Reported by Joy Potts Redwine

It was an honor to be invited to a meeting at the Calhoun Avengers Camp 1969 SCV and the

 Margery B. Rogers Clark Chapter 17 Order of the Confederate Rose tonight in Calhoun City.

Thank you so much for the warm welcome. It was good to meet everyone. Great meeting tonight with

speaker Richard Garcia. He Is a 3rd generation Mexican American. He graduated from

California State University-Fresno. Commander of the Gainesboro

Invincibles Camp #1685 of the Tennessee Division Sons Of Confederate Veterans.

Joined SCV under his Mexican-born great grandfather. Who was mustered into the 8th Texas Infantry

 under Tejano Captain José M. Peñaloza, in San Antonio Texas in 1862.

His program is named: Blood on the Rio Grande Tejano Confederates.

“I am very honored that I am able to present this program.”

Dios Bendiga Dixie, Viva La Confederacion !


Reported by  Reported by Sgt. Major Mac
2nd Battalion, A Company
(4th Platoon)

 April 24 the 4 th Platoon held its monthly meeting and had a great turnout. I really appreciate everyone making the

 effort! It was also great to see Barry Smith and Ricky Derby from the 6th Platoon. We discussed old business and new

business & 1Lt Terry provided details for our upcoming New Market ride.

I love to see growth within the Mechanized Cavalry. So it was with great pleasure that we promoted two of our

brothers to the rank of Corporal. I remember how proud I was to get my Corporal stripes and the effort I wanted to put forth

 the help the platoon and Cavalry as a whole. To promote the brotherhood and celebrate the love we have for each other

as a southern family. Our wellbeing and strength and unity is of utmost importance and needs to be nurtured and fed.

These two brothers are standing up for the cause and giving a little more of their time to help and support the Mechanized Cavalry.

We appreciate your dedication.

Please congratulate Ken Lara as he was promoted to Corporal 4 th Platoon while Heath Locke

 was promoted to 2A Scout Corporal, working with the 4th Platoon.

On another elevated note, O.G. brother Floyd Townsend had a visit with his surgeon and we were very happy

to welcome him home from his visit to the hospital. As a show of our love for brother Floyd we gave him a 4 th Platoon hat!

We also prayed for brother Greg Fuller’s upcoming procedure which I can happily say, he made it through with flying colors.

 He is now a proud member of the Zipper club. Those who have had open heart surgery know what

it takes to be inducted into this club. I spoke with him last night and he is going great.

Last but not least, we all love and cherish our Mechanized Cavalry number, back patch, and Certificate.

 We have over 4000 members now and are continually growing. So the low MC numbers garner some respect in my book.

Through a series of events it came to my attention the one of our brothers never got his certificate…and he had

been a member for a pretty good while. I contacted Caption Joey and in no time we had obtained a certificate for

 this brother. It was with great honor that I was able to present Barry Smith, MC #087, with his SCV Mechanized Cavalry Certificate!


4 th Platoon meeting

Sgt. Major Mac & Barry Smith SCVMC #87

Sgt. Major Mac, Ken Lara, 1Lt Terry, Heath Locke

 On May 1, 2021 brothers from all across the state and beyond rode up to our most favorite little town in the

Shenandoah Valley…none other than New Market, VA. We were there to celebrate and support the introduction of 2nd Battalion,

 A Company, 31st Platoon West Virginia. The turnout was fantastic and you could feel the brotherly love for the brothers of the 31st.

Welcome to the family!

2F Captain Rocco and Govenor Lucky of the Copperheads rode down to show their support and party for a while.

Also coming from afar to support us was 2-B Old North State brother Rebel Kuz and Carylon Yankee Rose.

We appreciate your love and support. To me, that's one of the things that makes this organization so great!

We all enjoyed the fellowship of our brothers and sisters and everyone headed into town for some lunch.

Afterward we all rode to the privately owned New Market Battlefield Military Museum where we swore in 4 new

brothers, 3 of which will be in the newly formed 31 Platoon and the other in the 1st Platoon.

After more fellowship, many of the brothers and their wives headed back towards home. For those that stayed the night,

 we walked to town and enjoyed dinner and a few drinks. What a great town, they always welcome us with open arms.

The big finale was being invited by Kevin Walker to come and sit around a big backyard fire and listen to his son

 Daniel sing and play music. (This is the same young man that played for our annual) He sang a song in

 memory of Iffy that I know touched Leon's heart as well as all of ours.

Thank you Kevin for your hospitality and to the Shenandoah Valley Battlefield Foundation for its commitment to

truth and integrity and to the preservation of the valor and honor of our ancestors.

Roses out in support of the VA SCVMC

VA Capt. Joey Taylor, Tom Keller, 1st Sgt West Virginia 31st platoon. Ray Belcher Corporal 31st platoon.

 Ken Allison Sgt 31st platoon. Brady Buckles 1st platoon.

Cpl. Ray Belcher, 1SGT West Virginia Tom Keller, VA Capt. Joey Taylor,

 Sgt W WV 31st platoon Ken Allison & Brady Buckles 1st platoon

Jimmy, Capt. Joey, 1Lt Terry, Bat. Capt. Ray, 2Lt Leon, 5 th Platoon Sgt Allen, Roy

 Saturday May 8 th Members of the 4 th platoon came out to help A.P. Hill Camp #167, keep Dixie clean by picking

up trash along a stretch of route 36 in front of Ft. Lee. With a good group of people chipping in it is more fun than work.

 Special thanks to our 2 new recruits James and Scott for stepping up and helping us out! Last but not least,

thanks to my wife Susan who helped pick up trach and also took the pictures!

James (New Recruit), Cpl. Heath, Bo, Jerry, Mark, Sgt. Major Mac, Scott (New Recruit), Cpl. Ken, 1LT Terry.

 Originally reported by Tracy Daniel

Saturday May 15 th, VA/SCVMC members of the 7 th and 10 th Platoons attended the headstone dedication for

Henry Bellfield Elliott at Longwood Cemetery, in Bedford VA. 2LT 2A Chaplain Richie and 2 nd Battalion Captain Ray Easter

 opened the ceremony and led everyone in prayer. Members of the 13 platoon were honored to participate in the gun salute.

 There was a great turnout in support of this most honored event. Florida and Virginia came together to make this event happen.

 God Bless their efforts in commemorating the memory of this great southern hero!

Headstone for Henry Bellfield Elliott

10 th Platoon Sgt. Mark Harmon, Chaplain Brandon Dorsey,

10 th Platoon Cpl. Andy Schindler, 2LT 2A Chaplain Richie Daniel

On the left with his back to us is Elijah, 7 th Platoon Sgt. Sammy, 7 th Platoon Cpl. DWB Squirrel,

13 th Platoon Sgt. Kevin, 7 th Platoon Cpl. Weenie (David), and brother Corey.

2LT 2A Chaplain Richie Daniel & 2 nd Battalion Capt. Ray Easter

Originally reported by William Leighton

We love the growth of our southern family and celebrate each new member of the Mechanized Cavalry as one of our own.

 With that being said the 11th Platoon is continuing to grow with the addition of two new brothers.

Please welcome: Gary Dunford (May 11) & John Winebarger (May 16).

Sgt Bill Leighton, Dale Stevenson, Gary Dunford, 2A Scout Cpl. Steve Craft

Jim Winebarger, New trooper John Winebarger, Sgt Bill Leighton

Capt. Joey & from NC Rebel Kuz

Sgt. Major Mac and Copper Heads Gov. Lucky

Two 4 th platoon Roses, Trudy Jones and Susan McPeters

Two 4 th platoon Roses, Trudy Jones and Susan McPeters