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April is here and so is Confederate Memorial Day at least for Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, so celebrate.

I have become very disheartened by the current public sentiment of the Confederate Soldier and Sailor. I am beginning to worry that the modern solder, sailor’s monuments

 will be treated the same. Some states past laws to protect military monuments and yet local governments are still working to remove the monument, even in the cover of night.

 Years ago my son who was only early twenties kept screaming use the internet and fight, now the call is coming from the SCV Command structure but it’s too late.

 Local museums ran by the local camps is now under fire and need money to stay open. We had one here in West Palm Beach’s Yesteryear Village, we even had

 a monument paid for by our camp. We lost or building to another group and the monument was used a fill for the lake out from, without warning.

 The artifacts were all privately owned and were told to remove them in 24 hours or they become property of the South Florida Fair grounds. Now this did not happen due

 to the current movement but 10 years ago, back when my son was saying “Look out.” Gentlemen we ride with a giant billboard on our backs so carry recruiting

 forms for SCV and the Cavalry. We have some 30000 SCV members in 6 countries, now we need more SCV and Cavalry. Soon an air hammer will start on Stone Mountain, GA

 and that will be the end of the olde South and her Sons and Daughters. I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker.

Keep the flag flying and support the SCV and the Mechanized Cavalry. Enjoy another issue of the “Florida Cracker,” see ya’ll next month.

April is upon us which means we all will be extremely busy celebrating various events around the country.

Try to make as many events you possibly can.

We are planning on going to Stone Mountain and looking forward to seeing all that attend.



Mechanized Cavalry Officers' Call February 24, 2018

Florida’s contribution, Officer’s Call

Reported by Jim Edwards NE Florida

Florida’s Capt. David King giving his report

This was another attendance year for the Florida Mechanized Cavalry leadership at the Officers' Call in Elm Springs SCV Headquarters at Columbia, TN.

 However, this year was somewhat different, as out of respect for our attending Florida leaders, Major Johnny Strickland,Captain David King, and former Lieutenant Colonel Greg Kalof,

9 Florida Mech-Cav members followed their leaders and attended in support. (Even though Greg Kalof stepped down from his position as LTC,

he will always be our Florida leader.) The 9 Florida boys supporting their leaders were: LT Joe Davis, LT Robert Whitacer, CPL Jason Montes, Mike (Guppy) Reynolds,

 Steve Lask, Clay Johnson, Bobby Brown, Frank Marjenhoff, and Jimmy Edwards. (Clay Johnson was the only member that actually rode his bike, starting from his hometown area of Tampa.

 Now that was one hell of a ride, my friends.) As usual, the officers' discussed and debated many issues and resolved many problems, which will be shared with their

 state members upon returning home. However, there was one point of interest that CPT King brought up. It was an important issue that developed in the Tampa,

 Florida area whereby the president of a local Outlaw Motorcycle Club was killed (assassinated) by a crew from another 1%er club called the 69'ers.

 And, due to this hostile issue CPT King, for safety reasons, called for a "stand-down" on wearing Mech-Cav vest in Florida for a long period of time until things cooled down.

 Until we meet again next year. (FYI, the date on the pictures should have read 02/24/2018.)

Capt. King conducting Business

3rd Battalion Maj. Johnny Strickland giving his report

Capt. King’s report

Reported by Kelly Crocker

Trooper Robert Goodlin

Trooper Joshua Dylan Lee (center) Commander Mike Begley (right)

Trooper Albert Thigpen being sworn in


Reported by Mickey Shelley

3rd Battalion Company A

Great State of South Carolina

These are pictures that were taken last month at our State Meeting at the Battle of Aiken. We were joined by our Brothers from Georgia and North Carolina.

 It was a Great Day at the Reenactment and getting together with so many Great men for our State Meeting and Fellowship that followed.

Congratulations to our Newest Members into the Brotherhood of the Mechanized Cavalry. Pvt. John Fisher , Pvt. Benjamin A. Winter III and Pvt. Paul R. Flanagan.

Color Sgt. Larry Davis alone with Captain Mike Waters swearing in our Newest Brothers.

 Swearing in took place at the South Carolina Division Convention held in Charleston SC.this past week

Let me introduce one of our Newest Members Pvt. John Fisher aka " JOHNBOB " . John is the Lt. Commander of the Horry Rough and Readys Camp 1027 out of Myrtle Beach SC.

 We Swore John in at the South Carolina Division Convention held in Charleston SC. this past weekend. Two hours after John was sworn into the Mechanized Cavalry,

 John was again taking the Oath for the position of Chief Of Staff of the Division of South Carolina SCV. John was appointed to this poison by the Newly Elected So. Carolina Division

 Commander Jamie Graham.  Here in the pictures we have John aka JOHNBOB Fisher being Sworn into the Mechanized Cavalry as well taking the Oath as

 Chief Of Staff SC Division, John Getting his Service Mark sown on with Pvt. Paul Flanagan also just sworn into Mechanized Cav. with John.

I was talking to our Newly Elected South Carolina Division Commander Jamie Graham a few weeks ago about Joining up with the Cavalry and he replied

 he would consider coming on board as Dismounted. He just wanted to wait until after the Election. So at this time I want our Newly Elected

South Carolina Division Commander to know , I am waiting to receive your Application Sir. I'm sure someone is going to tell him about this story.

Congratulations to all the Newly Elected Officers here in the South Carolina Division