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October is here almost the end of 2020, Thank Goodness. The CDC and all say we will not

 be outa the woods still June 2021,  so ride safe. As it is Halloween I recommend a mask like this for

 you’re protection. Happy Halloween, brothers and sisters of the “Florida Cracker.”  I would like to thank

 all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker, without you we have a boring Cracker.

Hope all are well,

The last weekend 5 members from Florida attended 2 Dogs in Maggie Valley everyone had

 a good time and wanted me to Thanks for the guys for a putting on the event.

We will also be attending the gator Run in Louisiana in October this is also a great event.

We are going to have our annual meeting on November 7 at our property in Trenton, the Florida guys know all of

the particulars and if anyone from out of state wants to come you are welcome. Contact me by phone for the details.

I have confirmed the Trenton Building for Saturday November 7th.

The meeting will start at 10:00 AM

I'm in contact with The beach Front Motel and will let you know when you can book a room if you wish.

Trenton Building address

220 NE 4th Ave

Trenton, Florida

The motel has blocked out rooms for us for November 6th and 7th,

these are all parking lot view but you can get any room you want.

Single queen is $99.00 plus tax per night

Double queen is 119.00 plus tax per night

Use Florida Mechanized Cavalry for your code

After October 31st. the rooms will go back into inventory so call before

 then if you plan on going and getting our rate.

Beca Front Motel

(352) 543-9960

Look forward to seeing old faces and meeting the new guys.


The new issue of the Cracker Newsletter just appeared. I would like to thank all of our reporters

 without them this issue could not have been realized : Jim Edwards (Florida), Shawn Rainey (Tennessee),

 James Henderson (Tennessee), John Fisher (South Carolina), Mark Poag (South Carolina), Gary Burleigh (Texas),

 Brian McClure (Louisiana) , Bruce Warren (Mississippi), Steve “Peg Leg” Beeler (Kentucky), Joseph Pizzini (Maryland),                   

  Mac McPeters (Virginia) and Duste Craig (Freelance reporter).

Please, when you send a report to Wess (editor), send me a copy as well.

This way I have much more time to organize the work, and I get the pictures in original size.

CRACKER is published monthly, is distributed  the last Friday of each month , to subscribe send an email to :


James Eagen

[SCV-MC]  YAHOO GROUP Passing of a 1-A member

On Wednesday, September 2, 2020






Gen. Stone,

I regret to inform you of the passing of Pvt. James Eagen #3130. Pvt. Eagen was a member of 1st Battalion Company A

5th Platoon 7th Squad. No arrangements have been made at this time.


Shawn Rainey
Captain 1-A

JAMES F. EAGEN age 71 of Fairfield Glade, TN passed away September 1, 2020. He was born October 4, 1948 in Brooklyn, NY.

 He was an educator and retired as a high school principal. He was also a veteran having served our country in the United States Navy.

He and his wife Susan were members of the Crossville Elks Lodge #2751.

He is survived by his wife- Susan Eagen of Fairfield Glade, TN, daughter- Casey VanWhy and her husband Shayne

of Coudersport , PA, stepdaughter- Samantha Tobias of Painted Post, NY, brother- Nelson Stork, sister- Irene Cotter and grandchildren-

 Kolby VanWhy and Vanessa VanWhy.

He was preceded in death by his parents.

Celebration of Life services will be held Saturday September 5, 2020 at 2pm at the Crossville Elks Lodge.

Hunter Jager Quist

September 22, 2020

Brothers of the Mech Cav Nation....

It is my sad duty to report the Hunter "Jager" Quist has succumbed to his injuries

and has crossed the River to Rest in the Shade of the Trees.  Join me in offering

up prayers of strength and condolences to his Family, friends and Brothers.

May you Ride Forever With Forrest, Quantrill and Mosby.

Duste Craig


Hunter Jager Quist died today as a result of a motorcycle accident Sunday morning.

 His father wrote this:

Hunter was the youngest of three children. This picture depicts a lifestyle that doesn't reveal the complete man he was.

The biker headband and jacket, the tattoos and unique beard doesn't illuminate that our son was a kind and loving man

 who passionately cherished his friends and family. Riding his Harley Hog was a statement of his independence and

freedom and he know the risks. Hunter was a member of the 1st Texas Artillery, a Civil War reenactment group.

He owned a replica of a Civil War cannon and participated in the demonstrations at the 150th anniversary of Gettysburg.

Hunter will be interred in the Smith Family Cemetery near Carlsbad, New Mexico where his great grandparents, grandparents,

 many aunts, uncles and cousins are buried. He is survived by his parents, Herbert L. Quist and Olivia Quist, brother Mark Savage,

 sister Susan Fishman, uncles Everett Smith and Dave Quist and aunt Joan Beddo and numerous nephews and cousins who loved him dearly.

We can all picture him riding his Harley, without pain or fear, through the clouds in God's place.


Reported by Jim Edwards


 Florida's leadership, MAJ Johnny Strickland and CPT David King, came together with four of their Northeast Florida

 Mech-Cav members, LT Joe Davis, CPL Jason Montes (Florida's State Division Adjutant - toughest job in the Division),

PVT Terry Simmons, and PVT Jimmy Edwards at the 2020 2-Dogs event. Travel to and from Maggie Valley was done by

 all in different ways but everyone arrive and returned home safely. Fun was had throughout the event and we're looking

forward to next year's Maggie Valley Run, which brings together our SCV Mechanized Cavalry brothers from all parts of

 the United States -- an opportunity to just give a brotherly hug, handshake or eye contact, knowing each other as

 friends and standing for our Confederate Cause/Heritage. The first three pics from L to R represent Northeast

Mech-Cav guys traveling to Maggie Valley and stopping along the way for historical sightseeing. Other pics represent our

gathering at Maggie Valley with our Florida leadership and friends.



Reported by Shawn Rainey , Captain 1-A

1-A State Annual

 The members of 1-A had their state annual during the weekend of September 11th and 12th in Hohenwald, TN

 at the Thousand Trails RV park and campground along the Natchez Trace. A great time was had by all. The men

enjoyed fellowship, an excellent ride led by Lt. Spike Spears, and karakoe. Much work was accomplished in preparation

 for the 2021 National Annual in Townsend, TN. We were fortunate to have a great turnout even tho the weather turned for the worst.

Three members received Certificates of Appreciation. 2nd Lt. Brent White for his efforts in defending Confederate monuments,

 aiding in the disaster response after tornadoes struck TN, and his direct involvement in getting the Mechanized Cavalry

 involved with the funeral escort for the late Charlie Danies. Cpl. Andy Anderson received one for his efforts in defending

 the Dyersburg Confederate Monument on 3 separate protests. Cpl. Anderson also stayed overnight in a lawn chair beside

the monument to ensure it was no vandalized. Trp. Ronny Mangrum received one for his efforts in defending the

Confederate Monument in Franklin, TN from violent protestors. I awarded 5 men the Mechanized Cavalry Hold the Line Award.

 These men went above and beyond the call of duty in their efforts to defend our Confederate Ancestors and our heritage.

 The recipients of the award are as follows. Lt. Spike Spears for coordinating the defense of SCV HQ Elm Springs and

helping in the defense of the Nathan Bedford Forrest Boyhood Home. Lt. Roger Leonard for coordinating the defense

of the Nathan Bedford Forrest Boyhood Home and several monument defenses. Lt. James Forbes for his efforts in coordinating

the Mechanized Cavalry involvement with the yearly Nathan Bedford Forrest Boyhood Home event as well as several area

monument defenses. 1st Sgt. Randy Humphrey for his dedication and involvement with overnight guard duties at the

Nathan Bedford Forrest Boyhood Home and several violent protests at area Confederate Monuments including the

Franklin Monument "Chip". And Company A Color Sergeant Joel Baucom for his efforts in defending the Dyersburg, TN

Confederate Monument on 3 separate occasions as well as his dedication to maintaining the grounds at the Confederate Mega-Flag site

in Trimble, TN. Four promotions were also given. Sgt. Trey King was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant over the Company A

  Chaplin Corps. Lt. King will oversee the growth and development of our Chaplins across the state. Sgt. Randy Humphrey

was promoted to the rank of 1st Sgt. of 4th Platoon. Trp. Chris Taylor was promoted to the rank of Sgt of 4th Squad 4th Platoon.

And Trp. Morris McNeese was promoted to Sgt. of 1st Squad 4th Platoon.


1-A ready to eat! We thank the ladies of the TN OCR for preparing a delicious meal.

All proceeds from the meal were given to the OCR which totalled $800.

The OCR then donated $500 to our $800 and gave $1200 to the Nathan Bedford Forrest Boyhood Home.

West TN riding into the annual.

SCV TN Division Commander Joey Nolan and 1-A Captain Shawn Rainey

Lt. Spike Spears leads the 2nd Platoon honor guard in a flag retirement ceremony. Afterwards,

Trp. Anthony Burns performed taps for those our nation lost on September 11th, 2001.

Sgt. Trey King is promoted to Lieutenant of the 1-A Chaplin Corps.

2nd Lt. Brent White receives a Certificate of Appreciation from Company A

Lt. Spike Spears receives the Hold the Line Award.

Company A Color Sgt. Joel Baucom receives the Hold the Line Award

1st Sgt. Randy Humphrey receives the Hold the Line Award

Lt. Roger Leonard receives the Hold the Line Award

Lt. James Forbes receives the Hold the Line Award

Late in the evening hours, the members that still remained after karakoe took a group shot. The consensus was

that it was one heck of a great time. We hope to see more of our brothers at next year's state annual.


Reported by James Henderson

Tennessee company A new members Jimmy Howell,Teddy Carter, Blake Robinson and Britton's Lane

Tom Moore (Sargent ) James Henderson (Sentinel )

new members Teddy Carter,Jimmy Howell,Blake Robinson. Tennessee