Reported by Mark Poag

3A Upstate Crew en route to the Signers Monument in Abbeville, SC on July 24, 2021.

The Signers Monument in Abbeville, SC. This is where South Carolina began proceedings

to secede from the tyranny of the North.

3A paying respect to the men who signed their names on the ordinance of secession.

The exact spot where South Carolina held the first secession speeches to separate from the Northern States.

An unknown soldier, who was believed to be from Alabama was laid to rest on Secession Hill in 1865.

The train depot was at the bottom of the hill at that time and this Confederate hero passed, possibly

from smallpox, coming back from the war.

OCR member Tammy Szabo and Our Copperhead Brother, Csaba “Chopper” Szabo behind Mark “Lightin” Poag

 during 3A’s ride to Secession Hill and the Signers Monument.

Mark “Lightnin” Poag, Bill “Wild Bill” Bailey, Csaba “Chopper” Szabo and Tammy Szabo.

Csaba “Chopper” Czabo was presented with his bottom rocker for the Copperheads

at the Signers Monument on July 24, 2021.

Kneeling, L to R: Dan Burns, Bill Bailey and Adam “Patch” Merck. Standing, L to R in back: Jim Bay, Lamar Merck, Brad Hullet,

President Jefferson Davis, Csaba Szabo, Dennis “Otis” Murphy, Mike “Big Mike” Hounchell and Scott “Hag” Campbell. Standing,

L to R in front: Mark Poag, Tim “Smiley” Brock and Nelson “Deuce “ Bishop at the Signers Monument in Abbeville, SC on July 24, 2021.

After visiting the Signers Monument, 3A visited the Burt-Stark House in Abbeville, SC. On May 2, 1865 President Jefferson Davis

 stayed at this residence which was owned by Colonel Armistead Burt. President Davis was accompanied by some of his remaining

 staff and they met in the front left room where they came to realize that the war was over at that time. Little did they know

that we would still be fighting for the cause 156 years later. President Davis slept in one of the upstairs bedrooms before

continuing on to Georgia where he was captured on May 10, 1865. Abbeville, SC was where the

 War of Northern Aggression began and ended.


Reported by John Fisher


On Sunday, August 15th, members of the South Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans Low Country Crew traveled

to Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston, SC to change out flags at the graves of crew members of the H. L. Hunley.

Led by 2nd Lt. 2nd Platoon Larry "LD" Davis, who serves as Guardian over their graves, various individuals

 from our group make this two hour journey several times a year for this specific purpose.

Attending members: 1st Sgt. Larry "LD" Fultz, Sgt. Paul "Tech", Flanagan, 2nd Lt. 2nd Platoon, Larry "LD" Davis,

 Compatriot Carl "CJ" Moore and Corporal Bobby "B" Scarborough.

New 2nd National flags "Stainless Banners" at the graves of the H.L. Hunley crew members


On Saturday, August 14th, Sgt. Paul "Tech" Flanagan who serves as Guardian Director of the Horry Rough and

Readys Sons of Confederate Veterans #1026 in Myrtle Beach, SC and Camp Commander John "Bugman" Fisher

also Color Sgt. of the SC SCVMC, along with members from their camp at well as those from Litchfield SCV #132, Conway,

South Carolina, conducted a cemetery cleanup at United Methodist Church Campground Cemetery in Conway, SC.

Also assisting was Clyde Strickland and Tim Overcash of Native Lawn Service in Conway. Clyde, who is owner and

operator of the business, is also past Chief of the Chicora Indian tribe in Horry County, SC. After the cleanup was

finished he offered a prayer of blessing and thanksgiving for the individuals buried there, and our ability

to care for their final resting places.

Horry Rough and Readys SCV #1026 Camp Commander John "Bugman" Fisher and Guardian Director Paul "Tech" Flanagan

Cleanup Crew members holding the flag of the Horry Rough and Readys SCV

Clyde Strickland, owner of Native Lawn Service and past Chief of the Chicora Indian Tribe

offers a prayer of thanksgiving and blessing.

Section of the cemetery where the remains of seven Confederate soldiers are buried. An eighth marker is to memorialize

Pvt. Zebedee R. Jordan, Co. K, 7th SC Cavalry Regiment, CSA, who is buried at an unknown location at Richmond, Va.

VA headstone for Pvt. Jordan, who died at Richmond, Va, July 31st, 1864