Reported by 2nd Lt Breen White

Members of 1-A attending The Battle of Stones River reenactment. In Lebanon Tennessee.

Also swearing in a new Member of the 5th Platoon 8th Squad. Was a National reenactment.

 Huge. Pictures don’t show how huge

Welcome Mark Webster to 1-A 5th Platoon 8th Squad. Sworn in today at The National

Reenactment of The Battle of Stones River in Lebanon Tn


Reported by Color Sgt. Blade “ShortRound” Cooper

Chey's ride October, 16 2021. 20 bikes raised $1,115.00 for Sheltering Tree Ranch.

1st Sgt. Kurtiss lamb swearing in Pvt. Jeff Coker at the Trimble mega-flag.

 Welcome to 3rd platoon Pvt. Jeff Coker!

Rest In Peace brother Gordon Stephens

Rest In Peace brother Curt Clark


Reported by Joy Redwine

Fall muster in Biloxi  MS

 members of 1G who volunteered at Beauvior for Fall muster.

new member Terry Arthur being presented his service mark

 Reggie Switzer, Kitsaa Steven's Director at Beauvior, Captain Kevin Nelms