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"If I ever disown, repudiate, or apologize for the Cause for which Lee fought and Jackson died, let the lightnings of Heaven rend me,

 and the scorn of all good men and true women be my portion. Sun, Moon, Stars, all fall on me when I cease to love the Confederacy.

 'Tis the Cause,not the fate of the Cause, that is glorious!"

~~ Maj. R.E. Wilson, CSA


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our readers, I hope your Christmas was wonderful and family is well. Hard to believe it is January 2018,

 the news was talking about road projects to be completed by 2030, “Holy Cow Batman.”

I look forward to serving ya’ll for some years to come but John’s remarks (Below) sent a chill down my spine. I have only worked on the newsletter for a short time,

 hard to believe time flies when you’re having fun.

I know Capt King is hoping one day to find another Captain; he took this job, then Camp Commander,

 now has added State LT. Commander to his hats and let us not forget his real job to pay the bills.

Well any who I love ya’ll and hope this New Year is a fantastic one. I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker,

 without you the “Cracker” would be very empty, no pictures and no stories from all over the world.

Keep the flag flying and support the SCV and the Mechanized Cavalry.

Enjoy another issue of the “Florida Cracker,” see ya’ll next month.

Editor’s Note: Many of you submit your photos to John directly, I keep an archive of the Cracker so please copy me with your pics and articles,

as what goes in the Digital Copy is not saved and we lose many good articles that way, I also ask that you try to identify the event and names as best you can.

Many times I see pictures of say, Ga. boys and I have no clue who they are or why unless they stand in front of a sign which ID’s the event.

 This newsletter is read by Cav members and SCV IHQ, and also non SCV members, so the more info the better, everyone likes to see their photo and name in print.


Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Joyful New Years.


I have received a revised General Order from the Division, we are allowed to ride in the parade at Olustee.

I will be making plans in the future and will let everyone know. We will be staying in High Springs, motel and ride info to follow.



2003 – 2018, Fifteen years ago today, JD Spivey from Florida the proposal for what was to become the Florida Cracker, SCV Mechanized Cavalry Newsletter.

There are a few principles which allowed the web, as a platform, to support such growth. the Cracker is confederate and international , open and decentralised.

people worked together to build the early Cracker in an amazing, spirit of collaboration.I would like to express my warmest thanks to everyone,

the editors : JD Spivey, Greg Kalof, Doug Nash and Wesley Frank, and with my very sincere thanks to our esteemed collaborators,

but most of all to the readers.

The Cracker´s success is the result of a many years work. It comes from the first editor, JD Spivey and goes through the work of Greg Kalof,

 Doug Nash and currently Wess Frank.

In fact, the Cracker´s only secret is: hard work and commitment. Everyone works for the SCV in his own way.

To me, living overseas, the only possible way is to work as the Cracker´s webmaster.

Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you now and in the future.

Feliz Ano nuevo !, Best wishes to everyone for a happy new year!

 John Polo
SCV Kirby Smith Camp #1209
Jacksonville FL
#266 SCV Mechanized Cavalyy
3rd Bat. Co.D
Overseas member


My heart is heavy with the sad news of the passing of our brother “Mitch”, Captain Hook.

 I know I just met him a little more than a month or so ago, but he made such a memorable imprint on my heart… That will never be forgotten.
I guess we spent over an hour or so on the phone when we first spoke with each other, and he shared a good bit about his life…

 He shared with me his faith and how it helped him with his past injuries a few years ago…. and I shared with him about my life and how the Lord delivered me from some “hard times” as well…
Capt. Hook accepted me with open arms into the Brotherhood of the SCV Mechanized Calvary, Company 2F and was nothing but a GOOD FRIEND to me!

I was first accepted and Blessed as a member under his authority into Company 2F;

 and on that day it was also a GREAT PLEASURE seeing him accept his “retirement” gift from the Crew… GOOD TIMES indeed!
Death never seems to come at a convenient time. Whether early in life when it's too soon; at middle age when we're too busy for it,

 or later on in life when we're trying to enjoy our retirement years; there's NEVER a good time for it.

However, let us remember that in this life it's one of the few things that is GUARANTEED, and as such may we be prepared for it at ALL TIMES,

to meet our Lord God in that day, and to hear those words on the other side: ”WELL DONE THOU GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT,

My prayers of comfort are now for his family, both at home and within our organization…

we know that he is no longer in any pain, but with our LORD in paradise… Can’t wait to see meet up with him again in Glory!

–DEO VINDICE brothers!

Brandon Tarner‎ (Maryland)

Chaplain - Padre

Capt Hooks funeral arrangements

January 12th - 2018

St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church
6701 Muncaster Mill Rd
20855 Derwood (Maryland)

 From: Headquarters Col Tim ”Trigger” Hawkins


Officer Call is scheduled for 24 Feb at SCV HQ Elm Springs. We are putting the agenda together and need topics you want to discuss at the meeting so we can give everyone the time they need.

 This is in addition to the Brigade and State reports. Please have your agenda topics to me by 31 Jan. This will give us time to put everything together prior to the meeting.

The goal is to email out the agenda once complete to you prior to Officers Call. We are looking forward to another productive Officer Call and the fellowship with everyone.

 Rooms have been set up at Richland Inn again this year so make your reservations soon, 931-381-4500. Tell them you are with the Mechanized Cavalry to get reserved rate.

Tim "Trigger" Hawkins

Have a Great Dixie Evening!



Florida Division

Sons of Confederate Veterans

General Order #02 – 2017


This order; asks, requests and directs all members, legionnaires,

cadets, associates and supporters of the Florida Division to join

And/or continue the economic boycott of the City of Lake City Florida.

This action includes participation in any and all Olustee Battle

Festival economic activities such as the craft show or a City

sponsored cemetery memorial. This action includes not staying in

hotels or eating at businesses located in Lake City.

Florida Division units such as Color Guards, reenactors and the

Mechanized Cavalry may participate in the parade as there are many

positive aspects of the parade. Please follow the economic boycott.

Camp 1463 Battle of Olustee, Lake City, will conduct cemetery

services without participation by the City; please support these

memorials.The economic boycott applies year round not only during annual

Olustee events.

The Olustee Battlefield Park and related events are not part of this

order, please continue to support all Battlefield events.

In Service of The South

Donald C. Young, Commander

Florida Division

Special thanks to Mike Herring and to UCD Member Ann Barron of the Augusta Jane Evans Wilson Chapter 2640 Florida Division UDC


Photos were taken Wednesday Dec 6, 2017, at the cemetery where installation of the CSA Monument (Tampa Courthouse) should be completed in early January.

Compliments to Ann Barron for her quality photography depicting the brick pillars will support steel bar barrier surrounding the perimeter.

3 Confederate Veterans are interred and the Jubal A. Early Camp 556 maintains the 5 X 8 3rd National Flag which has been flying for 19 years.

Mike Herring

Ed note: Mike Herring as Superman or Confederate Monument, not sure which

Mike Herring supervising

Historic marker at Brandon Family Cemetery

The photo was taken this morning (Dec 20, 2017) at the Brandon Family Cemetery.

White object is the lower section of the Confederate Monument being assembled piece by piece over the next few weeks.

 The entire perimeter will feature a iron barrier and 3 more trees were removed for much improved view from Brandon Blvd (Hwy 60).

 As the photo indicates this is a very busy stretch of road through the heart of Brandon. Cemetery is 100 years plus.

Thanks to UDC’s Ann Barron for capturing the project on camera.

Wreaths Across America - Jacksonville, Florida 2017

At 7am, on a cold Saturday morning, December 15, 2017, hundreds and hundreds of motorcyclists from numerous motorcycle clubs gathered at the JTA Park & Ride staging area in Jacksonville, Florida.

 The mission: To perform the Wreath Motor Escort for the semi-tractor trailers carrying the wreaths. The destination: The Jacksonville National Cemetery.

 Included in this escort was a group of Mech-Cav members from LT Joe Davis' Northeast Florida area. Three of them

(Billy Feagle, Terry Simmons, Frank Marjenhoff) were from the Jacksonville SCV camp and one (Jimmy Edwards) was from the St. Augustine SCV camp.

 As the caravan of bikes pulled out two-by-two, stretching for miles, bystanders lined the route waving and saluting as we passed. Oncoming vehicles pulled to the shoulder out of respect.

This was a day of remembrance - a wreath-laying ceremony to honor our veterans and fallen service members from all five branches of America's military.

Jimmy Edwards , NE Florida