by Paul F. Smith Sr., Sgt.Rabbit #1788

Confederate Monument Travis Park, San Antonio, Texas. First public statue ever erected in San Antonio. Erected April 17,1900 and dedicated April 28,1900. Money raised and paid for by the United Daughters of The Confederacy of San Antonio.
" Lest We Forget Our Confederate Dead"

The statue stands 40 feet tall with a 8 foot statue on top of a column and pedestal. The Generic private soldier with a rifle,"the unquie in grant form." Of a brave Confederate soldier... Proudly pointing heavenward , while has gone the spirit legions of his departed compatriots in arms." On the column , a Texas Star and a wreath are inscribed , and in center are the words " To Our Confederate Dead".
The call was made to rally at the Confederate Monument at William Barrett Tavis Park in San Antonio, Texas. The SCVMC 1st. Battalion Co. C answered the call. In spite of extreme heat Co C pressed onward .
Two city councilmen of the city of San Antonio request a hearing in city council to put in for having the Confederate Monument removed from the park.
The SCVMC Co. C along with SCV , OCR, UDC, and other like minded Southern Heritage Organizations answered the call in full force. Over 500 people conservatively were present in favor of keeping the monument in place.

In back row on left. 1C , 1st. Platoon , 4th Squad Sgt. Elvin Stanley, 1C Captain Frank Polk, Trooper David Calandra 4th Squad, back to camera 1st. Squad Greg Lambeth ,

 and 1st.squad Corporal Randall Tennison ( Chong)

3rd Squad Coporal Ruben Cordova. ( Red Eyes)

Behind the tree 2nd Squad Trooper Billy MacBride, Trooper Rodney Smithson of 4th Squad, 1C Captain Frank , setting with back to camera at far right in white Tshirt , 1C,1st. Platoon , 1st. Lt. Billy Gorman.

Setting 1C , 2nd. Platoon Past Corporal Craig Stone, 1C Captain Frank , and 1C 2nd Platoon Corporal Rudy Ray.

1C , 1st. Platoon, 1st. Lt. Billy Gorman . Forwarding the Colors.

Background center 1C , 1st. Platoon 4th Squad Trooper Keith Weidner , center front 1C , 1st. Platoon 1st. Squad Trooper Nowery Smith, 1C Captain Frank Polk, and 1C, 2nd Platoon Past Corporal Craig Stone.

Don't Tread On Me!

Arrived in town early. Taking a little break from the Texas heat. 1C , 1st. Platoon 1st. Squad Sarge Mike Boone and Trooper Greg Lambeth.

Far right is the Texas Division 11th Brigade Flag. Salute!

1C Iron Steeds getting a rest after rolling in to San Antonio.

On the left 1C . 1st. Platoon 4th Squad Trooper David Calandra and a friend , Scott Davis.

In the center 1C , 2nd Platoon Corporal Rudy Ray, far right front with back to camera , 1C , 1st. Platoon , 4th Squad Rodney Smithson. In front of him ,

 1C , 1st. Platoon 3rd Squad Corporal Red Eyes ( Ruben Cordova)

1C , 1st. Platoon , 3rd Squad Trooper Gary Burleigh. ( center)

Front center 1st. Squad , 1st. Platoon , 1C, Sarge, Mike Boone, Center over Mikes left shoulder 1st.Sq. 1st. Platoon , 1C Corporal Chong ( Randall Tenison )

Right of center 1C, 1st. Platoon , 4th Sq. Trooper Rodney Smithson.

A Southern Supporter.

SCVMC 1C Texas Division at The Confederate Monument in William Barrett Travis Park in San Antonio, Texas. Saving the Monument in support.
Troopers Aaron Tennison and Greg Lambeth of 1C , 1st.Platoon, 1st. Squad. Pretty hot at the park. Keeping hydrated. Trooper in back ground between them, Sarge Mike Boone 1st. Squad.

Corporal Chong ( Randy Tennison) 1C ,1st.Platoon,1st.Squad

Troopers David Calandra 1C,1st.Plt, 4th Sq. and Gary Burleigh 1C, 1st.Plt., 3rd Sq.

1C,1st.Platoon 1st.and 4th Sqds. Taking a cooling break in the Texas famous " Buckhorn Saloon" in San Antonio, Texas.
Sarge Mike Boone, Rodney Smithson, Aaron Tennison, And Hunter Wright.

In center With the Battle Flag of Tennessee, Trooper Gary Burliegh 1C. 1st. Plt.,3rd Sq. Forward The Colors

Sgt. Elvin Stanley 1C, 1st.Plt.,4th Sq. wearing the IG Mississippi " The Last Color Bearer " t shirt.

SCV members supporting along side with the SCVMC and other like minded Southern Heritage groups.

SCVMC 1C and SCV supporters for Save The Confederate Monument in Travis Park San Antonio, Texas