Reported by Barry Wynn

Thirty -eight motorcycles of 1D and 1G Mechanized Cavalry Brothers and OCR Sisters rolled into Tuscumbia, Alabama Sunday June 24th for a guided

tour of Oakwood Cemetery. Led by Tim Kent, the group was given the history of our Confederate ancestors who lay in rest here.We were all proud and honored

to be able to pay our respects to these Confederate Heroes and remember the sacrifice they made for their beloved Dixie. We ended the day at the Confederate Memorial

 Monument on the lawn of Colbert County Courthouse. Thanks to all the Southern Patriots who showed up to support our Confederate Heritage. God Bless Dixie!

James Lanford was sworn into the 1D Mechanized Cavalry by Captain Pat McMurry at the Confederate Memorial Cemetery tour at Oakwood Cemetery in

 Tuscumbia, Alabama.Looking on in the background is James father 1D Trooper Mike Lanford.Welcome to the Cavalry Brother!

Left to right are; Corporal Bonzo Redmon, Corporal Tim Hobbs, David Rooster Hyde, 2nd Lt Michael Chop Chop Atkins, Don Owens,and Brian Snake Anderson.

These Mechanized Cavalry troopers represented 1D in the Fourth of July Parade in Prattville, Alabama and were well received by the crowd in attendance.

Forwarding the colors and making our presence known! Salute!

At Magnolia Cemetery and Old Confederate Powderworks in Augusta, Georgia during the South Carolina Mechanized Cavalry Annual.

It was a great honor to pay our respects to so many of our Confederate ancestors and seven Confederate Generals buried there.

The Powderworks was the largest supplier of gun powder to our troops during the war.

Barry Wynn and Captain Pat McMurry with the Wildman of Kennesaw Georgia at his Dixie General Store.

It was an honor to get to meet this icon of our Confederate cause!

1D and 2F trying to cool off on the Front Porch of Radcliffe Plantation while in South Carolina for the Mechanized Cavalry Annual.

Closest is Lt Brian Piaquadio,Captain Joseph Pizzini,Captain Pat McMurry, and Sgt Barry Wynn.

1D being represented at the Mechanized Cavalry Annual in South Carolina by L to R;

Keith Smokey Hines, Roy Cebbo Ellis,Captain Pat McMurry, and Lt Rodney Pitts. At Edgefield, South Carolina.

Commander Bear Butler swore in two new SCV Members, John Johnston and James Lanford , to the Alabama Yellowhammer Camp #579.

Congratulations and welcome brothers as the Yellowhammer Camp continues to grow and honor the SCV charge!

Rode to Augusta, Georgia and found the Confederate Powder Works Chimney. This was where most of our gun powder was made during the war.

Found these guys there hanging around. Gary Elam and “Smiley” from Mississippi and “Shoes” from South Carolina.

From Roy Cebbo Ellis at the Mechanized Cavalry Annual in South Carolina


Reported by Eric Jolly

Patching in new member David Burt at the Waverley Plantaion in Westpoint MS-

With Capt Gunner, Lt Nelms, National Chaplain Chip Cole, and Manse Jolly

Gravestone Dedication for Nicholas Denley Co D 48th Mississippi Infatry, @ Coffieville MS with Brian Rooney, Stan (Smiley) Rhoda, Clay Nash,

 David Little, Donnie (Smooth) Hennsley, Kevin (Grasshopper) Nelms, Cpl Kenny (Hoghead) Kelly, and Cpl Todd (Bubbles) Parker

While at NBF's Childhood home, N MS 1G Lt Kevin Nelms swore in (L to R facing) Brian Rooney,

Jeff White, Bill Childs (Wild Bill), Tim Childs, and Jerry Miller (Slowride)

While at NBF's childhood home, N MS 1G Lt Grasshopper aka Kevin Nelms works "wormer" with David Farris of 1D

N MS 1G Lt Kevin Nelms, Brian Rooney, Manse Jolly (Easy) Sgt Stanley Rhoda (Smiley) Chip Cole, and Capt. Gunner- We stopped by Okolona MS

 Confederate Cemetery after swearing in new member at Waverley Plantation and paid our respects to the over 800 soldiers,

 mostly unknown brought by rail from Shiloh for medical attention.

Camp 321, North MS 1G's base camp, received this wonderful award

Central MS 1G at 4th Brigade Picnic in Decator- with Robert Richardson, Pursley, Phillip Griffen, Lee Pursley, Rye Ackerson, Phillip Kuriger,

 Lt Billy Bryant, Marty McAlilly, Michael Putnam, Bobby Shows, Carl Ford, and Ben Edw

Beavour with (Smiley) Stan Rhoda, Michael Putnam, and (Huckleberry) Bruce Warren

the Davies Manner Plantation in Bartlett TN, celebrating NBF's birthday,

pictured are members from Kentucky 1E, Tennessee 1A, Mississippi 1G, Arkansas 1J, Louisiana 2B