Reported by James Henderson

Brothers came in for a ride thru Shiloh Park in the last a few weeks ago

Stone Mountain Event:

Forwarded by James King---SCV Camp 141 Commander Albany Georgia

Today over 100 Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Calvary rode to the

 park and had a prayer at Memorial Hall then sang Dixie.

Posted by Corey B Harrelson Sr.

Myself alone with Troop 3 want to give a big THANKS to all the men and women that

 worked their butts off to help put this weekend event together at Stone Mountain.

Posted by Corey Thompson

Man this was a trip of a lifetime that I will never forget. From Getting to ride down with my brother, camping with

are 13th platoon guys. Getting to ride to the monument with, Brothers from all over the country that I dont get to

see very often. To be honest with my Illness getting worse by the day I didn't know if I was gonna be able to make the

 trip and just pulled In the house a few minutes ago after 2000 miles this weekend,… ,

 I'm probably gonna be down for a while but it was worth every second and every mile.

Posted by Hall TC:

To ALL MY Brothers!

Thank You for making this young man (aka Dreamer's) weekend. He had a BLAST, and felt the Brotherhood.

To all his Uncles/Big Brothers...from LD, Chuck, Larry, and Sisters...and MOST Especially to the SC Lowcountry Crew

(for letting us roll with y'all)--->Much Respect and Love! #MCFFMC

Side note to my son Brayden Hall---he is a member of Fayetteville

 Aresenal #168. As am I (Thomas C. Hall)...I joined when I was twelve.

My Uncle, and Brayden's Great-Uncle Thomas J. Hall, who is currently alive (88) was a Founding Member of

 Fayetteville Arsenal on January 14, 1987. 3 Generations at Fayetteville Arsenal.

And I'm a Member of 2nd Batt., Company B, 2nd Platoon, 2nd Squad-Mechanized Cavalry


Reported by Joseph Pizzini (Capt. Rocco)

Capt. Rocco and Governor Lucky from the Copperheads loading up the trailer for Stone Mountain

Capt. Rocco, Gentry from 2-B, and his boy at the host hotel in Georgia

Typical Rocco selfie during the Stone Mountain pre ride meeting

Capt. Rocco and Wildman from Alabama

Gov. Lucky and Capt Rocco at Stone Mountain

Capt. Rocco and Tim from Alabama

A good shot of some of the boys after getting into Stone Mountain

Capt Rocco and Buffalo Steve

Capt. Rocco and Gentry’s boy

A nice shot of Stone Mountain

Another typical Capt. Rocco selfie

From left to right: Gov. Lucky, Bull, Bad Ronnie, and Capt. Rocco

Maryland, North Carolina, and South Carolina hanging out at the host hotel

Squirrel and Swammi from Virginia riding with Gov.Lucky on the way home from Stone Mountain

Squirrel, Bull, and Gov. Lucky singing Turn The Page at a gas station in Georgia

Capt. Rocco and Duste at Stone Mountain

Squirrel, Swammi, and Gov. Lucky on their last pit stop just off 81 in VA