Reported by Color Sgt. John "Bugman" Fisher


On Saturday September 4th, members of the SC SCVMC "Low Country Crew" paid respects at the monument to the 10th South Carolina

Infantry Co. A (Georgetown Rifle Guards) at Old Baptist Cemetery in Georgetown, SC. Sadly, we found the monument had been

the recipient of some vandalization being scratched up in places and with one individual's name scratched into the monument

 itself. We also could not place flags at the graves of Confederate soldiers buried in the cemetery at the request of the property

owner due to concerns of further vandalism. Nonetheless we took time to honor our soldiers buried in the cemetery.

Afterwards, Color Sgt. John "Bugman" Fisher ,his wife Mary Fisher and Sgt. Paul "Tech" Flanagan rode to All Saints Episcopal

Cemetery in Pawleys Island, SC and placed a flag at the grave of Captain C. J. Plowden Weston. Captain Weston outfitted

the 10th SC Co. A largely at his expense. Ill due to tuberculosis, concerns over his health prompted the legislature of the State of SC

to appoint him Lt. Governor of the State, He resigned Dec. 17th, 1862, returned home and held the position until his death.

Monument to the 10th South Carolina Infantry Co. A (Georgetown Rifle Guards) at Old Baptist Cemetery, Georgetown, South Carolina

Corporal Bobby "B" Scarborough cleans debris from a Southern Cross of Honor

Color Sgt. John "Bugman" Fisher, 1st Sgt., "Big Larry" Fultz, Corporal Bobby "B" Scarborough and

Sgt. Paul "Tech" Flanagan in front of the Georgetown Rifle Guards monument.

Sgt. Paul "Tech" Flanagan and Color Sgt. John "Bugman" Fisher at the grave of

Capt. C. J. Plowden Weston at All Saints Church cemetery in Pawleys Island, SC


On Saturday, Sept. 11th, 2021 members of the SC SCV Mechanized Cavalry participated in the 9/11 Memorial Ride hosted

by Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson.

Initially, ride sponsors anticipated three to five hundred riders. The event was happily overwhelmed with

 approximately 1700 riders, proceeds going to the Horry County Fire and Rescue.

Beginning at the Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson Dealership, riders were escorted by the SC Highway Patrol to Highway 31

where traffic was blocked and the procession led to Calli Bakers Grill and Bar on the north end of the Grand Strand.

A solo United States Marine stood at attention saluting riders as they entered the facility. He later relayed the story of

attendees of being a survivor in the attack on the Pentagon and of rescue efforts he was involved in.

We also watched on as several Veterans of various wars received Quilts of Valor.

The SC SCVMC members who were in this ride felt honored to be in the midst of both former and active duty

military, as well as first responders, many of whom were at ground zero on 9/11/2001.

We will not forget...ever,

Early crowd at Myrtle Beach Harley Davison. Barely a handful of all who were to come.

Flag commemorating those who died at Shanksville, Pennsylvania defeating terrorism.

Just a portion of the riders present.

United States Marine survivor of the assault on the Pentagon and his work with survivors of 9/11.

He stood at attention saluting all riders had entered the facility.

United States Military veteran receiving his Quilt of Valor.

Compatriot David Blackwell and SC SCVMC Color Sgt. John "Bugman" Fisher took part in this ride.


Reported by Mark Poag, South Carolina 3rd Battalion Company A

On Thursday, September 16, 2021, 3A Sergeant Dan Burns and 3A Adjutant Jhan Taylor presented the

Adam Washington Ballenger Camp #68 of Spartanburg, SC with a check for $3,020.00 to go toward their I-85

Confederate Flag Project on I-85 in Spartanburg County.

On Friday, September 17, 2021 3A Upstate Crew 2nd Lieutenant Billy Collyer (front) and 3A Low Country Crew

2nd Lieutenant Larry Davis (rear) had the honor of being selected as pallbearers for Mary Ann Montgomery Forrest

as she was taken inside the mansion at Elm Springs.

On Friday, September 17, 2021, 3A Captain Mike Waters (center-white vest) had the honor of being selected as a pallbearer

for Lieutenant General Nathan Bedford Forrest as he was taken inside the mansion at Elm Springs.

Members of South Carolina 3rd Battalion Company A at Elm Springs on Friday, September 17, 2021. L to R: Dan Burns, Mark Poag,

Billy Collyer, Larry Davis, Larry Fultz, Mike Waters, Dennis Murphy, Austin Futrell and Chuck Horton.

Not pictured but in attendance on Saturday were Scott Campbell, Jim Bay and Jimmy Sullivan.

Members of South Carolina 3rd Battalion Company A at the National Headquarters/Museum on Friday, September 17, 2021.

 L to R: Dennis Murphy, Dan Burns, Mark Poag, Chuck Horton, Billy Collyer, Larry Davis, Mike Waters, Larry Fultz and Austin Futrell.

Mark Poag-SC 3A and Bottom: Billy Collyer-SC 3A with Thomas Lee Jessee as General Robert E. Lee

along with the TN Artillery on Saturday, September 18, 2021.

3A Mechanized Cavalry members Jim Bay and Jimmy Sullivan attending the funeral service

 for Lt General Forrest and Mrs. Forrest on September 18, 2021.

Finally, May they Rest In Peace.


Reported by Corey Harrelson

Danny (Toestrap) Hopper promote to MSD Squad Corporal at August  Ga. 3B Troop 3 Mid State Defenders

Ga. 3B Troop 3 meeting and ride