November riding in Alabama is still doable but not always the most comfortable. Still Bama Boys saddled up and flew the colors at several events

First there was the Battles for the Armory is sponsored by the "Tallassee Armory Guards" SCV Camp 1921 and is hosted by the 53rd Alabama Cavalry.
Then there was a sad day, when we headed out to pay our respects to a fallen SCV Member member. It was a fundraiser for the
Terry (nobody) Morgan. The Mech Cav was there for the family.

And lastly there was a dedication of a Memorial to Emma Sansom, the teenage girl who made possible the capture of Steight when he led his raid across Alabama. Without her leading Gen Forrest to a ford in the creek, Streight might have evaded capture.
Doug Coondog Cooner , Jay Duke , Dan Williams , Greg Lang , Cmdr. Gary Carlyle and Capt Pat were there in style.

Jamie and Mike Green along with members of the NW Platoon made the pilgramage to their 3rd Great Grandfathers grave to pay their respects.

As you read this, we are making the final drive to raise money for the Eldridge Children's home, a project that we take on each year. Lightening McClung and the NW Platoon spearhead this event, and David Farris opens his home to everyone for a post ride meal of chili or red beans and rice

Ride safe my friends.

Swearin in James Bunce SCVMC # 1979 at state meeting !

Jamie Green and his Brother Mike at the grave of there 3rd great grandfather