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June is here which means great riding weather, reunions, 2 Dogs and several other events that need our support

as SCV and Mechinized Cavalry members. Every few days I see on the Habberdasher site a new name and a higher number

 as we grow stronger. I was speaking to a member last night about the 2009 Nashville, TN, SCV reunion when we

 (MECHINIZED CAVALRY) walked in with vests, shirts and ties, the Reunion commette agreed we were in proper

dressed and allowed us to stay in Business meetings, where we were voting on very important SCV Issues.

One of our brothers points to our back patch and says see we are “SCV FIRST” cav second, a point I have heard then

 Col. Stone point out too. So wear your colours proudly and always draw respect from your actions.

Next month I will report on a Memorial Day service I am attending, May 30th at 8 AM in the Henry County, TN Courthouse

square wearing my colours and my USAF attire under my vest, so stand by for the article, feel free

to send me one too. Lots of Pictures and your report. Thanks all, God Bless.

I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker.

Gentlemen of the Florida Division next month June 4th we will be having our Division Reunion.

The meeting will be held at our building in Trenton @9:00am the meeting will start.

Due to the location this year I don't know if we will have time to breakout for a MECH. CAV. meeting.

This is a Division election year, if you plan to attend get your registration in asap.

Your local camp commander should have received any information you need to register.

Hope to see ya'll there.


I was asked to pass this along, this isn't a Mech Cav or SCV event but as you read there at least 20

confederate soldiers buried in this cemetery.

Our camp Color Guard has been involved many times over the years helping out with Memorial Day Ceremonies.

Hope to see everyone on the 25th.

The annual Linden Cemetery Association picnic will be June 25th starting around 11:00 am.

The picnic is held each year to raise money for the upkeep of the Cemetery. Please note that there are 20 known

Confederate Veterans burried here.

Meals at $10.00 a plate will be barbecue beef , pork and chicken. Also available is chicken and rice.

There will be soda , tea , lemonade and dessert for sale.

The Cemetery is located 2 miles east of the intersection of hwy 471 and 50.

The Cemetery is on the south side of hwy 50.

Elvis Rogers



I remember almost twenty years ago, when the Cracker first started, it consisted of two pages and

 about twenty pics, summarizing the activities of one, two or three states. Everything changes, in

  our case for the better, for example in this edition of the Cracker, we have the activities of fourteen States

and fifteen reports, in seven pages and more than 200 pics, it is difficult and intricate piece of work .

For space reasons, we cannot publish everything that arrives, but I assure you that 95% of what we receive is published.

Sometimes we have to discard texts that are too long, or pics of low resolution, or the same pic sent to us by two

different reporters. The Cracker website has been updated every month for over nineteen years, rain or shine.

And we want to thank those reporters (some of them have been with the Cracker for years), who every month dedicate a

part of their free time to collaborate in the Cracker, without them the Cracker would not exist.

Wesley Frank and I spend more time in front of the computer than riding our motorcycles,  but we take great satisfaction

in knowing that our work is appreciated and valued. In this edition of Cracker there is also a novelty that has never happened before,

 it is the edition that you will see more women from OCR and UDC, especially in the GBU section,  I think they deserve to be in the Cracker too.

I want to thank Carylon, Susan and Joy etc .... for helping me in this work.

I hope that if there is any grammatical error in these comments you will forgive me, I speak three languages but as you know

English is not my mother tongue, and English is the language I use the least, and sometimes I confuse the grammar of the languages.

1st Annual Florida-Georgia Shindig

November 10th – 12th 2022

Cedar Key Florida

Question contact Captain David King @ 813-682-4536

Please send the following 2-Dogs information to your Troops:

It is my honor and privilege to announce to y'all the upcoming 2022 2-Dogs Event. It will take

place 25-28 August 2022 atthe:

Clarion Hotel and Conference Center

70 Soco Road

Maggie Valley, North Carolina

2BCB I st Lt Ted "Tedn8er" Kinker

In Loving Memory: April 30,2022

That was at the grave yard today, Lost an orphan Jimmy Harned

Peg Leg

May 1, 2022

SCVMC 1-B-4th Platoon Trooper James B. “Weedhopper” Jones has crossed the river to rest under the shade

of the trees. James was an integral member of Washington Rifles Camp 2211. He rarely missed an event or workday,

 and if you ever needed anything, you just called James. He was very proud of his Family, his Southern Heritage,

his service to his Country, and his Faith in the Lord. He served as Chief for his community Volunteer Fire Dept for

 almost 30 years. James was also a great help when the Vietnam Wall was in Franklinton. He will be missed by

all of his fellow Compatriots at Camp 2211. Prayers for his wife Robin and all of his family.

 -Joey Roberts, Commander SCV Camp 2211

Reported by Jimmy Edwards


With clear blue skies and a sweet crispy morning dew descending, Mech-Cav riders rallied at the host motel in

Monroe, Georgia for the Confederate Memorial Service group ride to Stone Mountain. 9am brings our Road Captain's

 safety brief and our police escort road rules. Departure from the motel for the large group went well until the tail

 end of the group tried, at a high speed, to catch up to the lead when entering the highway (also known as the

"Accordion Effect"), one biker went down in an attempt to avoid rear-ending the bike in front.

Upon recovery, the large group combined and conversed toward its journey to Stone Mountain.

Entry to to the park and during the pre-event activities all went well. Caught a pic of our SGM Chris "Son" May

 directing foot traffic to our designated event area. Also, observed an unspecified large number of Georgia State

 Troopers on hand to prevent any disturbance projected by the antifa, blm, naacp, and splc haters/racists/bigots.

 The Confederate Memorial kicked off at 11am, which also brought out the degenerates with their foul behavior of

 screaming, yelling and cursing throughout the memorial. Their attempt to distract failed, as the event carried on

with dignity. The audience was blessed with a number of excellent speakers,  to include Mech-Cav's own,

 Colonel Timothy "Trigger" Hawkins.  The after-event concluded with a great cookout and Jubilee.

It's been two years since the last formal Confederate Memorial Service, but this year, I do believe, with the

overwhelming number of SCV and Mechanized Cavalry attending, demonstrated to the Stone Mountain Park representatives

and the degenerates, WE ARE BACK IN FULL FORCE!!!!!! Florida is looking forward to next year's Memorial Service.


N.E. Mech-Cav members have returned to group riding under new leadership of Jason Montes and Terry Simmons.

 Our first April group ride started off well, with an early morning breakfast meeting at Cracker Barrel in Orange Park.

 Many old and new issues were resolved. (Btw, if you're not aware, this restaurant chain is now serving beer.) After

 an enjoyable meal, kickstands went up and we headed out for our roundabout ride with Terry as our designated group

 leader. During the ride one of the bikes broke down, which brought an early end for the day's activity. The month of

May brought us together again as participants in the annual BOOTS-ON-THE-GROUND mammoth motorcycle poker run for

 veterans. The event was hosted by the American Legion Riders Post 9. My best guess on total number of bikes would be

 every bit 900 or more. The N.E. Mech-Cav had a great day of bonding.


Reported by Lee Norris Camp 703 Commander

It was around mid January when commander Lee Norris of the sons of confederate veterans camp #703

"Quincy young guards" was contacted by a friend via social media. The message in question entailed an interesting

piece of history. The sender had in their possession a bronze grave marker plaque with the name "Nathan Richard Phillips,

” the person who sent the picture of said plaque had found it via a friend of a friend who bought it at an estate sale in Georgia.

 The sender Ken “Swampboy” Cody knew of Commander Norris and felt it was his duty to give the stone back to its rightful owner.

The bronze plaque had never been set, it had traveled many miles over many years without it ever finding its home,

Commander Norris knew what had to be done and a call to action was ordered. The camps involved in getting Mr. Nathan Phillips

his plaque were camp #703 of which Lee Norris commands, and camp #1864 in Alabama of which compatriot Tim Beitler,

Alabama Mechanized Cavalry came from to help.

Nathan Richard Phillips was a second lieutenant of company "E" of the 59th Alabama infantry and was based in Alabama at the time.

After months of planning the plan to honor Lt. Phillips was set into motion. Early on the morning of Monday May

 16th at 9:30 am the convoy from Quincy, Florida, left bound for Ozark Alabama, whilst stopping in at the

Harley Davidson dealership in Dothan Alabama. Compatriot Beitler of camp #1864 joined in on the convoy

riding his motorcycle along side of compatriot Cameron Dice from camp #703 (both men are with mechanized cavalry).

All persons involved rode with dignity and respect of the fallen hero, flying the battle flags off of each of their vehicles.

Oh what a sight to have witnessed.

Everyone made it to the cemetery in Ozark, Alabama, whilst unloading the tools to dig and set the plaque

 (which at this point was in a concrete form provided by Commander Norris) they noticed that the dates on none

 of the stones matched, his grave site has a beautiful obelisk headstone and a government issued foot stone with

 his name, rank and military service, but the date of death doesn’t match on neither the headstone, foot stone nor the

 plaque of which was about to be set in place over his grave. It was a weird and interesting mix-up

of dates of whomever recorded them for the original creation of the stones.

The actions and valor of Lt. Phillips were honored that day thanks to all who were involved,

everyone prayed over his grave and sang Dixie in remembrance of this soldiers valor.

All in all the day was a success, a hero remembered, a brotherhood banding together for a single cause, strangers

became friends and fellowship was strong between the folks. Thank you to all who were involved in returning

this hero plaque, you have honored him, his family and the cause for which it stands.

The folks involved are from Fl camp #703, Al camp #1864, the Order of the Confederate Rose,

United Daughters of the Confederacy and the SCV Mechanized Cavalry.

Commander Lee Norris, Adjutant Jim Darby, Compatriot Devan Schnatz, compatriot Cameron Dice from

Camp #703, Vicki Norris OCR/UDC and Compatriot Tim Beitler Camp #1864.

In closing I leave you with the words of Robert Jones:

"The most important thing now is to grow, gather and keep, because then, in the echoing halls and in future whispers,

 they will build monuments in your honor and you will be remembered not for your failures or your stumbles,

 your tribulations nor your kills. But only for your greatest triumphs..

Deo vindice!

Cameron Dice camp #703 "quincy young guards" Quincy, Florida

Today Camp 703 completed a Mission along with help from OCR Chapter 9 and SCVMC 1-D Alabama.

The Camp 8th Florida Quincy Young Guards 703 located a soldier which stood with the Editor’s, Great Great Grandfather,

Wesley Frank, also of the 59th Ala. Volunteer Infantry. The Bronze foot stone was set for 2nd Lt. Nathan Richards Phillips.

Company E Born, Sept 21, 1839 , Died Aug. 6, 1895.

Lots of back breaking work digging out to level and set his marker. Lots of sweat, in the afternoon Florida sun

but all well worth the work and effort for our Confederate Soldiers. Camp 702, OCR and the Alabama boys take the SCV

 Charge very seriously, protecting the good name of the Southron soldier.

Long Day but great fellowship in honor one of our Southern Hero’s


Reported by Joseph Pizzini (Captain Rocco)

Get your registrations in 2 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2F supporting the Lt Col Archer SCV camp , after the ceremony we went back to Lt’s Brick house

to grill burgers, have a few beers and prepare for the 25 th annual  so far we’re blessed with

  a great weather report  everything is in place ,  get ready!!!

Capt Rocco and Sawbones Sawbones is one of the First 7 helped start 2F Maryland

Bad Ronnie #2, Brain #10 and Whitey #7  OG’s

Bad Ronnie #2, Brain #10, Capt Rocco #1705 and Whitey #7

The boys at Lt Bricks house getting ready for the annual

Lt Brick and Sgt Pudd

Capt Rocco, Quicksliver and the boys

 Lt Col Archer SCV camp ceremony