Reported by Cpl. Gary Burleigh (Breeze)

CIC Grambling at Rockwall camp

Left to right Sgt.Keven Ramsey, Lt.Billy Cast, Sgt.Mike Boon,Major Frank Dietz, and

Cpl. Randal Tennison at Old Trading post in Booth Texas. Texas crawfish and music festival


Craig and Charlie Smith at the marker for their Great,Great Grand Father Pvt.John Mack of 46th Ga. Infatry Chattahoochee Sentinels

 He drove a team for entire war moved to Texas after being paroled and died Jan 1900

5th squad at Liberty for Kem Kirkhams induction to the UDC Kem is a grest supporter of the SCV and SCVMC.

 Great lady fetured are Tom Glynn, Corp. Hebert Jacks, Mrs Jacks, Kem Kirkham.

 Judge Lloyd Kirkham, Sgt Scott Lewis, Dana Talbot, and pending member Jerry Murdock.

Grave Dedication SCV Camps Col. George R Reeves 11th Calv Shermon Texas and Lee Bourland Gainesville Texas

 Col.Reeves great great grand daughter and family members present along with MCVMC Ken Smith

The Monument to the Wind Orange Texas all cleaned up. Great Job Gentlemen

The Memorial to built and maintained by Walter P Lane Camp 1745 SCV Orange Texas


Reported by Steve “peg leg” Beeler

This just went up in the park Tuesday, April 30, we now have them all covered

Yesterday John Suttles went to Paducah Tilghman high school to present the Hunley award to Cadet Lieutenant Commander

Noah Hollar, he is their Company Commander and has been appointed to the US Naval Academy in which he will start in June.

John is a orphan KY

Well a drunken driver a girl hit our monument of Tilghman last night

May 11,Our first parade Saturday it was Thank a Vet. Day in Wickliffe KY the

other guy is Steve Reese aka suicide one of our new member

KY.and TN.Got together for a ride to Jeff Davis monument

Me and suicide put this up today on I-24 he made the cannon out

concrete and it will fire it is guarded by dinosaur he also made

Dear Captain Joe Ford

1st Battalion Company E.

Mechanized Cavalry, KY

HL Hunley Award Representative

On Friday May 10th at the Springboro Junior ROTC Awards Ceremony I was
awarded the H. L. Hunley JROTC award. I am very grateful that I was
selected to receive such a prestigious award.

This award demands the qualities of Honor, Courage and Commitment --
and I will continue to display the characteristics and competencies
this award demands.

I have a very positive attitude towards my JROTC unit and I am
committed to helping it succeed. Again, I am very proud to be a
recipient of this award -- thank you so much for the support of our
organization an all you do.


Victoria Chapman