Reported by  Sgt. Major Duste Craig

Photo Credits:
  James Taylor, Duste Craig,

As you are all aware it has been stated that the Mechanized Cavalry intends to have a National Level Ride Event

 to Elm Springs for the dedication of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Museum. The CIC of the SCV, Paul Gramling,

 stated in his last Commander's Comments segment that "though no firm date is set, the SCV is shooting for a Spring 2020 ribbon cutting".

Myself and Captain Lenny Stover have been tasked by General Kevin Stone to be

 the National Coordinators for this event and it is time to start this ball rolling.

I am tagging all SCVMC Headquarters Staff, Battalion Majors and State Captains in this post so that you may

 begin the process in your respective areas of operations of notifying your men

 of the upcoming National Event, and coordinating with myself and Lenny.

We have a lot of work to do to make this event a reality but it starts with making every single member of the

 Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry in every state aware of this SCVMC National event

and the importance of being there for this momentous and history making day for our organization.

The Mechanized Cavalry are the rolling billboards and front line defenders of our Sacred Confederate Heritage

 and we MUST be in Elm Springs in force next Spring to show our Strength and Dedication to the Cause that we swore our oath to.



Sgt Major Duste Craig
1st Battalion, Company J
Arkansas SCVMC


Greetings and Salutations from the Great State of Arkansas!

The month of July has been pretty uneventful here in Arkansas.

 Between recovering from the Annual in Texas and all the summertime obligations to family vacations and

summer activities it has been a quiet month here.

Early in the month, SCVMC-1J members from south and western Arkansas got together for a ride to visit the

 grave of our State Adjutants Confederate ancestor in Waldron, Arkansas.

 Several men and their ladies met for an afternoon of fellowship and remembrance, followed by a ride and some lunch.

On the Sunday of July 14th, several members of 1-J traveled across Arkansas to West Tennessee to represent our Company

 at the funeral of long time SCVMC member Joe Garrison. It was a 750 mile one day ride to and from

Dyersburg to attend the funeral and pay our final respects to our fallen Brother.

At the time of writing, the members of 1-J NW are busily preparing to host the first "Pride of the South" poker run

to benefit the James H. Berry SCV Camp 468 in their efforts to host the Arkansas State SCV Reunion in April of 2020.

Will have lots more on that next month!

Till then, Ride As You Would With Forrest and Live the Charge!


1-J members and their lovely ladies at Seborn Cemetery in Waldron, Arkansas.

1-J Members at Seborn Cemetery in Waldron, AR.
Trooper Mark McSpadden, Corporal James Holley, Trooper Bubba Phipps,

 Sgt. James Taylor and Company J Adjutant Everett Plummer

At Seborn Cemetery.

1-J State Adjutant Everett Plummer gettin' on down the road!

Sgt Major Duste and Trooper Tim "Bullet" Beck hanging out at the Pig Trail H-D Cruise In.

Tres Hombres getting ready to cross the Mighty Mississippi on

the way to Dyersburg for the Joe Garrison funeral.
Trooper Junior "Beans" Dozier, Corporal Breezy Russell and Sgt. Major Duste Craig.

Corporal Breezy, Sgt. Major Duste and Trooper Beans getting our grub on at

he Cracker Barrel in Dyersburg before the funeral.

At the funeral home for Joe Garrison's service with our Tennessee Brothers.
Lt. Shawn Rainey 1-A, Sgt Major Duste 1-J, Captain Lenny Stover 1-A and Lt. Ed Hill 1-A

Brothers from Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi in attendance for Joe Garrison's funeral in Hall, TN.
Breezy, Smiley, Brentwood, Grasshopper and Duste.

Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee representing at the service for Joe Garrison.
Captain Kevin Nelms 1-G, Sgt. Major Duste 1-J, Lt Smiley Rhoda 1-G and 1st Sgt Brent White 1-A

The men of 1st Battalion, Company A sending Joe Garrison on his final ride.
Rest under the shade of the trees Brother

The Arkansas Russell meets the Tennessee Russell's.
Corporal Breezy Russell 1-J and Mark and George Russell from 1-A

Arkansas Brothers in Tennessee for the funeral of Joe Garrison
Trooper Beans, Corporal Breezy and Sgt. Major Duste

Gathering at the funeral home in Hall, TN for the service for Joe "Corncob" Garrison.

Sgt Major Duste at the Mansfield Battlefield Historic Site during the 22nd SCVMC Annual.


Reported by Cpl. Mac McPeters

2nd Battalion CO.A 4TH Platoon

Members of the 4th Platoon Rode to Gettysburg PA, for Gettysburg Bike Week.

The Virginia Monument, Gettysburg Battlefield

Getting ready to ride. The 4th platoon members, Billy Mercer, Reese Agnor and Cpl. Mac McPeters

Confederate Avenue

Cannon at Sunset in the Battlefield

(Thank you Terry & Trudy Jones for theses awesome pictures)

4th Platoon members Sgt. Terry, Cpl. Mac, (Susan), Reese and Billy, Led by Lt. PQ and Captain Rocco

rode to Frederick Maryland to meet up with members of the Maryland Mechanized Cavalry.

Meeting at the Harley Dealership in Frederick, Maryland.

Virginia and Maryland met up with more brothers from Pennsylvania and D.C.

 before heading to the Battlefield.

Brothers discussing the ride through the Battlefield.

There was a group ride stopping at the Virginia monument where Maryland

swore in 2 new brothers and for some group pictures

Approaching the Virginia Monument

Susan, Sgt. Terry, Reese, Mac, & Billy at the Virginia Monument

Mechanized Cavalry members from Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, D.C. and their friends.

Sgt. High Test from Company F led us on a ride through the Battlefield,

then to downtown Gettysburg and to the Pike for lunch.