#12 Andrew M Pike, 2D Vermont

Scott "Shoes" McCurry, Civil War Museum and Library Greenville S.C.

Cpl. Aaron price, Sergeant Cannonball, Sergeant Kirk Carter at Stone Mt. , 2B 3rd Platoon NC

Sgt Stones  & Sgt Clay Johnson (Florida)

3A upstate crew before Colt Ford concert at Mutts in Greer SC

Billy Starnes, Chris Keen (rest in peace), Kevin Stone

Mary Tucker Hood , Tennessee

Captain Kevin Nelms of Mississippi 1-G and Sgt. Major Duste Craig at Stone Mountain 2019

Lt. Buddy "Godmother" Burch #878 falling on his skinny butt. at Pioneer Park Dallas, TX

Scott McCurry "Shoes", Billy Starnes, Dennis Bigd Green, Michael E Brown "Pepaw"

2nd Battalion Company B North Carolina

1D Alabama Captain Pat McMurray clowns for the camera.

Women of the OCR Florida, Mississippi and North Carolina

 Great photo taken by James Lovelace, ( I shot this from halfway up the hill in front of the monument.

 I used a Canon 70D with a 400mm lens. This not a blow up itís the actual picture. I added a bit of detail filter to the men

 and horses. Then a HDR filter to the entire shot. It brought out the details so well.)

the Big flag is from NC Division SCV

Shoes NC - Smiley (Mississippi)- Larry Bradley NC - Boots NC

Randal Tennison, Texas

Fuse and Breezy feeling the love at Fuse's birthday party!

Captain Rocco and off-road Jenkinsís - Maryland

Sgt. Major Duste and Shotgun Shelle on top of the world at Stone Mountain 2019

Sergeant Cannonball, Pvt. Beryl Simpson and Pvt. Harold at Stone Mt. 2B 3rd platoon, NC

 (Cowboy) David C Myers and (Hollywood) Tony Pilgrim, 3rd Battalion Co B Georgia Mechanized Cavalry.

Lt Spike Spears. Company A, 1st Sgt Gary Paul Locke ( Tic Toc) Company I, Trooper Brandon Dickson

Across the pond, John Polo & wife

N.C. Charles Q Petty Camp Stone Mountain GEORGIA

South Carolina Captain Mike Friday before Colt Ford concert at Mutts BBQ in Greer SC

Dana Davidson & Mary Tucker Hood, when we first joined the OCR in Tennessee 8 years ago.

Dana Davidson is a Life Member in Arkansas, and Mary T.Hood a Life Member in Tennessee.

Corporal Breezy, Trooper Bryce McClain and Hailee Young at the Confederate Flag Day Observance in Little Rock.

1st. Lt. Buddy "Godmother" Burch #878 2nd Squqd, 2nd. Plt. 1st. Batt. Co. C.- Texas

1D's one and only Howard the Duck Wallace. Your guest is as good as mine.Hell IDK!

Sgt Major Duste and Trooper Mark McSpadden on the way to Little Rock for the Confederate Flag Day Observance.

Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry


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