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May is here and so is Union Decoration Day, or as we know it Memorial Day. This is the day set aside to honour our fallen brothers and sisters.

 Many of you Viet Nam vets remember our welcome home, even my sister called me a “Baby Killer.” Today’s vets are receiving a better welcome home

 but only thanks to the Olde Nam Vets. I will agree that companies and people are more accepting of them than our home coming.

I ask all of you to get out and wear your vest in every Military Parade you can. Share your story and that of your ancestor with those who will listen.

 God Bless my brothers and sisters who fought and died, I thank all of you who served in country, at home or in beautiful Hawaii, or where ever. God Bless ya’ll.

I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker.


John J. Polo

 I should like to express my most sincere thanks for the cooperation we have received on the Cracker May.

Without them it would have been impossible to make this Cracker.

our reporters :

Beeler, Steve

Burch, Buddy

Byrd, Randy

Craig, Duste

Edwards, Jim

Guest, David R

Jolly, Manse

Lovelace, James

Masters, Robert

Mc Clure, Brian

Pilgrim, Tony

Pizzini, Joseph

Rhoda, Stan

Scarborough, Wayne

Shelley, Mickey

Smith, Paul F

Smithson, James

Vaughn, Randy

Wynn, Barry


Reported by SGT. Smiley - Stan Rhoda

1G Mississippi began our Confederate Heritage month with a couple cemetery cleanups, placed flags for our Confederate ancestors,

 and participated in memorial services. This year we traveled with 1J to Stone Mountain. We got to meet new brothers and as always good to see brothers

you don’t get to see often. Nothing was really that much different about the trip but several of us made the comment,”It was the best one yet!”

 Good times was had by all and as always anytime with brothers is a good time! Remember to continue to honor your ancestor and remember

 you have no reason to be ashamed of your ancestor make sure he has no reason to be ashamed of you! RAYWWF! MCFFMC!

Stone Mountain 2018, Funny moment! The hotel was prepared for us this time. They cut the flagpole down so we couldn’t run a Battle Flag on the pole.

 Bad news for them, they won’t get our money anymore because we are going where it is a little more Confederate friendly!

Saddling up to Stone Mountain 4/7/18

SGT. Smiley and K-rack (1G Mississippi)

From left to right; K-Rack, Corporal Bubbles, Jill, Corporal Chaps, Sgt. Smiley 1G Mississippi

North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi and Tennessee brothers on top of Stone Mountain! Good times!

L-R David(Kidd)May, Steve(Boots)McCurry, Scott(Shoes)McCurry, Stan(Smiley)Rhoda
Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi

L-R Smiley (Mississippi) Duste(Arkansas) Stones (Florida)

B/G Benjamin G. Humphreys Camp Greenville Confederate Memorial Service Greenville,Ms. 4/15/18

L-R Jason Boshers(1A)Dan McCaskill(1G), Charles Stillman(1G), SGT.”Smiley” Stan Rhoda(1G) Dedicated 3 Confederate headstones and a Union headstone.

Camp Commander Larry McCluney, Jr. pouring out the last drink!

Reported by Manse Jolly

Manse Jolly (AKA Easy) Jerry Miller (AKA Slowride) and Donnie Hensley ( Smooth) a trip to Look Out Mtn,


Reported by James Smithson, SCV Camp 813 Graham NC

I'm a Pvt in 2nd Squad 2nd Plt Co B, 2nd BN. My wife Carylon and I left home the morning of Apr 6th in route to Stone Mtn GA.

 Another group from my Plt left Commander Stones heading that way about the same time as they were going to link up with other riders in SC.

We met up with 5th Plt and 3rd Plt members at Kings Mtn NC on I85. We arrived and got checked in around 6pm at the Days Inn in Stone Mtn.

Rain plagued us over nite but by morning of the 7th it began to clear and the temps weren't bad. Sixty-six riders traveled to Stone Mountain

 and several cages for the service. The daughter of one of the workers who carved the memorial was a speaker and how he almost lost his life on that mountain.

 Some of the brothers made the trip to the top to fly flags. A wreath was placed during the ceremony and a cannon salute fired.

 My heart soared as we sang Dixie! Later that afternoon member of 2nd Plt Co B 2 Bn placed flags on the graves of 5 Confederates buried

in a small neglected cemetery behind the motel. (Pleasant Grove Cemetery) The night of the 7th (Sat) we had libations and much laughter.

 Everyone was well behaved and courteous. Sunday morning found us with cooler temps but rain free for the trip home. One of the brothers from

AL I believe had his license plate stolen from his bike. This is the only thing that happened to dampen a perfect weekend.

We traveled home and as we arrived at each riders exit they would pair off and we became sadder and sadder eventually it was only the two of us as we traveled to our home.

These were taken at Stone Mtn GA Apr 6 and 7th 2018

This a pic of the sign at the cemetery in Stone Mtn.

This is a pic of me and my brothers at the cemetery.

I took these The weekend of Mar 31 at Kevin Stones store. He was cooking some Boston butts. His butcher shop has great meats and he often runs specials.

 These were 30 dollars cooked and they were awesome. The lady is my wife Caylon Smithson and she is an OCR member. Also pictured is my SGT Jeff Roberts