Shoes, Mississippi Kidd, Boots, Stone Mountain, Rip Kidd, Got but never forgotten

TC Hall and his son Brayden about to head to the Sam Davis Christian Youth Camp in Mullins, SC

1st Platoon 2nd Squad

Trooper Hunter Ace Wright and his Iron Steed up in the Smokey Mountains

2A 2Lt Leon & 2A 31st Platoon Sgt. TomCat

Hunter Ace Wright kind of looks like Bubba dosent he

Billy Prince 2nd Battalion Company B North Carolina

Co Cs One and only Mike Jesse James Pierce. Believe me he means it !

Kevin Nelms, Mississippi

Sgt Dave Hillbilly Guise, 1st Sgt.Jesse James Pierce, Ken Smith, and

Chuck Walsh resting after a long hard ride through the Smokey Mountains

 Lee Norris aka Caretaker 3686 3D Florida at the Capital

for the reading of the Declaration of independence

2A 31 st Platoon Sgt. TomCat and his wife Christy Lynn at Gettysburg!

Co C 1st Platoon 2nd Squad Lt. Chaplain Tony Current and his Lovely wife Deborah.

Two of the greatest people you can ever meet.

1st Lt. Ajuntant Carter Soldier Gaddis and Trooper Red Yauch after Completing

a ride through the Tail of the Dragon. They looking pretty solim now.

TC Hall and Color Sgt. John "Bugman" Fisher met for the first time at the SC SCVMC Low Country Crew meeting.

 Both men had direct ancestors who fought with the 18th North Carolina Infantry.

Capt Rocco, Maryland

Gary Elam, Mississippi

One dedicated Trooper Glenn Ray G Man Thornton

Jeff Hayes, North Carolina

this is Rebeldog #225 Alabama Division Commander. Got to take the General for

a spin at the Forrest Boyhood home Alabama/Tennessee monument dedication. Mike McMurry

#266 John Polo, SCV Mechanized Cavalry 3rd Battalion - Company "D" - Florida

Honorary member of SCV Mechanized Cavalry 1st Battalion - Company "B", Louisiana

Joy Redwine - OCR Mississippi President

Trooper Tyler Barlow and his Beautiful Lady Morgan riding Black Betty

on the ride to Anderson with 2nd.Squad

2A Sgt. Maj. Macís wife Susan (Manassas Battlefield)

General Kevin Stone and his lovely daughter Payton on the Tellico Plains ride.

Virginia 2-A and Arkansas 1-J in the house! Mark Harman 2-A, Duste Craig 1-J, unknown 2-A (sorry),

Lt. Terry "Crowbar" Jones 2-A and Andy Schindler 2-A

1st Lieutenant Ted "Tedn8er" Kinker 2nd Battalion Company B North Carolina

Captain Joe "Rocco" Pizzini 2-F, your Roving Reporter and Lt. Steve "Brick" Eliason 2-F.

1-J Arkansas Captain James Taylor and 1-E Kentucky past Captain Joe Ford.

Happy Birthday to 2nd Lt. Brent White

Pictured L to R - 1st Lt. Ed Hill, his wife Martha Hill, Lt. James Forbes "Radar", wife Mel Forbes,

Lt. Mark Brate, wife Angie Brate, Capt. Shawn Rainey, wife Tyrenia Rainey, and 2nd Lt. Brent White

These pictures are from the SCV reunion in New Orleans Louisiana. They are pictures concerning the OCR, picture is

 of Laura Stallard receiving an award for being the oldest and longest national president of the OCR. Pinned on her by Crystal Stone

and presented to her by General Kevin Stone SCVMC, NC Div Commander and ANV Commander

members from North Carolina including one male member known as an OCR thorn

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