Members of the 2nd Battalion Company B and the James Younger Camp # 2065 of Albermarle, NC

 attending the Confederate Flag Day Ceremony on March 2, 2019

Members of 3rd Battalion Co B Mechanized Cavalry raised a true Georgia Flag and placed flags on the grave of

Confederate Veteran Elias Daniel Whiddon before their State Quarterly Meeting this past March. Pictured left to right are:

 (Train) Lionel Harris, (Hollywood) Tony Pilgrim, (J-Dawg) James Dobbs, (Cowboy) David C. Myers, (Big Kenny) Kenny Harrell,

 (Hitek) Ken Bell, and (Buffalo Steve) Steve Cote.

W. W. Burch , Texas

John Fisher, South Carolina

Georgia 3-B Brother Keith 'Smokey' Hines and Sgt Major Duste at Officers Call 2019

1D South Central Platoon L to R Lieutenant Chop Atkins,Corporal Don Owens,and Snake Anderson.

Brian Piaquadio, Angel “One Drop” and Tosha, Maryland

Matt Lee, Billy Gorman,  Stones and Buckshot, Florida

Mississippi, Missouri and North Carolina representing at Officers Call 2019, Elm Springs.

Captain Kevin 'Grasshopper' Nelms 1-G, Rodney Neville 1-H and Tizzy Magoo 2-A.

Kevin Stone patches in Butch Turner. Co B 2nd Bn, North Carolina

Val Elliot painted this picture on a wall at Agave Azul restaurant in Gray GA in 2012, its still there. L-R

LT Hawkins, Cowboy, Crowe, Capt. Scarborough, Jonathon Langford, Sgt Roy Bell, LT Bridges and LT. Bo Hall.

Jesse James, Texas, Happy St Patrick's Day Southern style

Todd Parker & Jill Monaghan Parker, Mississippi

2nd. Platoon "POSSE" 1st get together of Spring.- Maryland

 Lt. Brick, Corporal Pud, Half Stroke, Sergeant of Arms Puffy, Sergeant High Test

Aaron Price,Tony Burleson and Austin Sharp

2nd Batt. Company B , Old North State, 3rd Platoon

David Farris, Alabama

Paul Franklin Smith, Texas.

Feb 23, 2019 Officers Call Columbia, Tenn. Maj. Frank Baptista promoting

PBR 2/D from Corporal to Sergeant . Congrats PBR!!!

Members of the Dirty 5 1A, and NE/NW squads of 1G visiting with Tattoo upon his release from the hospital.

Sgt Stones. Jeff Hale and Jr from 1A Tennessee BIKE week

Happy birthday Boots Mccurry and Scott McCurry

Clarence Farmer & Billy E Walker, (Tennessee)

Brother Chaps 1-G and Duste 1-J at Elm Springs Plantation, Officers Call 2019

Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry


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