Jimmy Cuz Hutcheson , Georgia


CIC Paul Gramling with 1C, 1st. Platoon, 2nd Squad Trooper Billy, McBride.

Prior to the start of the dedication of the Confederate Memorial of the Wind.

Sgt Stones, Florida

Cpl Darrel “Dabado" Dabbs and His Lovely wife Gail. Tennessee.

They celebrated their 41st Anniversary on Jan 26th. 5th Platoon 7th Squad

1D's Duck proudly endorsing the I-59 Ft Payne,Alabama Confederate Mega Battle Flag Project.

Sergeant Major Slim of Pennsylvania and Big Tony of Kentucky humbly await a couple of bone-in

 Ribeyes at Legends during officers call in Columbia Tennessee....

Meanwhile in North Carolina at Sergeant Todd "biscuit" McMahan's house.... home

of the gassiest dog in the South named Menace

Chief Rolo (KY), Captain Joe (KY), Sgt. Major Slim (PA) & Corporal Hoghead (MS)

Aaron Price, SGT Brian "Cornsnake" Allmon, and Billy Bubba Williams. NC

1st. Battalion Co. B Louisiana Past Captain Archie Toombs and

1st. Battalion Major Frank Dietz at the Confederate Memorial of The Wind.

Past longtime member, Troy Lee Paschall SCVMC # 610 Ky./Tenn./Fl

T-Roy (rest in peace)

Members of the 3rd Battalion Co B Mechanized Cavalry paid tribute to the Monument to General Joseph E. Johnston In Dalton

Georgia February 2, 2019. From L-R Troopers in salute are, Tony Hollywood Pilgrim, David C. Cowboy Myers,

Grady Thunder Vickery, Kenny Big Kenny Harrel, Philip Croft, James J-Dawg Dobbs, and Randy Oilcan Vaughna

Standing for the singing of “Dixie” (Left) James Reese Martin and

(Right) Phillip “Happy” Gilmore both from the 1st Platoon 3rd Squad - Tennessee


SCVMC Records announces the new album release from the LOUISIANA RAT PACK singing your

favorite Christmas hits down on the River in January for only $9.99! Get yours today!!!

1C, 1st. Platoon 2nd and 5th Squad. Corporal Gary Burleigh, and Sgt. Scott Lewis.

Before the dedication started.

Be careful out there brothers. They don't watch for you. Austin Sharp, Charlotte, NC

1A Company Chaplain Trey King (left) and Trooper Chris Taylor (Right) - Tennessee

Our new Corporal Tony "Cannonball" Burleson, Aaron Price, and Billy Bubba Williams.

Newest 1C Trooper Gerry Satterwhite#3375. Sworn in and recevieing his Stainless Banner and Mechanized Cavalry Certificate.

1C. 2nd. Platoon, 4th Squad , Iron Horse Grays. Corporal Mike Pierce ( Jesse James) doing the Honors.

Billy Starnes, NC

Matthew C. Duste Craig - Arkansas

The Alabama "Wildman" Ray Wilson in his cage at the jail house at Old York Farms , Oakman Al.

 Beware we will be releasing him soon!

Gary Elam, Mississippi, on sled patrol Bridger-Teton national Forrest

Trooper James Reese Martin 1st Platoon 3rd Squad

Sgt. Maj. Duste Craig, Arkansas, Chief of Staff Rolo Beeler, Kentucky

Capt. Lenny Stover, Tennessee

freezing in the drizzle rain at the Monroe Mardi Gras Parade but still singing Dixie- Louisiana

Sgt Billy Walker 1st Platoon 3rd Squad

New Trooper 1C, 1st. Platoon,1st. Squad Trooper Richard Sharbeno # 3352. Sworn in at the Dedication

of the Confederate Memorial Of The Wind at Orange, Texas. 1C Captain Frank Polk, Trooper Tim Pettigrew,

 1st. Battalion Major Frank Dietz, Trooper Richard Sharbeno, 1st. Sgt. Paul Smith, Sgt. Randal Tennison, Lt. Billy Cast,

Trooper BillyMcBride, and Trooper Todd Long. 1st.& 2nd Squads represented.

Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry


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