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As I started to work on this issue of the “CRACKER” I realized it is ¾ of the year is shot. September is here, with it comes cooler weather,

frost later in the month and perfect time to ride with your brothers, May your travels be safe and loads of fun. God Bless ya brothers.

I spoke to John and he said we are receiving more reports than we can handle so IF your news release does not make it, we will do like the

 “Confederate Veteran” and post it next month. I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker.


It is my sad duty to report that Scott "Detour" Hasty of 2nd Battalion, Company A, 12 Platoon, Virginia Mechanized Cavalry

has tragically crossed the river to rest under the shade of the trees. He was killed in a motorcycle accident on Saturday, August 26, 2022.

Scott was beloved by his SCVMC Brothers and all that had the privilege to know him. With a ready smile and a heart as big as Dixie, his loss will be

hard to take. Please uplift his family in our collective prayers as well as all his Brothers across Virginia and the Mechanized Cavalry Nation.

Final arrangements are pending, Ride Forever With Forrest Brother Detour, MCFFMC

Duste Craig - SCVMC - Roving Reporter - Arkansas


Reported by Derek Price, Staff Sergeant 2-A

August 7th, Warrenton, VA – 2nd Lieutenant Leon Lowe swears in new members Stuart Didawick and Kevin Foltz to the 1st Platoon.

 The ceremony was held in Warrenton Cemetery at the grave of the “Gray Ghost” Colonel John S. Mosby.

August 20th, Harpers Ferry, WV – Members from 2-A, 2-F, as well as Governor Lucky of the Coppersheads met in Boyce, VA

for a ride to Harpers Ferry. The ride was led and organized by Scout Corporal Andrew Surface. A beautiful day allowed for

some spectacular scenery!

August 17th, Prince George, VA – Scout Corporal Anthony “Cowboy” Maiden of the 4th led members of the 12th Platoon

through four major spots of the Beefsteak Cattle Raid in 1864. An evening of riding of fellowship was enjoyed by all.

August 6th, Franklin, VA – Brothers gathered in Franklin to honor the life of Brother John Smith who passed earlier this year.

A short ride following the 6th Platoon meeting was taken to a local Confederate Statue on Walters Hwy to spread Brother

Smiths’ ashes. Brothers helped prepare a cookout afterward where good food and fellowship was had.

August 13th, Bedford, VA Skyline Drive – Brother Buddha of the 7th organized a memorial ride including 28 bikes

 and three cages to honor Brothers Steve Wines, Freddie Plogger, Reed Vipperman, and Dewitt Davis.

July 30th, Buchanan, VA Sergeant Elijah “Traveller” Patterson presents Corporal stripes to Kyle “Sorrel” Leighton.

of the 9th Platoon

August 20th, Caldwell, WV – Brothers of the 10th Platoon rode to Greenbrier State Forest to support Brother Dan in

the Battle of Dry Creek. 13th Platoon Sergeant Corey Thompson joined for a great day of fun and brotherhood.

August 13th, Dublin, VA – The 2nd Annual SCV/SCVMC Cookout was attended by several local SCV Camps as well as the 11th

and 13th Platoons. Members enjoyed fellowship and food. After the picnic it was brought to the attention of Sergeant Corey

Thompson of the 13th that everyone just happened to be in the formation of Virginia for the picture by complete coincidence

July 31st, Richmond, VA - Captain Joey Taylor swears in members for the newly formed 12th Platoon (Confederate Disciples) at

Hollywood Cemetery in front of the Jefferson Davis burial monument. Pictured front row left to right (Sergeant Scott “Ze”

Jones, Daniel “SwampRat” Clinton, Ken “Corpsman” Lara, Scott “Detour” Hasty, Captain Joey Taylor, Marty “McFly” Dalton,

Corporal Ryan “Blaze” Warren, and Tommy “TommyGun” Barker.

L-R:Corporal Ryan “Blaze” Warren, Marty “McFly” Dalton, Scott “Detour” Hasty, Sergeant Scott “Ze” Jones.

August 7th, Buckley, WV – Fred “Bootlegger” Payne, Watt Porter, and Sergeant Ray Belcher of the 14th pictured

 with Sergeant Corey “Apache Kid” Thompson and Taz from the 13th Platoon for a benefit ride.

Reported by Donald Gaines (hippy)- Rankin Greys camp 2278

Article submitted by Angie Womack

 1G South Squad - August 2022

As SCVMC we need to be visible in our communities and just in the public eye while promoting good deeds. We

can only hope the public sees us for the good we do and maybe change their perspective and possibly even want

to know more about us and even get involved with us. This is what the SCVMC 1G South Squad is doing.

Good Job

The top is 1G South Squad who prepared the meal. L-R Joe Waites, Johnny Santmyer, Trey Skeen,

 Angie Womack and Eddie Womack.

The members of the South Squad go to this men’s facility annually to visit and to feed them a lunch. This facility

helps men with addictions and try to mentor them and help them with their individual addictions so that they

might return to their families as the men their families deserve and want.


Reported by Jason Bryant

2nd battalion company B 2nd platoon meeting to discuss the making of 6th platoon for North Carolina

captain Starnes was present to over see discussion we also had the swearing in of two new members of the Mechanized Cavalry