Reported by Barry Wynn

A 1D Mechanized Cavalry meeting for Southern and South Central Platoons was held at Confederate Veterans Memorial Park

 in Luverne,Alabama. Future business, rides/events, and promotions was addressed.

The meeting was closed with a member photo with Alabama's newest Confederate Mega Flag.Great job Troopers!

Brian Snake Anderson is shown with Captain Pat McMurray receiving his stripes and certificate of

promotion to Sergeant in the South Central Platoon. Congratulations Snake!

Shown is newly promoted Corporal Don Owens of South Central Platoon. He is recieving is certificate

 of promotion and stripes from 1D Captain Pat McMurray. Congratulations Don!

1D Alabama would like to recognize and congratulate the newest member of the Dixie Hawgs, David Rush.

Also congratulations goes out to the Southern Platoon Chaplain Kurt Thompson.

 Shown with Captain Pat McMurray of 1D Alabama.

Lieutenant Chop Atkins of South Central Platoon entertained the Troopers at the Southern State meeting. Chop is also Chaplain

 for the Platoon as well as a full time Pastor. 1D is full of multi talented Brothers! Thanks Chop!

Corporal Mike Jackal Landford at the 1D Northern State Meeting received his promotion certificate from

Northern Platoon Lieutenant Roy Ellis and Captain Pat McMurray. Congratulations Jackal!

Lieutenant Roy Cebbo Ellis of Northern Platoon presented Charlie Quarles with his Corporal certificate. Shown with Captain

 Pat McMurray at the Northern State meeting in Kimberly, Alabama. Congratulations Charlie!

Johnny Turner received his promotion certificate to Sergeant of Northern Platoon from Lieutenant Roy Cebbo Ellis

and 1D Captain Pat McMurray at the Northern State meeting in Kimberly, Alabama. Congratulations Johnny!

Northern Platoon swore in a new member to their ranks.Jess McAllister now adds to their growing membership.

Great job fellows! L to R: James Lanford, Corp Mike (Jackal) Lanford, Jess McAllister, Lt. Roy (Cebbo) Ellis, Corp Charles (Gramps) Quarles.

Welcome the newest members of SCV Yellow Hammer Camp#579 and 1D Mechanized Cavalry Ryan and Scott Satterfield

shown with Sergeant Duck Wallace. Congratulations Brothers. Welcome to the Calvary!

Lieutenant Bear Butler of the Northeast Platoon presented Wayne Willingham with his 1D Mechanized Cavalry certificate an

 patch at Guntersville Park during the SCV Alabama Division Flag Day celebration.Lets all welcome Wayne to the Calvary!

North Central Platoon Lieutenant Roy Cebbo Ellis is shown sworeing in Clint “Dog” Freeman to the Mechanized Cavalry.

Dog is the owner of Dogs Biker Heaven in Elgin,Alabama. Stop by the shop and welcome him to the Calvary and check out his place while you're there!

The Prattville Dragoons SCV Camp and the South Central Mechanized Cavalry Platoon participated together in the Prattville,

Alabama City Mardi Gras parade. They are invited every year to attend this event and do a great job representing and promoting

Confederate Heritage and History in the Community. Salute to you all for your efforts!

Reported by Randy Vaughn

The “Siege of Bridgeport”

Pictures of the 25th Annual re-enactment in Bridgeport Alabama Saturday March 23rd.

Georgia 3-B & Alabama 1-D SCVMC represented.

Weasel, Oilcan, & Duck

Philip Croft SCVMC & Mark Steele SCV

Skyye Reed & Derek Dean (Double D) both SCVMC & 39th Ga. Infantry