Reported by Darryl Ross

It's been a week since the 2022 Watermelon Festival Parade in Farmerville, Louisiana. I'm finally getting around to posting my pictures.

The Lt. Elijah H. Ward Camp #1971 SCV hosted this great event. It was a beautiful day with great friends in an awesome town.

We were welcomed by a big crowd. There was a lot of cheering and good vibes for our Brothers marching down main street.

Before the Parade, we were fortunate to have a new Trooper sworn into the Louisiana SCV Mechanized Cavalry by Bobby White Brother Stephen Woodall.

Congratulations. God bless Dixie and God bless the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Yhe 5th annual Cornhole Tournament at Point Place Marina in Natchitoches, Louisiana. A lot of good people came out.

It was an up awesome event. I want to thank the Col. Samuel D. Russell Camp 1617 for inviting us and

Mrs. Debbie for great hospitality. God bless Dixie and God bless the Sons of Confederate Veterans.


Reported by Color Sgt. Blade “ShortRound” Cooper

Trooper Chris Hyche, Ricker, Jeff Kelsey, Hillbilly, and 2nd. Lt Spike Spears. 2nd Platoon 1-A Needles, SD

Darren Frazier #4389 after being sworn into the Mechanized Calvary! Welcome brother.

2nd Lt’s Brent “Brentwood” White and Mark “smoke” Brate posing as Andy and Barney.

Smoke finally got to fulfill his dream of being a policeman instead of Fireman, if even for a moment!

1st Lt. Ed “Muley” Hill and members of 1st Platoon at the memorial in Lebanon, Virginia.

Members of 1-A, 1-E, and 1-G retaking Fort Donelson for the second time in the name of the Confederacy

and rescinding the surrender for the afternoon! Only one casualty to report, 2nd Lt. Trey “T-Bear” King’s iron horse which

was safely transferred and made a full recovery.

Congratulations to Devin Frank, Camp 2113. He ordered a new tire and had a surprise.

 Sgt. Tom Chamberlain (L) and Trooper Devin Frank (R). Welcome brother!

Members of 1-A 3rd Platoon after a meeting at the Shiloh Firehall. L-R: Trooper Teddy Lynn Carter, Sgt. Andy “Rabbit” Anderson,

 Cpl. James “Big Jim” Henderson, Sgt. Grady “Shady” Britt, past Sgt. Tom “Uncle Si” Moore, Color Sgt. Blade “ShortRound” Cooper