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Gentlemen, first let me say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Secondly I want to thank John for picking up my slack,

Dec 11th while up in NW Tennessee we had a EF 2 Tornado hit 1 mile north of the house. I lost power and internet for

almost a week. I went into town which missed the storm and used the Library computer to tell John what happened.

 He is putting all of the Cracker together as I clean up debris from around the house. I am very thankful we were

missed because it scared me more that Viet Nam but maybe it is that I know what death is.

Thank you all who read and contribute to the Cracker, without you John and I would have no one to read this.

We have gone from a 4 page mail out to what we have today, and it is ALL thanks to Compatriot John Polo.

Thank you John for all you do for the SCVMC Confederation. God Bless all of ya.


Hope everyone had a good Christmas and also had some down time to spend with your families.

We wrapped up the year in November with our state meeting, despite the terrible weather we had a

good turnout of around 50 members. We would like to thank the women of the UDC for once again for

providing dinner for all that attended.

Happy New Year! Yes, we survived 2021. In fact, Cracker thrived because the incredible hard work,  and dedication

 of our reporters. In the year 2021, the Cracker had 19677 visitors, more than 1600 visitors per month, I think  this

 shows that we are doing things right. Many people look forward to the New Year for a new start on old habits,

 Old habits die hard, I hope you will continue the old habit of reading the Cracker every month.

 Happy New Year y´all.

John J. Polo

#266 SCV Mechanized Cavalry 3rd Battalion - Company "D" - Florida

Honorary member of SCV Mechanized Cavalry 1st Battalion - Company "B", Louisiana

SCV Kirby Smith Camp #1209 Jacksonville FL (Overseas member)

SCV Europe Camp #1612 Germany (Associate member)


Reported by Jimmy Edwards

Florida Mech-Cav Loves to Party

 Another great time at Clay Johnson's domain for his annual birthday party for beautiful wife Yvonne.

 (This girl never ages.) BBQ, live music, huge bonfire, and pretty women attending. Thank you Clay for having all

Florida Mech-Cav road dogs and the Hard Core Confederates to your home and sharing your annual

contribution for Yvonne's party. GOOD TIMES AND FUN AHEAD FOR FLORIDA!!!!

JD Spivey, founder and first editor of Cracker.

In 2003 JD Spivey founded the Cracker, John Polo, offered himself as webmaster

 for its distribution, JD Spivey accepted, today 19 years later, the Cracker is still alive.

NE Florida Boys Join Forces With Georgia

Four Northeast Jacksonville Amigo's, PVT Terry Simmons, PVT Dave Fieber, PVT Jimmy Edwards and Daryl Sheffield

met Bob Eubanks, a longtime friend of PVT Simmons, for an early group breakfast at 'Everybody's Restaurant' in

Baldwin, Florida. To our surprise, Mr. Eubanks entered the parking lot in his impressive 1939 Ford. The car's

engine was even stock. Now that was impressible. After breakfast the four Amigo's, lead by PVT Simmons, departed

 for Valdosta, Georgia where we rallied with our Georgia Mech-Cav brothers and over 950 other bikers for the 29th annual

Toy for Tots Ride. This event was once again hosted by the OutBack Riders of Georgia. Per the Salvation Army,

the toy collector and distributor, approximately 300 to 400 families with over 1,100 children will be enjoying something

 for Christmas. The Florida/Georgia SCV-MC participating members were happy to be part of the Christmas campaign for needy children.

Looking forward to next year's rally.


Reported by  Captain Brian "Vex" McClure


The Sabine Rifles Camp #2057 hosted the SCV Procession in the 2021 Zwolle Christmas Parade. SCV, SCVMC,

UDC, OCR, Heritage Supporters and Reenactors were in attendance. National SCV Past Commander in

Chief Paul Gramling was also there. It was a great event with the great people of Zwolle!


The Lt. Elijah H. Ward Camp 1971 held a SCV Procession in the 2021 Farmerville Christmas Parade. They were joined

 by members of the SCV, SCVMC, UDC, OCR, Heritage Supporters & Reenactors were in attendance.

A great event & a great Union Parish crowd. The Louisiana SCV leading the "Charge!" Deo Vindice!


LA SCVMC Tiger Trooper Bruce Procell was awarded the National Sons of Confederate Veterans Meritorious Service Medal

at the 2021 Zwolle Christmas Parade. National SCV Past Commander in Chief Paul Gramling, Sabine Rifles Camp

 Commander Syl Martinez, Past Louisiana Division Commander David Hill and Past Louisiana Division

Commander Randy Jarreau attended the presentation. Congratulations!


Members of the Lt. Elijah H. Ward Camp 1971 & LA SCVMC Tiger Troopers headed to the backwoods to clean up

Confederate gravestones in Union Parish. Troopers cleaned the Confederate grave markers of W. Holloway Douglas

of the First Arkansas Infantry Regiment and William T. Porter of Company I of the 31st Louisiana Infantry Regiment.


Trooper Doug Clark was sworn into the Louisiana SCV Mechanized Cavalry by

 Lt. Dale Bennett. We welcome him as our newest Tiger Trooper. Congratulations!


The Merry Many Christmas Parade SCV Procession was sponsored by the Sabine Rifles Camp 2057. SCV,

 SCVMC, UDC, OCR, Heritage Supporters and Reenactors came out to be part of the Sons of Confederate Veterans

Procession in the Merry Many Christmas Parade. It was a great event with lots of supporters and friendly spectators.

The Louisiana SCV carries the Colors forward! Deo Vindice!


Trooper Marc Anderson was sworn into the Louisiana SCV Mechanized Cavalry by LA SCVMC Captain

Brian "Vex" McClure at the 2021 Merry Many Christmas Parade held in Many, Louisiana.

Welcome to the Louisiana SCV Mechanized Cavalry. Congratulations!