Reported by Jim Edwards


On January 12th, Florida Mech-Cav had a twofold scheduled event at the Confederate Memorial Park,

 also known as the Tampa Flag Site, with Captain David King administering the Mech-Cav oath to new member

 Travis Barbee, and the Chief International Correspondent/Commentator, Mr. Nadav Eyal, from the

Israeli News Channel 13, conducting an informative interview with Compatriot Marion D. Lambert, Jr.

New Member: Upon Compatriot Barbee's acceptance to 3-D as a new private and acknowledging his

 allegiance to fulfill, to the best of his ability, his rank responsibilities by assisting the Mechanized Cavalry

to flourish, he was greeted by all attendees with overwhelming friendship. Travis, on behalf of Captain King

and all of Florida's 3-D lieutenants, sergeants, corporals and privates, we welcome you aboard and are looking

 forward to motorcycling and partying with you.

Marion D. Lambert, Jr: Compatriot Marion Lambert, the donor of the land for our Tampa Flag Site, has been involved with

the Confederate cause for many, many years, even establishing himself back in 1994 as the President of Preserving

Our Heritage organization. As it's known, he's been a true Southern farmer over 35 years, working his acreage and selling

his fresh seasonal products. He told me his farm also has chickens, pigs, cows, bees, pigeons, and much more. Folks,

this is a real working Southern farm that's a must to visit. When purchasing those free range eggs, raw milk, raw honey

nd many other items, you pay on an honor system, leaving your money in a jar. He accepts the following types of currency: cash, checks,

Confederate currency, gold bullion and silver coins. Be sure to take a trip to the South Tampa Farm and experience it yourself.

It's located at 6101 S. 2nd Street, Tampa.

Interview: The interview was suppose to be with Compatriot Marion Lambert but he felt it best to have a few of the Mech-Cav

members join in. Getting volunteers to step up and explain the SCV history and the charge of preserving our Southern heritage

was easy. It appears there are many historians in the Floridian Mech-Cav, as they answered question after question pertaining to

our history, causes for the war between the states, unfair tariffs/taxes, slavery, the Confederate Battle Flag, etc. I asked Mr. Eyal

when he expected to air the interview and he stated: "It will take a couple of months before we air. I will ask my production to send you a link.

" Upon receipt of the link and with Captain King's approval, it will be forwarded to everyone.

The only scheduled event next month is the Officers' Call and I'm planning to attend.

I'll do that one for the March issue. Also, if my NE group does anything next month I'll catch that, too.

I love the pic with Marion giving the thumbs up. What a way to sign off!!!!


Reported by Lieutenant Brian "Vex" McClure / Executive Officer & Communications



The SCV participated in the 2019 Many Christmas Parade. The SCV Procession was sponsored by the Sabine Rifles Camp.

 Members of the SCV, SCVMC, UDC, OCR, Friends of the SCV, Heritage supporters & Reenactors were in attendance.

The crowd was very friendly and supportive.


The Lt. Elijah H. Ward Camp # 1971 hosted the event. A great time was had by all featuring door prizes,

 a silent auction and interactive games.

 LA SCVMC Executive Officer & NE Brigade Commander Brian "Vex" McClure is shown here addressing the well

 attended function about the importance of the Confederate Legion.


Reported by Cpl. Gary Burleigh (Breeze)

Capt. Herb Jacks swareing in new Trooper Jimmy Lenot

Thomas Glenn and Billy Mack Folding the flag with pride,care and respect it deserves.

 This is who we are and what we do. Deo Vendice.

Trooper Jimmy Lenox being swon in to Co.C 5th squad by Capt. Hebert Jacks,

and 1st Sgt. Paul Smith at Sgt.Scott Lewis House

Trooper David Ramirez 1st Squqd 1st Lt. Commander 9th Brigade SCV Member Tom Dunk who found the grave and Newell Rambo

 1st Squad honoring the Grave of Davy Crockets grand son William H.Crockett. at Needville City Cemetery Needville Texas.