Reported by Buddy Burch - 1st. Lt. Mech-Cav

2nd. Plt. 1Bat. Co. C Spring Meeting

The 2nd. Plt. !st. Batt. Co. C held it's spring meeting at Pioneer Park in Downtown Dallas by the Confederate Monument

that the liberals want taken down. I held to meeting to celebrate Confederate History Month and to let the City of Dallas we are here,

 we will always be here. Afterwards we rode over to the only Confederate friendly bar in Downtown Dallas for some

 motion lotion high octang.

Paul F. Smith, Cracker's reporter & wife (rest in peace)

It is with a heavy heart that I pass along the passing of Sgt. Paul "Rabbit" Smith's wife Donna.

 This is a prayer I wrote for Sgt. Rabbit.

My prayer for Our Beloved Donna Smith.

Into Your hands, O Lord,

I humbly entrust Our beloved Donna.

In this life You embraced her

with Your tender love; I pray that You

deliver her now from every evil

and bid Donna eternal rest.

I pray that You welcome her into paradise,

where there will be no sorrow, no weeping or pain,

but the fullness of peace and joy

with Your Son and the Holy Spirit for eternity.

I know Lord Jesus, that

You willingly gave Yourself up to death,

so that all people might be saved

and pass from death into a new life.

Listen to my prayers and look with love on Donna’s friends

who mourn and pray for their beloved Donna.

I pray this through the Holy Trinity in Thy Holy Name, Amen.

Buddy Burch
1st. Lt. Mech-Cav

Reported by Cpl.Gary Burleigh (Breeze)

SCVMC Members from 5th and 2nd Squad that road in on a cold day to make the Dedication for the Memorial

To The Wind Park In Orange Texas.

Left to Right Thomas Glynn, Tod Long, Greg Isbell, Herb Jacks, Scott Lewis, Gary Burleigh, Billy Mc Bride

These two characters doing a Irish Jig! Major Dietz and 1st. Squad Trooper Bubba Goode

Trooper Bloody John Kirkpatric on right in Confederate Grey shaking hands with Cpl. Mike Jesse James Pierce at

Confederate Flag day Audie Murphy Cotton Museum

This was a SCV Camp function as well as SCVMC Function 2nd Platoon 4th Squad Iron Horse Grays

All dressed up and ready to go to St. Patrics Day Parade. 1st.Squad Sgt. ( Chong) Randal Tennison and wife Linda.

1st. Platoon Lt. Billy Cast and 2nd Squad Trooper Todd Long. Checking out Billy's bike. He won 1st. Place

for best decorated in the Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Brazoria County.

Got to make sure the Major is doing it right. Great Supervisors . Sgt. Randal Tennison,

 Major Dietz, Trooper Newell Rambo, and Lt. Billy Cast.

Jim Lyons fir cannon salute at Ike Turner Cemetery dedication.

Dedication at Ike Turner Cemetery William Bill Maddox, Scott Lewis, Lloyd Kirkham all

of the Big Thicket Ghost Riders 5th Squad

Black Powder salute at Ike Turner Cemetery


Reported by Steve “Peg Leg” Beeler

April 3: Billboards went up today

April 1, Tater day parade Murray and Tilghman camp and MEC. CAV

We had two floats and four cannon orphan 411 KY