Reported by Cpl. Mac McPeters - 2nd Battalion CO.A 4TH Platoon

Photos by Judy Smith -Photography

The 4th Platoon were honored to assisted the SCV Dearing-Beauregard Camp #1813 in placing flags on the graves of

 our Confederate Ancestors at the Historic Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg, VA in preparation for the 21st Annual Memorial Day Service.


Jimmy Easter, Jim Ragland, Cpl. Mac McPeters, Susan McPeters, Ray Easter,

Tucker, Floyd Townsend, Johnny Anderson, Carl Easter & Sgt. Terry Jones

SCV MC brothers from NC, GA, VA honored our ancestors at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, VA.

Gen. Stone, Va Capt. McDaniels, Va 1st Lt. Johnson, Sgt Terry and Cpl Mac and many other brothers surprised

Cpl. Ceptor of the Old North State with a stop at Hollywood Cemetery to honor his ancestor.

Sgt. Terry and my wife I met the group as they arrived at the cemetery where we led them to the grave site.

After friendly greetings and some fellowship in the shade we gatherd by the Pyramid

where Gen Stone surprised Cpl Ceptor with the location of his ancestors gravesite.

Hal Hartly began the ceremony with a prayer and Capt McDaniel led the ceremony. Cpl Ceptor told us what he

 knew about his ancestor. At the close the ceremony Capt McDaniel led us in a round of singing Dixie.

Cpl Mac led the group to Q's BBq for a late lunch.

Afterward they continued on to DC to represent the SCV Mechanized Cavalry in the last Rolling Thunder.


Thank you to Kim Smith Photography for some of the photos


Sgt. Terry Jones leading the brothers to the Confederate Section in the Hollywood Cemetery.

 Mark, Sgt. Joey Taylor 2A 5th Platoon & 2A 4th Platoon Cpl. Mac McPeters & Sgt. Terry Jones.

Bikes traveling through Hollywood Cemetery

Service at the Pyramid Cpl. Ceptor, Va Capt. Robeert McDaniel, Major Frank Baptista & General Stone

Cpl.Ceptor placing a flag on his ancestors grave surrounded by 1st Lt.Jeff Johnson, Major Frank, General Stone and his brothers.

 2A 4th Platoon Sgt.Terry Jones and 1st. Lt Jeff Johnson during the ceremony at the pyramid

During the ceremony

Group picture at the Pyramid

2A 4th Platoon Cpl. Mac McPeters & Susan Mcpeters leading the brothers through the cemetery

2A 4th Platoon Sgt. Terry Jones and Cpl. Mac McPeters and Susan McPeters leading the brothers out of the cemetery after the ceremony.


Reported by Kathy Mayhew


The Virginia Society Order of Confederate Rose held their annual reunion at the River's Bend Grill, Chester, VA on Saturday, 4/27/19.

Kathy Mayhew presented Alice Williams with her VA Society OCR Lifetime Membership Certificate.
Left to Right: Alice Williams, Lifetime OCR Member and Kathy Mayhew, President, VA Society Order of Confederate Rose.

Paula Meador, President of the Lucy Breckinridge OCR Chapter #4 presented Debbie Kendrick with her chapter membership certificate.
Left to Right: Paula Meador and Debbie Kendrick

The Major General Thomas L. Rosser OCR Chapter #13 won 1st Place in the OCR State Mascot Competition.
Pictured Left to Right-Front Row: Rhonda Worley, Kathy Mayhew, Amanda Daniel
Pictured Left to Right-Back Row: Linda Bennett, Sherry Sheets and Tony Mayhew

Major General Thomas L. Rosser OCR Chapter #13 won 1st Place in the OCR State Scrapbook Competition.
Pictured Left to Right-Front Row: Rhonda Worley, Kathy Mayhew, Amanda Daniel
Pictured Left to Right-Back Row: Linda Bennett, Sherry Sheets and Tony Mayhew

The Lucy Breckinridge OCR Chapter #4 won 2nd Place in the OCR State Scrapbook Competition.
Pictured Left to Right-Front Row: Betty Shideler & Debbie Kendrick
Pictured Left to Right-Back Row: Ann Turner, Frances Hess and Paula Meador

VA Society OCR Group Photo:
Front Row-Left to Right: Jackie Dennison, Rhonda Worley, Betty Shideler, Stephanie Clinton, Teresa Wells, Alice Williams Debbie Kendrick and Kathy Mayhew.
2nd Row-Left to Right: Ann Turner, Frances Hess, Frannie Kellison, Amanda Daniel and Flora Joyner
Back Row-Left to Rigth: Gordon Kellison, Norman Williams, Linda Bennett, Sherry Sheets, Tony Mayhew and Paula Meador

Good morning,

My name is Betty Shideler and I am a member of the Lucy Breckinridge chapter, Order of Confederate Rose.

 We are sponsored by the Fincastle Rifles camp, SCV, in Roanoke.

Our Chapter arranges a few tours per year and we have an overnight tour coming up on June 22 and 23.

 I attach a flyer which I believe contains the required information for insertion in the Cracker newsletter.

Please let me know if you require any additional information.


Betty Shideler


June 22 and 23, 2019

Join the Lucy Breckinridge Chapter, OCR, as we travel to some of the most hallowed ground in Virginia.

These sites saw more fighting and bloodshed during the four years of the War Between the States than any other area.

 It will also cover some of Lee’s Overland Campaign sites.

We will visit The Exchange Hotel Civil War Medical Museum (Virginia’s only standing Civil War Receiving Hospital) in Gordonsville

 and then visit The Wilderness and Chancellorsville (site where General Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson was wounded) Battlefields.

The next day of the tour will focus on the Battlefields of Cedar Mountain and Brandy Station

(site of the largest cavalry engagement in American history) and will include visits to The Graffiti House, the Museum of

 Culpeper History, and wrap up with a tour of Fairview Cemetery. One of Fairview's historic markers is a memorial monument

 that marks a mass grave for Confederate soldiers. Their remains were re-interred at Fairview after being moved from the old cemetery on Jameson's Hill.

This all-inclusive tour costs $151.50 per person (based on double occupancy) and the single rate is $209.00.

 This covers hotel, admission to Museums and Battlefields, meals, and snacks. We will be doing a lot of walking so please wear comfortable shoes.

There are lots of resting spots along the tour.

We will car-pool so if you are willing and able to drive, please let me know.

 You will be compensated for your mileage.

Payment may be made by cash, check or money order, payable to Lucy Breckinridge, OCR.

Deadline for registration is Tuesday, June 18th. Itinerary subject to change without notice.

 For more information and to register, please call Betty Shideler @ 540-850-6393 or email:


Reported by Sergeant  Barry Wynn

It is with heavy heart and much regret that 1D Alabama has to open our report with the passing and loss of one

 of Alabama's best. Lt. Bear Butler died of a heart attack May 19th at his home in Hollywood, Alabama.

 Bear was a great friend, brother, and leader that will never be replaced. A stand up,one of a kind man of integrity

and character who has left a void in our hearts forever.May we all strive to follow in his footsteps and live by his example.

He will be truly and greatly missed.

Lt Bear Butler was passionate about the I-59 Mega Flag project in Ft Payne, Alabama. He had accepted the task of bringing

this to fruition and had dedicated himself to it.This photo is of his last work day there when the base was set.

The completion of this project will be dedicated to this man and his service. In it he will always be remembered.

North Central Platoon Lieutenant Roy Cebbo Ellis at one of the stops during the

Heart of Dixie Run getting the Mech Cav Troopers ready to roll out.

Lt.Bear Butler shown swearing in (Lt to Rt) Ricky Dunn and Rodney Thomas to the Mechanized Cavalry.

Bear was dedicated to serving and advancing his cause to his heritage and ancestors.We are all better people for knowing him.

Lt to Rt is Shannon Lanford, Corporal Mike "Jackal" Lanford and Northeast Platoon Lieutenant Bear Butler

at the Coke Ovens in Dunlap,Tennessee during the Spring Fling Potluck Picnic.Everyone was always interested in what Bear had to say.

Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and General Kevin Stone from North Carolina participated in 1D Alabama's Heart of Dixie Run.

 Leaving from the Rattlesnake Saloon in Tuscumbia, Alabama this was a stop in Winston county at the Hwy 278 Mega Flag.

 The Winston County Grays SCV Camp with help from the Jenny Brooks Johnson OCR Sisters have turned this into a

Confederate park with monuments and memorial markers.Thanks much to everyone who attended!

Tim Beitler from 1D's Southern Platoon (left) joined Steve Brock in Hawaii for a few cold drinks and socializing.

Steve will be coming to Alabama in July to host the black powder sharpshooting event in Mobile that will be held

during the week of the SCV National Convention.

Central Platoon Trooper Jeff Snow got to meet H K Edgerton in Marion,Alabama during

the Memorial service there.1D representing wherever we go.

1D Alabama Southern Platoon Troopers know how to relax.Lt to Rt Wayne Bradley,John Tomlin,and Johnny Charles

 make good use of the rocking chairs on the front porch of Jefferson Davis' home Beauvoir in Biloxi, Mississippi.

1D Alabama Mechanized Cavalry represented well at the Confederate Memorial day celebration at the Capitol

in Montgomery, Alabama.Thank you fellas for standing tall for our History and Heritage! Salute!

South Central Platoon Lieutenant and Chaplain Michael "Chop" Atkins spoke to the crowd in attendance at the Confederate

Memorial day celebration in Montgomery, Alabama and brought greetings from the Mechanized Cavalry.

 Chop did an awesome job stepping up representing 1D.

Wayne Hamby was sworn into the Mechanized Cavalry during the Heart of Dixie Run by none other than General Kevin Stone.

Wayne will be in the North West Platoon under Lieutenant Jamie Green who is shown presenting his patch.Welcome aboard Brother!

Central Platoons David "Stretch" Hahn and his wife Amanda enjoying themselves at Rattlesnake Saloon in Tuscumbia, Alabama

 during the Heart of Dixie Run. Amanda is an OCR member and has been a valuable asset to our cause.

 She can bake a cake that will make your tongue slap your brains out!

Northeast Platoon Lieutenant Bear Butler will be forever in our hearts and minds.Rest in Peace Brother.

Greg Harris of the Alabama Yellowhammer SCV Camp is shown presenting the H.L. Hunley Award at the 2019 JROTC Awards

Day in Fort Payne, Alabama.The Yellowhammer Camp has done an outstanding job of giving out many of these awards

 in their community. Greg is a Corporal in the North East Mechanized Cavalry Platoon as well as Adjutant of the Yellowhammer Camp.