Tony Rebel Robbins aka pop's corporal 2nd Battalion Company B MAJOR CHARLES Q PETTY CAMP#872

 Gastonia NC, wife Glenda Robbins Buttercup PETTY CAMP OCR

Corporal James Holley and Trooper Bubba Phipps

Recently Tim Beitler of 1-D was in Hawaii and we had a nice ride on Oahu

Bear Butler, Alabama (May the Merciful Lord welcome him into his Kingdom of peace.)

Calvin Hart & Jonah Hart, at Confederate Memorial Day 2019 (Florida)

Flat Rock Cemetery Memorial Service. Mount Holly, NC. General Stonewall Jackson Camp 23, Charlotte, NC

 & Major Charles Q. Petty Camp 872, Gastonia, NC. 4/28/19

Chris Sherrill, Charles Q Petty Camp Gastonia N.C. Representing!!!

Shoes & J Dogg Charles Q Petty Camp Gastonia NC

 Syl Martinez, Brian Vex McClure and Kris Hood, Louisiana

Michael Swails (Bam Bam) Brad Whorton (Whorthog) Tony Pilgrim (Hollywood) Georgia 3rd Battalion Co B.

2nd Platoon 2nd Sqd, Tennessee at the Heart of Dixie Ride with the Alabama SCVMC.

 In front of the oldest jail in Alabama. Spike Spears , Glenn Barnett, Rooster Wallace , Jeff Dean

Dennis Bigd Green, Eddie McRae, Kirk Micheal Carter , (NC)

Lt. Brick, Sgt. Puffy, Sgt. High Test, Col. Pud.  - Maryland

 Sgt Randy Byrd. Lee Penny. LT Joe Davis 3rd Battalion Company D Florida

3rd Battalion Company B, Troop 3 promoted PVT Keith (Smoke) Hines to the rank of Sergeant this past May 22nd.

Pictured L-R front row Jerry (Lt. Dan) Bridges, Michael (Bam Bam) Swails, Tony (Hollywood) Pilgrim,

 back row, Keith (Smoke) Hines, Joshua (Tank) Thayer.

Angus, Sturg, Boo Boo,Taz, Sparks and Sgt Polecat swearing in Michael, MARYLAND/PENNSYLVANIA/DC

George Johnson, Todd Parker, Aaron Price, Duste Craig, Shoes, Smiley, Boots.

 Mississippi, Arkansas, North Carolina

Troopers Ron Ellington and Bryce McClain
4th Annual Confederate Grave Flagging Run

Larry Fultz & Larry Davis, South Carolina

Kevin Stone (North Carolina), Mary Tucker Hood (Tennessee)

at the Heart of Dixie ride in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

Mt Olivet Cemetery Decoration Day where we honored Lt PQs Ancestor William Harmon

(3rd great grand Uncle) with a new flag. One drop meets Nugget at Gettysburg cleanup

Brian Piaquadio, Angel George-Piaquadio (Maryland)

Raquel Smith Acker and John Acker , Louisiana

2nd Plt Sgt. Anthony "SLiK" Jackson, 2B North Carolina,

headed to Myrtle Beach bikeweek with daughter Chey

Hailee and Bubba at the after Run cookout.

Trooper Tim 'Bullet' Beck with daughter Sophia at Goad Springs Cemetery
4th Annual Confederate Grave Flagging Run

Jim Bay and Earl Waters at Pickens SC CMD Service

Cpl. Rene and Cpt. Archy, (Germany) SCV-MC 3rd. Batt. Co. C

Jrgen "Bolli" Bollin our newest 3rd.Batt. Co.C member. (Germany)
His ancestor was Private William F. Stivender, Co. G. 1st SC (Hagood's) Inf. Reg.

Southern Platoon Lieutenant Bonzo Redmon at the State Capitol in Montgomery, Alabama.

Mech Cav at Rolling Thunder 2019

Scott McCurry, North Carolina

Barry Lehnert, Maryland

Cpl. Ronnie Saunders, Pvt. Chuck Huckabee and Sgt. John Wright of the 2nd Battalion 5th Platoon

 at Xtreme Wings and Things in Winston-Salem, NC

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