Reported by Daniel Nichols - Captain of 1H

Steven Pfeil being swore in by Col Trigger

With Co H Lt Rodney Neville holding his certificate and stainless banner with

General Stone on over watch at National in Georgia

2nd squad Co H Trooper L-R Scott pap George.  Campbells company camp member Joe Thompson. 2nd squad Sgt. Mark Preacher Orchard

,1st Sgt James Ragnar Holloway and Cpl. Aj. Mcbroom at Springfield National Cemetery then on to Wilson Ceek battlefield.

 Bottom pic L-R Campbells company camp member Joe Thompson 1st Sgt James Ragnar Holloway 2nd squad

Sgt Mark Preacher Orchard Cpl. Aj. Mcbroom and Trooper Scott Pap George 

1st Sgt James Ragnar Holloway presenting Cpl. Aj. Mcbroom his Rockers from 2nd squad Co H 

1st squad Co H Donnie elvis Lawrence Western Lt. Dwayne Holtzclaw and Hughes Camp member

David Langston on the James run 

 1st squad Chaplain Donnie Elvis Lawrence at Jesse James headstone and Co H vest

at 1 of  bloody Bill Anderson graves  

Jesse James original headstone was chipped away at by souvenir seekers 

Jesse James original gravesite not original headstone 

Jesse James original gravesite not headstone and more signs from the farm 

I was honored to receive this award from the Scv and it was Recommended to the

by the Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry

Reported by Lt. Mike "Jackal" Lanford


1D Mechanized Cavalry supporting 4 area Masonic Lodges in Centerville Al.


Benefit Ride for 4 Slain Tuscaloosa Police Officers in Centerville Al.

Back Row L-R: Capt Pat Mcmurry, Trooper Kevin Johnson.

Front Row L-R: Trooper Mike Johnson, Cpl Chris Allen, Trooper James Barnes, Trooper Royce Richardson.

 Derek Maples being sworn into the SCV Mechanized Cavalry by Lt Jamie Green in Tuscumbia Al.

 Congratulations Derek from all of Alabama 1D and Welcome to our Ranks.


Commander Robert (Weasel) Kemp swore in Chris Suthin into SCV Camp 579 and sworn into

SCV Mechanized Cavalry by Capt Pat Mcmurry. Congratulations and welcome to our Ranks.

L-R: Cpl Nathan "Opie" Nance, Lt Mike "Jackal" Lanford, Sgt Ron "Bookworm " Jeffrey,

 Sgt Robert "Weasel" Kemp, Trooper Chris Sutphin.


Back Row L-R: Sgt Ron "Bookworm" Jeffrey, Cpl James "Tatanka" Lanford, Sgt Robert "Weasel" Kemp,

 Cpl Nathan "Opie" Nance. Front Row L-R: OCR Debbie Moore

Revving for kids Ride in Scottsboro Al.