Mississippi 1-G
Left to right Chaplain Chip Cole, Captain Gunner Rutherford, Jerry Cooley,Sgt. Kevin Nelms, Lt. Richard Dillion, Cpl. Terry Mitchell at Officers call Elm Springs

Pics of Officers Call at Elm springs
Col. Kevin Stone and Sgt. Kevin Nelms.

Kevin Nelms 1G Kelly Flanagan 1a Timmy Lyles 1a Terry Mitchell 1g

In memory of Jake Stalcup

Captain Gunner and new member Chris Haley Mississippi 1-G

Captain Gunner and new member Robert Jackson

 Sgt. Kevin Nelns and Chris Haley

Sgt. Kevin Nelms and Robert Jackson. Mississippi 1-G.


Alabama Monument Dedication at Winstead Hill ,

This was at Winstead Hill, Franklin, Tennessee. State of Alabama dedicated their Monument for those that died at the Battle of Franklin. OCR Antoinette Polk Chapter 20 Tennessee layed the wreath. Captain Pat McMurry Alabama opened the ceremony.

Who came up with that idea? That is often the question that gets asked when we look at a great idea or project. I just left the dedication of the Alabama Monument at the Battle of Franklin and if you were not there you missed a treat. As that throng of people milled around on that sacred ground, listening to Tim Kent tell the stories of the Alabama men who fought and died there, I am sure that many wondered that very question. A lot of men and women worked to make that event happen, and if I tried to name the all I would fail miserably in the attempt. But every good project starts with an idea.

In October 2014 Arkansas placed their monument on Winstead Hill to honor their men who served there. At that dedication five Alabama SCV Mech Cav members were in attendance: Kieth McClung, Jamie Green, Tommy Hunter, Johnny Hamby and Jerry Smith. Those men took notice of the fact that Alabama's men were not honored on that field, and they set out to change that.

They took the idea to the Alabama Mech Cav leadership who signed on to the project, Gary Carlyle promised his support from the division and the project begin. Money had to be raised, a stone purchased, design approved, approval from the Camp that owned the land where it would stand, foundation laid, stone set. A long list of steps to make it happen. A date was set for March 7, 2015 to coincide with the National Mech Cav officers meeting in Elm Spring.

With a commitment from the Mech Cav that they would guarantee the money if not enough was raised and a donation from the Division, the ball began rolling.SCV Camps through out the state made donation. Individuals, some SCV members and some not made donations, some substantial. A Masonic Lodge found in their history a officer who had served in Franklin and made a donation to the cause. The money came in as those who care about their history made contributions to the cause.

The project moved along with only one hitch, the weather chose not to cooperate. Despite the best efforts the monument was not placed by the date set, but it was there for viewing. Cannons roared, muskets fired, speeches were made. SCV members, OCR ladies, UDC members, Mech Cav members from all across the nation, non affiliated citizens who care about their history all joined on that hillside to pay tribute to their ancestors.

Capt Pat McMurry asked me pass along the following statement. " We of the Mech Cav are honored at the overwhelming support for this project, from all the groups and individuals who participated, donated, raised money and showed up for this event. It is a fitting tribute to our ancestors"

Let me add to his comment if I may, I am proud of the monument that will sit there for years to come, but the greatest tribute to our ancestors is their proud descendents, you who share their DNA and refuse to to let the world forget the sacrifices those men paid. You are their hope, their gift to the world. Who made this project happen? You did. Thank you.