Annual Veterans Day Cemetery Flagging Run. In years past we flagged the Bentonville Cemetery

with nearly 100 Confederate veterans, but expanded the event to include the Historic Evergreen Cemetery located in

Fayetteville, AR, within sight of the University of Arkansas. This cemetery contains the final resting places of another 83

Confederate veterans. Turnout was excellent, as always, with the ladies of the OCR doing a great job as always and we

were helped considerably by the efforts of the Memorial Association who mapped all the graves in Evergreen Cemetery to aid us in honoring these heroes.

At the time of writing we are finalizing plans to participate in the Springdale Christmas Parade as well as several Toy Runs upcoming.

Another great month of Living the Charge with our Mech Cav and OCR family!

Till next time.....
With my compliments.


It is with great sadness that I must report the passing of 1st Btn., Company J member Joshua Cain Leeson, SCVMC #1957,

 who succumbed to his battle with cancer on 16 November 2018.

Rest now under the shade of the trees Brother

Our departed Brother, Joshua Cain Leeson, SCVMC #1957.
May you Ride with Forrest forever.

Gathering the Troops in preparation for the SCOH DEDICATION Ceremony at Gobbler Cemetery, 11/3/18

Trooper Bryce, Corporal Breezy and Trooper Duke getting ready to ride for our Ancestors.

Corporal Popcorn and Trooper Fuse getting ready to Ride for our Ancestors, SCOH Dedication 11/3/18

Trooper Bubba and Stephanie getting ready to head out.
SCOH Dedication Ride 11/3/18

Rolling for the Honor of our Ancestors

Color Guard

Just a part of the crowd at the SCOH Dedication Ceremony

Captain Roy Bowers administers the Oath of Membership to the two newest members of 1st Battalion, Company J, AR-SCVMC
Trooper Travis "Porky" Young and Trooper Tommy Sanders.

Congratulations from the Captain!

1st Battalion, Company J
Gobbler Cemetery
SCOH Dedication Ceremony
Standing L-R

Trooper Fuse, Recruit Dennis, 2nd Lt Sparky, Trooper Bubba, Corporal Popcorn, Trooper Porky, Trooper Bubba Phipps,

Trooper Taz, Adjutant Everett, Trooper Tommy Sanders, Trooper Beans, Trooper Chris Leeson

Kneeling L-R

Trooper Eddie Schubach, Captain Roy Bowers, Sgt. Major Duste, Corporal JT, Corporal Breezy, Trooper Bryce, Trooper Duke.

The beautiful ladies of the Order of the Confederate Rose and Brotherhood of the Southern Cross.
We couldn't do what we do without y'all!
Love and Respect to our Southern Belles!

Lt. Ronnie Dancer at the Texarkana Veterans Day Parade

The Men of 1st Battalion, Company J and the Brotherhood of the Southern Cross.
SCOH Dedication Ceremony
Gobbler Cemetery

1st Battalion, Company J-NW at the Veterans Day Parade Ride
Trooper Bryce, Trooper Ivan, Trooper Porky, Sgt. Major Duste, Recruit Dennis

Trooper Bryce and his daughter at Evergreen Cemetery.
4th Annual Veterans Day Cemetery Flagging Run