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Editor: Wess Frank

The month of January is here along with a new year. I want to thank all of our readers for your patronage and your contributions. Back several years ago we went from the “Florida Cracker” to an international news letter with contributions from around the Confederation, the newsletter is read by several thousand hit each month, and John’s idea of an International news letter has paid off.

Now, with said>>> Last month I did an article about what was called Flags across Florida and has now become Flags across Dixie. I highlighted several stories of flags going up, this month we have some battle line stories of the Flag being destroyed and battles won. Enjoy the newsletter and be safe, also note the registration for the 2017 annual in Maggie Valley.

Editor’s Note: Many of you submit your photos to John directly, I keep an archive of the Cracker so please copy me with your pics and articles, as what goes in the Digital Copy is not saved and we lose many good articles that way, I also ask that you try to identify the event and names as best you can. Many times I see pictures of say, Ga. boys and I have no clue who they are or why unless they stand in front of a sign which ID’s the event. This newsletter is read by Cav members and SCV IHQ, and also non SCV members, so the more info the better, Everyone likes to see their photo and name in print.

Thanks. God Bless ya’ll, love ya my brothers and sisters.

My friends let’s ride as if with Forrest and support the SCV as we are attacked


Merry Christmas to our readers, the Cracker website team would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and confederate happy New Year 2017.

#266 John J. Polo

Kirby Smith Camp #1209 - Jacksonville FL

Overseas member

 Men of the Cavalry,

It is with a sad heart that I pass along the death of Tennessee SCV Mechanized Cavalry member Johnny Garner. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers and do what you can to assist with the fundraising efforts for our fallen Brother. Lower all flags to half staff immediately and keep them there until Tuesday in honour of our Brother. All that can ride are encouraged to attend so that he will have his wishes fulfilled.

Kevin Stone
SCV Mechanized Cavalry, Commanding

Johnson-Williams Funeral Home Obituary
Newbern, TN
December 16, 2016

Johnny Ray Garner, 59 of Dyersburg, Tennessee died on Friday, December 16, 2016, at Tennova Healthcare-Dyersburg Regional in Dyersburg, Tennessee.

Born Wednesday, October 16, 1957 in Battle Creek, Michigan, he was the son of the late Cecil Ray Garner and the late Annette Goad Garner.

Mr. Garner retired from the Dyersburg Police Department after twenty seven years of service and was a devoted member of the Mechanized Cavalry.

Funeral services for Mr. Garner will be 1:00 PM on Monday, December 19, 2016 in the Chapel of Johnson-Williams Funeral Home. Officiating this service will be Rev. Ronnie Sanders. Interment will follow in Fairview Cemetery in Dyersburg, Tennessee.

Visitation will be Sunday from 4:00 PM until 7:00 PM at Johnson-Williams Funeral Home.

He is survived by two sons, Brandon Garner of Dyersburg, Tennessee and Jeremy Garner and wife, Niki of Little Rock, Arkansas; one sister, Teresa McNabb of Trenton, Tennessee and two grandchildren, Bentley Garner and Mason Garner both of Little Rock, Arkansas.

In addition to his parents he was preceded in death by one brother, Mark Garner.

Pallbearers will be Bubba Warner, Ricky Perry, Shawn Rainey, Cass Ballard, John Tucker and Mike Morgan.

Honorary pallbearers will be Lenny Stover and Joseph Garner.

The family ask memorials be directed to the Mechanized Cavalry, Johnny Garner Benefit Fund, % Mr. Lenny Stover, P.O. Box # 33, Newbern, Tennessee 38059.

Online condolences may be made to the family at

Johnson-Williams Funeral Home is honored to serve the family of Johnny Ray Garner.


To all,

This past week Confederate Memorial Park suffered vandalism and desecration with the destruction of three flag poles and spraying "BLM" on the monument walls. After digesting this horrendous act for a few days a number of supporters have offered to donate funds to replace the poles and flags that were burned by the anarchist.

Rather than sit down and feel sorry for ourselves I am creating an opportunity for everyone who honours the Southern soldier to have a part in the construction for replacement poles. We plan to purchase 3 sturdy galvanized poles and flags which were destroyed. These poles will be reinforced to prevent this type of incident in the future. This project requires about 600.00 US dollars plus another 120.00 for the flags.

If you would like to be part of this effort send me a check or money order for 15, 25 or 50 dollars. I have a private account which is used for the huge replacement flags we fly 24/7.

PLEASE make check out to me rather than the Early Camp because it saves valuable time in the transfers. If we should receive more than the required amount those dollars will be placed in the flag fund for future purchases of the 30 X 50 foot flags we display at the park.

If we address this issue it will send a statement that those involved with this terrible act did not win and we are reacting in the same manner our ancestors would have after destruction of their communities by Union forces. I have provided photos of the poles and graffiti.

Thanks for your continued support of Confederate Memorial Park, Home of the world’s largest Confederate Flags!

Forward the Colours

Mike Herring

Feel free to e mail me your thoughts.

Press Release - December 19

Media Contact:
Save Southern Heritage Florida Spokesman: David McCallister 813-778-1202


Tampa - In a disturbing trend of continued violence against memorials to American Veterans, two more monuments were reported vandalized last week.

In Tampa, on overnight Tuesday, vandals wrought thousands of dollars of damage on Veterans Memorial Park. The granite memorial was defaced in three places with the letters "BLM". Additionally, three 20' flag poles were bent 90' at the base, and the flags posted were burned.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's office is conducting an investigation. The total damages may be in excess of $1,000, eligible for a 3rd degree felony conviction.

In Gainesville on Tuesday, vandalism was discovered on the "Old Joe" Cenotaph to Veterans of Alachua County who served during the War Between the States. This is the second vandalisation of this Veteran Cenotaph, the first time being after a Alachua County Commission meeting prior to a vote by the Commission to move the monument from County property to appease a social justice activist that has since moved out of the area. The discovery was made after another meeting of the Commission after another activist, Faye Williams, threatened the Commission with a protest if the monument is not removed, calling it a symbol of 'white supremacy'.

"Law enforcement has indicated to us that incident like these are related" said David McCallister, Save Southern Heritage Florida spokesman. "Disrespect of Veterans memorials is beneath deplorable" he added. "Floridians realize monuments to dead heroes should be off limits as billboards for social protest and want tougher punishment for damage to these somber, sacred Observances", McCallister said.

Among other groups, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, has called for protection for all Veteran observances. Don Young, Commander of the Florida Division of the group said "many of our members served in America's armed forces and don't appreciate the disrespect this desecration shows to their service and those of their comrades".

In the last 18 months, there have been nearly a dozen incidence of vandalism against Veterans observances including in Tampa, Pensacola, Jacksonville, Ocala and Gainesville.

Fort Pierce Raid

Photo Journalist:

Wesley Frank

Dec. 10,11,2016 re-enactors, SCV and Mechanized Cavalry members filled the Savannah’s County Park in Fort Pierce Florida. Mech Cav Members Larry Powell #61 and Wess Frank #662 setup a Confederate States Recruiting station for School days on Friday and welcomed the public all weekend. We had close to 300 students, home school and parochial schools to attend. The stations told the story of the Southron soldier and his battle against the invading north. We had members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans West Palm Beach, Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Melbourne and Christmas Camps were present. The event was hosted by the 8th Florida and the 75 Ohio infantries and sponsored by Pvt. Geo. W. Thomas Camp 1595 of Fort Pierce, Fl. The event was sponsored by the Sherriff’s Explorers post for 11 years until they quit, now the camp has sponsored this, it’s 16th year.

Left to right- Camp commander Jim Odell, ADJ. Joe Hagan, and Sgt at Arms Vern Beatty. Don’t mess with Vern that is his cannon.

School days were wet and cool, about 65. Camp Life station

Commander Odell thanking the Confederate troops for coming

Capt Bob Burgee 8th Florida gives instructions to the troops before battle. Photos of camp provided by Vern Beatty


As the year draws to a close it is natural to look back over the last year and think of the events that we have been a part of this year. The Mechanized Calvary in Alabama has been active this year and I thought I would share some of the events with you.
We were there in force at heritage events throughout the state. At General Joe Wheelers Birthday party there were approximately 70 Mech Cav members from at least 3 states. Selma saw a good turnout for the General Forrest birthday event, as did the Battle of Tallassee. Alabama boys were also a significant part of the crowd at the Confederate Memorial Day service in Stone Mountain Georgia.
Multiple charity events were supported by the Mech Cav, such as the Inzer Home Ride which raises money for the home as well as providing supplies and visits to those veterans at the VA Nursing home. There was also the ride to support the Confederate Veterans Park in Luverne. But least you think we just do events that are specifically for southern heritage we also are major supporters of both the North Alabama Children’s Home and The Eldridge Children’s home. It is always a joy to support worthwhile projects that care for children in our state. The kids always seem to respond well to the bikes and our flags are always welcome on their properties.
Thanks to members of the Mech Cav you can look forward to seeing another flag flying over an interstate in Alabama very soon. Two camps with significant Mech Cav memberships are the leaders in the project to get a flag up on I22 NW of Birmingham. The lease has been obtained and much of the work has already been done.
We had a lot of fun as well this year. The Heart of Dixie ride in Gulf Shores, our 19th Annual National event in Cedar Key Florida, and the Trail of Tears ride were all opportunities to visit and ride with friends from Alabama as well as other states. They are also opportunities for us to be very visible and talk about the SCV.
Lastly I would be remiss to not mention the passing of one of the finest men in the SCV. We lost a friend, a brother, a good man by the name of Danny Bogle. He will be missed.
We look forward to seeing you at events in the future. May God Bless you in this New Year.



The scandal that erupted in Charlottesville this week surrounding Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy, and our coverage of it due to the direct connection to his efforts to remove the Robert E. Lee statue and rename Lee Park, has led many Charlottesville citizens to reach out to us. One conversation I had this week with a Charlottesville resident was particularly poignant.

This gentleman said that he first heard of us when Bellamy originally started his war against Charlottesville’s Confederate history and heritage by announcing his intentions to convince City Council to tear down the Robert E Lee monument and rename Lee Park. Although he had never really had any deep affection for the Confederacy, the young man told me that something about the fact that one man was trying to erase history, displace a beautiful monument, and divide the community really bothered him so he went down to Bellamy’s press conference to hear what he had to say. When he got there, he saw the usual Charlottesville leftist activists, contrasted by a number of folks carrying Confederate flags. He went on to say that the sight of those flags really caught him off guard and he admits hesitating when considering whether to approach us. He said that when he did approach and struck up a conversation with a couple of Flaggers, it quickly became clear that we were the good guys… decent, God-fearing Americans fighting with no agenda other than to save our history and heritage from politicians looking to make a name for themselves.

Even so, he remembers that his first impression of us with flags was that we were the “fringe” of the heritage movement.

Fast forward to November, 2016, and he says it is obvious to him now that we are no longer the fringe, but have moved firmly into the mainstream. He said the election in November has proven that citizens are sick and tired of being labeled “racist” for standing up for what they believe in, and that our efforts, and the manner in which we have conducted ourselves over the years have helped to bring our fight to the mainstream.

He closed by sharing that six months ago, he had a view of the battle flag that wasn’t exactly negative, but mostly indifferent, tainted by the media and others’ efforts. Now, he says, he sees the battle flag for what it REALLY is…a powerful symbol of resistance to tyranny and he understands perfectly why more people are picking it up and carrying it.

Even the press has mentioned this phenomenon recently. I have seen several articles talking about the “rise of the Confederate flag”. Of course, the leftist media, still twisted up over the election results, and needing some way to explain why there are MORE Confederate flags flying now than in any time in recent history, attempts to tie it all to the mythical rise of “racism” or “white supremacy, but that old, worn out, FALSE narrative is losing all traction.

The rise of the Confederate Battle Flag has nothing to do with race or supremacy, but has everything to do with Americans being fed up with being called “racists” and “white supremacists” just because they hold conservative, traditional beliefs or disagree with those who don't. It’s about a growing anger and defiance against the onslaught of attacks against our monuments, memorials, flags, and history, each incident a direct and deliberate assault against the honor and valor of the Confederate soldier, our Grandfathers. It’s about Americans standing up and coming together to stop the PC destruction of our country. It’s about standing in defiance against an overreaching and tyrannical Federal Government.

It’s about all of these things, but for the Virginia Flaggers, it always has been, and always will be, first and foremost…about the Confederate soldier.

~Susan Hathaway
Photo courtesy Judy Smith Photography

On Monday evening, December 19, Charlottesville City Council received the final report from its self-appointed “Blue Ribbon Commission”.
Prior to the meeting, a few of us gathered in LEE Park to pay our respects. As usual, we found the locals very friendly. Once they spoke with us and learned why we were there, they expressed their support for leaving the statue alone. Most of those we spoke with were among the city’s homeless population, who felt that the $700K that City Council wants to spend to move historical monuments could be much better spent. This young man approached us to voice his support, asked if he could have a flag, and posed for photos.

We arrived at council chambers early, and were quickly joined by a good group of men from the Kemper-Fry-Strother SCV Camp #19, the Va Division SCV 4th Brigade Commander, and a large contingency of Charlottesville citizens who were monument supporters. We passed out signs and chatted with folks until the meeting started, at which time a look around chambers showed that supporters of the monument greatly outnumbered those who want to tear it down.

During the matters by the public section of the meeting, no citizens spoke in favor of removing the monument. Teresa Kay Lam, a Charlottesville native, gave a moving speech in favor of the monument, and Susan Hathaway closed out the comments period with an address that ended with a promise…

"In the end, the monuments WILL remain, and the names of Lee and Jackson will be spoken with reverence and honor in the Commonwealth long after each of you are forgotten. We have the law and the majority of citizens on our side. You would be wise to consider both when making your decision.”

You can view the entire speech here:

The presentation of the report proceeded much as we anticipated. It was basically a read through of the report, which can be found here:

The report includes details that direct City Council to consider that if/when the Lee Monument is moved to McIntire park, that they be sure and not put it on a hill, or elevate it, in order to make sure the monument does not have a position of “supremacy”. Everything from throwing a cover over the LEE monument to changing the landscape to hide it, are suggested as options in the report.

After the presentation, commission member John Mason (an associate professor of history at UVA) was compelled to interject a statement to City Council in which he stressed that “White Supremacy” absolutely was a central theme of the Confederacy (he referenced the infamous Cornerstone Speech) AND of Robert E. Lee AND of the men who built the statue and that any descendants who deny that fact are simply running from the truth. It quickly became clear that Mr. Mason’s false narrative was the central theme of the commission’s deliberation.

Despite their best efforts to suppress truth, the report DID mention that the citizens who voiced their opinions in meetings and communications overwhelmingly supported leaving the statues in place and concentrating on adding others as desired. It mentioned the petition to remove the monument (which has garnered less than 1,000 signatures) but failed to mention the petition to KEEP them (which has garnered more than 10,000 signatures).

There had been some speculation that council might act upon the recommendations last night, but their comments quickly revealed that was not the case, and pointed to division within the ranks. Mayor Signer, who initially said he would reserve comments, went on to say that council has set aside $500K to act on the report and then indicated that he is in favor of keeping the monument in place. He estimated that almost 80% of the constituents he spoke with favored leaving the statues alone. Szakos was visibly shaken by his remarks, recoiled, and immediately spoke up and said that almost ALL of the citizens she has spoken to want the monument removed. Mr. Fenwick, probably the most reasonable of the lot, commented that all of the ideas and aspirations in the report are just words until the money is appropriated to make it happen.

They did not act to vote on any recommendations, and scheduled a work day in January to discuss the matter further.

Our take-away from the evening was all positive. We had a good showing of support and, in our opinion, the revelation of the true intent of Bellamy, Szakos and John Mason, and their false narrative of putting Confederate Veterans and their descendants "in their place" was telling to even those in the audience who were not necessarily proponents of the monuments. No vote was taken to move the monuments, and Szakos and Bellamy are not going to get an automatic stamp of approval of their monument removal efforts. There is a divide forming on council. Your calls, emails and letters are having an effect. There is a chance they will actually vote to leave the statue alone, which is what we want, but even if they don't, we are prepared to sue. The statue isn't going anywhere. The only thing they get to decide is how much money they are willing to waste by attempting to move it when they know full well they cannot legally do so.

I will close with what I consider the highlight of the evening. When we stepped out into the hall after the meeting, we were approached by a lady of color (I assume a Charlottesville native) who said she wanted to thank us personally for coming out. She went on to say that she thinks it is important that all perspectives are heard and appreciated us sharing ours. We agreed, thanked her for her kind words and had a nice conversation. I have no idea where she stands on the issue, and did not even care to ask, but I believe she is typical of most Charlottesville residents who have ALL grown weary of the divisive and petty antics of City Council under the influence of Szacos and Bellamy.

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers


The Sons of Confederate Veterans had a problem this year with a Christmas Parade they had been doing in the past in Homer Louisiana . This year they were told they could not display any Confederate Flags ... Because it might offend someone ... Well after representatives from Arkansas - Texas - & Oklahoma (SCV) showed up to show support this was the results.

Lt. Commander in Chief Paul C. Gramling jr , Mrs Arlene Barnum , Arkansas Mechanized Cavalry Lt. Ronnie Dancer jr. & Mrs Susan Porter Dancer

Future Confederate Rose Susan Dancer

Louisiana Camp Commander Bobby White and Mrs Arlene Barnum

Representatives of Arkansas, Oklahoma & Louisiana