Reported by Lt. Mike (Jackal) Lanford


Trooper Joey Beech receiving his SCVMC Member Certificate from Capt Pat Mcmurry.

L-R: Trooper Joey Beech, Capt Pat Mcmurry

 Sgt Brian (Snake) Anderson receiving his Hold The Line Award from Capt Pat Mcmurry.

L-R: Sgt Brian (Snake) Anderson, Capt Pat Mcmurry.


L-R: Shannon (Salsa Momma) Lanford, Lt Mike (Jackal) Lanford, Lt Howard (Duck) Wallace, Lisa (Lil Bit) Wallace.

 L-R: Shannon (Salsa Momma) Lanford, Lt Mike (Jackal) Lanford,

Lt Howard (Duck) Wallace, Lisa (Lil Bit) Wallace.


L-R: Capt Pat Mcmurry, Wildmans Bodyguard (Chevy), Sgt Wildman Wilson.


Reported by Sgt. Major Mac - 2nd Battalion, A Company

On September 25 the 4th Platoon had its monthly meeting. Once again we were honored to meet at Violet Bank!

Newly anointed Sergeant Heath started us off in prayer. Afterward we discussed various aspects of holding a local

poker run with stops at local historic spots! This is a great idea for our area and we hope to have something together by spring.

Our host for the day was Ms. Wendy who gave us a nice little history on Violet Bank as well as the continuing efforts

to restore various parts of this beautiful old home that was once the Headquarters of General Robert E Lee. Violet Bank

is now a museum located in Colonial Heights, VA and welcomes us with open arms.  Ms. Wendy took an application

 to join the Sally Tompkins Chapter Order of the Confederate Rose.

4th Platoon Group Picture

 (Originally Reported by 13th Platoon Sgt. Cannon Ball Tabor / WV)

On September 26, Chaplain Clate Dolinger hosted the 13 th Platoon at Mtn.

Lake for their monthly meeting. Good times were had by all and it was a beautiful day.

13 th Platoon group picture

 (Originally Reported by 11th Platoon Sgt. Bill Leighton

On September 26 at the Saltville Battlefield Overlook, 11th Platoon trooper Jim Winebarger was promoted

to Corporal and two new troopers were inducted into the SCVMC, 2A 11 th Platoon.

Welcome troopers TJ Taylor #4141 and Kelvin Davenport #4183! Please welcome our new brother!

11 th Platoon Sgt. Bill Leighton, Derek Snodgrass, TJ Taylor, Kelvin Davenport, Shannon Lowery, Cpl. Jim Winebarger.

11 th Platoon Cpl. Jim Winebarger

 (Originally Reported by 2-A 1Lt Terry Jones)

We had a great ride, 2096 miles round trip in 5 days and a lot of hard riding. We went to 9 states counting Va.

We went to 3 major battlefields and a Courthouse monument in Ky. There were a few bumps along the way, but everyone is

home safe and sound. I would really like to thank 7 th Platoon Sgt. Sammy for going with me and my Brother Scott and

James from the 4 th platoon for going also. It meant a lot to me and we had a great time.

Sgt. Sammy, James, Scott, 1Lt Terry

 (Originally Reported by 2-A 2Lt Leon Lowe “Parasite”)

On October 3 rd the 1st platoon held their meeting and enjoyed the fellowship. Sgt. Tom Wright, Cpl. Larry “Road Rash”,

 Scout Corporal Andrew, Neil Russell, and Carl Tomlin all attended. It was a pleasure to have Andrew’s wife April at our

meeting along with their two boys, James and Eric.

Neil Russell, Sgt. Tom Wright , Cpl. Road Rash ,Carl Tomlin, 2-A 2Lt Leon Lowe Scout Cpl. Andrew

 (Originally Reported by Cannon Ball Tabor)

Welcome to our newest member to 13th Platoon. Richard Lockhart "Enforcer".

 Congratulations to the 10 th platoon on organizing such a great event for a nice young man named Rylan!

Andy Schindler, Mark Harman and the 10 th Platoon worked with local businesses to collect monetary

donations, items for raffles and organized a ride all to raise money for a 5-year-old boy named Rylan. Rylan even

got to join the ride, riding along not on 2 wheels, but in a pretty cool Street Rod. Their good deed did not go unnoticed

and they made the WHSV Channel 3 news spreading all the good that the SCVMC is doing in Virginia.

Local celebrities, Cpl. Andy Schindler and Sgt. Mark Harman of the 10 th Platoon

 (Originally Reported by Andy Schindler)

A big thanks to everyone who showed up & or donated to Rylan’s Ride Charity event. It was held to raise money for

the family of Rylan, who lost part of his leg in a lawnmower accident. What an awesome day this was for everyone.

 When it was all said and done we handed the family just over $4,000. The family members and Rylan were blown

away by our support and the support of the biker community. The 10 th Platoon also gave him a blanket that

 was made and donated by brother Todd. He sewed every stitch by himself and it looks amazing.

Everybody who helped, even a little, deserves a huge pat on the ass. This is us at our best. I'm so proud and honored

to have had a small part in this. If you could've met this young man and seen the smile on his face today....

that alone, was worth it all.

10 th Platoon blanket that was sewn by trooper Tom and then given to Rylan.

Rylan and 10 th Platoon trooper Tom

 (Originally Reported by 2-A 31st Platoon Cpl. Ray Belcher / WV)

I represented the SCVMC by participating in the Think Pink Ride put on by the Valkyries Ladies Club. This is a cancer

benefit ride and this year over 90 bikes from several different clubs were in attendance. I donated a gift card on

behalf of the 2-A 31 st to this great cause. Great ride, great cause. Deo Vindici.

(Originally Reported by Cpl. Andy Schindler)

On October 16 th, 10th Platoon was at Stonewall Jackson Cemetery in Lexington.

We were painting Southern Crosses of Honor for our Confederate Patriots. The color gray was for the brave

men who survived the war and black was those who, regretfully, didn’t survive the war.

Another exciting event held that day was The Order of Confederate Rose chartered a new chapter! They will be the

Mary Anna Jackson chapter and are being sponsored by The Stonewall Brigade.

Cpl Andy Schindler and Sgt Mark Harman+ painting crosses at Stonewall Jackson Cemetery.

Order of the Confederate Rose - Rosie, Wendy, & Blair

 (originally reported by 7th Platoon Sgt. Sammy Boone)

The 8 th Platoon had a Brunswick Stew on the 16 th in Chatham Va. 7 th Platoon brothers Cpl. Squirrel,

Cpl. Weenie, and Sgt. Sammy all rode down to fellowship and to enjoy some stew at the same time.

It was great to see our brothers and their family and friends. Ret. Captain Robert and his son Robert.

 (originally reported by 2-A Captain Joey Taylor)

We recently had signs removed from our monument. The signs were all about the upcoming referendum concerning

the removal of monuments. A witness came forward stating that they saw the person. An affidavit was filed charging the

person with removing a political sign pertaining to an upcoming election. The person charged was Mike Rowe, Chairman of the

Board of Supervisors for Mathews County!

The members of the Lane-Armstead Camp and the Mechanized Cavalry 5 th Platoon will remain

loyal to our Confederate ancestors who can no longer speak for themselves.