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Here we are in August and the year is more than half over, the heat is here, midterm elections are being sorted out for

November and we say Congratulations to several of our MC family who have stepped up to higher roles in the SCV Leadership.

 Florida’s new Division Commander is Calvin Hart #30, taking over from another SCVMC, Kelley Crocker, and Louisiana has our old reporter,

Brian “Vex” McClure.

Brian sent this letter to John Polo our webmaster and Brian said it so well “this is at the heart of why I am a member

 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and continue to serve in any capacity until they lower me in the ground wearing my boots.”

Brian I wish you well in your new Job, I sure will miss your reports.

I want to wish every new elected officer from all the Divisions, having served for over ten years at Division level

and Camp I know it takes lots of time away from Family and friends but may we all have Brian’s commitment in our hearts also.

Heartfelt thanks Commander Brian

Another great Cracker reporter has left us, the former SCVMC Louisiana Captain, now Louisiana Division Commander.

We will miss his excellent reporting and great pics, on behalf of the readers of the Cracker I want to thank him

 for his work every month for years to inform us of the activities of the Louisiana SCVMC.

We pride ourselves on your hard work .Thank you once again for all your contributions.

I take this opportunity to thank all those members of SCV Mechanized Cavalry, and OCR  who are not Cracker reporters,

but every month send us pics to make the "Good,Bad,Ugly" section.


Reported by  LA DIV CMDR Brian "Vex" McClure


This will be my last SCVMC CRACKER report. Now I am turning the reigns over to someone new.

There was a time when Louisiana did not have many reports to send in but perhaps the Gator Run.

 But so much has changed over the last few years.

Louisiana continues to grow and with it, more events. And I have enjoyed sending in reports so the rest

 of the Confederation can see Louisiana continue to push forward & grow.

In the last issue, I posted that I had “retired” as LA SCVMC captain. And this month, I am removing myself slowly

 from the communications job. Many throughout our organization have held multiple duties but now

we have good troopers that are stepping up in leadership positions.

At the end of the day, that’s what it's all about. Training and bringing up good members into areas of responsibility

 to ensure the Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry continues for generations to come.

The photo included with this "Farewell" is at the graveside of my one of my Confederate ancestors, Pvt. John Burnes,

 Co. K, 40th MS Inf. Reg. killed at Kenesaw Mountain and buried in the Old Marietta Historic Confederate Cemetery.

And this is at the heart of why I am a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and continue to

serve in any capacity until they lower me in the ground wearing my boots.

A soldier in the Cause,

Brian “Vex” McClure - Louisiana Division Commander


Troopers from 1B-4 and the Washington Rifles Camp 2211 placed Southern flags on Confederate Veterans

graves in local cemeteries. The LA SCVMC 4th Platoon & the Washington Rifles work hard at cleaning,

restoring, and respecting the gravesites of our ancestors. Deo Vindice!


The Louisiana SCV was out in full force at the 2022 West Monroe Gun & Knife Show. The Kennedy Brothers were

present promoting The Southern Victory Campaign. Both the Maj. Thomas McGuire Camp 1714 & the Lt. Elijah H. Ward Camp 1971

 set up booths at the show. Compatriots from four different camps, the LA SCVMC and even the Louisiana Bushwhackers

 were on hand for support. A very successful event and an example of the Louisiana SCV working together for the Cause! Deo Vindice!


Ronald & Donald Kennedy were presented Friends of the LA SCVMC award patches by Past-Captain & Division

Commander-Elect Brian McClure at the 2022 West Monroe Gun & Knife Show. The Kennedy Brothers are known

Confederation-wide for their hard work and dedication to the Cause. They are on the front lines promoting

“The Southern Victory Campaign” & “Make Dixie Great Again.” The Louisiana SCV Mechanized Cavalry have applauded

their endeavors and have given them their full support in their continuing campaign against the Cultural Marxists in

this era of the Second Reconstruction. Deo Vindice!


On Saturday, June 25 a marker dedication was held at St Michael’s Cemetery just outside of Zwolle, Louisiana.

 On a wonderful, sun shining day compatriots from around the Division came to pay respects to five Choctaw Apache Warriors

who went off to war for their Southern homeland.

There was a good turnout of nine riflemen and one officer to see that respects were properly made. Of special interest

was the blessing bestowed on the graves and cemetery by Choctaw Apache Tribe of Ebarb medicine man Pye Laroux

(The One Who Walks Alone) with words spoken in English and in his native tongue. Sabine Rifles

 Chaplain Jimmy Falcon brought the invocation for our ceremony.

I want to thank everyone who attended as some drove quite a way to participate in our program. All participants were

 invited to partake of a huge meal with the members of the Martinez family reunion, which was worth the trip by itself.


Sylvester Martinez, 2nd Lieutenant LA Division Commander

Louisiana Division Sons of Confederate Veterans - Commander, Sabine Rifles camp 2057


The Louisiana SCV crossed the River into the besieged town of Vicksburg for the Old Courthouse Museum 4th

of July Living History. Louisiana SCV mustered in as the 31st LA Infantry & LA Bushwhackers and had a fantastic time! Great event!

We would like to thank Bryan Skipworth for inviting Louisiana over! Looking forward to the next!


Washington Rifles SCV Camp 2211 and SCVMC 1B-4 had a busy weekend! First was the swearing in new Compatriot

 Richard Daniel then spread out and sprayed 6 cemeteries. We met back up later and feasted on some awesome smoked

 goose breasts, compliments of SE Brigade Commander Billy Watts and our official camp cook Tony Jones.

We topped that off with some cold watermelon. Deo Vindice!

Reported by Corporal Mack Freeman - 2nd Battalion Company B 3rd Platoon

Photos from Faith Fourth of July parade; Faith, North Carolina

Joe Brown and Oneeye - 2nd Battalion Company B 5 platoon

NC Sgt. Maj Shane Elder, wife Jamie

Andy Kluttz - 2nd Battalion Company B 3rd Platoon