Nine members of the Dallas-Ft Worth MechCav took the time today to honor Past Commander in Chief (CIC) Denne Sweeney

during his funeral service and ride to the DFW VA Cemetery. Also in the picture are the present CIC and past CIC.

 Past CIC was a graduate of West Point Military Academy

Sarge, aka Sgt. Maj Ken Arvin at his new sewing machine. Sarge is GA's 9th Brigade Commander and

a ret. Army Sergeant. Thanks for your service Sarge.

Captain Roy and Sgt. Major Duste
SCOH Dedication Ceremony

1C , 1st. Plt., 5th Sq. Sgt. Scott Lewis, Past Corporal Greg Isbell

South Central Platoons Brian "Snake" Anderson deep in thought at the 1D Northern State Meeting.

2nd Battalion, Company B, 1st Platoon (B Squad) members and 2nd Platoon members participated in the

Yam Festival Parade on October 27th in Tabor City, NC. General Stone brought the Mech Cav Trailer.

From Left to Right - Steve Hulen, Scooter Tingen, Jason Bryant, Caleb Long, General Stone, Chris Keen,

 & David Barner, who is a friend of the SCVMC. (Present but not pictured is Jeff Bryant)

Capt Gunner sporting Smileys new hat.

Getting their lunch on after the SCOH Dedication Ceremony.
Lt. Sparky, Trooper Fuse, Recruit Dennis and Corporal JT.

A whole big bunch of handsome dudes! Sgt. Scott Lewis, 5th Sq., Sgt. Elvin Stanley 4th Sq., Trooper Todd Long 2 nd Sq.,

 Trooper Newell Rambo 1st. Sq.,Trooper David Ramirez 1st. Sq., Trooper Todd Long lady Jacque Turner,

1st. Sgt. Paul Smith 1st. Plt., Trooper Hunter Wright 2nd Sq., Past Corporal Charles Dunagan 1st. Sq., Trooper Tom Glynn 5th Sq.,

 Captain Frank Polk 1C. Others behind the camera , Sgt. Ruben Cordova 3rd Sq., 1st. Battalion Major Frank Dietz, P

ast Corporal Greg Isbell 5th Sq. and Trooper Allen Hearrean 2nd. Plt, and Sgt. Phillip Hearrean 2nd .Plt.

1C . 1st. Plt. Officers Meeting.

 Sgt. Hightest, captain Rocko, captain Hook, Sgt. At arms Mrock

down in front...2016 fall cleanup in gettysburg

Christmas parade in Mayfield KY , November 25 - 2018

Look what we won tonight first place for best non profit entry.

3rd Battalion Company B Members from L-R Tony Pilgrim (Hollywood)

David C. Myers (Cowboy) and Carl Thomas Miller Jr. (T-Bo) on top of Secession Hill.

Trooper Bryce rolling with the Taylor Battle Flag!
Trans-Mississippi represent

1C ,1st Plt.,1st. Sq., Past Sgt. Mike Boone, and Past Corporal Charles Dunagan at Liendo, Plantation.

James Holley

David C. Myers (Cowboy) and Tony Pilgrim (Hollywood) 3rd Battalion Company B, arrive in Abbeville S.C.

 for the dedication of the Monument to the Signers of the Ordinance of Secession November 10.

At Liendo Plantation . Sgt. Red Eyes ( Ruben Cordova) and his friend Edward Teniente. Edwards son on horseback .

Teaching right, and teaching young.

Trooper Bubba and Stephanie riding for our Heritage !

 James A Testerman & Lester Testerman

Maj Dietz handing over check to Sweeny TX, Chief Of Police John Bernard,

 for Blue Santa Toys Run

1D newly elected Southern Platoon Lieutenant Bonzo Redmon flies the colors wherever he goes. MAGA !

Darron Morgan left, and Gun Captain Bobby Coleman at the Irwinvilles re-enactment, taking a well deserved break.

Sgt Major Duste rolling in for the Veterans Day Parade Ride

Taken from the second story balcony of Liendo Plantation. " A soldier and his dog"
The soldier is 1st. Lt. Brigade Commander of the Texas SCV 10th Bridgade , Sam Daggett and his Doggo .

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