Reported by James Smithson #2470 Co B 2NC

We started out the end of September by traveling from North Carolina to ville Platte Louisiana for the gator run.

Due to the hurricane it was moved from Tickfaw State Park to Chico State Park. That did not dampen our spirits or slow

 anything down in the least. The facilities there are super nice. The meeting hall was large and very inviting. The bunkhouse

was nice. It had a side for the married couples and the singles. The part was large and spacious and had a beautiful

lake. Everyone we came in contact with there was very hospitable and nice to us. Even though it rained quite a bit God

parted to heavens and allowed us to have a wonderful ride on Saturday. The food was awesome. Tony Jones are cook did

an outstanding job preparing authentic Cajun dishes for the entire weekend. We had meals for breakfast lunch and dinner.

I cannot express how much I enjoyed myself. It's always good to go to Louisiana but the Gator Run is a special treat.

 I cannot wait until next year when it is scheduled to be at Tickfaw State Park again. It saddened me to have to leave

on Sunday but all good things must come to an end so we traveled uneventful back to North Carolina.

 Thank you again to 1B and the Louisiana sons of Confederate Veterans.


Reported by Mark Poag, 3rd Battalion Company A

3A Upstate Crew at the 3rd Annual Confederate Heritage Youth Day in Blacksburg, SC on September 25, 2021.

 L to R: Michael Couch, Csaba Szabo, Billy Collyer, Nelson Bishop, Randon Thomas, Lee Turner, Jim Waddell and Mark Poag

Billy Collyer, Mark Poag, Csaba Szabo, Tammy Szabo, Michael Couch, Tammy Stansil and Nelson Bishop celebrating being

Southern and Confederate at Dixie Republic in Travelers Rest, SC after Youth Day in Blacksburg, SC on September 25, 2021.

Brad Hullett (R) received his Top Rocker from Captain Mike Waters (L) at the 3A Platoon Meeting on October 2, 2021.

Greg Williams (C) and Michael Couch (R) received their Bottom Rockers from

Captain Mike Waters (L) at the 3A Platoon Meeting on October 2, 2021.

Captain Mike Waters leading the State Meeting held in Lugoff, SC on October 16, 2021

Bobby Dow Plow Harrington was promoted to 1st Sgt during the State Meeting on October 16, 2021.

L to R: Captain Mike Waters, 1st Sgt Bobby Harrington and 2nd Lt Larry Davis.

Group photo of the Upstate Crew and Low Country Crew at Gadgets in Lugoff, SC on October 16, 2021

 after the last State Meeting of 2021.


Reported by Color Sgt. John "Bugman" Fisher


The South Carolina SCV Mechanized Cavalry held a state meeting at Gadgets Sports Bar and Grill in Lugoff, SC,

 Saturday October 17th, 2021. Among items attended during the meeting, discussion was held to financially aid "The Recovery Ranch"

 in Loris, SC. The facility houses and assists those working to overcome addictions to drugs and alcohol and is fully dependent

on public support. The SC SCVMC voted to donate $500.00 toward this cause.

In addition Billy "Dow Plow" Harrington was promoted to First Sergeant by Captain Mike Walters

 and 2nd Lt. 2nd Platoon, Larry Davis.

First Sgt. Larry Fultz discusses The Recovery Ranch in Loris, SC

Captain Mike Waters, Billy "Dow Plow" Harrington, and 2nd Lt. 2nd Platoon Larry "LD" Davis

Captain Mike Waters gave an overview of the reinterment service for

Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his Mrs. Mary Ann Montgomery Forrest.

Members of the South Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry

SC SCV Members are always ready with prayers, financial support and whatever aid we can render when one of our

 brothers is involved in a motorcycle accident. In recent months two of our brothers were sidelined by careless drivers,

sustaining significant injuries. Thankfully our brothers are on the mend. While they have a long way to go before

 they're back on two wheels, thankfully they are back on two feet. Pictured below are Austin Futrell, past commander

of the Horry Rough and Readys SCV #1026 Myrtle Beach, SC and "Mad Anthony" Asbell. Prayers for continued healing

and we look foward to the day they are once again in the wind with us.

Austin Futrell and Mad Anthony at the Confederate Heritage Ride at Charleston, SC

On October 3rd, 2021 Sgt. Major Billy Shaun "Bull" Sinclair crossed over the River to rest under the shade of the trees.

He fought hard but succumbed to complications from the "China virus". "Bull" was the Adjutant of the 9th Arkansas Infantry

SCV Camp #652 in Star City, Arkansas and held the position of Southern Brigade Commander in the Arkansas Division SCV.

 "Bull" was an active member of 1st Battalion, Company J, Arkansas Mechanized Cavalry was was a regular sight at many

SCVMC functions around the country. His intelligence, honesty and straightforward attitude will

be sorely missed by his Brothers here in Arkansas and around the Confederation.


Rest in Peace Bull....