Reported by Billy Bubba Williams

Young Kaleb "ACE" McDonald receives his Mechanized Cavalry Certificates at the

NCSCVMC 2B 3rd Platoon meeting in Paw Creek, NC today 2/2/2019

NCSCVMC 2B 3rd Platoon SGT Brian "Cornsnake" Allmon gives Tony "Cannonball" Burleson

a well deserved promotion to Corporal at Paw Creek, NC on 2/1/2019

NCSCVMC 2B 3rd Platoon 4th squad Sergeant Kirk Carter Swearing in new member Steve Poteat

as SGT Brian "Cornsnake" Allmon acts as official patch holder.

NCSCVMC 3B 3rd platoon SGT Brian "Cornsnake" Allmon attempts a classic cornsnake hypnosis

 technic on Cannonball Tony Burleson.....or is that a hand puppet?

NCSCVMC 2B 3rd Platoon 4th Squad Sgt Kirk Carter promotes Charles Blankenship

 to Corporal at Paw Creek, NC on 2/1/2019.

NCSCVMC 2B 3rd Platoon Sgt Brian "Cornsnake" Allmon Chairing the meeting Announced tonight

and officially turn in his paperwork as Candidate for 2nd Battalion Captain.

The gentleman looking at the camera is Billy Starnes, Son of NCSCVMC 2B Captain Bill Starnes also announced his intention

 to run as candidate for 2nd Battalion. Both candidates are excellent compatriots and both have great admiration

 and respect from many. Congratulations Gentleman and may the bast man win.

NCSCVMC 2B 3rd Platoon Meeting at the Paw Creek VFW in

West Charlotte today 2/1/2019. We had a full house.

Who's running for Captain of the 2nd Battalion Co. B

 of the Old North State ?

Brian Allmon


I announced that I will be running for Captain of the Old North State Mechanized Cavalry 2B.

The election will be this year at the Two Dogs event on August 24th. Details of the event have yet to be released.

 My vision for 2B is better communication between the platoons with ideas and suggestions, monthly conference

 calls between the platoon sergeants, possibly a yearly meeting other than the Two Dogs event, one Facebook page for

 the entire state and an e-mail chain for events between platoons.

 I also want to make sure that everyone is fulfilling the charge to the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

If I’m elected, I am fully dedicated to this position. I want to carry the torch and build on the foundation already laid.

I will be firm, fair and consistent by using my leadership skills and input from all 2B members.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me at

Below is a list of my accomplishments.

I am currently Adjutant, Treasurer and Past Commander of the Stonewall Jackson Camp #23.

I was the Commander for 6 years and the 1st Lt. Commander for 1 ˝ years. I am also a Charter member of this camp.

In 2018 I attended 46 events of the SCV, SCVMC, OCR and UDC.

I am a 2-time recipient of the Dixie Club Award.

I received a Commendation metal from the NC Division.

In June 2019 I will be a 10-year SCV member.

I am a 4 year Mechanized Cavalry member. I have been 3rd platoon sergeant since September 2017.

I was Aid-De-Camp 1 year for past NC Division Commander, Tom Smith.

I am a Charter member of the Mary Anna Morrison Jackson Order of Confederate Rose, Chapter #57.

Best Southern Regards,
Brian S. Allmon, Past Commander
Stonewall Jackson #23
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Mechanized Cavalry 2B

(980) 275-0638

 Billy Starnes


Hello Captain of SCVMC 2nd Battalion Company B. I have previously announced my desire to run for the Captain

 position of 2nd Battalion Company B. Elections will be held on August 24, 2019. The following is my Campaign Speech as requested:

  I am a member of the Major Charles Q. Petty SCV Camp #872 located in Gastonia, NC. I joined the SCV in May of 2002.

 I joined the Mechanized Cavalry February 19, 2011 in Montgomery Alabama following the 150th year Sesquicentennial Reenactment

of the swearing in of President Jefferson Davis on Courthouse Grounds.

 This was a very moving service for me & lit a fire inside of me that still burns today.

  My experience in the SCV includes being camp Treasurer for eight consecutive years & currently remain in Treasurer position.

 I was the camp Quarter Master four consecutive years. I was the Confederate Heritage Youth Day Coordinator four consecutive

 years. I have sponsored camp fundraisers & most recently purchased two guns to raffle off & with the help of camp members,

 we in turn raised $1,515 in profit to install Southern Crosses of Honor on Confederate Veterans Graves.

  My experience in the Mechanized Cavalry includes being promoted from private to Corporal by election of the men during

the summer of 2012. I was promoted to Sergeant in September 2013, promoted to Third Platoon Sergeant in October 2014,

promoted to First Sergeant in December of 2015, then promoted to First Lieutenant in September 2017.

Therefore holding every rank in NCSCVMC with the exception of Captain. This journey has been a long one & I have learned

a lot during that time. My current duties as First Lieutenant is processing new applications, maintaining & updating the

roster to reflect new members as well as any promotions that are made. Getting the updated roster sent out on a regular

 basis to NC Captain, First Sergeant Tedn8er, General Stone, & Tim Hawkins at Headquarters.

 I also order the promotion certificates and replacement certificates. I am responsible for maintaining a sufficient supply

of center patches & rockers for the entire state as well as keeping up with NC Mechanized Cavalry funds.

  The previous eight years that I have been a Mechanized Cavalry member has required dedication to the cause

 & many many hours & dollars have been spent trying to build & improve our organization to where it is today.

 Approximately five years ago, we began raising funds to buy a Mountain Howitzer Cannon & was successful in

obtaining the cannon nearly four years ago. During this time I have been Gunner Sergeant on the Gun Crew.

We have taken the Gun to numerous Memorial Services, Youth Day Events in North & South Carolina, Funerals

for fallen Brothers, Flag Dedication Services, Stone Mountain Georgia Memorial Service, Spring & Fall Festivals.

As Gunner Sgt I sponsored out of pocket fund raisers such as Mechanized Cavalry shirt sales in order to keep

 operating expenses coming in & 100% of all proceeds went to the cannon fund. When we first started Blastoff's

 Battery we would have to charge per shot when bringing the gun to an event such as a Memorial Service.

At the current time we do not have to charge fellow camps for the gun being present due to the successful

fundraising that has occurred. As many of you know, I have opened my home up to you Brothers & Sisters

 on many occasions to hold Platoon meetings, Officers meetings, cook outs, parties, camp work days, etc.

I also never ask for a dime in return.

  My future goals for the SCVMC is to increase the growth of the organization with good quality men.

 We have an excellent team structure of good quality dedicated men in place at Officer Levels right

now & it is a very effective way of communication when utilized properly. We need to follow suit of what

 Ronnie Saunders has done with the Home Guard &. We need a dedicated group of men in all areas of

the state that are willing to go the extra mile & step up to the plate when our Memorials are threatened.

 We need them to be there on short notice when called upon. We made an excellent stand in Winston Salem

 recently & I feel sure that had we not been there, the thugs would have made every attempt to pull the

 Memorial down just as they did previously in Durham & Chapel Hill. Our Confederate Symbols are being

 attacked from every direction in today's world. We Must Take A Stand & show these thugs that we are a lot

 more dedicated in keeping the Memorials up, than they are in tearing them down. However we need dedicated

men in numbers to show that.

  Another goal is to continue to work on raising funds for all platoons to have a Cannon. The third, fourth, & fifth

platoons have successfully accomplished this. We need to assist the first & second platoons & that is already

 under way. Some say it's an expensive noise maker. It may very well be, however it draws attention anywhere

 we take it. It is a very big hit at our youth day event as well as memorial services, spring & fall festivals as well

 as reenactments. Parents as well as the children enjoy seeing it, being informed on the history of the gun as well

 as how it is loaded & shot. Our Mechanized Cavalry members also thoroughly enjoy being part of the cannon crew.

 Stone Mountain is a great example of that. It is an honor to take the gun to Stone Mountain & participate in the

Memorial Service.   

  Another goal is to improve Communication throughout the troops. As I mentioned above we have an excellent

 team structure in place & very effective when utilized properly. When information is sent down from Captain to

 be forwarded to the troops, we can effectively reach a couple hundred men within 12-24 hours. However when

 we have a weak link in the line of communication, it is not near as effective. We rely heavily on our officers for

 communication. If you are an officer, I would encourage you to reach out to random team members from time to

 time to make sure they are receiving communication. The sooner we discover the problem, the sooner we can fix it.

 This also works the same way when a Sergeant or Corporal sets up a ride. Word is sent up the communication chain,

 across & back down. We can reach members statewide within 24 hours. When information is being passed along it

will need to be done so in many different forms. Not every man is on facebook, not every man gets text messages,

 & not every man gets email. I have found personally that the best way to get word out is to use all available sources.

Forward the email, facebook message, text message, then call them to make sure they received the information.

Most Corporals have 10 or less men on their teams. It takes a little longer to send the information out in different forms,

 however it is well worth the extra effort. A good example of this is Winston Salem. Word came down from Captain asking

 for all available troops to be in Winston Salem. This was short notice. I seen emails & text messages about it.

 Later on I sent about 20 random text to folks I felt would show up as requested. Many of whom I contacted at that point

 had not received the original message from their team leaders & did not know anything about it. This is where the weak

 link hurts us. Any man in the Cavalry who is an officer was either elected or appointed for that position based on the trust

of others. Please do all that you can to fulfill your duties as you are a very important part of our organization.

Another goal is keeping members interested & active. I have found the best way this is done is by keeping them busy.

 I feel like every Platoon needs to have a monthly meeting & possibly an officers meeting once a month. Also have a

minimum of 2-3 dedicated Platoon rides per month. We also need members reaching across Platoon lines & becoming

 active in their rides and events as well. I think 1st Sergeant Tedn8er has done an excellent job creating & sending

 out the Monthly Schedule of Events for all platoons across NC. We are all in this together & need to support each other

as much as possible. As we all know, riding together builds special bonds. When we have cookouts, parties or platoon

 meetings, this also gives members a chance to get to know each other better. Good quality time with someone goes a

long way. It also builds trust. I believe that the more activities we have going on will keep people interested instead of

falling out. We have had a lot of people who join, however lose interest quickly if nothing is happening.

We work hard to recruit these new members, a common goal should be to work a little harder & keep them active & well informed.

  We have all been told for years that we need to be in contact with our elected officials on a regular basis to let them know

 how we feel about what is going on with our Heritage & Memorials being attacked. Now it is more important than ever to

 do so. Call them, email them, & when Legislative Day, May 20th rolls around, lets ALL plan on being in Raleigh to let the

 elected officials know where we stand. They work for US!! I think we all need to sharpen up our skills on communicating

truth & facts about the true history of the war time as well.  

  In closing, I have worked very hard for the SCV & SCVMC over the past eight years. I have worked my way up through

the ranks in the SCVMC. At this point I am seeking the position of Captain. I feel like we have had great leadership over

the past eight years & I would like to be the one who carries the torch into the future. We have an uphill battle facing

us all & I can assure you that I will be on the front lines standing up for what's right, shoulder to shoulder with the men

 of the SCV & SCVMC. I would like to ask for your vote & support in the upcoming election. If I am elected as 2B Captain

in August, I can assure you that my dedicated service will continue well into the future & I will represent the men of 2B

in the best of my ability. Respectfully Submitted: Lieutenant Billy Starnes SCVMC# 1318.


Reported by James “Peezo” Lovelace

Wess and John,

Here is a bit of the things we have done or are doing in 1A for the Cracker.

The men of 1A have been fighting the rain for what seems like a month now. Many roads are flooded or have standing water on them.

But that still hasn’t stopped the men of 1A. We our efforts to recruit new men we are growing.

 We have had many men within the past few weeks join or have sent in applications.

We are holding our planning meets across the state. The men of 5th Platoon 7th Squad met on Feb 9th to plan out some rides,

 promote a brother and award a new man his Mech Cav Certificate.

The 7th squad met at Shoney’s and after breakfast we held our planning meeting. 1LT Ed Hill came in to attend and

gave us some in put on events. The squad is now up to 15 members and we had 13 men attend.

Sgt James “Peezo” Lovelace awards Trooper Christopher Dobbs his Mech Cav Certificate.

1LT Ed Hill promotes Trooper Darrel Dabbs to the rank of Corporal.

Until now the squad had not been large enough to have one. So we are growing and it was due.

Cpl Mike Thomas presents Trooper Lee Green his rockers.

 As we all know those are the patches that we all want the most

While holding a meeting at Elm Springs last month the men of 4th Platoon had the honor of replacing the old flag

with a brand new Battle Flag. They considered it a great honor to change the colors for a new flag.

Over the holidays men from 3 states held a service at the Confederate Cemetery in Chattanooga.

 It is with nothing but RESPECT they stand before the monument.

During the Lee-Jackson Banquet for the Highland Brigade we had the honor to swear in Christopher Dobbs as a member

of the Mech Cav. It was a great honor to have Commander in Chief Paul Gramling attend.

Pictured L/R CIC Paul Gramling, Trooper Christopher Dobbs and High Brigade Commander/ Sgt James “Peezo” Lovelace

As spring comes closer we are preparing for those long days and warm air.

 We have made our plans and we are ready to ride. The men in 1A have so much to see and do that we can’t get

 around to all of them in a year. But this year we will give it one big try to hit as many sites as possible.