Mississippi 1-G

The winter meeting of the Mississippi Mechanized Cavalry was held at Lake Tiak O’Khata in Louisville, MS on January 10, 2015. At CPT King’s request, 1SGT Young conducted the election for 1G Captain. As there was only one nomination, 1SGT Young moved that Steven (Gunner) Rutherford be elected by acclamation. The vote was unanimous. Newly elected CPT Gunner assumed the floor and presented the outgoing CPT with a plaque in the shape of the state of Mississippi in appreciation for his leadership and faithful service to the organization.

CPT Rutherford then outlined the state districts and leadership positions as follows:

NORTH LT: Richard Dillon

CENTRAL LT: Patrick Charlton

SOUTH LT: Ron Hilton

CHAPLAIN: Hunter Charlton



SQD SGT: Chelsey Roberts

SQD CPL: Charles Stillman

SQD SGT: Michael Boteler

SQD CPL: Terry Cook

SQD CPL: Kenneth Campbell

SQD CPL: Don Parker


SQD SGT: Kevin Nelms

SQD CPL: Terry Mitchell

Steven Gunner Rutherford

Captain SCVMC1G Mississippi

2nd Lt. Commander Tippah Tigers Camp 868

Lt. Commander MOSB Nathan Bedford Forrest Chapter 100

Left to right Kevin Nelms, Paul Young, Terry Mitchell, Steven Gunner Rutherford, Jason Sanders, and Chris Haley.

Cpl Terry Mitchell and Captain Gunner Rutherford.

Sgt Kevin Nelms and Captain Gunner Rutherford

new member Chris Haley and Captain Gunner Rutherford.

Mississippi 1-G Northeast Squad Davis Bridge Pocohantas Tn. 1/17/175

 left to right Jason Sanders Terry Mitchell Mug Frost

The Mid South Flaggers and H.K. Edgerton Flag Forrest Park in protest of the city of Memphis, illegally and immorally, trying to change the name of Forrest Park.

19 Jan 2015. 1G Mississippi with Gary Animal Elam NE Squad and Clay Pruett NW Squad.