Reported by Barry Wynn

1D Southern Platoon members gathered in Spanish Fort on Saturday March 14 for a breakfast

meeting and Heart of Dixie pre route ride. Lt to Rt are; Larry Tarver, Sergeant John Tomcat Tomlin,

Sergeant Brian Snake Anderson,Carlton Anderson, Kurt Thompson and Elliott Weaver.

1D Troopers getting ready to pull out and go over some of the planned ride routes for the

 Heart of Dixie event in May.Left to right are;Larry Tarver,Carlton Anderson,

and Sergeant Brian Snake Anderson.

Congratulations to Norman Benson of the Yellowhammer Camp on winning the drawing for t

he knife giveaway. Norman is a Trooper in the 1D Northeast Platoon.

 1D Mechanized Cavalry and OCR members spent the day at Frontier Days at Horsepens 40.

Front lt to rt are North Central Sergeant Mike Jackal Lanford and Northeast Lieutenant Howard Duck Wallace.

Standing lt to rt are Shannon Lanford, John Johnston and Lisa Wallace.

Kurt Thompson and Elliott Weaver enjoying a beverage

after a good day on the road in South Alabama.

1D Troopers at the Confederate Flag Day celebration in Marbury,Alabama. Marbury is the site of the Confederate

Memorial Park and Museum. Kneeling front row are; Eddie Sullivan,Sergeant Brian Snake Anderson and

Captain Pat McMurry. Standing back lt to rt are Carlton Anderson,Corporal Jeff Snowman Snow,

Corporal Don Owens,Kevin Johnson,Mike Johnson,and Sergeant David Rooster Hyde.

1D Captain Pat McMurry looks out at the Confederate Veterans Cemetery at Confederate Memorial Park

in Marbury,Alabama.This is the site of the Confederate Veterans Home and their final resting place.

Michael Hall,Sergeant Jackal Mike Lanford and Sergeant Weasel Robert Kemp wait patiently for

Lieutenant Duck Howard Wallace to cook up hot dogs at the SCV Yellowhammer Camp meeting.

Every Camp should have a hot dog cooking Duck.

1D's Greg and Vivian Harris worked a table auctioning off a picture of General Forrest at the Confederate Flag day

 celebration at the new Battle Flag site along I-59. Proceeds will go toward a Monument placed at the site.

 Alabama held Confederate Flag day celebrations all over the State.

1D Central Platoon Lieutenant Rodney Pitts and Northeast Platoon Lieutenant Howard Duck Wallace

 cleared brush at the I-59 Mega Flag site near Fort Payne,

Alabama getting ready for the dedication ceremony this Spring.

Mechanized Cavalry members at their SCV Camp William R Mcadory meeting in McCalla,Alabama.

The majority of Camp members here are Cavalry and are dedicated to their cause.Lt to rt are; Corporal David Stretch Hahn,

Sergeant Rooster David Hyde,Royce Richardson,OCR member Amanda Hahn,and Corporal Snowman Jeff Snow.


Reported by Lieutenant Brian "Vex" McClure /

 Executive Officer & Communications


Lt. J.Y. Sanders Camp, Louisiana SCV Mechanized Cavalry & the OCR participated in the 2020

Des Allemands  Mardi Gras Parade. Very good turn out and a great time had by all.

The crowd & spectators were very positive. Deo Vindice!



The 2020 Northwest Brigade Lee-Jackson Banquet was held at the CrossRoads

 Community Center in Athens, LA on Saturday, February 22nd.

Guest speakers included SCV Chief of Heritage Operations Donnie Kennedy & NE Brigade Commander/LA

SCVMC XO Brian McClure. Greetings were given by the UDC & OCR. NW Brigade Commander/

LA SCVMC CO Bobby White was Master of Ceremonies for the night.

A great turnout with SCV, SCVMC UDC & OCR members from across the state.

The LA Division Commander Randy Jarreau was in attendance along with several

 Past Louisiana Division Commanders. The meal consisted of gumbo and fried catfish.

There was a silent auction and a great time was had by all. Deo Vindice!

White during the 5th Annual Louisiana Confederate Heritage Ride on Confederate Flag Day, March 7, 2020.

We welcome Trooper Avant on becoming part of the Sons of Confederate Veterans special operations auxiliary fraternity.



Confederate Flag Day was March 7, 2020. A majority of the Louisiana Division and LA SCVMC participated in

the 5th Annual Louisiana Confederate Heritage Ride to Alexandria in celebration and recognition of Confederate Flag Day.

Three convoys from three parts of the state displayed Southern banners down the highways.

SCV CinC Paul Gramling was in attendance. The Ride had seventy or so participants by the last stop at

the AmVets post in Alexandria. The event was a great success!


The Louisiana Division’s Southeast Brigade celebrated Confederate Flag Day at Camp Moore.

Camp Moore was the largest Confederate training camp in Louisiana and the only one in the United States

still open to the public. SCV, SCVMC, OCR, UDC and their families came together for a picnic and Heritage presentation.

 Camp Commander Steve Alvarez of Lt. J.Y. Sanders Camp #2092 gave an outstanding presentation of the Flags of the

Southern States at the time of “The War of Northern Aggression.” He also had State Flags of today.

There was also some different Unit flags on display. Everyone enjoyed the fellowship!


Sgt. John Acker representing the Louisiana SCV Mechanized Cavalry and his wife Raquel Acker representing

the Louisiana OCR at Jefferson Davis' home, Beauvoir in Biloxi, MS during National Confederate Flag Day.

 Shown here with Mississippi Division Commander George Conor Bond.


Albert "Bubba" Perrilloux Jr. was sworn into the Louisiana SCV Mechanized Cavalry at Camp Moore, Louisiana.

He is shown here being congratulated by his father, Albert Perrilloux Sr. We welcome Trooper Perrilloux to the 1-B!


Billy Watts was sworn into the LA SCVMC by Corporal Dale Bennett at Camp Moore, Louisiana.

 We welcome Trooper Watts into the Louisiana SCV Mechanized Cavalry!