Brody White, Clinch's Crew Troop 3, Georgia

The future of the SCVMC here. Payton Yauch flagging Confederate graves in Tennessee with his

Grandmother Kathy Yauch. Payton is the son of 1st Platoon 1st Squad Sgt.Jason Mechinic Yauch.

The Niebler Family (Germany), Sven and Jana

 Ronja Lee and Romy Hill

John Buck was sworn in, to be the newest member of the N.C SCVMC 1plt 2Batt CO. B

New member being sworn in at the SCV National Reunion in Cartersville Georgia

during the SCV Mechanized Cavalry Breakfast. The new member's name is Steven Pfeil.

Lt Billy Byrant expressing his love and honor for his men - Mississippi

Steve "Bo" Craft southwest Virginia

Jeffro Cotten Florida Mech Cav. and Jesse Hope Lil-Tramp Georgia Mech Cav

at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Phoenix.

Gen. Kevin Stone and Rodney Neville SCV Mechanized Cavalry Co H

Executive Officer - 1st Lieutenant, Missouri, Iowa & Minnesota

Cowboy ( David Myers ) Captain 3-B Georgia & Jason Boshers , Newly elected Commander In Chief

National SCV. Cartersville Ga.

Troopers Ron Ellington, Bryce McClain and 1st Corporal Tim "Bullet" Beck of 1st Battalion, Company J

cleaning Confederate gravestones at Goshen Cemetery in Goshen, Arkansas. Outstanding work Men!

Jason #663 and Wess Frank #662 of Florida at Great Great Grandfathers grave

Thomas Payne 7th Alabama Cav, Red Level, Ala.

Duste Craig 1-J with his new steed, Thunderhorse V repping the Colors!

Jimmy and Danielle Hutchinson, Danielle Harrelson, Jennifer Posey and Brittany White. Georgia 3B

Ga. 3B Troop 3 Clinch's Crew Squad meeting and 8x10 pics of the hard work putting up Flags at Andersonville.

Congratulations to Country and Her brother Mule for winning the

Mens and Women's tire toss contest - Maryland

Greetings from the SCVMC1G Central Squad cooking team - Mississippi

Jeff Ainsworth (Hooks), Jerry Dupre ( Swamp Thing), Jerry Roden (Sleepy)

Mississippi Rankin Greys cooking up some pastalya for the Magnolia Ride to feed our brothers

Jerri Pitts OCR, Rodney Pitts and Capt  Pat McMurry , Alabama

Member #2. Ron Ball - 2F- Maryland anniversary of his brother's death

Gary Elam (Mississippi)

Lt. Chaplain Mark Wrong Way Carpenter and Sgt Ken Smith clowning around - Texas

1-E 1st Lt Biggun, Kentucky

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Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry


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