Boots NC. , Kidd TN , Stones FL

Lt. Billy Gorman and 4th Squad Sgt. Elvin Stanley.

Elvin visiting with Billy at the " Boat" while visiting him in Florida.

Riders in The Ride for Pride. Sept. 23, 2018, 5th platoon NC

Arkansas, Sgt. Major Duste and Trooper JR 'Beans' Dozier.
Culps Hill. Sept. 2019

Aaron Price, James Smithson, and Don Brooks singing “Dixie” at the monument in

 Forsyth Co. Winton-Salem, NC on January 13, 2019

 Gary Elam‎ , Mississippi,  Flagging. Bridger-Teton national Forrest

 Michelle BENNETT and Albert (Albow) Perrilloux

Corporal Cannonball Tony Burleson, 3rd platoon Company B 2nd battalion, NC

2nd.Platoon 1st. Lt. Buddy Burch displaying his trophy in the pistol completion shoot of Last Place.

 He was just a little off his game this day.

D.r. Carpenter , Georgia

Chris Freeman , NC

Randall J. Freeman & James Holley, Arkansas

John Polo, Overseas, next to the grave of

Christopher Columbus, in the The Cathedral of Saint Mary, Seville, Spain

Antifa call for removal of Christopher Columbus statues in Spain.

Patch in two new members in front of (Fame), Statue in Salisbury , NC. New Members are

Gary Gibbons and Johnny Jordan on bottom Right. Sept. 2018 NC 3rd platoon members are top left, Aaron Price,

Sargent Brian Webb aka Spider, Bottom left is Keith Carpenter, Curt Childress.

Corporal Tony Burleson aka Cannonball, the boy is Spiders son Mason Webb aka Ash Eye,

 Platoon Sargent Brian Allmon aka Corn Snake, Dennis Green aka Big D,


Sgt. Elvin Stanley 1C , 1st. Plt., and 1st. Lt. Bear Butler of 1D Alabama.
At the 18th Annual, at the Hub in Marble Falls, Arkansas.

Arkansas, Corporal Popcorn hanging out at Fort Craig.

Welcome our future, Kaleb McDonald NC - 12 years old

New confederate headstone installed in Center Hill, Florida. 3-D members

Welcome our Brother Chris Dobbs to the Mech Cav. He is a member of the 5th Platoon 7th Squad

 and the Platoon Chaplain. Chris was sworn in BY James Lovelace and CIC Paul Gramling

at the Highland Brigade Lee-Jackson Banquet  in Smithville, TN


1st. Platoon,1st. Sgt. Paul Mattoon . Serious business going on through his mind.

Acting as Chaparon at the Luncheon of the Dallas 6 UDC Chapter of Dallas, Texas.

 Sam Tyson jr, South Carolina

Alabama - Ray Wildman Wilson's new profession,steer wrangler!

 Rides to Myrtle Hill, 3rd Battalion Company B Troop 1

  Spencer Rievley, Mike Mcknight, Denny Forster, D.r. Carpenter, Freddy Parris, Larry wheeler ,Steve Bailey

Privates Austin Sharp and Brian Webb, NC

3-D members at brother Clay Johnson's house

Privates Don Brooks and Curt Childress at 3rd Platoon meeting.Oct.6, 18

Looking forward to seeing these Brothers at Stone Mountain!
'Smiley (1-G), Duste (1-J) and Stones (3-D)

Austin Sharp replacing flags and showing his support for Confederate soldiers buried @ Greenlawn

Cemetery in China Grove NC on January 28, 2019 .SHULIBERRINGER, WILLIAM S., Private. Born in Rowan County where

 he resided as a farmer prior to enlistment at Charlotte at age 19, May 29, 1861 for the war. Wounded at Sharpsburg, Md.,

 September 17, 1862. Captured at Winchester, Va., July 20, 1864 and confined at Camp Chase, Ohio, until

paroled and exchanged at Boulware's Wharf, James River, Va., March 10-12, 1865.

1st.Platoon , 1st. Sgt. Paul Smith ( Rabbit) . Honoring our Anncestors at

SCV Captain James Gillaspie Camp 226, Huntsville, Texas.

Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry


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