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Well Christmas has past and a New Year 2019 has begun. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and you’re ready for 2019.

This new year is going to bring us closer to either being the winner in our heritage fight or complete defeat.

WE must work together to defeat these PC congressmen, who are making or BREAKING the law. Laws are on the books

 to protect ALL WAR MEMORIALS, Veteran Memorials and Military Memorials BUT the Confederate Soldier is no longer considered

 a SOLDIER. Now we are all racists if we are southron and even if our GGGrandfathers did not own slaves. THAT is why they fought.

Brothers and Sisters I wish to thank you for all your contributions, without you we would not have any idea what is going on



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Last week one of our members Crossed over the river, Trooper Virgil (Pat) Tenpenny #1215.
Please remember his family in your prayers


Hope everyone had a good Christmas and found time to spend with your families.

Company D has had a pretty hard month, we lost two members, Pat Tenpenny and Al Pringle,

Please keep their families in your thoughts and prayers.

I would like to say THANK YOU to Grady Vickery and Johnny (Wolf) Broyels for going to Al Pringles home in Ga.

and offering help to the family in their time of need.

I'm in the process of getting everything set-up for Olustee as soon as it is finalized I'll get the info out.

Guys everyone be careful out on the road, we never know when our time is up.

Capt. David King

14 Dec 2018

Men of the Cavalry,

Please keep the family of Virgil (Pat) Tenpenny MC # 1215 in your thoughts and prayers.

He lived in St. Cloud Florida and had a massive heart attack on his bike making a turn yesterday according to Captain Dave King.

 I am ordering all flags to be flown at half staff from now until one day after his service which I will pass along as soon as I hear.

 Keep our Brothers in Florida in your prayers as well as they deal with this sudden loss.

Kevin Stone

SCV Mechanized Cavalry Commanding

26 Dec 2018


I just received word from Captain King of the tragic passing of SCVMC member Al Pringle.

He was killed in a motorcycle crash in N Ga & his number is 1663. He was a member of 3rd. Batt. Co. D and a member of

the Jubal A.Early Camp 556 in Tampa. Please keep his family members and SCV/SCVMC Brothers in your thoughts and prayers.

All flags should be lowered to half staff from now until one day after his service which will be forwarded once arrangements are made and announced.

Kevin Stone

SCV Mechanized Cavalry Commanding


Virgil (Pat) Tenpenny  # 1215                                   Al Pringle  # 1663


Reported by Jim Edwards

Photos : Jim Edwards & Randy Bird

One hell of a weekend birthday party hosted by Florida Mech-Cav member Clay Johnson for his wife, Yvonne.

 Clay provided ribs, chicken, and a number of side dishes. Beer, whiskey and moonshine were to be had.

His enormously large backyard accommodated quite a few civilian friends and Florida MC bikers, to include

Major Johnny Strickland and Captain David King. Clay even hired a live band for evening.

THIS MAN KNOWS HOW TO TREAT HIS WIFE!! Overall, it was nothing but fun, fun, fun birthday party.

Thank you Clay for the entertainment. Sure hope this is an annual thing you do for Yvonne.

This was at Sgt Clay Johnson's wife's Yvonne birthday party she is,a member of the OCR

Sgt Randy Byrd & Captain David King at Sgt Clay Johnson's party in Tampa

I-75/I- 10 White Springs Flag Site, White Springs, Fl

An early Sunday morning Florida & Georgia Mech-Cav dedicated crew of three: LT Joe Davis, Jimmy Edwards (both from Florida),

and Chris May (Georgia), working on rehabing the I-75 Confederate Flagpole Site, which borders on the Florida/Georgia state line.

 The rusted chain-link surrounding the Confederate display was scraped and repainted.

 Every little bit of work helps complete the big picture.


 Reported by Wayne Scarborough



The 26th annual Outback Toy Run at Lake Park Ga on Dec 15th drew 720 registered bikes this year.

The run supports the Salvation Army and they provide approx. 450 families with Christmas gifts for their children.

Mechanized Cavalry members L-R standing are, Chris Watson, Jarvis Ballard, Wayne Scarborough,

(OCR Marty Bridges) David Guest, Santa, Chris May (back) Tommy Storm, (OCR Kat Ballard) Jimmy Williams,

 kneeling L-R LT. Robert Ballard and LT. Jerry Bridges.


Mechanized Cavalry members from Troop 3 enjoyed another annual Christmas party Dec 8th.

 L-to R Captain Bo Hall, (OCR Sonja Hall) Col Hawkins, Brian Sellers, Tina Hawkins and other

Mechanized Cavalry members from the LT. James T. Woodward Camp 1399.


 Reported by Tony Pilgrim / Quartermaster 1st Lt. Signal Corps

Members of the 3rd Battalion Company B Mechanized Cavalry were in attendance at the Annual Wreaths Across

America Event at the Marietta Confederate Cemetery. Volunteers from across the State honored Confederates in

 the largest Confederate Cemetery south of Richmond Virginia. Troopers in attendance were “Buffalo” Steve Cote,

James “J-Dawg” Dobbs, Grady “Thunder” Vickery, “Chopper” Bob Bakos, “Bam Bam” Michael Swails,

Tony “Hollywood” Pilgrim, Lionel “Train” Harris, Jack “OP” Holbrooks, David C. “Cowboy” Myers, and “Crowe” Philip Crowe.