Reported by Lt. Mike Jackal Lanford


Capt Pat Mcmurry speaking at the Capital in Montgomery Alabama.

Alabama 1D Representing at the Confederate Memorial Day Event in Montgomery Alabama.


Mechanized Cavalry turned out in Force Representing in Stone Mtn Ga.


 Alabama 1D had it's Annual Heart Of Dixie Ride at Dauphin Island.

 Mechanized Cavalry and OCR and Guests.

 Lt Johnny Charles past the sword to Lt Michael "Chop" Adkins and Brian "Snake" Anderson

for next year's Heart Of Dixie Ride. L-R: Lt Johnny Charles, Capt Pat "Slider" Mcmurry,

 Lt Michael "Chop" Adkins, Sgt Brian "Snake" Anderson, Sgt John Tomlin, Cpl Brayden Walley.



Alabama 1D Mechanized Cavalry, Alabama OCR and Guests Representing in Lynnville Tenn. Back L-R:

Trooper Roy "Cebo" Ellis, Shannon "Salsa Momma" Lanford, Cpl Charles "Gramps" Quarles, Sgt Ron "Bookworm" Jeffrey,

Jason Walls. Front L-R: Lt Mike "Jackal" Lanford, Cpl James "Tatanka" Lanford, Debbie Moore.


 After the 4th Platoon’s meeting on April 23 Sgt Scott led a ride to Fort Huger. The fort is located on a

 scenic bluff overlooking of the James River in Isle Of Wight County. Fort Huger was known as the “Gateway to

 the Confederate Capital”. It was built along with Fort Boykin to block the approach by land and river to the

Confederate capital in Richmond. We took a few moments to swear in brother Marty “McFly” Dalton to the 4th Platoon.

Marty, Scott, Sgt. Scott, Ryan, Bubba Sr. & Bubba Jr.

 (Originally Reported by 7th Platoon Sgt. Sierra Bravo)

Sunday April 24 was a special day for the 1st and 7th platoons. We had the honor of escorting veterans

who were part of the Honor Flight to the D Day Memorial. They were excited to see all the bikes as much

we were to honor them. These veterans served our country in many wars. The stories they told at the Memorial

 were moving and provided such an insight into the events they experienced.

Mission BQ provided delicious food to top off the day. Thanks to all who attended.

 Members of the 4th pre-riding 7 Days Battle ride.

4th Platoon Sgt Scott, trooper to be Ryan, LT Terry at Watt House, Gains Mill Battlefield.

Gathwright House, Cold Harbor Battlefield.

Sgt. Scott, Trooper in training Ryan, 1Lt Terry

 (Originally Reported by 1Lt Terry Jones)

A great morning of fellowship as we worked to make Dixie clean again. The 4th Platoon along with

members of the A.P. Hill camp #167 picked up trash on route 36 in front of Ft Lee. It doesn’t take long to do it

when you have a good group to help. Marty, Marty’s son Sherman, Sgt. Scott, Jerry, Bubba Jr., Greg, Johnny, Ryan

(front) A.P. Hill camp member Kenny

 (Originally Reported by 2Lt Leon Lowe)

On May 1st the monthly meeting of the 1st platoon meeting at New Market Battlefield.

We had lunch at Southern Cooking and met a new member, Will. We hope to be swearing him in soon.

Most of our meeting was spent talking about the annual picnic.

Neil Russel, 2Lt Leon Lowe, Carl Tomlin, Francis Todd, & Tony Cave

 (Originally Reported by 10th Platoon Sgt. Mark Harmon)

Another fantastic day with the brothers of the 10th Platoon. Our brother Troy Hagwood was sworn in by

 2-A Captain Joey Taylor. 2Lt. Richard Daniel and other guests were present to show their support.

 A short ride and fellowship followed. Very thankful.

Brandon, Loring “Sleepy”, Sgt. Mark, 2-A Capt. Joey, Cpl. Andy, Troy, 2Lt Chaplin Richie

2-A Captain Joey swearing in New 10th Platoon member Troy Hagwood

 (Reported by Sgt. Maj. Mac)

Even though the official 7 Days Battle Ride was cancelled, Sgt Scott and LT Terry rode in the rain

 while James, Scott, Marty, Ryan & Bubba met them at the Watt House at the Gains Mill Battlefield to swear brother

 Marty “McFly” Dalton into the 4th Platoon.

4th Platoon Sgt. Scott swearing in new brother Marty Dalton at the Watt House at Gains Mill Battlefield

while James and Scott “Detour” hold the platoon flag.

1Lt Terry, James, Ryan, Bubba Sr., Scott, Sgt. Scott, (front row) Marty, Bubba Jr.

 (Originally Reported by 2-A Captain Joey Taylor)

On May 12 the Lane-Armistead camp held our regular monthly meeting. While it was a fairly short meeting

 we discussed our usual camp business as well as the upcoming Heritage Day Events at Fort Roy and Ft Dixie.

We also discussed the Hunley exhibit which is coming to Mathews Co. We ended the night with the

 swearing in of Brother David Callis into the Mechanized Calvary 5th Platoon.

2A Capt. Joey, David, 5th Platoon Sgt. Allen

 (Originally reported by 2-A Captain Joey Taylor)

On Saturday May 14, the 160th anniversary of the battle of McDowell. Keven Walker of the Shenandoah

 Valley Battlefield Foundation opened the museum and gave a tour of the grounds of the house our beloved

General Stonewall Jackson used as his headquarters.  Brandon, Cpl. Andy, Sgt. Mark, Capt. Joey

Reported by Capt. Jeremy Riley

Cannon salute and campout at General Forrest’s bivouac location after the Battle of Paducah