Reported by Joseph Pizzini (Captain Rocco)


2F/ 2D and the Virginia boys at Gettysburg bike week

Swearing in Rooster and Buckwheat

Shamrock on his 3rd SCVMC event earning his bottom rocker. Congratulations brother

Lt Brick, Corporal Pudd and Sgt of Arms Puffy

The crew riding through the battlefields


Reported by Steve -Peg leg- Beeler

The orphans all together on the 4th of July at the Tilghman house

Museum for a cookout and fireworks go Kentucky

Saturday the July, 13th, 16 of the orphan’s Road to Tennessee

 to support our brothers and a fundraiser for their flag part

Orphans road to Owensboro  to swearing a new member his name is Trevor Jenkins #3569


Reported by James Smithson

07/28/2019,  members of 2nd Platoon Co B 2nd Bn came together

to sort and rebox reorganized and repair  the trailer for the

  SCV/OCR Disaster Response Team.

These supplies will go to areas needed when called upon.