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August is here and the end of summer is upon us, soon the winter winds will blow and the cooler weather too.

I want to thank all of our readers for the time to enjoy this newsletter, many thanks to all who contribute, as without

you there is no Cracker. My compliments to Capt Dave King who allows John and I the privilege to do this

Confederation news letter, once upon a time it was like the rest of the newsletters and only talked about statewide

news but now we have news from all over the world. Long ago Greg Kalof tried to get us a newsletter award from

National but as we are not a camp we don’t qualify. Therefore enjoy the best newsletter written every

month, ride safe and ride as if with Forrest, Bless all my brothers and sisters.

I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker.

It's that time of year to renew our SCV dues. As we all know to be a member in the Cav. you have to

 be in good standing with the SCV which means your yearly dues are paid and up to date.

Paying your yearly dues is the least you can do to keep up your membership in this organization.

 I also highly recommend that you take the time to support your local camp and division.


We will be having our Annual meeting on November 6th. 2021

at our building in Trenton 220 NE 4th Ave Trenton, FL.

Meeting will start @10.00am

I have blocked out rooms at the Beach Front Motel In Cedar Key for Friday the 5th and Saturday the 6th.

When you call the motel use Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry for our rates.

Beach Front

873 1st. St Cedar Key

(352) 543-9960

It is with pleasure to inform you that I have lined up a guest speaker for our annual meeting in November.

Donna Faulkner Barron will be our guest speaker.

Donna's father Roy Faulkner was the man that completed the carving at Stone Mountain.

Even if you can't be there for the weekend I encourage you to come on Saturday November 6th to here the program.


There seems to have been some confusion with the Motel in Cedar Key, we blocked out

10 rooms for the Mech. Cav for the weekend of November 5th.

All of the rooms we blocked out have been taken. The motel STILL has rooms available for that weekend.

If you plan on attending I highly suggest you get a room ASAP.

Looks like more than usual plan to be in Cedar Key that weekend.


Men of the Mechanized Cavalry Nation.... It is my sad duty to report that Brother

Joel Baucom of 1st Battalion, Company A, Tennessee Mechanized Cavalry has crossed

 the River to rest under the shade of the trees.Please keep his family, including Captain Shawn Rainey of 1-A

 in your prayers for strength and peace during this time of loss and grief.

Ride Forever As You Would With Forrest Brother Joel.

Duste Craig - Moderator -



Reported by Matt Scott

It is always fun to swear in new members, but its extra special when it's Family!

In July 2021 it was my pleasure to swear in 3 generations of the Hart Family into 3rd Battalion,

Company D. Sam, Sammy and Logan. Donut and I are so very proud to have you boys with us!

From left to right: Donut #3665, Sam Hart #4094, Logan Hart #4092, Sammy Hart #4093, Matt #3664

All 5 are members of the John Hance O'Steen / Florida HQ Camp #770


Reported by Jim Edwards


The call went out for Northeast Florida boys to mount up and ride their steel pony's to the historic Dudley's Farm in Newberry, Florida.

Our group, four Mech-Cav amigo's, LT Joe Davis, CPL Jason Montes, PVT Terry Simmons, and PVT Jimmy Edwards, were accompanied by

 one senora, Becky Simmons, and one hang around, Daryl Sheffield. Our Saturday's ride started with a 9am group breakfast at

Everybody's Restaurant in Baldwin, a local, mom-pop café. With bellies full, we headed out with LT Davis leading us toward Dudley's Farm.

During the ride LT turned the lead over to CPL Montes who used his upgraded GPS guidance and steered us around Gainesville and through beautiful

backroads to our destination. The Farm is a living history that is a must to see. Our ride home took us to a nearby Italian Restaurant, O Sole Mio, where a

joyful afternoon pizza and beer were enjoyed. The end journey of our ride was concluded with a fantastic day with all arriving home safely.


Reported by  Captain Brian "Vex" McClure


Recently Sabine Rifles Camp members located a VA issued headstone for Confederate Veteran Pvt. John T. Bolton.

After researching and with help from the National Chairman of Graves & Monument Committee and Past-Commander of

Lt. Gen. Richard Taylor Camp they located the correct cemetery. With permission, the Sabine Rifles Camp recovered

and repaired Pvt. Bolton’s original headstone. With both headstones cleaned & repaired, Sabine Rifles Camp

Commander & LA SCVMC 1st Lt. Sylvester Martinez with the help of 1st Platoon Sgt. Dirk Shiflett, placed the original

headstone and installed his long overdue and well deserved VA issued Military headstone. After 84 years the VA

headstone was delivered to Many, Louisiana, it was finally placed to honor Confederate Veteran Pvt. John T. Bolton. Deo Vindice!


Louisiana crossed the River in support of the Mississippi SCV's living history at the Old Courthouse Museum.

Seen below, we had the opportunity to meet President Jefferson Davis. It was great to see compatriots we haven't seen since the Chaos of 2020.

The Louisiana Division and the Louisiana SCVMC always ready to help where needed. We appreciate Bryan Skipworth for the invite.


LA SCVMC Troopers from North, Central & South Louisiana converged on Natchez, Mississippi as Southern banners were

flown high & toured historical sites. The Louisiana SCV Mechanized Cavalry would like to thank Camp Commander

Jason Blaney & David West of the Maj. Gen. William T. Martin Camp # 590 for being our tour guides & giving us insights

into Natchez’s history. Lee’s Fightin’ Tigers visited the famous “Natchez Under the Hill”, Confederate monuments and

the old Natchez Cemetery. The cemetery was the last stop which included visiting the Confederate grave sections,

several Confederate Generals, Jim Bowie’s family plot, the Turning Angel and the daughter of Confederate General Henry Wirz.

 It was a fantastic ride minus the rain. We look forward to another “Raid on Natchez” in the near future. Deo Vindice!


Reported by Joseph Pizzini (Captain Rocco)

2F report, Capt Rocco and his cousin Craig “FOGO” during Gettysburg bike week

Opie from the Copperheads with Capt Rocco

Capt Rocco, Bad Ronnie, Fogo, Lt Leon, tom and Jt

Maryland, Virginia, Copperheads and family at Gettysburg

Maryland, Virginia and Copperheads at the Maryland monument in Gettysburg

Maryland monument in Gettysburg

Capt Rocco and Country

Maryland Strong — Gettysburg bike week — hanging Brain #10 and Bad Ronnie #2