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Attention SCV Mechanized Cavalry members:

Effective Jan 2023 only SCV members may submit articles to the Cracker. We are attempting to improve the

newsletter by not printing anything submitted by a non member, nothing with offensive photos etc...

 As Capt King says if it is not something your Mom, wife or daughter should see do not submit it.

John and I must review every article and photo spread to prevent that from happening, please help by not submitting

that kinda articles. This is the 20th year of the Cracker and we want this to be the Number 1 Cavalry Newsletter. Thanks

As we prepare the “Cracker I want to say I hope yall faired well with the arctic air and had a Very Merry Christmas.

I WANT TO WISH YALL a very blessed and Joyous New Year. This year is 2023, the 20th anniversary of the “Cracker” my

congratulations to web master JOHN POLO for his outstanding effort to bring all the activates of the SCV Mechanized Calvary.

 I have been privileged to know all the previous editors, Capt Hamby and General Stone.

 I would like to thank all of our reporters from the Confederation for their contributions to the Cracker.

Men of the Cavalry,

As a Charter member (#5) and more importantly as a continued member of the Leaderahip Team since practically

 the beginning I realized early on the importance of effective and consistent communication in ensuring the success of

the Cavalry. This was a source of discussion in our earliest snail mail correspondence between then Captain Hamby and

SCVMC #3 Lt Leo Sykes from Texas and myself. Leo volunteered to be the first Newsletter editor and with his daughter's

help typed up a one pager that was then snail mailed to the literal handful of members we had at the time.

It was immediately determined that email and computers would be the best way to distribute a newsletter as postage

and printing would not be sustainable and he worked for a while making digital newsletters emailed out to the small membership.

 Over the years we have had several people work on "National" newsletters and had varying success but this "State" newsletter

 that began by covering events in Florida had the consistency that is the primary ingredient of a successful publication.

Add to that the fact that the person publishing the Cracker is "Across the Pond" from everyone which helps insulate him

 from cliques and inner SCVMC politics and then add the fact that he has no personal agenda or huge ego to feed and you

end up with a wonderful newsletter that is technically a State publication which in fact has been adopted by the majority of

 active members as the de facto national newsletter! The combination of John Polo and Wes Frank has been nothing but

good for the SCV Mechanized Cavalry and I'm proud of the job they have done for the past 20 years and want to sincerely

THANK them both for a JOB WELL DONE!!!

Dear reader, you are reading the January issue of the Cracker, at the end of January, the February issue

 of the Cracker will be published (God willing). This will be the 20th anniversary of this newsletter you are

reading, from 2003–2023. Neither I nor anyone, could have imagined in 2003 that the Cracker would live

 for 20 uninterrupted years. During those twenty years, Cracker has always been published, without missing

a single month, rain or shine. It should be mentioned that the Cracker was not the first publication of the Florida

SCV Mechanized Cavalry, prior to the Cracker there was another newsletter called "Gray Rider" whose editor was

Calvin Hart, #30 of the SCV Mechanized Cavalry.

I think it is necessary to give a little review of history: in 2003, the Captain

of Florida, JD Spivey, had the idea of creating a newsletter on paper to show all the activities that the SCV

Mechanized Cavalry did in Florida, but that newsletter was only read by members of Florida ,I was an overseas

member of 3D Florida because I was and still am a member of SCV Kirby Smith Camp #1209, Jacksonville, FL.

I was 42 years old at the time, and I lived and still live across the pond, and I wondered how I could do it help

the SCV Mechanized Cavalry. I proposed to JD Spivey to transfer that paper newsletter to a web page, so that in

this way members from other states could also read the newsletter, JD Spivey agreed, and thus, on February 2003,

the "Florida Cracker SCV Mechanized Cavalry Newsletter" was born, JD Spivey was the first editor and founder, and

I was the first and only webmaster until today.

 When JD Spivey ceased to be captain, Gregory Kalof from Miami (Florida)

was appointed as Cracker's second editor, and Greg was replaced by Douglas Nash who moved to North Carolina, and Doug

was replaced by the current editor, Wesley Frank from Florida. I want to emphasize that Wesley Frank has been the editor

who has been with Cracker the longest. As humans that we are, we have made mistakes. We've made good progress, but

 we always try to do the best we know how. In those past times, the SCV Mechanized Cavalry did not have any website,

 not even the SCV Mechanized Cavalry Headquarters, had an official page, I had the idea of ​​proposing to the  editors to

 incorporate  reports from other States so that many more members could see the activities that our organization did

SCV Mechanized Cavalry, the idea was well received. That was how little by little the newsletter went from being called

"Florida Cracker" to simply "Cracker". In those days, there was only one way to communicate between members from different

states, and that was through a Yahoo Groups called SCV Mechanized Cavalry, which was run by a member from Georgia, Bud Crawford.

 And it was in this way that little by little the Cracker grew, until today, having some 750 subscribers from different states of America,

 Europe and even Australia, and receiving between 1,200 and 1,400 monthly visitors to the website.

I want to emphasize the great importance that the Cracker reporters had and still have, since without them the Cracker would not exist.

 There have been many Cracker reporters and collaborators, and it is impossible for me to name them all, but from these lines

 I send my respect and gratitude. I also have to say that those 20 years were not an easy road for Cracker, we also had  our

problems and difficulties, which even came very close to making the Cracker, disappear, but I prefer to remember only the good things.

I have thanked the editors, the reporters, and of course I want to thank the readers, let me ask you something, who is the webmaster

and editor without their readers? I know the that every time we publish, we publish with our readers in mind , without them the Cracker

 would be meaningless. But times change, it is not the same now as it was 5, 10, 15 or 20 years ago, now there are social networks,

web pages...fortunately practically all the battalions have their web page, sometimes I ask myself if the Cracker has already fulfilled

its mission in time, all the changes, even the most desired, carry with them a certain melancholy, because what we leave is a part of ourselves,

I will take some time to think about it. Over the years, many readers have asked me if they could get copies of back issues of Cracker.

 We never made copies of Cracker, it would have been an additional workload and a cheaper burden. Life is divided into three tenses:

present, past and future, the present is so short that copies cannot be made, the future is doubtful, we don't know if we will be able

to make copies, and the past is certain, even if there is no copy of that past, you and I will always know that Cracker existed.

God bless Dixie, thanks y'all from the bottom of my heart.


CRACKER - 2003 / 2023

Reported by  Derek “Landslide” Price, Staff Sergeant 2-A

2-A; Virginia, West Virginia, and Wales/UK

From all of us in 2-A, warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

 May peace, love, and prosperity follow you always.

Members of the 10th Platoon (VA) Mechanized Cavalry, the Stonewall Brigade SCV, the Mary Anna Jackson OCR,

and the Virginia Flaggers participated in the Goshen Christmas Parade. As always, they had a blast! Lots of candy and flags

were handed out and they won not 1, not 2, but 3 trophies in different categories!

Thank you to the town of Goshen for always making the Mechanized Cavalry feel welcomed!

Members of the 10th Platoon (VA) Mechanized Cavalry at their monthly meeting.

The Platoon was honored to have Captain Taylor and his wife as guests.

Members of the 1st Platoon (VA) Mechanized Cavalry at their monthly meeting. Also pictured are

the 1st Platoon (VA) at Colonel Mosby’s birthday celebration at Warrenton Cemetery in Warrenton, VA

The Lane-Armistead SCV Camp and 5th Platoon Mechanized Cavalry had a Christmas supper December 10th in Matthews, VA.

 After supper, Dawn Diehl and Linda Harrison performed a play called, “The Healing: Conversations of Union and Confederate Nurses.”

 It was a great event with plenty of good food, fellowship, and brotherhood. And wonderful entertainment!

Captain Joey Taylor and 1st Lieutenant Terry Jones presents Anthony “Cowboy” Maiden and John “Bubba” Frith, Jr.

with their promotion certificates as newly appointed Sergeant and Corporal of the 4th Platoon (VA) Black Horse Cavalry.

Congratulations Gentlemen!

After 131 years, the last moon the statue of General A. P. Hill would see.

Photo credit: Derek “Landslide” Price.

December 13th, 2022 – Richmond, VA: Anthony “Cowboy” Maiden, Derek “Landslide” Price, and John “Bubba” Frith, Jr.

of the 4th Platoon (VA) Black Horse Cavalry pay their respects to General A. P. Hill as his statue was taken down

and remains exhumed in Richmond, VA. It was a very sad day for the once great Capitol of the Confederacy as the

 last Confederate monument was removed from the city. As the closest living collateral descendant of the General

(John Hill) removed his ancestors remains the 4th stood firm in support of him while protestors hurled insults that

will never be forgotten. Later that evening members of the 4th broke bread with Mr. Hill and were honored to be

 presented with portions of filler stone that came straight from above the Generals grave! Be on the lookout for

details on the 2-A Facebook page concerning the Generals burial that will take place in Culpeper later in the month.

 We would love to see as many Mechanized Cavalry brothers as possible to give our General the final send-off he DESERVES!