Reported by Anthony Pilgrim, 1st Lieutenant Signal Corps, 3rd Battalion, Company B

Members of 3rd Battalion Company B Georgia Mechanized Cavalry rode to Abbeville S.C. to support the the South Carolina Division

and South Carolina Mechanized Cavalry as they unveiled the Monument on Secession Hill to the signers of the Ordinance of Secession.


Reported by Wayne Scarborough


Irwinville Ga. Re-enactment. Nov 2, 3, and 4. Mechanized Cavalry members from Troops 3 and 4. Standing L-R. Col. Hawkins,

Larry Pierce, 8th Brigade Commander Hershal Smith, Chris May, Darron Morgan, Bobby Coleman, Howard Stone,

Phil Cheatwood, (Kat Ballard, Lt. Robert Ballard's wife).

Kneeling, L to R. Jarvis Ballard, Lt. Robert Ballard, Wayne Scarborough and Matt Allen.

Mechanized Cavalry members and re-enactors. Wearing the Grey, GA's 2 nd Artillery, 4th GA Inf Reg, 10th GA Inf Reg,

Wallace's Battery, Sumpter Flying Artillery, Anderson's Battery, Jeff Davis Cowboys Artillery and 53,

GA reg. Wearing the blue, 12th GA Inf, 5th and 7th Inf GA Div.

The park is located at 338 Jeff Davis Park Rd. Irwinville GA 31760 (229) 831-6401

Visit the park at


On Nov. 11th, members from GA's Troops 3 and 4 along with guest throughout GA including Mr. Florian Strahm A.D.C.

 to Col. Heinrich Wirz attended the 42nd annual Wirz memorial service at Andersonville. L-R, Bobby Coleman,

Eastman Camp Commander Corey Harrelson, Tony Crumbly, Phil Cheatwood, Darron Morgan, Lt. Jerry Bridges,

Sgt. Maj. Ken Arvin, (Jan Stone, Howard Stones wife) Wayne Scarborough,

 (guest Speaker Maj. Glenn LaForce USA Ret) and Howard Stone.


The I-75 Flag at exit 71 was down for 2 months due to a broken cable. On Oct 31st a crew from Troops 3 and 4

raised the Flag. Thanks to Lt. Robert Ballard and Chris May (back row) who rode the bucket 120 foot up and replaced the cable.

 Ground crew members front row, L-R, Col Hawkins, David Guest, (crane operator) and Wayne Scarborough.


On Nov 17th the GA Dept of Natural Resources, Jerrell Plantation Historic Site, 16th GA Reg. Co G and the Camp

of the Unknown Soldier #2218 sponsored the12th annual Griswoldville Battlefield Living History and Commemoration.

 GA Mechanized Cavalry members attended as Infantry and Artillery members. Visit the site at

Thanks to the City of Chester for inviting the Pine Barren Volunteers Camp 2039 to participate in this years Christmas Parade

 on Saturday Nov 11th, and also to all the members and volunteers that were able to help todays parade a success.

Camp Commander and Mechanized Cavalry member Corey Harrelson front row center and his wife Danielle

 and members of the Pine Barren Volunteers. Great job on the Float.


Reported by Captain Joseph Pizzini  &  Sergeant Major Slim

November 17. Historic day for 2F. Our Eastern Shore platoon was sworn in. Sgt Polecat hosted Lt PQ and I for the festivities.

 Looking forward to rides and eating crabs on the Eastern Shore. Welcome home brothers

Lloyd. --- Sgt Polecat
Paul --- Sturg
Frank-- Boo Boo
Clyde--- Taz
Robert --- Angus
Jimmy --- Sparks

Members of Maryland 2-F along with members of Pennsylvania's Original Mason Dixon Guards were honored to attend the

annual birthday of the United States Marine Corps in the city of Philadelphia and escorted one of our own.... North Carolina's

own Gunnery Sgt. Retired Robert Masters. We were part of the Marine Corps motorcycle column & and rode into Philadelphia

with Marines and Marine veterans from all over the country. We went to Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence

was signed in 1776 and at that point a representative from the governor's office came down to read the proclamation of the Marine Corps.

 From there we ascended on the historical landmark where Tun Tavern once stood which in 1775 on November 10th the Marine Corps

of the United States was born. It was a great day for freedom and a great day for Brotherhood with our nation's finest.

Left to Right: John "Slim" May, Robert "Gunny" Masters, Johnny "Johnny O" O'Hanlin, Joe "Rocco" Pizzini & Ted "Animal" Field.

Sergeant Major Slim of headquarters proudly poses with Navy Corpsman and Vietnam Veteran

 known as "Doc" while city hall accents the foreground

In the foreground on the right is city hall and the building in the left foreground is Pennsylvania's

Grand Lodge/Temple of the Freemasons. Built a shortly after the war of northern aggression ended.

350 bikes descended down Broad St, Philadelphia towards city hall.

Gunny - North Carolina

Captain Rocco and Gunny

The boys

The crew.