Reported by John Fisher


Since being documented sometime ago, Pvt. S. Book Watson and Corporal Malcom E. McNeill, whose remains are

interred at McNeill Cemetery off Highway 90 outside Conway, SC, have lacked the due physical recognition they

 deserved in the form of Southern Crosses of Honor and flags placed at their graves. Over the years, members

of both the Horry Rough and Readys SCV #1026 and Litchfield SCV #132, both in Horry County, were unable to

 gain permission from a resident adjacent to the cemetery for the work to be done. Undaunted by the refusal,

Horry Rough and Readys Guardian Director, Sgt. Paul "Tech" Flanagan, went to work investigating ownership of

 the home and cemetery. His efforts came to fruition when he was able to contact the GG Grandniece and

G Granddaughter of Corporal McNeill and obtain clearance to proceed with cleanup and cross installations.

Paul discovered the main objection of the elderly resident at the home was the placing of Confederate Battle Flags

 at the graves due to worry of attack on his property. His concerns were dispelled when he realized the First National

Confederate flag would be placed at this location, even offering use of water outlets for cleaning of the stones if needed.

On Saturday, Oct. 8th the long delayed recognition of these soldiers came to an end with the placement of Southern

Crosses of Honor, flags and an application of D2 Biological Solution to remove contaminants over time. In addition to

 camp members, noted African American author and artist Gregory Newson was present assisting with this project.

 It was Gregory's first time at a cemetery cleanup and cross installation.

Sgt. Paul "Tech Flanagan" inspects the small McNeill Cemetery.

Camp Commander of the Horry Rough and Readys SCV #1026 and SC SCVMC Color Sgt. John "Bugman" Fisher

 watches as young Parker Mcleod wets the headstone in preparation of D2 Biological Solution.

Members from both SCV camps Gregory Newson holding the First National Confederate Flag

Representing the SC SCVMC were Corporal Bobby "B" Scarborough, Paul "Tech" Flanagan and John "Bugman" Fisher

Grave of Corporal Malcomb McNeill, 1st SC Artillery (Militia). He would later serve as a physician in Horry County

Final resting places of Pvt. S. Book Watson and his wife Elisabeth, Pvt. Watson served with the 20th NC Co. D.

 Wounded at Richmond, Va he was placed on the Confederate Roll of Honor by his company.


During the last several months the SC SCVMC has conducted a raffle for a $1000.00 Visa card with sales of tickets

 going toward heritage projects and community relief efforts. At the SC SCVMC state meeting, Saturday, October 15th,

 the winning ticket was selected. Congratulations to Compatriot Bobby "Tank" Lowe for selling the winning ticket and

state Color Sgt. John "Bugman" Fisher for selling the most tickets. Nearly $2500.00 was raised. In addition, several

brothers received rockers and commendations for their work in the SC SCVMC

Color Sgt. John "Bugman" Fisher along with Bobby "Tank" Lowe. Bugman sold the most tickets and Tank sold

the winning ticket. Tank was awarded $50.00 for having the winner.

Larry "LD" Davis presents Color Sgt. John "Bugman" Fisher with $100.00 for selling the most tickets

Tom "Dooley" Quinn receives his bottom rocker from Captain Mike Waters

Corporal stripes were presented to Compatriot Stanley Bessent by Captain Mike

"Cuzin" Dan Turner received his top rocker at the state meeting

Several individuals were awarded with certificates of appreciation.

 (The reporter apologizes as I did not get these brothers names)

Members of the SC SCV Mechanized Cavalry


Reported by Greg Williams- South Carolina Upstate Crew

 A few SC Upstate Crew members attended SCV camp #125 Youth Day

 L to R - Tom Quinn, Jimmy Garrett, Jim Waddell, Mike Hounchell, Greg Williams, and Russell Smith.

3rd Annual Upstate Crew Benefit at Lake Bowen Country Club Sept 24, 2022

Daniel Qualls being sworn in by Capt. Mike Waters.

 Capt. Mike Waters being presented a 1st Platoon flag by Billy Collyer and the Upstate Crew.

Joey Hair receiving his top rocker.

Members Daniel Qualls (L) and Russell Smith (R)

Reported by Sergeant Gary Burleigh (Breeze)

1st Platoon 1st Squad Young Guns Representing Co C at the 30th Anuel Johnson City Pig Roast and Charity Event.

Sgt. Jason Mechanic Yauch, 1st Sgt.2nd Squad Hunter Wright, Coporal Lary Daniels, Trooper Danny Clutch LeBlanc, and Coporal John Millar.

Capt. Herbert Herbmitzer Jacks, Lt. Mike Jesse James Pierce, and Chaplin Mark Carpenter joining Capt. Dale Bennett Co B

Louisiana for refreshments while representing Co.C at the Anule Gator Run in Louisiana.

Lt. Mike Jesse James Pierce along with Chaplin Mark Carpenter and other members of 2nd Platoon 4th squad lead

 the charge honoring Capt. Israel Spikes and nine other Confederate Veterans at Fox Cemetery near Kaufman, Texas.

Also attend by the United Daughters of the Confederacy ,the local chapter of the Confederate Rose and members of

Lt Alexander Cameron SCV Camp.

 1st.Sgt. Dave Hillbilly Guise and his Lovely wife Brenda donated and placed a new head stone at the

grave of Sgt. Cadmus C Wilbur along with a Wreath donated by the UDC

There was a ceremony by the Black Rose and Ladies of TSOCR and a SCV rifle salute