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Editor: Wess Frank

The month of April is upon us and now it is time to do Confederate Memorial Day act ivies in our local camps, at least in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. The Cavalry from South Florida led by Col. Greg Kalof #300 from the South and Wesley Frank#662 from the north, will ride hard. We will lead a motorcade from Miami to West Palm Beach and Indian River County to West Palm Beach. When the two of us meet up we will have honoured 171 Confederate Veterans buried in 7 counties in South Florida, followed by fellowship and Supper at Cracker Barrel in Palm Beach. All the snow birds ask why we are dressed in Period attire which gives us an opportunity to educate about our history. So get out on CMD and educate the students who believe that the damnyankees, (one word never capitalized) meaning born north of the Mason Dixon line, moved South and stayed, version of history. They fought for Slavery and not our rights to a constitutional government as stated by Thomas Jefferson, the same fight we fight today.

I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker, especially the Flag day services from around the States. Thanks to Bud’s yahoo group was a story of why we must continue to fight, see the Tidbits section at the end of the newsletter.

Keep the flag flying and support the SCV and the Mechanized Cavalry.

Enjoy another issue of the “Florida Cracker,” see ya’ll next month.

Editor’s Note: Many of you submit your photos to John directly, I keep an archive of the Cracker so please copy me with your pics and articles, as what goes in the Digital Copy is not saved and we lose many good articles that way, I also ask that you try to identify the event and names as best you can. Many times I see pictures of say, Ga. boys and I have no clue who they are or why unless they stand in front of a sign which ID’s the event. This newsletter is read by Cav members and SCV IHQ, and also non SCV members, so the more info the better, everyone likes to see their photo and name in print.

Thanks. God Bless ya’ll, love ya my brothers and sisters.




I would like to thank the Florida members that made the long trip to Officers Call this year, we were well represented by a good bunch of guys. South Florida’s Greg Kalof and Bobby Brown, Central East Coast Mike Reynolds, Northeast Joe Davis, Jim Edwards, West Coast Johnny Strickland and myself. Thanks again for their support.
Commander David King
Jubal A Early Camp #556
Capt 3rd Batt Co D Mechanized Cavalry

[SCV-MC] Admission to the eGroup

I know I am preaching to the choir, by posting this to members who have already been admitted, but hopefully you will pass this on to members thinking of signing up for the eGroup.

I do NOT admit any members I cannot identify. This group is for members in good standing of the SCV Mechanized Cavalry, only and no others will be admitted.
SCV membership is not enough to be admitted, so I insist on identifying admissions by Name and SCV Mech-Cav numbers.
If I receive a request without this information I send a private email to that person requesting that information. If they do not reply, I do not admit them.
Occasionally, I can identify them by their email address, but that is time consuming.
Battalion and Company numbers are not enough, as non members could claim that position, possibly from seeing it on someone’s vest.
I have spent hours searching the roster (both old format and new) trying to identify a member by just their name. Often unsuccessfully.

I have a large file of emails I call “Pending Members” who have either remained unidentified or who did not reply to my personal email for additional information.

If you know of someone who plans to join the eGroup, please tell them to include their Name (not road name) and Mech-Cav number. For example: John (Scootertrash) Jones, #3625
With that information I can verify their status quickly, and admit them to the group.
This is the only way I can ensure the integrity of our communications.

No trees were killed in the sending of this message. However, a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.

Bud Cranford - 1st LT. SCV-Mechanized Cavalry #153
3rd Battalion, Company B - Troop 3
Moderator for Yahoo SCV-Mechanized Cavalry, Georgia SCV-MC and SCV Camp #1399 e-Group

This Letter is from Judy Davis, Jim Davis’s wife. This is what the SCV and the SCVMC mean to us hardcores.


Thank you so very much for the copies of the articles and photos. They of course mean so much to me personally but they will also mean a lot to his grandchildren Kayla and Brendan and his brothers Holley and Ricky. I want them to know how much the Mechanized Cavalry meant to him as well as being a proud member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and just how important his heritage made Jim the special person that he was. I have donated his books and uniforms and cherished items to the Florida Division HQ's project in his memory that he may be remembered to future generations.

Again my deepest thanks and I'll see you in Ocala!



Florida Confederate Flag Day service, March 4, 2017

Confederate Memorial Park, Tampa Fla.

This report thanks to Trooper Mike Herring, Photo’s compliments of Ann Barnes Baron.

Saturday was a success in the fact that we proclaimed our Southern Colours to the community and world with no hesitation.

The almighty provided a beautiful day and just the right volume of wind which stretched the Battle flag to its limit as it waved in the Florida Sunshine amid tears and cheers.

The small parking area was home to numerous vendors and heritage chapters. Volunteers led by Early Camp Drummer Jerry Peacock marched with six different Confederate Colours which were placed outside the court yard during the ceremony.

Jerry Peacock Drummer

Artillery specialist 15th Brigade Commander, Tom Fyock and Eric Smith unleashed 3 thunderous volleys’s as the 30 X 50 foot AOT moved heavenward as the last act on the agenda.

L-R Tom Fyock and Erick Smith

Master of Ceremonies, Mike Herring, General Jubal A. Early Camp 556,

Thanks to Greeters and Speakers Sandy Mott, Annette Lindsey, Florida Division Commander Don Young, Judah P Benjamin Camp David McCallister and Reverend Ray Parker for their enlightening comments.

Reverend Ray Parker

Speaker is Sandy Mott....Marion Dragoons, United Daughters of the Confederacy

Annette Lindsey, Trenton, Fl, President Florida Order of Confederate Rose

Florida Division Commander Don Young

David McCallister
Special thanks to Ken Minton, Elaine McKendree, Quartermaster Butch Fox, Early Camp Commander ( Mechanized Cavalry Capitan) David King and (Mechanized Cavalry Major) Johnny Strickland for their valuable contributions leading up to saturday.

L-R Commander Don Young, Mike Herring and to the rear is Honour Guard Dave King

I was able to collect 100.00 in donations for future flag purchases and a commitment from Jon Shudlick for a project to be announced at a later date.

Finally a heartfelt thank you to those who took the time to endure heavy traffic and long distance travel.

Mrs. Ann Barnes Baron our photographer is a Legionnaire in the Judah P. Benjamin #2210 SCV Camp ( TAMPA, FL) and a member of the Augusta Jane Evans Wilson #2640 UDC Chapter. The Cracker thanks Mike and Miz Baron for this report and photographs.

Forward the Colours

Mike Herring


Congratulations to Commander in Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Tom Strain for continuing the observance of "Confederate Flag Day" this year and to Florida Division SCV Commander Don Young who hosted Florida's organized observance at Hillsborough County Confederate Veteran Memorial Park yesterday. Both have been guests on our members only "insider" conference calls.

Many of our members attended the event at the "World's Largest Confederate Flag" and the beautiful park memorial to our Confederate veterans yesterday.

Our SSH FL spokesman, and also Florida Division SCV Heritage Chief, David McCallister, was a featured speaker at the event. Below is a reprint of his remarks for your information and enjoyment.

David R. McCallister, Esq.
Confederate Flag Day
Confederate Memorial Park
Tampa, Florida
March 4, 2017
(photo courtesy of Ann Barnes Baron)


Good Afternoon,

I want to thank Cmdr. Mike Herring for inviting me to this Confederate Flag Day event, and Cmdr. Don Young and the Florida Division for developing Confederate Memorial Park, and Cmdr. Dave King and the General Early Camp for maintaining it so well. I see many of our allies here - the UDC, and OCR. I see many Camps represented, including JJ Dickison, Dixie Defenders, JP Benjamin, the Cow Cavalry. And especially the Mechanized Cavalry who are brave enough to wear the Confederate Battle Flag wherever they ride.

I only wish that Commander Jim Davis could have been with us, as he was last year. Many of us attended his graveside service, exactly one month ago. I want to announce a plan is underway to raise money for a plaque her at the Park honoring Jim Davis and another of his interests: Freemasons in the War Between the States. You'll be hearing about that.

My Friends,

Our great-great grandfathers fought battles with saber, rifle, and canon. We are likewise in battles today. They are fought with the ballot box, and in the meetings of school boards, city councils, county commissions, and in the halls of the state capitol.

We have three major battles underway today - Hollywood, Gainesville, and Jacksonville, and there's a strategic campaign being waged in Tallahassee.

Now is the time for all of us to see the elephant!

In Gainesville, Hollywood and Jacksonville, the fight is against the arrogance of ignorance. That is a very big elephant.

Seeing the elephant for our ancestors meant taking up the Cause of Southern Liberty in defense of home and state, in going off to war, and following the Confederate Battle Flag, leaving farm and family behind.

Now it means all of us, men and women alike, giving of our time, money and effort, leaving other recreations behind; going to the commissions and committee meetings, sending emails and phone calls, and speaking out i public, to our friends, fellow veterans and citizens wherever met. It means joining the SCV, UDC, ODC, SSH, Sunshine State PAC, Florida Flaggers, Hillsborough Flaggers, history societies, veterans organizations, and others in this fight.

We had a visitor in February from North Carolina - HK Edgerton, and I went around the state with him as he sought to teach Black Confederate History. With him, I saw a rising tide of arrogance and ignorance up close - and it's ugly. One of our own Floridians, Jenna Bernstein, has been travelling all over the country lately, doing the same thing, and her reports are of the same thing happening all over.

Confederate Heritage is a precious thing, It is loved and hated, and feared, too. Loved by us, loved even by those who have no genetic imperative to link them personally to the glorious history of the Southland. But it is hated by those who profit from ignorance, and are riding high on arrogance.

We know well those who profit from those bookends of hate - ignorance and arrogance. You can see them not only speaking to media, academia, and social and political forums, telling lies and calumnies about us and our ancestors.These people are driven to push what President Trump has called "Fake News" - they also push an agenda of Fake History, and Fake Hurt as well. You know the drill. It's all about the Fake History of slavery and treason - it's all about the Fake hurt of being offended and hand-wringing about the image and narrative. They say that Confederates are not who we are - but for us here today and many others native to the soil, it is who we are, and we're not going away.They lie about us and our families!! We're not taking it anymore.

Their plan with Fake History and Fake Hurt is all to gin up Fake Hate in others, to achieve their ends.

These people we call Confederophobes. They are obsessive and singleminded.
But, truth is, the very councils, commissions, and committees we are trying to influence also contain them. A Jacksonville City Councilman said that NB Forrest and Kirby Smith were at Olustee! And they said these men wanted to massacre black soldiers. This is so wrong on so many levels. We need to speak our truth to their power.

In some places, whiners like these are called snowflakes. As a native Floridian, I don't know much about snowflakes - but I do know that a million snowflakes becomes a blizzard, and if you let them pile up, the next thing you get is an avalanche that wipes away everything.

Attacks on our heritage come and go like the waves of the ocean. Sometimes the waves are just ripples, sometimes they are crash on the shore. They are driven by the rising and falling tides.

Has the tide turned?

In the last year, Florida was a beach upon which the waves of hate have beaten quite harshly.

The SPLC has targeted 61 remembrances in Florida.

The NAACP, who first targeted the Confederate Battle Flag, has upped their game - and have been successful especially in Crestview, Lake City and Orlando. Black Lives Matter has defaced monuments in Jacksonville, Tampa and Pensacola and our own park right here.

Their partisans, and individuals seeking notoriety, push initiatives to erase anything they can find of the history of the Southland, anywhere.

In the legislature, there was the senate seal fiasco, the removal of the Kirby Smith Statue, and the Taliban-like move to eliminate everything everywhere.
Luckily, Taliban Thompson lost her election bid.

Here's our counterpunch - tell your legislators to support the Soldiers and Sailors monuments protection bill for all veterans. Tell your local governments to honor all veterans.

First they came for our holidays and proclamations.

Then they came for our flags - Ocala, Tampa, Pensacola - the FL Senate seal.

Now, they come for our school names, our street names and our county names.
They come for our monuments- in Washington, Gainesville, and Jacksonville, including a widening attack on all veterans - like the Vietnam Monuments in Gainesville and California, Andrew Jackson in Jacksonville, and the WWII monument in Washington.
These monuments have become both the targets, and the billboards, for the so-called "social justice warriors".

Tell the truth - Confederate veterans are US veterans. Tell your VFWs and American Legions, DAV's, VVA's and everyone else, too. We need allies, especially veterans of unpopular wars who understand us. They can be persuaded by the thought that how we treat veterans of 150 years ago is how they will be treated 150 years from now, by their own descendants.

We can be warriors, too. We can see the elephant and be in the political, social, academic and media trenches, fighting for our symbols and memorials. This park is literally the flagship of this great movement. But we have other supporting warships, too. Havana and White Springs and Perry and other places. And, just last week, the Hillsborough Flaggers raised a flag along Balm-Riverview Road.

Our grandparents, as indigenous Southerners and Florida natives, thought that the civic landscape would always be welcoming. They did not foresee the tide turning so completely that the flags and all else would be removed. They did not see that the monuments they built of stone and bronze would be mere beautiful sandcastles on a beachhead being pounded by the surf of a rising tide of hate.

President Trump recognizes the beachhead that our nation's enemies are attempting to establish on our shores. We must recognize this in our own case- in fact, as we are often the first to be attacked, and so we must be the first line of defense.
We must rebuild, reestablish, and extend and surround our symbols and monuments with a break-water of strong public presence, backed up by strong laws of protection, and guarded by eternal vigilance. We must throw back the invaders and frustrate the blockaders.

The Elephants of hate are stampeding - go out and see the elephant for yourself. Stop the elephants! Churchill urged his people, in their darkest hour, to fight them on the beaches, and never give up. We must fight there, too. We now see the beachheads of the enemy- they have come on our shores. Rise up and fight them!

Stay Confederate My Friends!


by Shawn "Digger" Rainey

Had a good weekend on the bike honoring our ancestors. Sunday(Feb 19th) was the monthly meeting of the Bell's Partisans Camp followed by a ride to the Confederate memorial at Island #10 north of Tiptonville. 72 soldiers are buried at a local cemetery from the battle. I have attached 2 pictures of the stone honoring those men.
Monday(Feb 20th) brought another day for honoring our ancestors. I helped my Step dad, Joel Baucom, locate his Great Grandfather's family plot. The plot was hidden in backyards of a residential area in Dyersburg. Thankfully the city stopped digging when the small cemetery was found. After climbing hills and through woods and brush I didn't know existed in Dyersburg, we finally found the resting place of 2nd Lieutenant William Henry Roark.
2nd Lt. Roark served in the 18th Tennessee Cavalry, Newsom's regiment, Bell's Brigade, Buford's Division. While in the 18th, he was a 3rd Lt. He was wounded in the Battle of Harrisburg by an gunshot to the leg but returned to duty. The 18th was consolidated into the 19th which was then consolidated with the 20th. It was during this time he was promoted to 2nd Lt. He was captured by Union forces but only spent a brief time as a POW. He again returned to duty and served until the end of the war. The stone was in descent shape for the time spent in the environment but it's age is showing as the writing is difficult to read. A Confederate stone will be placed to honor him. Proud day's work today. Happy to have helped my Step dad in locating him. Love ya Paw!!!

Shawn "Digger" Rainey
Camp Commander
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Bell's Partisans Camp #1821
Trimble, TN

Pvt. Joel Baucom #2752 and 1st Lt. Shawn "Digger" Rainey #1173


by Kirk Micheal Carter

S.C. Division Compatriots L-R Donnie Raborn, John Misskelley, Kirk Carter and Carl Roden. Private Thomas Caldwell Camp #31-Clover/York, SC Walker Gaston Camp #86 Chester, SC The flag day in Gastonia, NC

Kirk Carter-March 4th Flag Day at the Gaston County courthouse Gastonia, NC Unreconstructed I remain


Thanks “Peg Leg” Steve Beeler

Kentucky going to up its membership. We are swearing in a hitcher, on the other side of the road, Ha.ha. He is a new member of MC and got his patches. He’s name is Chuck.

Kentucky Flag Day ceremony

And nothing we do as SCV or Mechanized Cavalry can be without our lovely ladies