Reported by Barry Wynn

1D Mechanized Cavalry held two state meetings in October and November for members in the Southern and Northern part of Alabama.

The Southern State meeting took place at Confederate Veterans Memorial Park in Luverne, Alabama and TP

 Millers in Kimberly, Alabama hosted the North. Several promotions were awarded at both meetings.

A new Lieutenant,Bonzo Redmon,was elected to the Southern Platoon and a new Platoon was created in the North.

 Roy Ellis was elected as Lieutenant of the newly created North Central Platoon. Two members, Chris Sealy Southern Platoon

 and Barry Alexander Northwest Platoon, were promoted to Corporal. Three members, Howard Duck Wallace and Robert Kemp

Northeast Platoon and Jimmy Mott Southern Platoon,were promoted to Sargeant. Jamie Green and John Wayne Green received

their five year service chevrons at the Northern Meeting and Duck was awarded a trophy for best recruiter for 2018.

1D troopers forwarding the charge! Salute!

Two new Corporal's were added to 1D Alabama Mechanized Cavalry. Barry Alexander Northwest Platoon(top)

and Chris Sealy Southern Platoon. Captain Pat McMurry presenting the promotions.

Jimmy Mott Southern Platoon was promoted to Sargeant and Duck Wallace and Robert Kemp Northeast Platoon

 were promoted to Sargeant as well. With 1D Captain Pat McMurry. Congratulations!

Roy"Cebbo"Ellis was elected to the newly created North Central Platoon as its Lieutenant. (Top) Bonzo Redmon takes

over as the new Lieutenant of the Southern Platoon. We look forward to serving with you both!

Congratulations to" Duck" as the top recruiter of 1D Alabama Mechanized Cavalry! MCFFMC!

1D Captain Pat McMurry presenting five year service stripes to John Wayne Green and Northwest Platoon

Lieutenant Jamie Green as our First Sargeant Johnny Hamby looks on. Salute for jobs well done!

Northeast Platoon Lieutenant Bear Butler presenting John Johnson with his Mechanized Cavalry Certificate

at their SCV Yellowhammer Camp #579 meeting. Welcome to the Cavalry Brother!

Lead Sled Tim ,Southern Platoon ,(Top) and James Ruben Rousseau ,Northeast Platoon, both received their 1D

Mechanized Cavalry Certificates from Captain Pat McMurry at their State Meetings. Congratulations Brothers!


Reported by John Fisher


The Horry Rough and Readys Camp #1026 held a merchandise booth at the Myrtle Beach Gun and Knife Show in November.

 Pictured are Compatriots Stan Dalton, Craig Dietz and Lt. Commander John Fisher who is also with 3rd Battalion Co. A Squad 3.

Several hundred dollars were raised which will be used toward the purchases of Southern Crosses of Honor,

 grave flags and other materials to clean and maintain Confederate soldiers graves.


SC SCVMC Color Sargent Larry Davis displays the new Save & Protect "All" Monuments bumper sticker recently unveiled by

the South Carolina Division SCV. Stickers were distributed at the above mentioned Myrtle Beach Gun and Knife show

 (we ran out of them) with military veteran attendees being especially appreciative.


In recent months two members of the SC SCVMC suffered strokes but by Gods grace are still defending our heritage and history.

 In June, 2018 Lt. Commander John Fisher of the Horry Rough and Readys SCV #1026 was hit with a cerebellar stroke

 followed in October by SC Division Commander SCV Jamie Graham who suffered a mini-stroke.

Both compatriots are aware they are still here by Gods will and continue to stand tall defending our heritage and history

Relief Donations

At the Signers Of The South Carolina Secession Ordinance Dedication on Saturday November 10th, 2018 at Abbeville, South Carolina,

 members of the SC SCVMC brought bagged and boxed relief items to be donated to victims of flooding from Hurricane Florence.

 Items were transported back to Commander Austin Futrell (not pictured) at Lt. Commander John Fisher (far left) of the Horry Rough

and Readys SCV #1026 Myrtle Beach, SC. Many thanks to our brothers and the ladies who helped in this time of dire need.


For the past 16 years Classic Rock radio station, WAVE 104.1, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has collected food for the

less fortunate. This year SC SCV MC 3rd Battalion Co. A, collected over $500.00 toward this effort.

This was accomplished in less than 48 hours. Many thanks to the sacrifice of our members and friends.

For the first time in the history of the food drive, the station had to call in additional vehicles to handle donations thanks to

 SC SCVMC. In addition, John Fisher was able to go on the air and give a brief report concerning the Sons of Confederate Veterans

and Mechanized Cavalry. Pictured are Paul Flanagan, John Fisher, Larry Fultz, Scott Man of WAVE 104.1 and Larry Davis.

All four are members of the Horry Rough and Readys SCV #1026. Special recognition to LD for spearheading

this effort and to his wife, Heidi Davis for being our "professional shopper".



Reported by Eric Jolly

MS 1 G NE/NW squad members along with OCR members, made the toy ride to PineVale Children's Home to drop off presents

and ride the children on their motorcycles, this is a highlight for both the children and MC Members as well.

At the MS 1 G Annual , Capt Gunner and the Keeper took what may be the last "Gunner style" selfie he

makes of the group as Capt., He has served us well and is leaving large shoes to be filled

Sgt. "Smiley" Stan Rhoda patching in new member Jerry Holmes wit Clay Pruitt

 and Capt Steven "Gunner" Rutherford

North MS Squad Mech Cav and OCR members at the 1 G annual

N W Squad members at the 1 G annual: David Little, "Smooth" Donny Hensley,

Sgt "Smiley" Stan Rhoda, Clay , George "K-rack" Johnson

Capt. elect Kevin Nelms receiving his Capt. Stripes after the election at

the 1 G annual, we wish him all the luck in the world.

Lt Kevin "Grasshopper" Nelms presenting Capt. Gunner with a plague and other

 tokens of our appreciation for his service to 1G.

Capt Elect Kevin "Grasshopper" Nelms and Lt. Elect Todd "Bubbles" Parker,

 the only positions that changed in 1G ranks at this years annual.

Members of 1G teamed up with many other riders to escort a young boy that was taken

 from us when a car hit him while getting on the school bus.