Christmas Party for the Texas Mechanized Cavalry 1st Battalion Company C

Merry Christmas from 2F  - Maryland
Lt Brick swearing in our new recruit “Shamrock “
Corporal Pudd— Sgt Hightest— Pvt Shamrock— Sgt at Arms Puffy — Lt Brick

Sgt. Bobby Brown (D.O.C.) - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 3-D

Representing the Mech. Cav. at the Worlds Largest Toy Run, the 31st Annual

South Florida Presidents Council, Toys in the Sun Toy Run.

Passengers are my wife Meghan Brown and her sister Lynn Andrianis

Al Pringle, member of 3rd. Batt. Co. D ,  rest in peace

Trooper Craig Smith of 1C, 2nd Pltatoon. Placing a Christmas Wreath at his gr.grandpas grave.

Graig is the Guardian care taker of his grandfathers grave. Pvt. John Mack 46th. Ga. Co. D

Buried up in north Texas area.

Randy Beeler, Tyler Beeler , William Waldridge.

Arkansas, Corporal Popcorn channeling his inner child!

Virginia - Sgt. Terry Jones Rockimg his Christmas light suit

5th Squad at Kountze, Texas. The Rolling Memorial Wall of Vietnam Veterans.

Compatriot and Camp Commander of SCV Col. Phillip A. work Camp 1790 Woodville, Texas. Sid Holt,

Trooper Bill Maddox,Trooper Lloyd Kirkham, Sgt. Scott Lewis, and Past Corporal Greg Isbell

3rd Battalion Company D Florida i the st George gave Christmas Parade

 or Joe Davis Sgt Randy Byrd Corp Jason Montes

Captain Hook — you’re missed Brother

Some of our brothers " UP There" 2nd Platoon in the North Texas area.
Sgt. Charley Smith , 1st. Lt. Buddy Burch, and 1st. Sgt. Paul Mattoon.

Kentucky, 1st Battalion Company E, gave the 2 young ladies a early Christmas.
Pictured 1st lieutenant Mike Rhoden and Santa (Randy Rolo Beeler)

Troopers Duke, Bryce and Fuse getting ready to roll out for the Washington County Toy Run.

Southeast Louisiana SCVMC 1-B 4th Platoon

Richard McGoff and Nile Sudo received Lee's Fightin Tigers Rocker's

Randall L. Jarreau LA Division Commander. / Nile Sudo/ John Acker / Richard McGoff/ Albert Albow Perrilloux

“Members of the 3rd Battalion Company B Mechanized Cavalry were in attendance at the

Annual Wreaths Across America Event at the Marietta Confederate Cemetery.

Bob Andrews, North Carolina

Sgt. Charley Smith ( Bat Turn) 4th Squad 2nd Platoon and Trooper John Kirkpatrick aka

" Bloody John" . Getting sworn in.

Sgt. Major Duste getting ready to roll for Wreaths Across America 2018.

Overseas - Germany, Jörg Porstmann

Overseas - Spain, John Polo, Cracker's webmaster

Kevin Stone

Sgt Lloyd Gilbreath Chad Sgt Randy Byrd and Billy GORMAN of Texas

1st. Sgt. Paul Mattoon, 1st.Lt. Buddy Burch, Sgt. Charley ( Bat Turn) Smith Trooper John Kirkpatrick( Bloody John),

directly behind hidden , Wild Bill McNeil, Sgt. Russell Maynard ( Rusty), Dave Hawkins, Jamie Shelton,

JR Rogers, Mike Flaherty, front Craig Smith, back Eugene Hauptmann.

Some of our brothers " Up There" 2nd Platoon . North Texas area

Places wreath for Wreaths Across America Chattanooga Confederate Cemetery.

Cpl. James Skipper, 1st Platoon 3rd Squad 1-A

Sgt. Major Duste and Shotgun Shelle at the Battle of Prairie Grove reenactment 2018.

Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry


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