Reported by John Fisher


The Horry Rough and Readys SCV #1026 in Horry County, SC. held a merchandise booth at the Little River Shrimp Festival in

Little River, SC, Oct. 12th and 13th. Pictured are camp Adjutant Eddie Pippin, Compatriot Michael Krantz, along with SCSCVMC

members Paul Flanagan and Camp Commander John Fisher. The event was an overwhelming success with over $2000.00 being

 raised which will be used for the purchase of Southern Crosses of Honor, flags and other materials to be used for the preservation

 of Confederate soldiers graves.


On Saturday, September 28th, 2019, SCSCVMC members traveled approximately 2 1/2 hours to pay respects to the crews

of the H. L. Hunley. For several members this was their first opportunity to visit their final resting places.

2nd Platoon 2nd Lt. Larry Davis and Color Sgt. Ashley Graham change out flags at for the crews of the H. L. Hunley

SCSCV MC members 2nd Lt. Larry Davis, Color Sgt. Ashley Graham, Horry Rough and Readys

SCV #1026 Camp Commander John Fisher, and Compatriot Paul Flanagan.

3rd Platoon Co A members during the Confederate Heritage Ride.


Reported by Robert E. Masters Jr

Members of the NC 2nd Batt Company B, A Squad rode and represented the SCV aboard the CSS Neuse (Replica)

in Kinston, on 10/19/2019. That would be a caption for the picture of the boat.

Later in the day, the same squad NC 2nd Batt, Company B, A Squad joined a fund-raising ride for breast cancer survivors

 at Harley Davidson of New Bern, NC Pictured left to right are: SgtMaj "Stinggean" Elder, Cpl Joey Cuddington,

 Pvt Ed Lawhorn, Pvt Monte Uzzell, Cpl Victor Griffin (Tractor)


Reported by Kevin Stone - Commander NC Division SCV

Men of the Old North State,

See below for an overview of the PROGRESS that is being made and that YOU on the Camp and Brigade

can do to help retake the narrative!

Your current Division Leadership Team has fully embraced this and stands ready to assist but the Crux of the matter

 is that YOU must be willing to "put your money where your mouth is" and do like Compatriot Stover did...

Decide that instead of griping about what's not being done by National or Division to take it upon yourself to make YOUR part of

the world a better place by beginning a Camp or Brigade project to install a new Memorial or to replace a damaged or destroyed one...

Here is what happened across the Confederation this past weekend per Joshua Stover:

Slyvania, GA. Black Creek Volunteers Camp #549, GA

Robertsville, MO. Brigadier General Stand Waite Camp #230, MO

Burke, NC. Col. Sam Tate Camp #836, NC

Okolona, MS. Jeffery Forrest monument, SCV

All 4 were SCV projects.

We have much to do and few hands to do it with...

I implore you to begin now as we are behind the 8 ball already...

October 22, 2019

2nd Battalion Co. B, 3rd Platoon member Tom Kesler passed away today

at his home in Rowan County. Please keep his family in your prayers


Reported by James Smithson

We just returned from the Gator Run in Louisiana. This is the Louisiana SCV Mechanized Cavalry's Annual event which

 was hosted at Lake Bistaneau LA. We left home on Wednesday the 2nd of Oct and stopped in Meridian MS for the night at

 the same motel I had stayed in back in June when we went to Texas for Mech Cav Annual.

The next day Thursday we stopped in Monroe for lunch at the Pecanland Mall. We visited the Harley shop to get a few

poker chips and lo and behold there was Capt Train, Buffalo Steve and another GA boy!! I was so surprised.

 Buffalo Steve had lost his gas cap and needed a replacement. We got to the Campground and there was a flurry of activity

 with everyone working to get the flags up a d the kitchen set up. There was several brothers there already.

Capt King from FL was there and Cuz from GA. So we got set up in our cabin and Phat Betty off loaded from the trailer.

 Friday was cool watching everyone roll in and seeing old friends again. We had a good time laughing and talking about our

heritage and the things we'd been doing and different events we'd been to. On Saturday we rode up to Arkansas.

We were there for the dedication of a Confederate cemetery. Commander Gramling and his wife were there.

They dedicated this new cemetery to the Confederates found buried there from the 13th Texas Cavalry.

We had drawings and auctions later that evening. There were awards handed out. The band Pine Knots headed up by my

good friend and brother Sylvester Martinez. My good friend Red Yauch from Texas came with his dad and wife. I had a great time

 and when Sunday came it was sad to leave. We laid over in Moody AL at the Comfort Inn.

 We were a short ways from Talledega where the race was held that weekend.

Tuesday we got home around 430 in the afternoon being glad to be back but missing where we'd been.