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October is here my brothers and that means, Halloween parties, fall festivals and harvest parades, time to wear our colours

and show our SOUTHRON PRIDE. The cool weather is coming somewhere sure not here in Florida right now we have 5 tropical depressions

 in the ocean and 90 degree tempatures. The weatherman made it a point to call it fall>

 YEA RIGHT. Well ride safe brothers and see you next month.

I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker.

Due to unforeseen circumstances the party on Johnny's land is going to be cancelled for this year.

I'm in the process of setting up a State Mech Cav. meeting at our building in Trenton,

 as soon as I get it all worked out I will let all of you know.



Here is the information for our meeting in November, we will be discussing SCV, Mech. Cav. issues and anything you want yo bring to the floor.

The meeting will be held on November 1st. at our Division Headquarters building in Trenton.

The meeting will start at 10:00 am


220 NE 4th, Street

Trenton, Florida 32693

I have also set up a motel in Cedar Key for that weekend, Trenton is about 40 minutes from Cedar Key.

I plan on spending Friday and Saturday Night on Cedar Key and hopefully you will to there are plenty of bars and places we can eat.

Beach Front Motel

873 1st. Street

Cedar Key 32625

(352) 543-9960

If no one answers call back Theresa is in and out of the office.

Capt 3rd Batt Co D Mechanized Cavalry


Men of the Cavalry,

It is my sad duty to report that our Brother, James Hosmer, aka "Hippy", from 1st Battalion, Company D,

 Alabama Mechanized Cavalry, has crossed the river to rest under the shade of the trees.

It is also my sad duty to report that Brother David V. Lee Currey , from 1st Battalion, Company D, Alabama

Mechanized Cavalry has crossed the river to rest under the shade of the trees.

Lower all flags to half staff from now until one day after their services.

 Please keep their families, Camp members, and 1D Brothers in your thoughts and prayers during these trying times.

Kevin Stone
SCV Mechanized Cavalry Commanding

James Hosmer

David V. Lee Currey

David Farris
September 21, 2019

It is with great sadness I have tell y’all we lost another Brother this morning about 4:20 Charlie Edmonds

if 1-D Alabama if you knew him aka Kink Edmonds of Eldridge Alabama prayer please


Wess, I wondered if you could incorporate this article from Susan into the Florida Cracker ?

 I have always believed that they do more for the Cause than just about any other organization

Gregory Kalof

SCV Denied Vendor Space at Field Day of the Past Event

We are extremely disappointed to announce that the folks at Field Day of the Past are denying the Va Flaggers,

 The Edumnd Ruffin Fire-Eaters Camp #3000, SCV, the Army of Northern Virginia Mechanized Cavalry and the Sally Tompkins Chapter #2,

 Virginia Society, Order of the Confederate Rose admittance as vendors in this year's event,

and have informed us that we will not be allowed to return.

The reasons have varied greatly over the past 9 months in which we have tried to work this out quietly and peacefully,

 with everything from the "political nature" of the battle flag to the fact that our stickers were found applied to poles and

 other objects, to complaints about the large flag we raised at our booth last year, to political stickers on a car parked

at one of the sites given as the reason.

We did everything in our power to prevent this, addressing every legitimate complaint they came up with and even

 meeting with them to try and clear up the obvious miscommunications. We have always enjoyed HUGE support at this

 event and have done our part to promote and support it for several years now, but at this point, we can no longer do so.

 We are asking anyone who supports Confederate heritage to boycott this event, any participants/vendors to pull their support,

 and for everyone to contact Field Day officials to let them know why you won't be attending.

Field Day of the Past
P.O. Box 29643
Richmond, VA 23242
(804) 741-8468

Field Day of the Past, 2018. The display of this mega flag at our space was cited as one of the reasons we were denied

 a space this year. It looks like the handful who were offended are celebrating and giving the Field Day of the Past officials kudos

 for finally ending the "overtly racist display of the battle flag" at their events. Should be an interesting crowd this year.

The local media quickly picked up the story and the backlash has been swift and strong. Vendors and other groups who support

 Confederate heritage have withdrawn from the event, and hundreds have pledged to boycott


Special Thanks to Jim Edwards.

LT Billy Gorman arrived in Florida about a year ago from Porter, Texas (Houston Area) and the call to help move our brother

 in to his new residence in Port Orange came from northeast Florida's SGT Randy Byrd. The call was met by CPL Jason Montes (Lawdog),

 PVT Jimmy Edwards, and Jay - LT Gorman's brother.

Throughout the year LT Gorman's been here, Florida's Mech-Cav members have experienced our Texas brother's overwhelming

ability to blend in and muster cohesion among the ranks. He's attended, within his short time in Florida, a number of SCV, Mech-Cav,

and UDC events. He's received his acceptance from Florida's officer leadership and NCOs and is welcomed by our state leader, Captain David King.

The pictures below depict a Mechanized Cavalry Lieutenant#665 sharing his time with a Florida private#1623, mentoring and

 educating on the history of the SCVMC. (Which included beer drinking and picking up good-looking women.)

Thank you LT Gorman for bringing this private to the Racing's North Turn Restaurant and checking out the girls.


The Northeast Florida Lieutenant, Joe Davis, called to arms his regional biker group for its monthly 'Show Your Mech-Cav Colors' ride.

The group rendezvoused early on Sunday morning, 15 September, then departed for a traditional breakfast at the

American Legion Post 137 in Jacksonville -- SGT Randy Byrd's recommended place.

Just before making our after breakfast bike run we were confronted with possible heavy rain, but the decision was make

 to carry our colors forward. Within the first half-hour of the ride we were hit with a horrendous down pour.

After taking to off-road shelter, LT Davis discussed continuing the ride with SGT Randy Byrd and CPL Jason Montes,

 his staff NCOs. They surmised safety was the best choice and cut short the day's ride; but declared to continue another day.

LT Davis made the call once again for the following Sunday. That morning we meet, had breakfast at the Legion and

 departed for our 'Show Your Colors' ride. The weather was perfect, as we motorcycled around the City of Jacksonville

 demonstrating our SCV/Mechanized Cavalry heritage. The group members attending were: LT Joe Davis, SGT Randy Byrd,

 CPL Jason Montes, Terry Simmons, Dave Fieber, and Jimmy Edwards. LIFE IS GOOD WHEN YOU'RE ON A TWO WHEEL MOTORCYCLE

3D Florida at the American Legion

3D Florida cpl Montes, Sgt Stones, Billy FEAGLE, Lee Penny.  At the American Legion Jacksonville Florida

19th Annual Hendry House Holiday Gathering

 It is that time of year again. The 19th Annual Hendry House Holiday Gathering will be held December 7th at 2:00 pm.

Tickets for the event are now on sale. Tickets are $8.00 each before December 1st and $10.00 each after December 1st.

Sweet Tea, Soda, Coffee, and Main Dish will be provided, a covered dish or dessert is requested.

Please contact Adjutant Jerry Shell

or myself

 for tickets or information.

 There will be plenty of prizes and fun to be had by all.

 Please join us December 7th and enjoy a day of Fellowship and help Celebrate our Southern Heritage.


T.M. Fyock


Maj. W.M. Footman Camp#1950

Sons of Confederate Veterans