Reported by Mark Poag

Csaba Szabo after being sworn into The Copperheads by “Lucky” Eole Exelsior Lake

at the SCVMC National in Townsend, TN on June 17, 2021.

Brad Hullett being sworn into the SCVMC 3A by Captain Mike Waters at the National in Townsend,

TN on June 18, 2021.

Brad Hullet after receiving his SCVMC Center Patch from Captain Mike Waters.

Members of the 3rd Battalion Company A with our newest member, Brad Hullet (kneeling, front right).

Getting ready to ride at the SCVMC National. God’s protective rainbow was watching over us that weekend.

3A representing strong at the National.

3A riding into Tellico Plains.

Nelson Bishop, Tim Brock and Mark Poag visiting some of our fallen heroes at the

Emma Gray United Methodist Church in Woodruff, SC on June 26, 2021.

Billy Collyer and Rossie Meadows replacing our 8x8 Battle Flag

 on Hwy 25 in Greenville County, SC on July 6, 2021.

Mark Poag and Billy Collyer prepare to raise the new flag.

God Bless Dixie.

3A attended and assisted with the Dixie Fest held at the Dixie Republic

located on Hwy 25 in Travelrs Rest, SC on July 10, 2021.

While at the Dixie Fest, Greg Williams and Michael Couch were presented their 3rd Battalion top rockers.

Csaba Szabo was presented with his Sic Semper Tyrannis, Copperhead top rocker and Rossie Meadows was

presented with both his top and bottom 3rd Battalion Company A Dismounted rockers.


Reported by John Fisher


This month's meeting of the SC SCVM Low Country Crew had a number of highlights. First, past Horry Rough

 and Readys SCV #1026 Commander Austin Futrell was sworn into our ranks. Despite recovering from a motorcycle accident

in May that required extensive surgery on his left leg, past Commander Futrell is on the mend and working hard

toward being back on two wheels. We know he will soon be back in the wind with us all.

Ms. Ann Grice received her certificate of membership into the Order of the Confederate Rose and was presented

a vest by Corporal Bobby Scarborough. The vest had been property of his wife, Mary Ellen, but being unable to ride had

been stored away. After discussion, Mr. and Mrs. Scarborough decided to pass the vest on to Ms. Grice. Ann is very supportive of the

SC SCVMC as well as Horry Rough and Readys SCV #1026 and is faithful to attend meetings.

Young Mr Brayden Hall was presented a vest by 2nd Lt. 2nd Platoon Larry LD Davis. Brayden is the son of TC Hall and

an upcoming supporter and defender of Confederate heritage and history. Immediately after the meeting, Braydens parents

were taking him to the Sam Davis Christian Youth Camp in Mullins South Carolina.

 Great to see such young men in our ranks to carry on the tradition of defending the Confederate soldiers good name.

Austin Futrell takes his oath as a member of the SC SCV Mechanized Cavalry

Austin Futrell, with 1st Sgt. Big Larry Fultz and 2nd Lt 2nd Platoon Larry Davis

Ms. Ann Grice with her vest and OCR certificate along with Corporal Bobby "B" Scarborough

Brayden Hall being presented with a vest from Larry "LD" Davis

A happy young compatriot, Brayden Hall and LD

SC SCV members waiting for the meeting to begin


Reported by Pvt James Smithson, #2470

I'm calling this report Rebel Road dogs ride again. We left Burlington North Carolina bound for Townsend Tennessee

to participate in the SCV mechanized Calvary annual reunion this June. It was one of the biggest ones I've ever seen.

The facility was very nice and we had plenty of room. There were a lot of mechanized cavalry brothers and OCR

sisters there. It was so much fun to see old friends and new faces and see how our organization has grown.

 I enjoyed the rides and learning about the history of the area

We learned about the iron works at tellico plains and General Vaughn who was a Tennessee Patriot during the War

Between the States. He was one of the last generals to surrender. He had a checkered past but he was a hero. We ate some awesome

 food and the event planners did a awesome job putting this thing together. I don't think most people know how much

work goes into something like this. Sometimes it seems like a thankless job but I always try to tell those in charges how much I appreciate their hard work

After annual we rode up through Kentucky and spent the night visiting friends. It sure is a beautiful state. Our next

stop was Brazil Indiana where we visited with Carylon's family for a couple days.

Our road trip ended and we returned home to reminisce on our trip. I look forward to our next adventure.


Reported by Tony Pilgrim - Hollywood

Georgia 3rd Battalion Co B Mechanized Cavalry was well represented at the Annual

 in Townsend Tennessee. Captain Rainey and the men of Tennessee did an excellent job making

 sure their Brothers and Sisters from across the country were well taken care of. It was great

seeing old friends and making new ones along the way.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Maggie Valley in August.


Reported by Corey Harrelson

Timothy Sampson sworn in as the newest member of Troop 3 Mid State Defenders.

Scvmc 3B Troop 3 L-R , New members Bubba Bradshaw (Clinch's Crew) ,

Robert Whitaker (Battleground Guard) , and Delma Compton (Mid State Defenders)

Swearing in Brody White into Scvmc 3B Troop 3 Clinch's Crew at his Ancestor's grave.