Reported by Joseph Pizzini (Captain Rocco)


Captain Rocco and Sgt Moose at the Norris camp river crossing at Whiteford

Captain Rocco and Sgt Drifter at the Norris camp river crossing at Whiteford

11 piece Band that played My Maryland My Maryland as our Confederates crossed the river

Lt PQ and his wife One drop Angelâ leading the way

One of the members of the band.

Dave our Norris Camp Commander

Captain Rocco, Rooster and Lt PQ at the Confederate monument in front of the Leesburg court house

Sgt Drifter, Lt PQ, Rooster and Capt Rocco. Rooster earning his Top rocker.

Congratulations Rooster One drop on her bike in the background

Buckwheat “Terry Hall” from the Boarder Rangers just earned his bottom Rocker. Came by our house to pick up his vest —

congratulations on becoming a fully patched brother. Many miles to come — MCFFMC Capt Rocco


Reported by Corporal James Smithson, Company B 2nd battalion

 Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry North Carolina.

We are getting in the short rows for two dogs are annual North Carolina event which will be held this year in Marion North Carolina.

 On Saturday we travel to Commander Stones house and helped him with the loading all the MCU in preparation for two dogs