Reported by Cpl. Mac McPeters

2nd Battalion CO.A 4TH Platoon

The end of August proved to be busy for VA SCVMC. Virginia had a great showing at the 20th Annual NC SCVMC 2 Dogs Invitational.

 1Lt Jeff Johnson accepted the award for VA SCVMC “Most Attendance”. On Saturday August 24 The 4th Platoon had a great

monthly meeting with members from the 5th & 6th platoons in attendance. After the meeting Cpl Mac McPeters led several members on a

 ride to Prince George to attended a benefit ride Southern Cross RC. Also on August 24 Lemuel “Mule” Brown was promoted to Sergeant

of the 6th Platoon, 2nd Battalion Company A. The 6th Platoon is back up and running.

On Saturday September 7, the 6th Platoon had its 1st "official " ride since restructuring. Sgt. Mule led the ride through

the Virginia/North Carolina country side to Roanoke Rapids and the Roanoke Valley Veterans Museum and then to Ralphs BBQ.

Along for the ride were Cpl Gordon and Grandson Matt, John T., John S., Peter H., Barry S., Ricky D., and Hal H.

The weekend of September 13 – 15 Virginia held its 7th annual State picnic hosted by the 4th and 5th platoons at Amelia Family Campground.

 Brothers from Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania started arriving on Friday September 13th for a great weekend of camping,

 riding, and fellowship. Saturday morning more brothers arrived. After a ride meeting held by Sgt. Terry Jones and a prayer by

Chaplain Richard Daniel, 28 motorcycles and one chase truck lined up for a nice ride on the back roads of Amelia and Chesterfield

 Counties then on to Colonial Heights and Petersburg. We made a stop at Dante’s Pizza in Colonial Heights for Lunch.

 After lunch one of Colonial Heights finest gave us a police escort through town to Petersburg. Once in Petersburg we went to

Blandford Cemetery and met on Memorial Hill where the 8th Brigade hosted a ceremony in honor of Richard Poplar a “Colored Confederate Soldier”.

 At the conclusion of the service Ray Easter of the 4th Platoon and the Petersburg Preservation Task Force arranged for a private tour

of Blandford Church. We then had a nice ride back to Amelia Family Campground stopping at Historic Namazine Church where 2nd Platoon

Sgt. Jeff Anderson arranged for it to be open so that we could all tour the church. Once we arrived back at the campground we had great

 fellowship and great food provided by Papa V’s Backyard BBQ. The 5th and 4th Platoons raffled off several flags, prints and a Sword.

At the conclusion of the nights activities, Lt1 Jeff Johnson had all of the State Officers and Platoon Sergeants on stage to show

the leadership in Virginia. With the help of Sargent Major Slim, 1Lt Jeff Johnson presented Captain Tucker with Retired Captain Bars.

Sunday Morning we met once again in the pavilion at Amelia Family Campground where Chaplain Richard Daniel gave a

Confederate Sermon focusing on General Robert E. Lee.

Yankee Tom presenting 1Lt Jeff Johnson with a trophy for Virginia having the most in attendance

Trophy and Plaque from 2019 2-Dogs.

4th Platoon Meeting

Benefit Ride

6th Platoon Meeting (Front row) John Smith, Cpl Gordon Drewery, Ricky Derby,

and Buck Waddell (Back row) Bruce Rideout, Sgt. Lemuel Brown, Hal Hartley and Berry Smith

picture was taken by Betty Jo Waddell

6th Platoon’s Ride Saturday Sept. 7th

Campers arriving for the VA SCVMC Picnic.

Ale, Ray, Sgt. Terry, Sgt Joey, Captain Rocco, Glen & Craig

Ale, Ray, Sgt. Terry, Sgt Joey, Captain Rocco, Glen & Craig

Sgt. Major Slim open for business.

Group photo VA SCVMC State Picnic

Before the group ride at the VS SCVMC State Picnic


Reported by Barry Wynn

1D Alabama Mechanized Cavalry Troopers made a stop at Dogs Biker Heaven in Elgin, Alabama on

their way to support the North Alabama Children's Home charity event in Florence,Alabama.

For the North Alabama Children's home,1D made a great showing as we support the Children's Home in this annual charity event.

One of two children's homes in Alabama that 1D faithfully supports.

The other being the Eldridge Children's Home that has their fund raising event the first Saturday in December.

Left to right are,David Stretch Hahn, Amanda Hahn, Shannon Lanford, James Lanford, and Corporal Mike Jackal Lanford

pictured at Florence,Alabama for the North Alabama Children's home fund raiser.

The Winston County Grays are always ready to present a living history demonstration at local events to further our

Confederate History and Heritage. Pictured are Lt to Rt 1D Northwest Platoon Sergeant Johnny Hamby, Lieutenant Jamie Green

 and Scott Frederick providing an example for the next generation.

Riders in attendance for the Annual Colonel Inzer fundraiser are pictured below the Confederate Mega Flag that hangs on the

 grounds of the Inzer Museum.Money raised goes to the care and maintenance of the Colonel Inzer Museum in Asheville,Alabama.

SCV Camp William R Mcadory 1st Lieutenant Commander James Barnes(Lt)and SCV Camp #308 Commander Bill Watkins discussing

business before the Inzer Ride in Asheville,Alabama. In his nineties Wild Bill is still running circles around us all.

SCV Carney Camp welcomes its newest member Ronnie Tucker.Seen here with Adjutant Tracy Iler and Commander Ryan Preston.

Both leaders of this Camp play a big role in 1D Alabama Mechanized Cavalry as they continue to

recruit new members in the Southern part of the state.

Dear Friend & Brother James "Hippy" Hosmer, Alabama 1D Mechanized Cavalry,

crossed the river to rest under the shade of the trees.He will be deeply missed.

Join us in offering our Sincerest Condolences to Hippy's Family,

Friends and 1-D Brothers across Alabama.
Godspeed Brother.....
Mike Jackal Lanford Communications Officer North Central Platoon.

Sergeant Ray Wildman Wilson and 1D Captain Pat Mcmurry finish the grounds keeping at the Confederate Mega Flag

along Interstate 22 in Cordova,Alabama. Thanks Brothers for a job well done keeping up the flag site!

One of the stops on the Inzer Ride was the Veterans Home in Pell City,Alabama.The Veterans always get a kick out of our

visit and the motorcycles that show up.Shown are Captain Pat Mcmurry, Mike Johnson,Kevin Johnson,and Jeff Snow.

Spud Newton(in the butternut vest) always does a great job orchestrating this ride

Kevin and Mike Johnson got sworn into the Mechanized Cavalry at the gravesite of their Confederate ancestor at Oak Hill Cemetery

in Talladega,Alabama.They are also members of SCV Camp William R Mcadory.Camp Mcadory Commander and 1D Captain Pat Mcmurry

 is shown swearing them into the Cavalry.Holding the flag is Jay Duke and James Barnes.Welcome Brothers!

North Central and North East Platoon 1D members took a day trip to Chickamauga Battlefield in Northwest Georgia.

Pictured are North Central Platoon Corporal Mike Jackal Lanford,Northeast Platoon Lieutenant Howard Duck Wallace,

and Sergeant Robert Weasel Kemp.These Troopers are always out and about covering the Northern part of the state.