by Barry Wynn

Welcome Chris Rice to the Mechanized Cavalry.1-D,Southern Platoon,Western Squad !!

Captain Pat McMurry is on his way again to win the recruiter of the year award. The Bama Boys keep on growing! MCFFMC

1D Alabama Southern Platoon held its Western Squad meeting in Orange Beach, Alabama at the Undertow Bar and Grill.Future plans for events were discussed for the Southern part of the State.

Everyone enjoyed the Shrimp boil and fixings that the Undertow has every Saturday and Sunday.This is a dedicated group of Brothers that are ready to lead the charge in Southern Alabama.

1D Southern Platoon,West Squad,Corporal Wayne Bradley prepares to roll after the Platoon meeting in Orange Beach, Alabama

1D Alabama Southern Platoon troopers Corporal John Tomlin and Sargeant Johnny Charles at the Undertow in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Captain Pat McMurry hanging out with his neighhhhhh-bors at his place in Foley, Alabama.

Photo of our SCV Camp Mcadory #2114 booth set up at the Hoover Met for the War relic and antique gun show.Members manned the tables for the weekend answering questions about our heritage

 and history and providing recruiting information for SCV membership.Left to right are 1D members Chris Jackson, Captain Pat McMurry, and Sgt.Ray"Wildman"Wilson.

David Hyde was sworn into the Mechanized Cavalry at Eagle Vision Cycle on Chandler Mountain by 1D Captain Pat McMurry. David is a member of SCV Camp Shelby in Shelby Springs,

Alabama and we are proud to have him in Central Platoon. Welcome to the Cavalry Brother. MCFFMC!

1D Alabama Mechanized Cavalry joined other riders for the Inzer Museum / Veteran's home ride Saturday October 7th.Money taken in helps with upkeep and maintenance on the Inzer Museum in Asheville,

Alabama.At the Veterans Home in Pell City,Alabama we were honored to participate in the flag retiring ceremony with the residents.Mechanized Cavalry members passed out flags and

spent time with the veterans.The ride ended on Chandler Mountain at Eagle Vision Cycle with food and beverages.Thanks to all that attended. We had a great day.

Commander Bill Watkins of SCV St.Clair Camp # 308 performed taps at the Veterans Home flag retiring ceremony in Pell City,Alabama.

Wild Bill is 1D Mechanized Cavalry also.Salute Commander Watkins!

1D Trooper James Barnes talks with a veteran at the Veterans Home in Pell City, Alabama.Captain Pat's "Ole Blue" in the background.

1D 's Spud Newton(left) organized and led the Inzer Museum / Veteran's home ride and did an excellent job.

Thanks Spud for a great day.With Commander Bill Watkins also Mech Cav

1D Alabama Mechanized Cavalry troopers Barry Wynn and James Barnes about to roll out to the next stop on Chandler Mountain.

Captain Pat McMurry and Corporal Barry Wynn representing 1D Alabama at the Florabama in Orange Beach, Alabama. Forwarding the colors!

1D Alabama Mechanized Cavalry troopers participated in the North Alabama Christian Children's Home Ride.Each year 1D gives a donation to the children's home.

Special thanks go out to our members who participated in this great cause. Back row left to right are Chris Allen, Lt Rodney Pitts, Steve Partain, Roy" Cebo"Ellis,and Johnny Turner.

 Front row is James" Hippie"Hosmer,Captain Pat McMurry, Jerry Smith, Royce Richardson, and Ralph Gray. Kneeling is Richard " Simpleman "Wilson. Salute Brothers!

Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp William R Mcadory #2114 voted Ray Wildman Wilson as our new 2nd Lt.Commander at the October 19th meeting.

 Duties of the 2nd Lt.Commander are recruiting and membership retention.Wildman has always carried SCV applications and recruiting material wherever he went and

 has been Camp Mcadory's biggest recruiter.He will fill this role perfectly. We are proud and honored to have Wildman in this position. Congratulations!

Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp William R Mcadory set up a recruiting table at Tannehill Ironworks Park in Mcalla,Alabama.People came up to thank us for representing our history and heritage.

 The liberal agenda of destroying our history,both American and Confederate,has angered the patriotic people of this country.

The historical genocide of this country is backfiring and serving to unite the patriotic of this nation.Thanks to the 1D members who participated at the booth.

Captain Pat McMurry,Ray"Wildman"Wilson,Barry Wynn,James"Hippie"Hosmer,James Barnes,Chris Allen,David "Coondog"Cooner,Richard"Simpleman"Wilson,and David Hyde.God bless Dixie!