Reported by Paul F. Smith Sr. - Communications Officer

 February in The Lone star state has been busy for 1st. Battalion Co. C Mechanized Cavalry.

Our rains have subsided long enough to have some great events and rides.

Plans continue for the 22nd Annual Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Calvary.

 Links have now been added to The Official Web page of the SCVMC. Link at CSASCVMC. Org .

Also the Facebook page. 2019 SCVMC Annual Texas/ Louisiana.

Keep and eye out for items that might be added to the events

 This is for advertisement purposes only. Demo- tshirts Major Dietz had made.

1C . 1st.Plt., 1st. Squad participate in the IOMC Lone Star Crew Bar B Que Cook Off Benefit at Brazoria County, Angleton, Texas.

At the Brazoria County Fairgrounds. Proceeds benefitting Camp Hope.

 Camp Hope is for wounded Warriors Veterans and their families that suffer from combat related PTSD in a caring environment.

 At the IOMC Lone Star Bar B Que Cook Off. Trooper Todd Long of 2nd Squad, Captain Frank Polk 1C. , and Trooper Newell Rambo 1st. Squad.

 Brazoria County Fair Grounds, Brazoria. County Tx.

This year the Annual Lee- Jackson Banquet was moved to Feb. 9,2019 instead of usually in January.

A extra special event was planned together with the Lee- Jackson Banquet of

SCV Hoods Southeast Brigade, 10th Brigade, Texas Division.

The dedication of the long awaited ,Confederate Memorial of The Wind in Orange, Texas .

This Monument is one of the largest Confederate Monuments in Texas.

Construction began in 2013. As money was raised for the monument , volunteer workers from local and different areas

 of the state and including SCV & SCVMC members of Texas. Louisiana SCV

and SCVMC Co. B brothers donated their time as well.

After 5 years of hard work, it was decided by Texas SCV 10th Brigade to have a dedication at Brigade level.

 Numerous SCV camps across Texas , including UDC, and OCR along with friends of the SCV were invited.

Even though not fully completed, the dedication went on without any problems.

CIC Paul Gramling gave a moving speech at the dedication. Over 80 people were in attendance

As time goes on the Confederate Memorial of the Wind will have 32 Texas Regimental flags that served in the

War Between The States. Paver memory bricks along with concrete memory benches and more side walks with

additional flag poles will be added.  Space is limited for photos. In April Edition of the Cracker I will add more photos

of the dedication of the Confederate Memorial of The Wind.

CIC Paul Gramiling at Kountze, Texas . Lee- Jackson Banquet of

SCV Hoods South East Texas Hoods Brigade, Hosting 10th Brigage.

1st. Battalion Co.C Texas and Co. B Louisiana along with a few SCV members at the

Confederate Memorial Of The Wind. Along with CIC Paul Gramling. A great day in Dixie!

1st. Battalion 1C Texas and 1B Louisiana . Listening to CIC Paul Gramling speech.

Co. C 5th Squad Sgt. Scott Lewis, 1B Louisiana Michael Wayne Clanton, 2nd. Squad Billy McBride,

 and 5th Squad Tom Glynn

CIC Paul Gramiling with Bruce Procell Jr. Bruce Jr. father , Bruce Sr.,

is SCVMC Co. B Louisiana. Raising that young man right.

Color Guard leading the group to the Confederate Memorial of The Wind . On Color Guard , Past Corporal Greg Isbell,

1st. Sgt. Paul Smith, Sly Martinez of 1B Louisiana and Bruce Procell Sr. Of 1B Louisiana

Gathering of the SCV Mechanized Cavalry. 1st. Battalion Co. C Texas and 1B Louisiana.

1C Captain Frank Polk, Past Corporal Greg Isbell, Trooper Marty Pennington, Lt. Billy Cast, Sgt. Scott Lewis,

Corporal Herbert Jacks with cap turned backwards, Trooper Billy MacBride, Trooper Rick Gallier with back to camera,

Major Frank Dietz, Trooper Michael Wayne Clanton 1B Louisiana , and Captain Bobby White 1B Louisiana.

Order of The Confederate Rose and UDC Thomas Jefferson Chambers 2591 ladies.

 Anne Osborn Walls and Vickye Henry Haynes.

CIC Paul Gramling speaking to the group at the dedication of

The Confederate Memorial Of The Wind at Orange, Texas

The troops gathering before the dedication . I-10 in the back ground

1st. Battalions Co. C and Co. B .

Trooper Tim Pettigrew, Trooper Tom Glynn, Trooper Todd Long, Trooper Billy McBride, Corporal Gary Burleigh,

Trooper Michael Wayne Clanton, PastCaptain Archie Toombs of 1B., Sgt. Scott Lewis, Trooper Judge Lloyd Kirkham, Trooper Marty Pennington,

Judge Kirkham daughter Kem Kirkham-Arnold, CIC Paul Gramling, wife Lynda Gramling.

 And arm of Trooper Rick Gallier.  1st. Battalions Co. C and Co. B well represented.

CIC Paul Gramling with Trooper ( Retired Judge) Lloyd Jirkham of 1C , 1st. Platoon, 5th Squad.

CIC along with members of 1C, 1st. Platoon, 1st, 2nd, and 5th Squads. The Parking Crew. At the Confederate Memorial Of The Wind.

Past Corporal Greg Isbell, Corporal Herbert Jacks, Sgt. Scott Lewis, 1st. Sgt. Paul Smith, Trooper Aaron Tennison,

CIC Paul Gramling, Trooper Billy Mc Bride, Sgt. Randall Tennison, and Trooper Marty Pennington.

The Confederate Rose and SCV Mechanized Cavalry. Kem Kirkham-Arnold with her back to camera.

Along with UDC Anne Osborne Walls and Vickye Henry Haynes.

In the background is 1C, 1st. Platoon, Trooper Billy McBride, Marty Pennington, Lt. Billy Cast,

 Sgt. Scott Lewis, Corporal Herbert Jacks, and Trooper Lioyd Kirkham.