Where would we be without our women who have our backs 24/7. Pictured here are six great women:

 Emily Yauch, Hailey Wright, Audrey Wallace, Brenda Guise, Valley Stratton, and Carrie Taylor

at the Trans Mississippi Raid on the Border.

OCR at the Heart of Dixie in Alabama

Back roll is Jerri Pitts, Christine Adkins , Anita Barnes, Kathy Ballard

Front roll is Carylon smithson, Nancy Forbes, Brenda Wilson, Lisa Wallace,

Anne Walley, Yvonne Bass

Megan Swails , OCR -Georgia

Lisa Stephens Wallace, Alabama- OCR

Joy Potts MSOCR President at Beauvoir Biloxi MS- Home of Jefferson Davis

Billy E Walker, sergeant of the third squad & Katy Walker, vice president of the Tennessee OCR

Brittany White and Danielle Harrelson  OCR -Georgia

Vicki Norris and Lee Norris, Florida

OCR picture from Stone Mountain: Becky Grimmer- pres.,chap.,of  FLA,

 Carylon Smithson  OCR NC and Carol Grimmer OCR FLA

Coporal Glenn G Man Thornton and his Beautiful wife Sandy at

Trans Mississippi Raid on the Border - Texas


Alabama 1D Mechanized Cavalry and Alabama OCR Varina Davis Chapter #24

Representing at the Tracy Wilbourn Poker Run in Scottsboro Al.

Back L-R: Lt Mike "Jackal" Lanford, Shannon "Salsa Momma" Lanford, Trooper David Rousseau,

Sgt Ron "Bookworm" Jeffrey. Front L-R: Cpl James "Tatanka" Lanford, Debbie Moore

Csaba "Chopper" Szabó with Copperheads in South Carolina and Tammy Szabó

with Order of the Rose/UDC in South Carolina

April and scout Corporal Andrew Surface Va 1st platoon

Redneck and Shoes N.C Ride To Raise Money For Men's Shelter Raised 6 Grand

Representing 1G in Vicksburg Elks Lodge poker run.

Jennifer Nicholson OCR Vicksburg Belles , and  Forrest Boyd

Jerri Pitts, Alabama OCR

Sgt.Dave Hillbilly Guise and his Lovely wife Brenda (Texas)

Wesley Frank & his wife, Florida (Cracker's editor)

 Jennifer J. White (Murfreesboro Tn. OCR), and Brent White (2nd Lt. 1-A) , Tennessee

1st.Platoon 1st Squad Sgt. Jason Yauch and his lovely wife Emily Chasing the Sun - Texas

NCOCR Trudy Jones (1Lt Terry’s wife) & Susan McPeters (Sgt. Maj. Mac’s wife)

Sgt. Dave Hillbilly Guise and his Beautiful Wife Brenda, Todd Coker, Eddie Cox, Pvt.Martin Pullen,

Cpl.Bobby Walace and his lovely wife Audry at Cisco Texas Conrad Hiltons first hotel and the abandoned zoo

 Forrest Boyd, John Kleinman, Bob Breland, 1G Mississippi

 Lt General John C Pemberton camp 1354 memorial service in Vicksburg.

Andy Anderson Ark. James Taylor Ark, Gary Elam Mississippi

Bryce McClain, Duste Craig and Sgt. Breezy Russell - Arkansas 1-J

Brian House Anderson (Sgt Snake), David McMurry (Cpt Pat)

& Elliot Weaver (Cpl Weaver) - Alabama

Pvt Mike Padgett 1plt 2Batt & Capt Billy Starnes N.C SCVMC

SC SCVMC Color Sgt. John "Bugman '' Fisher and "Tennessee '' John Wright. Tennessee will soon be

relocating back to Volunteer State but will always be a member of the Low Country Crew.

#266 John Polo, Lee's Fightin Tigers , Honorary member (Overseas), Louisiana

3rd Battalion CO D - Florida (Overseas member) - Cracker's webmaster

Kevin Nelms , Mississippi

Deep Run Confederate Memorial Deep Run N.C May 7 2022

Members of the SCVMC1 &2 plt 2Batt co B / 5 N.C co D / 7th N.C coF

 under the bridge in Columbia, SC. Russell Smith and Nelson Bishop on Nelson’s bike.

Sean Mcfall (Florida Chapter) and  Sven Niebler , Overseas (Germany)

Sgt. Dave Hillbilly Guise Corporal Ken Smith, and the real deal Hillbilly our Brother from another

mother Capt. James Taylor of Arkansas at the Trans Mississippi Raid on the Border.

Artillery fire from the N.C - SCVMC Conon Team

Ron Ball number 2 Maryland 2 f

Duste, Bullet and Bryce from 1-J on the prowl at the Steel Horse Rally in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Lt. Mark Brate ( Smoke ) 1-A 5th Platoon - Tennessee

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