Reported by Sgt James “Peezo” Lovelace

In the last quarter of 2018 the men of Company A have been really busy with events and rides.

But we have also been dealing with the passing of Brothers and Family members of Brothers.

In October we lost our Brother and Friend Bobby Dale "Bojangles” Maness. Bojangles had

 been sick for a long time and lost his battle. He will be missed greatly by his family and his Brothers.

Bobby Dale "Bojangles” Maness

The escort of Brothers for Bojangles


Then in November Sgt JD Burgess of the 5th Platoon 8th Squad lost wife Michele.

Michele had been fighting cancer for a long time and she lost her battle on the Evening of Thanksgiving.

 She was a strong supporter of the and member of the OCR and the 8th Squad.

 She was loved by all and this could be seen by the turn out for her funeral.

Sgt JD Burgess and wife Michele

The Turnout for the Funeral of Michele Burgess. This was just part of the Biker family who turned out.

Not everything in the 4th Quarter has been so sad for us.

The men of the 5th Platoon 8th Squad held a toy run for Restoring Hope Ministries.

They were able to present them with a check for $1,000

The men of the 5th Platoon held the Restoring Hope Toy Run collecting a pickup truck and a van loaded with toys.

This was the second year for this event and it tripled in the number of bikes that took part.

We had 3 men who earned those coveted Rockers in November.

Daniel Murney was awarded his Rockers by Cpl Chris Young and David Young.

Frank Linde was awarded his Rockers by Sgt. James “Peezo” Lovelace

Kevin Witherel was awarded his Rockers by LT Halbrooks

The men of 1st Platoon took part in the Mega Flag raising on I-40 at Newport, TN. Anyone going to or coming from

North Carolina will see this flag honoring the Great Men of Tennessee who fought an invading army.

Darrel Dabbs was awarded his 5 year hash mark by Sgt. James “Peezo” Lovelace

at the General George Dirbel 7th Squad Breakfast.

Members of the 7th Squad who attended the General George Dirbel 7th Squad Breakfast.

L/R Up coming member Bear Vinson, Pvt. Frank Linde, Pvt. Darrel Dabbs, Sgt James “Peezo” Lovelace and

 5th Platoon Chaplain Christopher Dobbs. And the future of the Mech Cav holds his future cut.

The men of the 4th Platoon held a Family Fun day at the General Nathan Bedford Forrest Boyhood Home to raise

funds for a new pavilion. They also presented Brother Gene Andrews with a plague for his work and faithfulness to the Boy Hood Home.

The men of the 5th Platoon 7th Squad turned out in the 25 degree weather to ride in the first ever

Cumberland County Veterans Day Parade. When the Camps Float and the Bikes went by the reviewing stand our

Flag was given a Standing Ovation. The people were cheering and our hearts were blessed by a city and her people.

Thank You for the work you two do on the Cracker.

I will try to send more reports each month. I have been slacked off and covered up with so much to do.

Thanks Again


Reported by Barry Wynn

The pipe for the 100 foot Battle Flag has been delivered to the site in Ft Payne, Alabama.

The flag will stand along side interstate 59 for all traveling north and south to see.Shown unloading the pipe

for the flagpole are North East Platoon Lieutenant Bear Butler (on the backhoe)

 Sargeant Ray Wildman Wilson and 1D Captain Pat McMurry.

1D Captain Pat McMurry and Southern Platoon Lieutenant Bonzo Redmon present

Ryan Preston with his Corporal stripes. Congratulations on your promotion!

Isaac Brownlow III is promoted to Sargeant by Southern Platoon Lieutenant Bonzo Redmon.

With 1D Captain Pat McMurry in attendance. Look forward to serving with you Brother!

Great picture of our newly formed North Central Platoon "Defenders" forwarding the charge for 1D Alabama.

Shown left to right are James Lanford, Lieutenant Roy"Cebbo"Ellis, Communications Officer Corporal Mike Lanford,

Wayne Green, Corporal Charlie Quarles, Mike Shaggy Ward,and John Green. Not pictured is Sargeant Johnny Turner.

Southern Platoon Lieutenant Bonzo Redmon presents Corporal stripes to Darin Thompson.

Congratulations Brother!

Tim Leadsled Beitler is promoted to Corporal in the Southern Platoon by Lieutenant Bonzo Redmon

as 1D Captain Pat McMurry looks on. Congratulations on your new position!

The Yellowhammer SCV Camp and Dekalb County SCV Camp enjoyed their annual Christmas celebration and dinner

at the Comfort Inn in Scottsboro,Al.OCR,SCV,and 1D Mechanized Cavalry members were all in attendance.

Great food and entertainment was provided for.Great job and Merry Christmas everyone!

Congratulations to Trooper Tracy Iler for his promotion to Sargeant.

Shown presenting his new stripes is Darin Thompson. Both are in the Southern Platoon.

Another Toy Run is in the books.....and ends a year of fundraising for the Eldridge Children's Home.

 Our grand total at the end.of.today.....$12,140!!! We not only.met our goal but surpassed It!!

It takes a team....the Winston County Grays, Jenny Brooks Johnston Chapter 18 of OCR, the Alabama Division

Sons of Confederate Veterans and the SCV Mechanized Calvary...and God above.

Without His blessings, it wouldn't have been possible

You can still donate to the children's home! Go to www.eldridgetoyrun.com

 and click the donate now button

The Toy Run total as of 3 hours ago was $81,400!! Reported by OCR member Shirley Ann Postell.

Southern Platoon troopers were invited to participate in the Veterans Parade in Foley, Alabama.

They did an outstanding job representing 1D Alabama Mechanized Cavalry as they supported and honored our nation's Veterans. Salute!

Thanks for this report from North Central Platoon Communications Officer Corporal Mike Lanford with his son James Lanford:
Took a New Recruit to SCV Headquarters to join the Organization,now the process of Mechanized Cavalry for the1D Alabama North Central Platoon.
Congrats to Jesse McCallister for becoming a SCV Member and Future Mech Calv.
Thanks to the Staff at Headquarters and Charlie Quarles