The Virginia Society Order of Confederate Rose held their Quarterly Meeting, Saturday, April 18, 2015, in Carson, VA.

“Virginia” , 2nd Battalion, Company “A” 7th Platoon. Sgt. Jeff Johnson, Chaplain Richard Daniels, Pvt. William McGrath, Pvt. Daryl Lee and newest member Pvt. Daniel Fitzgerald took part in the Appomattox UDC ceremony on April 04, 2015. Sgt. Jeff Johnson and Pvt. Daniel Fitzgerald place a wreath for 7th platoon in honor of the sacrafice of all the brave men who fought and died at this last battle.The ceremony is conducted every year to honor the 18 confederate and 1 Union Soldier who are entombed at this location; which is beside the surrender grounds. You can go to platoons facebook page and share any of the photos you would like, the album is titled as above.

Sgt. Jeffrey R Johnson

7th Platoon


Stone Mtn. GA April 2015