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John created this for me and I wanted to share this really cool photo.

Welcome to March which is now warming up everywhere, so time for the Florida boys to get out before it is to

 blame hot to ride. Several years back Alabama hosted the annual in Gulf Breeze just south of I 10.

Going home they were resurfacing the road, the smell and the heat I felt as part of the roadcrew on I-10.

So while it is cool it is time to get out and ride as if with Forrest, God Bless ya brothers.

I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker.


Hope all are well and everyone affected by the weather are doing ok.

I guess we got lucky by having Officers Call early this year.

It was good to see all of the guys that could make it this year and I look forward to the

summer when we can all get together again.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans lost a honorable member.

Marion Lambert the man who created the mega flag site in Tampa passed on Feb. 17th,

Marion was a member of the Jubal A. Early Camp in Tampa, and a supporter of the men

in the Cav. He will be missed by many throughout the country. RIP my friend.

2-2-2021 Florida’s Captain King Reports on OCALL.

Last weekend 5 members from Florida attended our National Officers Call, I wanted to relay as much information

as possible to keep everyone in the loop.

The meeting was well attended, and business was conducted on a honorable level.

The biggest topic that was discussed is OUR national Museum at Elm Springs in Columbia Tenn.

We are trying to raise money to help pay off the debt of the museum.

If you are able to help out it would be greatly appreciated.

If you desire make a check out to Fla.SCV Mechanized Cavalry Inc. and mail to my address 11206 Partridge Drive Tampa 33625

and at the end of February I will sent the funds to National Headquarters.

Listed are the upcoming events for the year.

March 27th.-28th.

Battle of Norcossee Mill

4700 Chisholm Park Trail

St. Cloud, 34771.

Admission $10.00 this supports the local SCV camp in Kissimmee

April 17th. Confederate Memorial Day

Stone Mountain Ga.

May 1st.

Confederate Pilgrimage

Elm Springs

Columbia Tenn.

This a new event by the SCV to promote our cause

May 20th.-23rd.

Heart of Dixie Run

Fort Payne Alabama

Rooms available at the Holiday Inn Fort Payne

June 16th-20th

National Mech. Cav. Annual

Townsend Tennessee

August 27th-29th

2 Dogs

Maggie Valley NC

October 1st-3rd.

Gator Run

Tickfaw State Park

Springfield La.

November no date set yet

Florida State Meeting

Cedar Key

All of the information concerning these events will be posted in the Cracker newsletter

closer to the dates.

Thanks to all you, Florida is very well received at the National Mech. Cav. level.

Randy Scott Thornburg, 66, of Charlotte, died on Thursday, February 11, 2021 at his home. He was born in Mecklenburg County

 to the late Frank Alexander Thornburg, Jr. and Edith Valerie Stamey Thornburg. Randy loved his animals, was an avid Nascar fan,

 and enjoyed riding his Harley. Those left to cherish his memory include his brothers Chris Thornburg and his wife Katrina,

 Brent Thornburg, and Eric Thornburg and his wife Deby; his aunts, Loretta Dowdle and Sylvia Byrd; as well as numerous nieces

and nephews. Services for Mr. Thornburg will be private. Arrangements are in the care of Woodlawn Funeral Home in Mount Holly.

We lost a good brother, Randy Thornburg February 12, 2012, RIP Brother, special thanks to Ken Handy for his help in the memorial.

 Raphael Waldburg Zeil (55 years old) passed away on January 15. I have been informed by his wife Sonia.

Raphael was a member of the SCV Europe Camp, lived in Madrid, contracted ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)

a few years ago and moved to Germany for recovery where he passed away. Raphael was the editor of the "ISE",

 the official newsletter of the SCV Europe Camp. Born in Switzerland, son of a German father and Spanish mother,

 he was a historian, writer, published several books and spoke five languages.

Raphael has a degree in Translation and Interpretation, worked for NATO, (fundamental goal is to safeguard the Allies' freedom

and security by political and military means). Worked also Courts in Germany, and at the

National Court in Spain. He was a contributor and columnist for several History and Defense publications in

Europe, USA and Australia. Several of his articles appear as reference works in doctoral theses.

His books can be found in different universities. He specialized in the history of the USA in the 19th century.

 His analytical works on the Civil War in the USA, in the socio-economic, ideological, religious and military fields,

  was awarded with multiple journalistic prizes and associations of historical memory in the USA.

Raphael always help me with the translations Spanish/English, since the beginning of the "Cracker".

He always helped me with the "Cracker", and in difficult moments when I was about to  leave the "Cracker "

 Raphael always encouraged me to continue. Rest in peace brother.


(Extracted from ISE Newsletter year 2012)

Having a look at different newspapers to improve the own publications. August 7 there was a meeting in a Madrid restaurant

which brought together the "ISE" editor and the "Cracker" webmaster. After a good meal, John Polo and Raphael Waldburg-Zeil

 exchanged ideas in good comradeship. Compatriot Polo, recently promoted to Lieutenant of the Florida SCV Mechanized Cavalry

 in Overseas, was presented a 1851 Colt Navy black-powder reenactment revolver. This promotion reflects John's long-year

 outstanding performance of duty for the Florida SCV-MC and the whole of Southern heritage

Two of the many books written by Raphael


 and analysis of the original hand written letterin Latin of Pope Pius IX to Jefferson Davis, not seen in original

for more than a century. Deep portrait of the religious, economical and social realities of the antebellum

 South Slavery in America. Northern hate and Southern Christian brotherhood: American attitude towards Catholicism before,

during and after the War. Religious reactions in the North and the South to growing Liberalism and Nationalism during

the 20 years prior to the War. The essence of "Abolitionism" exposed. Papal correspondence with the Catholic Bishops

of New Orleans and New York during 1862. Analysis of the 1863 secret report to Rome from the Bishop of Louisville, Kentucky,

 unmasking the Northern war of aggression. Rome ́s support to Confederate Secret Service activities in Ireland.

The spiritual life of Jefferson Davis in prison. The Pope and the Lincoln murder conspiracy: Rome and the true story of John Surratt

"Corsair of the South" narrates the great epic of the CSS Alabama, the Confederate ship that, under the command

of Captain Raphael Semmes, defied the Union during the American Civil War. Feared and hated by some, admired and

envied by others, this ship made history. An epic adventure that Raphael Waldburg-Zeil tells us with rigorous seriousness,

 based on the ship's logbooks and those of the crew themselves.

Raphael giving a lecture at the University



has hit another milestone today!

We are now at 800 Mechanized Cavalry Memebers on the page!

Thank you to our Administrator,

John Pickens

for creating this page, as well as all the Moderators for their hard work .

Thank you as well to all our Mechanized Cavalry Brothers for all the content, information

and even just plain fun stuff that y'all post here.

This page wouldn't be what it is without everybody's contributions!

Y'all are the ones who've made it the Biggest and the Best Mechanized Cavalry page on Facebook!

Be Well. Press On. Stay Warm. See you on the Road!

Live The Charge!!




Reported by Lieutenant Brian "Vex" McClure

 Executive Officer & Communications


The Louisiana Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry paid their respects by being a part of the “Last Ride”

 for Lt. JY Sanders Camp Commander Steve Alvarez. Commander Alvarez was a true compatriot and a supporter of the

SCV Mechanized Cavalry. He was heavily involved in promoting & defending our Southern Heritage in Southeast Louisiana.

 Commander Alvarez raised flagpoles, presented Hunley Awards, held numerous recruit booths, organized the SCV & SCVMC

 in local parades & events, gave his great history of flags educational presentation at local schools and communities just

to name a few of the many things he did. He was also US Army Veteran who loved his country. The LA SCVMC had great

respect for Commander Steve Alvarez. He will be greatly missed. He was an example of how all camp commanders should be.

 Deo Vindice!


The Louisiana SCV Mechanized Cavalry presented SCV Col. Samuel D. Camp #1617 the Isaac F. Harrison Award

for their dedication & promotion of our Southern History & Heritage in Northwest Louisiana & their working relationship

with the LA SCVMC. Pictured here is Russell Camp Founder Robert Porter (right) & Russell Camp Commander

James Cryer (center) accepting the award from LA SCVMC Lt. Brian "Vex" McClure (left).

The award is named after General Isaac F. Harrison, commander of the 3rd Louisiana Cavalry & by 1864,

commander of all cavalry in the state of Louisiana.


Gary Woodward, Trooper #3991, was sworn into the Louisiana SCV Mechanized Cavalry. (Pictured left to right)

Pvt. Robert Maxey, New Trooper Gary Woodward, 1B-1 Sgt. Dirk Shiflett & LA SCVMC 2nd Lt. Syl Martinez. Congratulations!


Three new recruits, John Michael Dyson #3988, John Michael Dyson Jr. #3989 & Stephen Paul Callovet #3990, were sworn

 into the Louisiana SCV Mechanized Cavalry at the Lt. Gen. Richard Taylor Camp #1308 monthly camp meeting in Shreveport, LA

 by 1st Platoon Sgt. Dirk Shiflett. Others helping in the ceremony were Capt. Bobby White, 2nd Lt. Syl Martinez, Corporal Bruce Procell

 & Trooper Bobby Herring. Congratulations!


Jarrod Eusea was sworn in as a new trooper of Lee's Fightin' Tigers. Eusea is pictured here on the left with

Shane Alvarez (center) and Corporal Albert Perrilloux (right). We congratulate and welcome him into

the Louisiana SCV Mechanized Cavalry! RAYWWQ!


Jesse Wall was sworn into the LA SCVMC by 4th Platoon Sgt. Dale Bennett at Camp Moore.

 We congratulate and welcome him into Lee's Fightin' Tigers!


4th Platoon Sgt. Dale Bennett sworn in Roux Jones as a member of the Louisiana SCV Mechanized Cavalry.

 Lee's Fightin' Tigers congratulates and welcomes him into the 1B.