Reported by Cpl. Gary Burleigh (Breeze)

1st.Platoon Meeting.

The first Platoon meeting of 2019 is in the books. and a Very good meeting it was with 1C,

 1st. Platoon. 1st, 2nd, 4th & 5th squads represented.

We would personally like to thank all who attended today.

 A great meeting, great visit and great Food.

Thanks 1st. Platoon, 2nd Lt. Randall Tennison ( Chong) and his beautiful wife Linda for allowing

 this bunch to come  to your home for the meeting and the wonderful food.

From Left To Right attending are:

Past Sgt. Mike Boone, Sgt. Gary Burleigh, Trooper Travis Peden, Trooper Joe Dart, 2nd Lt. Tim Pettigrew, Captain Herbert Jacks,

Sgt. Greg Lambeth, Trooper Hunter Wright, Corporal Todd Long, Captain Frank Polk, 2nd Lt. Randal Tennison, Sgt. Scott Lewis,

 Corporal Mackey Fair, Corporal Bubba Goode, Trooper David Ramirez, Trooper Newell Rambo, and 1st. Sgt. Paul Smith.

1Sgt Rabbit explaining how to make Shine to Rambo

Trooper David Ramirezis a silent one but carries his load and then

 some in the SCVMC. Definently officer material

Toy run

Toys for tots toy run Greenville Texas at the corner street pub

Left to right Lt. Charley Smith and wife Beth, Trooper Mark Carpenter, 1st.Sgt Jesse James wife Tina Pierce,

 Trooper Tony"Roundy Round"Cirkles.

1st.Sgt Jesse James and Santa Claus.

A recruiting banner that 1C , 1st. Platoon , 2nd Squad will be using at the upcoming Battle of Liendo

 Plantation in Hempstead, Texas, one week before Thanksgiving.